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John Rooney , who served for 30 years from Greenpoint made Brooklyn; and you know what New York would be without Brooklyn; just a puddle. Before European colonization, of course, Greenpoint was much greener than now, and early settlers noted its location on a bulge, or point, of land formed by a bend in the creek that would later be called Newtown Creek, for the Long Island town located to its north. Graciously, Woodhull, instead of calling the place Woodhullville or something similar, honored his friend by naming it Williamsburgh. Gene Wood, later the Match Game announcer, sang the theme song. For this reason, spring creeks are often filled with very pure, clean water and also demonstrate water flows that are smooth, consistent, and unwavering throughout the seasons of the year — unlike rivers filled with run-off or spring and summer melt-off from snow pack, whose water flows, water clarity, and water conditions often vary highly over the course of the year.

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They were always weak on the IPA front to me, but no longer. Tried numerous IPAs, some with adjuncts, some traditional, and all on point. They have a kolsch that is not only good, but tastes and feels like a kolsch.

North Brooklyn neighborhood Bushwick is south and east of Williamsburg, the area it is most often connected with, in an age of ever-blurring neighborhood lines. Bushwick also borders Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, Brownsville and Ridgewood, Queens.

Open this Sunday 12 – 6 pm. Installation bushwick nyc art sculpture Open this Sunday 12 – 6 pm. Installation bushwick nyc art sculpture Media Removed Place your orders for Thanksgiving bulk catering online! And spare a couple turkeys in the process. Place your orders for Thanksgiving bulk catering online! It is the most accessible American holiday for immigrants, because there is no religious or political undertone or at least there doesn’t have to be if you don’t buy into the corporate embellishment behind it all.

Instead all you do is get together, eat great food, watch tv, play games, and chilllll the F out!! Some of the best Thanksgivings are spent with Indians, Israelis, Dominicans, and of course, Habeshas.

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It was thought, since Bay Ridge was the closest point to the busy New Jersey terminals of Elizabeth, Bayonne and Jersey City, that such a route would enable the company to provide cheaper freight rates than were charged by the other railroads. Much grading and excavating was done in to , and in the company was leased by the South Side RR, which ran through Valley Stream.

However, the financial panic of caused all work to cease on the project without a single rail having been laid. By the summer of , the line was completed to Bath Junction at 62nd St. The Metropolitan Hotel, on the corner of Fulton St. On July 19, the new railroad opened with much fanfare.

An enormous square foot opportunity awaits you in Bushwick. This brand new, ground up, 2 family townhouse at Chauncey Street is a rare chance to invest in a home that has and incredibly spacious layout while at the same time thoughtfully de.

She was transferred to a group foster home at age three and lived in foster care in New York and Peekskill until age eight, and was still legally considered a ward of the State of New York until age Her mother and aunt frequently visited, and her father made an unsuccessful custody bid at one point. As a college student in Los Angeles, majoring in bio-chemistry , she said she would relieve stress by going to nightclubs for ladies’ night.

A talent scout from Soul Train asked Perez to appear on the show. She was not a professional dancer, but loved it so much she dropped out of school. She attended the ceremony with her father. Special Victims Unit in October about pedophiles’ rights. Executive producer Neal Baer said the writers had Perez in mind when they wrote the role of a young sexual abuse victim’s mother.

A Tribute To Rosie Perez. SVU and underwent surgery to heal a herniated disc. One year after the accident, she appeared at the White House in a wheelchair, wearing a neck brace for a meeting with President Obama. She is also the reader of the audio CD of this book.

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Other times, IQ or an appreciation for Pollock may be the golden ticket to an adult Wonka factory. Some of the groups are looking for models, others philosophers and others arteests. Funnily enough, none of them are screening for anything related to actual sex. Sure, swing parties are notorious for their creeps, but these sorts of regulations make it to where only taken guys can get in on the action.

So note to all straight bachelors: At Chemistry, each party is themed with decorations to match.

