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They tell me when I’ve got life on my mind A friend JCB once told me that she didn’t trust me alone in a room with her man, because she felt I was the type of person who wouldn’t have any qualms about doing the dirty with someone else’s fiancee. I never understood that, and I still don’t now. I had never met the man until about an hour before she made her comment. And I was actually quite rude to him just before her comment, because of his attitude toward her. He kept ordering her around and dismissing her when he wasn’t in need of something i. Another friend KCC , recently asked me to stop chatting on the phone with her husband while waiting for her to pick up. I don’t get that one either. Tell him I’m not “allowed” to carry on a conversation with him? I asked her if she thinks I am hitting on him or something, and she said no.

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The other day I went into one of these ‘we have it all’ type drugstores to buy toilet paper and came out with 2 pj bottoms also. I have a love-hate relationship with those type of stores; I can’t just focus and buy the one thing I need and not the other 20 I discover I want. I go in, meander around and lo and behold, I’m hooked. I stand next to it trying to find ‘cute’ in the right size, which isn’t easy when the bin is purposely left it it’s messy state.

Anywho, one is a light pink background, with darker pink flowers which have light green leaves accents.

Jon Armstrong in Blurbomat. Feb 14, Bet. I’ve never had great luck with gambling. You would think that I would avoid any form of betting, including taking on a spouse.

Reduce College Tension how to reduce school tension mysahana. So what are you able to do to lessen school anxiety and help your students. Lowering anxiety in nursing students christina r. Catherine university strategies to help lessen tension consist of offering steady medical. An excellent large variety of children.

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When famed blogger Heather Armstrong divorced her husband, the blogosphere went nuts asking why

Musings The Christian God makes no sense to me. He used to be angry and vengeful and then he had his Son brutally murdered and now it’s hunky-dory? Someone told me recently about how she realized that we read into things in the Bible. I guess I take that further and combine it with the strong sense I have that the Bible was written by men. I’m not sure I believe much of the Old Testament.

Some stats suggest that many die in need of medical care that’s out of reach (via Powazek, via Blurbomat): Here’s what’s actually happening. The US is the only major industrialised country that does not provide regular healthcare to all its citizens.

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I laugh at jokes. I find things beautiful. I drive to and from work on I

I am not here much anymore as you eagle-eye readers might have noticed. (Can’t get anything by you!) Here’s where you can find me instead: Cool Mom Picks.

Oscar, Oscar The Shakespeare-typing monkeys have been temporarily reassigned from their usual clerical duties in order to tabulate the Oscar Pool ballots. Be that as it may, here are thoughts on the top six categories. Very surprisingly, there is also strong, strong support for Finding Neverland. If Sideways wins, we’ll all be in the collective doghouse. Not a very scientific guess, considering that I haven’t seen Aviator or Neverland.

But if I can really, really like Baby — A Clint Eastwood boxing film — then there must be something to it. It was a seamless portrayal. That being said, if Don Cheadle somehow managed a win, I’d be very, very happy. I always think if I watch a film and don’t spend the entire time thinking, “Hey there’s insert actor’s name here then they’ve done a great job. Hilary Swank did a great job. Besides, Annette Bening has Warren Beatty.

What else could she want? Although Alda, Church and Owen tied for second, the overwhelming majority thinks it’s Morgan Freeman’s year.

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The solutions proposed by the Task Force Include: Give Young Adults the chance to lead. The task force found that the difficulty in finding information was consistently cited by young adults as one of their frustrations.

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Sleep After Consuming Pink Wine red wine sleep blessings with photographs ehow. Red wine sleep advantages. Crimson wine is imagined to have a number of fitness advantages, from growing ranges of right ldl cholesterol to improving heart fitness and even. For the benefit of analyzing, we have break up on this into the blessings of pink wine for fitness, pores and skin and hair. Pink wine health blessings. Alcohol and a great night’s sleep don’t mix webmd. While your body has ordinarily metabolized the alcohol, your sleep breathing after consuming alcohol.

Alcohol and insomnia pink wine insomnia. Do not drink alcohol near your sleep time; have a glass of red wine and as opposed to several bottles; 7 extremely good fitness blessings of ingesting red wine yahoo. Explore sound asleep after drinking discover more on while!

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Well they were never quite properly introduced. The Meaning of Life says: AIDS stopped promiscuous homosexual behavior. The vaccine will strategically restart it. AIDS effectively brought in a control and forced people to reexamine their behavior. The threat of pregnancy in the absence of abortion would do the same thing.

Nov 13,  · Speed dating got canceled due to lack of turnout. They changed the venue at the last minute from The Melting Pot to a local comedy club, so we had a total of 5 people show: one short guy, one older woman and a pair from Mississippi who drove 2 hours just to end up going.

Thinkstock By Corrie Pikul When it comes to quality shut-eye, research has shown that women are the sleepless sex. They tend to have a harder time falling asleep than men and are more easily startled or jostled awake. Despite this, more women than men claim they’re loath to give up spending the night at their partner’s side. Here are the most common co-sleeping issues women have, and how to solve them. One possible explanation has to do with sex hormones, which affect how long we sleep overall and the amount of time we spend in each stage.

Women’s levels of estrogen and progesterone tend to fluctuate, especially during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

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They exposed us to the blessing we call the Sea, and you could say it was love at first sight. I am Christina Renee, I fell in love with that hunk down below and it is my life ambition to make him my baby daddy. This blog gives me an opportunity to be creative, which after staring at black and white numeros all the live long day is an absolute necessity.

Birthday portrait idea that I would love to do one of these days. Photo subject: Ben from The Buried Life.

Blog Yeah, kitt finished writing this at Well, Max, too, but he wasn’t really aware of the adventure as much. We left fairly early for me anyway , to catch the ferry over to Seattle. Even with a two year old maybe even because of the two year old , ferry crossings are wonderful events. Although the day was pleasant with SUN! Very much what I expected, actually, temperature-wise. Very much surprised water-falling-from-the-sky-wise, actually. So, into the zoo we went, with Ben handing me the map, and leading the way.

We saw the giraffes, but they managed to take too long to actually come out of their shed, so we of a two-year-old’s attention span didn’t see much of them. What is it with small children that there are just so many ugly ones? The creatures who live in the zoo and stay at night. So, there was this one monkey, simian biped HOWLing near the gorillas.

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Tomato Curry Chicken and Rice Curry is one of those things that you either like or you hate. Sort of like licorice. I love curry and it turns out Kenai loves curry too! I had never actually cooked with it so I was happy to get this recipe from my good friend, Taffany.

Additionally, although I’m no Miss Manners, I think it’s pretty bad form to make somebody else do your secretarial work, especially where dating is concerned. I’m no Roxanne, and I’m betting you’re no Cyrano either, so buck up little camper, and send your own emails.

I started with this: This struck a chord with some readers. I must respectful disagree. Sorry Mike, but its just not that simple. And yes, the US does have the best health care in regards to inovation Spend as much time at Cleveland Clinic as I have and you will see all these people who’s socialized medicine has under or miss served or did not serve at all their medical needs. I think you would have to put down The New York Times and get in the trenches to appreciate what I am saying.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents! I meant no offense to you personally. Most of my medical care encounters have been excellent and I attribute that to having good insurance that affords me access to good doctors and nurses.