What are the Most Popular Guns Used by Law Enforcement Professionals?

Looking to be a big year for Ruger. Ruger used to be my favorite firearm, until quality control went to pot. I think it was a mistake when they discontinued the security six also i. There was a point in the late 80’s when Ruger was in trouble financially largely because Bill Ruger Jr. Besides the neglect, the factory was old and run down with old machinery and technology. The group that bought Ruger came in and was astonished at the neglect. They brought in modern business practices and technology and turned things around. So yeah, back in the day Ruger went through some QC issues out of neglect. They aren’t the same company now.

Ruger Security-Six/ Service-Six

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An Elk beam makes for an excellent set of double action grips. The Ruger Service Six. Ruger lists the serial number range. Ruger Security Six Grip. The serial number prefix of my Security Six is Go to ebay and search for Ruger Security Six. The Ruger Service Six Series: Roberta Flack and Don Mclean are on the radio, The Godfather has just been released, a gallon of gas leaded cost 3. It was in this climate that Bill Ruger decided to introduce a line of solid- frame double action revolvers. These guns would go down in history as the Ruger.

Ruger Security Six Factory Repairs???

Originally Posted by Petrol and Powder Ruger does have a history of manufacturing batches of guns intended for a specific customer and then failing to secure the contract. Hey, we already have them made to your specifications and they’re right here waiting to be delivered; all you have to do is sign here! Their strategy paid off with contracts and when they failed to secure those contracts, they could still sell the guns elsewhere.

They would sometimes take a loss to win a short contract with the hopes of winning a larger, longer term contract in the future. Robert, do you when the law banning sales of surplus firearms went into effect?

The Nanticoke Police Department News report is a public service. The information is posted as soon as it is available from the information we gather and also from various local newspapers.

I have been looking around for a nice one for quite some time, and I now own a beautiful example of craftsmanship. It was made in I believe from looking at the serial numbers on the Ruger website. As an interesting side note, I called the factory yesterday and for free they will run the serial number and send me a certificate as to the date of manufacture and the original place of sale.

I am always interested in that sort of thing. That autograph alone is worth the money in my opinion. We will see what Ruger sends for free – probably a plain piece of paper. But nice of them to do anyway. When I got home I opened the box and was extremely pleased to see what I had purchased. Along with the gun was the second cylinder for. It reads “the frame of this Ruger Single Six revolver is made of chrome molybdnum steel.

It is by far the strongest single-action. Click photo for larger.


For a good deal on mag ammo go to Ruger Security-Six. Photo by David Tong. They use the most modern of manufacturing methods, that of precision investment casting, much as would a jeweler or dental lab, to provide a near-final-sized raw part which thus requires a minimum of machining to become a completed arm. While doing so however, they have embraced neo-classic aesthetics in their arms; examples include the their Blackhawk single-action revolvers, the M77 bolt action and No.

In the early s, when the double-action revolver was still the preference of most US law enforcement agencies, Ruger did not have a weapon to compete for this market, nor for civilian home protection users.

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Oddly enough we were bagging on Hi-Point since their factory caught on fire yesterday. Rick Matoy Shooting a Hi-Point is like riding a girls bike! A lot of fun until someone sees you!! Major Tom A girls bike has the advantage of not giving you black and blue balls when you slip off the seat and onto the lowered crossbar. But then again, black and blue balls from the crossbar is excellent motivation to not suck at bikes.

Andrew Miller My best friend worked at a large gun dealer. Hi Point had one of the least of them…if a person actually broke it in.

Ruger Security Six Laser Sight

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A law enforcement officer’s lifeline is his weapon. Guns for law enforcement must be powerful enough to stop criminals and accurate enough to help officers hit their mark.

For years, novice shooters and experts alike snatched up the. Many desiring to buy a firearm turn toward Taurus because of the affordability. Unfortunately, even years of improved CNC machinery and quality control, many of those who labeled Taurus as trash never allowed Taurus back out of the bin. Have people reported problems with Taurus handguns? Sure, but I know people who have had problematic Springfields and terribly expensive Kimbers returned back to the shop time and time again for serious issues.

In fact, one of my gun-nuttiest friends loves his Taurus Of our top five best selling Taurus handguns, all of them are semiautomatics worthy of target shooting, home defense and concealed carry. Millennium G2 With its lightweight 22 oz.

Ruger Double Action revolvers

I will also list some of the major types and variations of these guns. I hope these articles will be interesting for the readers and especially the beginning Ruger collectors — and hopefully they will influence some of you to begin to collect Rugers. Without them I would not have been able to even attempt to pen these articles.

Jun 22,  · Hogue “Youth” stocks, which are popular with some of the tactical shooters for s and Mossy pumps, don’t fit Remington semi-autos, or at least, didn’t until now.

The GP was designed to be a more advanced, 2nd generation version of the popular Ruger Security Six series of revolvers. If fed a steady diet of. Also, the GP features an updated grip design that allows the shooter to attach a one-piece grip of practically any shape or size, allowing for a much larger range of grip customizations compared to the traditional two-screw grips found on the Ruger Security Six series. Since , Ruger has expanded the GP to include the following calibers and capacities: The answer to your question is yes.

The smart engineers at Ruger designed the GP series so the cylinder is the same size regardless of the different calibers. According to Ruger Customer Support, even the 10 shot. We only carry one holster brand MTR Custom that supports the newer 4.

#114 Cheyenne Western Holster

Guns for law enforcement must be powerful enough to stop criminals and accurate enough to help officers hit their mark. The quality of their guns can mean the difference between surviving to work another day and tragically dying in the line of duty. Here are ten firearms for law enforcement that should be known by anyone looking to pursue a career in criminal justice. Glock 19 Glock is an Austrian handgun manufacturer that prides itself on quality. In , they introduced the Glock 19 to the market.

This model quickly became popular with officers for its lightweight design.

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The corporation’s earlier designs had been Colt Peacemaker -style single-action revolvers. Ruger used investment casting for most parts in an effort to hold down production costs. The Security-Six and its derivatives also became the standard issue service weapons of a large number of police departments, in addition many were exported overseas. Features[ edit ] The Security-Six and its variants were more or less identical in basic design, with minor differences in sights fixed or adjustable and frame round or square butt.

The new revolvers were initially manufactured in a blued carbon steel finish; in stainless steel versions of all models were added to the lineup. Lett Manufacturing in New Hampshire, a now-defunct contractor.

Ruger Security Six 357 magnum revolver