Skyrim: 5 Massive DLC Sized Mods That Were Canceled – Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Mods

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game with an extremely rich and large modding community, with dozens of mods released daily on the Nexus and Among many of the mods the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim community has created, many are massive-DLC sized productions, however there have been even more ‘planned’ DLC sized mods that began development but were never finished. So today, sit back and relax as we take a look at 5 canceled DLC sized mods for
  • vinny9500

    I know that you want us to wish well for these modders, but I am still pissed at Apollodown. He was such a great mod author but he hid all his mods and ended Awaken because the 2016 election didn't swing the way he wanted. I'm no Trump fan, but what Apollodown said about everyone who voted for Trump being a Nazi and then removing his mods because "I am not comfortable serving this many Nazis" is beyond childish.Edit: I do not mean to start drama. Just inform people of Apollodown and his history.

  • jawrabbit

    i used to be an adventurer like you then i spent all my time watching these videos worth it

  • technocat5000

    The day Nate runs out of skyrim lists is the day the candles stop flaming.

  • Za Warudo

    For Rise of Manimarco, Apollodown was so pissed off that Trump won the 2016 election that he removed all of his mods off of the nexus, cancelled the project and quit modding.

  • James Parker

    So is the entire point of this video to make us feel disappointed :(

  • Jackson Lundquist

    Those mods were murdered to death

  • Ultimafire1258

    Aint Awake: The Rise of Mannimarco the one where Apollo got pissy Trump won and decided because of that no one deserved the mod?

  • Uncle Hek

    This might sound weird but I have never been impressed by Apollodown. First off, his completely unfunny, forced and a lot of times insulting mod descriptions on the nexus were a bad joke. "Oh, you don't like me being condecending? Well, do my work for me and write me a description if you don't like it"Then there's the fact that his mods were far more impressive in theory than in practice. The Civil War Overhaul was a stitched together, barely functional Frankenstein's monster of a mod. All it did was reintroduce cancelled or hidden content that was originally planned to be in the game in the first place.Oh, and if that mess of a mod actually managed to break your files, it was obviously, 100 percently your fault, definitely not Apollo's. Apollodown was a condecending, egoistical and childish man, believing himself to be the best there is. He can shove his clever responses where the sun doesn't shine.Edit: spelling

  • Coolman1938 Yes

    I'm excited about the Beyond Skyrim projects mods and I would be really REALLY sad if they decide to cancel everything.

  • James Parker

    Someguy2000 is a vary talented modder. Blood of the Nord was easily the best written Stormclock or Thalmor related mod. However his mods tend to suffer from feature creep and he often gets burned out. The other mod your mentioned Thirsk Saga was like 90% done months ago. I Beta tested it and the main story line was completely implemented and functional. However he got burned out on the side quests and is currently taking a break from modding.

  • Azizguy101

    I agree with what you said about modders not being able to finish mods for other reasons and that we should respect them but not apollodown... I don’t agree with what he did.

  • Four OverZero

    Never cancel this series plsSpeech 100 Persuade

  • Elijah Lassle

    Who else is excited for beyond Skyrim atmora?!

  • MasterSkyrim1000

    I wanted to tell you Nate, I really enjoy your videos, and they've helped me find some really great mods for my playthrough. I did want to tell you though that I had a dream that involved you. In my dream, it looked like I was watching a video of yours, with those flame-cloaked spiders from Solstheim attacking the player character. Then suddenly, you said: "Sometimes these loathsome little creatures come from Hermaeus-Mora's realm in order to retrieve the Dragonborn's communist soul."...I have no idea where that came from.

  • Otaku Sempai

    Does Betheada even stick to their own lore?

  • David Harris

    "Hey Guys, How's it Nate, it's Going here."

  • PJ Demigod

    As much time as developer made content? Please, the modders have definitely spent more time developing stuff for this game than Bethesda could even dream.

  • vinny9500

    Also, Someguy 2000 is alive and still modding. He actually said about a month or two ago that he is back to modding Fallout New Vegas. Sooooo. Take that as you will. I don't know if he will continue to mod Skyrim as well or if we will have to wait for him to get done with NV.