An enormous square foot opportunity awaits you in Bushwick. This brand new, ground up, 2 family townhouse at Chauncey Street is a rare chance to invest in a home that has and incredibly Start Date: Nov 04,

All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. I want to give a very happy congrats to Redman aka Reggie Noble! And Bone Crusher is supposedly more of a rock star than a rap star these days. Anyway I hope they chill and just do their solo projects.

Whitney Houston canceled her concert yesterday night because of “a chronic rhinopharyngitis and an infection whose cause was not identified”. Doctors are still checking what’s wrong with her. Inflammation of the nasal and pharyngeal mucous membranes.

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We called it a relentless riot. This film takes place during a modern civil war — a truly frightening concept given the current political climate. Please note that this interview was conducted via email and the duo handled the answers much like they do director duties, as a pair. The premise of Bushwick is very relevant to the modern world. Was there one specific event that helped shape the film or was it a combination of things?

The Absolute Best Hookup Bar in New York. re pretty much guaranteed to find a crowd of year-olds looking to not take the L train back to their own shared Bushwick apartments (and instead to.

The space is warm and cozy with a small bar specializing in Tiki-inspired cocktails. All the dishes are fresh with quality ingredients but we keep coming back for the crispy garlic chicken which is one of our favorite dishes, well anywhere. Our top choice for Chinese food in the neighborhood. During the day, it’s called Okonomi and serves up traditional Japanese set meals known as ‘Ichiju sansai’ that consist of miso soup, roasted fish, vegetables, and an egg served with rice.

At night it becomes one of the city’s more acclaimed ramen joints serving seasonal seafood as well as Mazemen no-broth ramen dishes. The setting is indicative of Japanese minimalism and the seating is limited to 12 tables. We source our seafood from the Atlantic Ocean. We make our ceramics with an artist based in upstate New York. Our greatest challenge is to honor the life in what surrounds us. Expect seasonal American dishes and, of course, an obligatory burger — a darn good one at that — in a beautiful restored warehouse setting.

For brunch, don’t miss the cast-iron pancakes. It’s a service included, tip-free zone, which softens the blow, slightly, when the check comes. Meadowsweet Meadowsweet – Polo Dobkin’s latest venture Meadowsweet is situated in the former home of South Williamsburg favorite Dressler — he was the chef there as well before it closed unexpectedly in


All photos by CLY by Matthew unless otherwise indicated. So now is the time! First, you should know a little bit about my husband and me. Because of course we designed the wedding to our own preferences and passions. I met my husband, Illich, at a beautiful spring rooftop party in April of I had just quit my editorial job and was in the middle of planning the launch of this blog.

The unit also features a closet with a washer & dryer hookup. Chauncey Street is located on a gorgeous tree lined block on the nexus of Brooklyn’s two most exciting neighborhoods, Bedstuy and Bushwick. Just a short walk from the J, Z, and L trains are on the corner for a short ride to Manhattan.

Leave a reply Owning an RV is a lot like owning a house. There are things that need to be done. There are simple things like filling up propane and dumping the tanks, and then there are more complicated things. For us the more complicated things include that time we got the whole overhead cab rebuilt and, seemingly, every time we go in for an oil change. Going in for an oil change should be an easy thing. There are Jiffy Lubes everywhere.

You can get an oil change at most Wal-Marts! Then you can get an oil change almost nowhere. RV specific mechanics tend to be wildly overpriced, so we usually go to a truck shop. And usually, for whatever reason, we need more work than just an oil change. Sometimes we need a new tire.

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When working with electronics, take care not to burn or electrocute yourself. When biking with electronics, follow the road rules and wear a helmet! Instructions Before selecting your resistors, check the LED packaging for its forward voltage and current.

These are the best hookup bars in NYC, so read on, Casanova! Go to the content Go to the footer. Close. New York. Bushwick Mood Ring defies expectations. There are velvety booths, but also a.

Greg Thor April 22, Best quality produce in the area. Great variety of beer. Cody Gipson April 9, Be careful around the beer section the line gets long and you are liable to get stuck in an aisle. U have to drink some down so they can finish off your serving. Amanda Barj May 19, The best fresh made juice! It’s so good for you.

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