Kingdom of Croatia (Habsburg)

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Rheinbahn tram in downtown Neuss. Saint Sebastianus church in the city of Neuss Ancient Rome[ edit ] Neuss was founded by the Romans in 16 BC as a military fortification castrum with the current city to the north of the castrum, at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Erft , with the name of Novaesium. It was disbanded after surrendering during the Batavian rebellion AD Novaesium, together with Trier Augusta Treverorum , is one of the three oldest Roman settlements in Germany.

Middle Ages[ edit ] Neuss grew during the Middle Ages because of its prime location on several routes, by the crossing of the great Rhine valley, and with its harbour and ferry. During the 10th century, the remains of the martyr and tribune Saint Quirinus , not to be confused with the Roman god Quirinus , had been relocated to Neuss.

The town of Rijeka is an important business, trade, industrial and cultural center in the western part of the Republic of Croatia. It is located on the Adriatic, at a point where the sea has made its deepest incision into the European continent.

Habsburg-ruled Austria-Hungary ‘s disintegration in October during the closing weeks of World War I led to the establishment of rival Croatian-Serbian and Italian administrations in the city; both Italy and the founders of the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia claimed sovereignty based on their ” irredentist ” “unredeemed” ethnic populations. Its future came under discussion at the Paris Peace Conference during the course of Nevertheless, the city had a strong and very active Autonomist Party, which also had its delegates at the Paris conference and was represented by Ruggero Gotthardi.

The Regency of Carnaro[ edit ] Main article: Negotiations over the future of the city were interrupted two days later when a force of Italian nationalist irregulars led by the poet Gabriele d’Annunzio seized control of the city without casualties and acclaimed by a part of the population. The organisation was aiming primarily at helping all oppressed nationalities in their struggle for political dignity and recognition, establishing links with many movements on various continents, but it never found the necessary external support and its main legacy remains today the Regency of Carnaro’s recognition of Soviet Russia , the first state in the world to have done so.

On 12 November, Italy and Yugoslavia concluded the Treaty of Rapallo , which envisaged Fiume becoming an independent state, the Free State of Fiume , under a government acceptable to both powers. Italian troops freed the city from d’Annunzio’s militias in December The Free State of Fiume[ edit ] Main article: Free State of Fiume In a subsequent democratic election the Fiuman electorate on April 24, approved the idea of a free state of Fiume-Rijeka with an Italo-Fiuman-Yugoslav consortium for the port, giving an overwhelming victory to the independentist Autonomist Party.

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Ancient and Medieval times[ edit ] Trsat Castle lies at the exact spot of an ancient Illyrian and Roman fortress Though traces of Neolithic settlements can be found in the region, the earliest modern settlements on the site were Celtic Tharsatica modern Trsat , now part of Rijeka on the hill, and the tribe of mariners, the Liburni , in the natural harbour below. The city long retained its dual character.

Pliny mentioned Tarsatica in his Natural History iii. It became a city within the Roman Province of Dalmatia until the 6th century. Main street Korzo After the 4th century Rijeka was rededicated to St.

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Territory recovered by the Austrians from the Ottoman Empire was formed in as the Kingdom of Slavonia , subordinate to the Croatian Kingdom. Stephen in the Hungarian part of the Empire, while the Kingdom of Dalmatia became a crown land in the Austrian part of the Empire Cisleithania. The new Kingdom claimed the Kingdom of Dalmatia, as the remaining Croatian land in the Empire, and often referred to itself as the ” Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia “. In , the parliaments of Croatia and Slavonia were united after many centuries into one.

The centre of the Croatian state moved northward from coastal Dalmatia, as these lands were conquered by the Ottomans. They were able to hold their ground for a month, and decimated the Ottoman army before being wiped out themselves. The negative effects of feudalism escalated in when the peasants in northern Croatia and Slovenia rebelled against their feudal lords over various injustices such as unreasonable taxation or abuse of women in the Croatian and Slovenian peasant revolt.

Ambroz Matija Gubec and other leaders of the mutiny raised peasants to arms in over sixty fiefs throughout the country in January , but their uprising was crushed by early February. Matija Gubec and thousands of others were publicly executed shortly thereafter, in a rather brutal manner in order to set an example for others.

Kingdom of Croatia (Habsburg)

The city is situated in the southern area of the mountain of Medvednica on the northwest side of Croatia. The first written history of the city can be traced back to when a district called Kaptol was established. In the year , a settlement called Gradec was organized on the neighboring hill and was declared a free city. These two medieval settlements grew into what is now known as the city of Zagreb.

