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Shop Caps Lucky fly fishing hats. Hook And Vice make quality fly fishing hats, caps and gear designed in British Columbia and made for the great outdoors. Inspired by fly fishing, surfing, skateboarding, camping, punk rock music, getting lucky and good times. Prices are in Canadian dollars. Founded in beautiful British Columbia by adventures, thrill seekers and outdoorsmen who tie their own flies, love fly fishing and are always up for a good time. Perfect for on a night out and best worn in the wild with a fly rod in hand and good friends by your side. As a result you will catch more fish!

A Fishing-Tournament Rookie Tells All

How to Attach a Throat Guard When choosing fishing gear, use the expertise of a knowledgeable friend or experienced salesperson to guide your selection. There are many types of fishing rod and reel combinations, so spend time to find a rod that suits your purpose and is reasonably durable. Rod length and casting weight depend on the type of fishing you are planning to do.

Fishing line needs to be suitable for your chosen rod with a breaking weight recommended for your target fish. A spinning reel is a good choice for a beginner and should also match the size and weight of the rod. Assemble the two pieces of the rod if you did not buy a one-piece rod.

Hook’N Up Sport Fishing runs fishing trips off the coast of Florida. You will experience the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and go after the likes of Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Skipjack Tuna, Wahoo, Swordfish, and .

By Sam Hudson posted May 7th, at 1: Call them the blue-water wrecking crew; when they show in numbers, expect plenty of knockdowns! Eric Cheng Every angler who plans to target sailfish in the coming year — whether from a private boat or charter — can learn from the pros. This prized sport fish forces anglers in temperate and tropical waters to be on point when sails show in the swells.

Those experiences are all part of the addiction, but to help anglers better prepare for future battles, I tapped the knowledge base of 10 sailfish pros in different hot spots across three oceans. Each captain employs different techniques, and each sailfishery is unique, but many of the tips and secrets they offer translate to any region.

Be on point when sails show in the swells. Sails want waters at least 75 degree F. He trolls weighted to ounce chrome heads that bubble; popular lure color combos for Pacific sailfish include purple-red, and pink-red-white. While drifting, he uses the live-bait rod to cast ahead of lit-up sailfish. The oceanic waterfowl that most often reveal pelagic fish below is the tijereta frigate bird.

How to Set Up a Fishing Rod and Line

Maybe it’s time to escape, unplug and get rejuvenated by a fly fishing excursion! Welcome to Off the Hook Fly Fishing. We are your source for outstanding fly fishing guide services and exciting California, national and international fly fishing trips.

Professional fishing guides in the Portland & Oregon Coastal areas. Featured on the International TV Show River Monsters. A premier guided fishing experience.

Marlin fishing is a team effort. A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world, where fishing lore is born. Hawaii sport fishing is home to legendary tales of hour-long fights, reel-spooling runs, and an angry marlin majestically soaring above the water to shake off a lure. This is Hawaii fishing, reel peeling, line screaming, pin you to the gunwale action. Marlin Fishing Hawaii Hawaii Marlin fishing is a team sport. Blue Marlin are at the top of the ocean’s food chain, and in Oahu Hawaii, they fear nothing.

Selecting an experienced fishing crew is crucial. If you are fishing in Oahu, Hawaii and want to land a big Blue Marlin, you need the experienced well-seasoned crew of the Hawaii fishing charter, Kuuloa Kai. Skipjack Tuna abound in the waters off Haleiwa, Hawaii because the sea mounts attract and hold them. The waters are teeming with the hunters and their prey. When the Billfish schools arrive in Hawaiian waters to fatten up during their pelagic migrations, Oahu big game sport fishing is pole-busting.

Mike Corell lands a lbs Blue Marlin More

Bunny Clark Fishing Update

From the basic dry, nymph, or streamer fishing techniques to more advanced Czech and French nymphing options, there are a vast amount of ways to land your next fish. But what would happen it you add a second? In a previous article on fly fishing leader and tippet , I explained how both of those pieces of gear work together to help present the fly to a fish with the least chance of the fish being aware they are being fooled by some feathers and fur.

Jun 18,  · HOW TO HOOK A SWORDFISH WITH BOOBY TRAP FISHING TEAM broadonrod. Up next How To: Weight Giant Bluefin Tuna and Daytime swordfishing the Gulf of Mexico with Booby Trap Fishing Team.

While I only spent a few hours with him on the water, it was easy to tell what a genuine and kind hearted man he is. Jack has been guiding for over 20 years and I knew immediately that I wanted to fish Buoy 10 with him. He knows his fisheries, and holds immense amounts of knowledge that can only come with experience. He was extremely courteous and hospitable. Everything was prepared and ready to go when we got to the dock and we were on our way within 10 minutes of boarding.

We fortunately had another girl on the boat. The morning was slow and it was clear to all of us. We watched the boats follow each other around the area looking for a biter only to see a couple fish caught all morning with over boats. Wendy landed a great Coho bringing in the first fish of the day! Shortly after, we got a tule that was safely released The weather started getting nasty and we got the real Buoy 10 experience.

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Tarpon are prehistoric sea creatures dating back million years. Tarpon fishing with light tackle is considered the ultimate inshore sport fishing experience. The tarpons heavy, silvery scales, sometimes used as ornaments, give them the name silver king. Tarpon average 6 ft in length and LB in weight and are about 15 to 30 years old, although some big females may be over 8 ft long and weigh more than LB and be over 50 years old.