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Sankt Veit am Flaum ; see is the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia after Zagreb and Split. Historically, because of its strategic position and its excellent deep-water port , the city was fiercely contested, especially among Italy, Hungary serving as the Kingdom of Hungary ‘s largest and most important port , and Croatia, changing hands and demographics many times over centuries. According to the census data , the overwhelming majority of its citizens Rijeka is the main city of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County.

The city’s economy largely depends on shipbuilding shipyards ” 3. Maj ” and ” Viktor Lenac Shipyard ” and maritime transport. Rijeka hosts the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc , first built in , as well as the University of Rijeka , founded in but with roots dating back to School of Theology. Historically Fiumano served as a lingua franca for the many ethnicities inhabiting the multicultural port-town.

All these names mean river in their respective languages. The Bay of Rijeka, which is bordered by Vela Vrata between Istria and the island of Cres , Srednja Vrata between Cres and Krk Island and Mala Vrata between Krk and the mainland is connected to the Bay of Kvarner and is deep enough about fifty metres or feet for the biggest sailing ships. Two important land transport routes start in Rijeka due to its location.

The first route is to the Pannonian Basin given that Rijeka is located alongside the narrowest point of the Dinaric Alps about fifty kilometres or 31 miles. History Ancient and Medieval times Though traces of Neolithic settlements can be found in the region, the earliest modern settlements on the site were Celtic Tharsatica modern Trsat , now part of Rijeka on the hill, and the tribe of mariners, the Liburni , in the natural harbour below.

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Jerolima, , Mestrija od dobra umrtija, Colophon of Spovid opcena, Croatian incunabulum from printed in Senj. Jerolima , published in the town of Senj in under the title of Anjelske kriposti, in doubly-rhymed dodecasylabic ie 12 syllabic lines. These verses, transcribed into the Glagolitic from the original Croatian text in Latin script, can be found by the end of the book. Many thanks to academician Anica Nazor for this information

The Kingdom of Croatia (Croatian: Kraljevina Hrvatska; Latin: Regnum Croatiae Hungarian: Horvát Királyság German: Königreich Kroatien) was part of the Habsburg Monarchy that existed between and (also known between and as the Austrian Empire), as well as a part of the Lands of the Hungarian Crown, but was subject to direct Imperial Austrian rule for significant periods.

Encyclopedia of Modern Europe: Fiume, a major seaport and industrial center in western Croatia, had a population of 50, in , of whom Italians formed a plurality, followed by Croatians and Hungarians. In Italy had entered the war in exchange for concessions specified in the secret Treaty of London As a victorious power, Italy expected as a matter of right to expand at the expense of the now-dismembered Habsburg Empire. Italians assumed that military victory would result in the annexation of Fiume and northern Dalmatia, allowing Italy to dominate the Adriatic.

At the peace conference, however, the Great Powers regarded Italian contributions to victory as undeserving of significant recognition. On the Italian political right, the failure to gain Fiume was symbolic of the illegitimacy of the Liberal regime. Despite the years of slaughter in the trenches and of hardship behind the lines, Italy emerged with “empty hands” and a “mutilated victory.

Here was a predominantly Italian city just beyond the border that had been paid for in copious Italian blood. Furthermore, its assignment to newly created Yugoslavia rather than Italy seemed hypocritical in view of Wilson’s principle of self-determination. The majority of Fiume’s inhabitants were Italian, and the local government had declared its desire for the city to be annexed to Italy. In this inflamed context, the poet and ardent expansionist Gabriele D’Annunzio — took the decisive initiative.

Placing himself at the head of a volunteer army of patriots and war veterans, D’Annunzio marched on Fiume, entering the city on the morning of 12 September Unable to dictate events through military force, D’Annunzio and his band of 2, “Legionnaires” succeeded because no attempt was made to stop them.

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Tweet Rijeka is an important industrial port of the Kvarner region, often unjustly neglected as a tourist highlight. Which is a shame, knowing that the settlement was founded by mysterious Celts and Liburni tribes, and has been in existence for over years. An unwritten feature of Rijeka is that it has a very strong alternative culture. Some of the most prominent Croatian bands and artists such as Let 3 and Damir Urban come from this coastal city, and probably more are to come in the following years.

To cut to the chase, Rijeka can be very interesting to curious visitors. Testimonies of time Thanks to its long history, Rijeka has some unique monuments.

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Schedule Split is an Adriatic Sea cruise port located in Croatia. By population around , , metro over , the city is ranked the country’s second largest – following the capital Zagreb. A popular tourist destination and intraregional transport hub, the city is linked to the Apennine peninsula and the Adriatic islands. The city was founded as Greek colony of Aspalathos in the 3rd or 2nd century BC.

Brodosplit is the biggest shipyard in Croatia and employs approx 2, people. It has built more than ships, including a lot of tankers, both non-panamax and panamax, as well as bulk carriers, container ships, dredgers, frigates, off-shore platforms, patrol boats, submarines and passenger ships. The city is said to be one of the centres of culture in Croatia. The Gallery of Fine Arts Galerija umjetnina , at Kralja Tomislava 15, is an art museum containing works from the 14th century to present day providing an overview of the developments in the local art scene.

Port of Split, with an annual traffic of 4M passengers, is the 3rd busiest port in the Mediterranean. It features daily coastal routes to Dubrovnik, Rijeka, and Ancona Italy. During summer season Split is linked with other Italian cities, including Pescara. Most of central Dalmatian islands are reachable only through Split harbor with Split Tours and Jadrolinija ferries. Split is becoming a major cruise destination, with more than ship calls, carrying around , passengers.


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They were all mentioned only in a regional, geographical, and tribal manner, and never as an ethnic category. These myths as part of the official Serbian Orthodox doctrine provided both a de facto recognition of Ottoman rule and the denial of its legitimacy. As a result, the conflict spread within the tribal structures. It was the second highest result against breaking the state union with Serbia after Pluzine municipality. This also allows members of the clan to be unite, to act together and always to recognise kin.

Vaso, the founded of the tribe, fled along with these waves of refugees. Lower Vasojevici or Lower Nahija inhabited the area of Berane. Rajo, Novak and Mioman. The legend also recounts how after the Second Battle of Kosovo , defeated Janos Hunyadi Sibinjanin Janko in Serbian epic poetry along with his wounded according to some traditions already dead nephew Banovac Sekula retreated to the safety of the high Komovi mountains. There he was received by Vaso and his sons, who all gave him a gift respectively: Rajo a sword, Novak a horse, and Mijoman a gun.

However, suddenly there was a shout to the arms as the enemy was approaching, and both Novak and Mijo took their gifts back. Rajo, on the other hand, did not want to, so he equipped himself with another weapon.

25 Best Things to Do in Rijeka, Croatia

To visit Rijeka, head towards the Adriatic Sea and Kvarner Bay, where this beautiful city with its population of a little over , residents is located. It has been designated the European Capital of Culture and it was once an important strategic seaport. If you want to know more about this fascinating city, here are some of the places you should visit. This center has a rich history as the military used it during War World II and it represents the oldest archeological site in the region.

The Astronomical Center is located on Holly Cross Hill and is protected as a cultural landmark not only because of its historical significance, but also because of its beauty. It is the one place in Rijeka, and in the entire region, where the sky ceases to be the limit.

Rijeka airport is located on the island’s northern tip. The nearest town, Omišalj, provides a typical introduction to Krk island, a cliff-top community dating back to Roman times, though the.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get Daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email England fans always travel in good numbers to watch the national team play, but while there will be some in Croatia on Friday, many will be staying at home. The Three Lions head to the team that beat them in the semi-finals of the World Cup on Friday for their next Nations League game, but there will be no one there to watch, it with Croatia serving a two-match punishment imposed by UEFA.

Croatia have been charged for marking a swastika on the pitch before a European Championship qualifier with Italy and their sanction was a one point deduction from their qualification group and to play their next two home games in UEFA competition behind closed doors. The game against Italy was already being played behind closed doors as they served a punishment for racist chanting by fans in a clash with Norway.

A man looks at the pitch appearing to show the pattern of a swastika following the the Euro qualifying football match between Croatia and Italy at the Poljud stadium in Split on June 12, And the confirmation that the England game would be the second of that two-match sanction was not confirmed until almost a week after the Nations draw was announced. Some England fans are still travelling to Croatia having bought their travel and paid for hotels, in the hope some leniency will be shown and they will be allowed inside the stadium.

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Whether they can get in the ground is irrelevant because they are going to be there. Even if we end up watching it on the telly in a pub, we are there with other like-minded England fans.

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