May 07,  · TEAM FISHSKI up at the Boyne Tunnam Hook up The largest fishing comp in the southern hemishere.

The debate between using circle hooks and J hooks offshore is a topic which comes up time and time again. So is the great circle hook debate one of conservation? Or is it one of effective fishing methods? From bluefin tuna to tiger sharks, circle hooks made the successful catch and release of these titans possible. The strength and resilience of circle hooks constantly amazes me — even if the actual process of the hook setting itself remains a mystery. We regularly catch kingfish to 30lbs hooked perfectly in the corner of the mouth — just out of reach of toothy razors.

Of the fish we do catch on circle hooks, less than a handful have ever been foul hooked. One other point of contention regarding circle hooks is that lighter versions will straighten out on big species.

Gulf Redfish Techniques

By Anna Groves October 9, 2: Actually, researchers found, it sucks less. These perch are a common target for anglers and belong to a broader group of fish along with bass, bluegill, and other perch known as suction feeders. These fish eat by getting close to — but not quite touching — their next bite of food.

Once in place, they open their mouth extremely fast and the pressure difference pulls in a mouthful of water and food.

Team Hook Up, Portland, OR. K likes. Team Hookup is always looking to help people in there attempts to chase fish. Fallow us and we will try to.

By Jim Binns on May 10, in News Hook Angel Every now and then you come across a really good fishing product and say to yourself …. Well a classic example of this is the Hook Angel. So how does it work? The weights are made from tungsten which unlike lead is environmentally friendly. The weights allow you to easily control the sinking rate of any bait you are fishing and the gold and red colors offer a fish attracting flash as they are sinking.

Setting up a wacky-rig with the Hook Angel is so easy. So what if I am fishing the wacky-worm rig and the weather gets windy? Well this is what is so great about the Hook Angel. Just add as many weights as needed until you can fish the bait properly. If it gets less windy just remove a weight or two.


Bob Mcnally In a perfect world, all red drum would be ravenous fools hellbent to strike any lure or bait tossed their way. But fishing pressure, clear water, shallow water and adverse weather conditions can make locating and triggering strikes from reds as difficult as anything in fishing. Here’s how top anglers and guides turn tough conditions into consistent strikes from big, finicky red drum. Cool-Front Cure Fairhope, Alabama, guide Kevin Olmstead says cool-front redfishing can be challenging for anglers used to catching aggressive drum in ideal conditions.

When a drop in temperature or unstable weather put reds off their feed, Olmstead recommends slowing lure retrieves and paying close attention to tackle details.

Team Hook Up Jack Glass & Brandon Glass. Ish Monroe 9 – Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier. Lacey DeWeert Maxima Pro-Team – Professional Fishing Guide. Casey Scanlon Maxima Pro-Team. James Watson Maxima Pro-Team. How does a company become the world leader in the manufacture of fishing lines? Not by chance, but through continued customer.

It’s about friends and community coming together to do something bigger than themselves. Coupled with the philanthropy of the Shriners’ Organization, it’s taking a proactive approach to improve the lives of children. In the same spirit as the original Spring tournament, fishermen gather for great food, camaraderie, and chase Wahoo. All while benefiting the children at the Shriners’ Hospitals. All of the money taken in during the tournament is split between the Shriners and the winners.

The tournament is strictly non-profit, made possible by those volunteering their time and the generosity of Sponsors. Today, the Spring and the Fall tournament have been merged. The boundaries have been expanded and additional weigh-ins have been added! Fishermen compete for cash prizes for the largest Wahoo, Tuna, and Dolphin by fishing one day over a 23 day window. We have seven weigh-ins: Boats can fish anywhere between the Triple 0’s and the Georgetown Hole. With three weekends and more than two weeks from which to pick a fishing day, there are no more excuses of the weather being too bad to fish or having to work.

Also, unlike other tournaments, you keep your catch after weigh-in! And, the best part of all

Myrtle Beach Fishing Charters

Fishing Sayings, Quotes and Slogans The best fishing sayings of all time: Some men would rather be photographed with their fish than with their wives. Gwen Cooper and Evelyn Haas Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish. Best Today she met me at the door, said I would have to choose, if I picked up that fishing rod today, she’d be packing all her things and she’d be gone by noon Brad Paisly My biggest worry is that my wife when I’m dead will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it.

Have you ever spent an evening with a fisherman?

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With locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona, Tonto Basin, Flagstaff, and the White Mountains, our outfitter service offers the best in Arizona fishing guides, as well as the finest equipment and fleet of boats in the southwest. With permitted access to more water than any other guide service in the state, the only problem that might arise is deciding on a location to start your Arizona fishing adventures.

Whether looking for the best in Arizona fly fishing or bass fishing, or corporate and group charters and team building tournaments, or private fly casting lessons, or the ultimate in guided fishing adventures, The Hook Up Outfitters Inc. I had a great day of fishing with Ben Koller of the Hook-up Outfitters. His instruction was spot on, the fishing was wonderful and the overall trip was one that everyone should have an opportunity to experience.

After meeting the rest of the guides and seeing their entire fleet of matching trucks and boats it would be very hard to imagine any guide service in the country being much better than The Hook-up Outfitters. I travel the world golfing, but fishing is my passion. On a beautiful day in March, they put me on heaps of bass and crappie and knew what flies would work. We knocked — em dead!

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