  • Liraaell

    I wish they at least released what they had developed up to the point of canceling

  • SpeedygunOne

    People always ask when my mod is coming out since its been 4 years since I started but what they don't realise is keeping up with everyday life and modding at the same time is hard. 😅

  • Igor Pochinki

    Armor in the thumbnail is from a mod called "Toussaint knight armor collection"

  • Franklin Long

    Skyrim's cities do seem too small when you look at what they did in Oblivion.

  • Miko Chan

    is that a dead body hidden in the grass at 7:48 ??

  • Penny Sautereau

    Mannimarco was never in Arena. He was introduced in Daggerfall.

  • IDarkIV

    I mostly deal with interesting characters and canceled mods.. Been too long since we had tiny details

  • Antoniv Vasili

    Must. Have. Thumbnail. Armor.

  • flannelman

    Now let's hope skyrim together doesn't end up in this series

  • No Name

    Even tho Skyrim is 7 yrs old Nate still makes it intresting.

  • Seal Over

    This video will hurt my feelings

  • Tisamon

    It was a darn shame for Awake. Before he spat his dummy out, I responded to an earlier audition post on reddit to fill a VA spot, then that outcry happened, not long after I finished an extensive list of lines. Production seemed to come to a halt. Recently I asked one of the devs on the project, about the status of it. It would seem as though burnout hit the developers similar to other projects in this vid. It is what it is, We have things en route such as Beyond Skyrim, Apotheosis and Lordbound in due time.

  • Firestarter

    Isn't Someguy a popular New Vegas modder on Nexus as well?

  • Bjorn Roets

    Gotta say your the best skyrim top 5 person

  • Nasir_The_Might Productions

    Eso is busy shagging Lydia , feels good to have a brother nord making skyrim content every week. I never missed any of your videos since when I saw your channel. Back then you had 40K subs :)

  • Whiterun Guard

    By order of the Jarl stop right there! You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people what say you in your defense? I will let you go Nate, but only if you pin this comment or pay with your head!

  • Denny Wilts

    Notification squad where are you?

  • Sweet Roll

    So much work down the drain. Sad.

  • Himajama

    the blood of the nords guy died

  • Johnny Goodman

    I love this series anyone agreed?

  • Who Knows

    Hey Nate, just a question, didn't you say you would be doing a Skyblivion video before the end of April? Am I wrong or did the schedule change?

  • PM

    Any word on Apotheosis?

  • 65Reidlos

    Things like this are understandable, but short of just flat death of themselves or family, atleast say "this wont continue" here are the files. Particularly shitty when ya i done modding, oh btw all the other mods I made are going to be deleted cuz.....cuz

  • Davidheat1088

    So when is the "5 Massive DLC Mods that were released" going to come out? lol

  • Garrett Wilson

    All the above is definitely my answer.

  • e e

    What is the point of this video I want to know good mods i should download not cancelled ones

  • Kyle File

    Whats’s the armor in the thumbnail?

  • Jim Daniel Hoxworth

    Came expecting Demon's Souls.Guess not

  • Zosphus

    Darn, I really wish Manimarcco wasn't cancelled. Alongside the Dwemer and New High Rock ones.

  • General Feldsalat

    Skyrim sucks witcher 3 is better.On eno si gniog ot ekat siht sa a ekoj.

  • Serpent XI

    Fuckin' Someguy...

  • S T Ξ Λ L T H

    Wrath of the nord was cancelled? :(

  • Joe Nesvick

    I just started a High Elf Female, any circlet she wears isn’t showing up. I’m sure it’s one of the mods I got. At least she’s getting the benefits

  • Tom Brown

    People crap on Bethesda for making small towns but at its time they were massive and innovative. Yes they are small by today's standards but the game is very old. They should not expect it to be "realistic" and "immersive." That was not its purpose. Its purpose was to thrust you into a similar but different world. One that was similar to ours enough to hold a sense of realism but still fantastical and unique at the same time. Obviously it was not supposed to be hardcore as that would detract from the adventurous and fun aspects of it. The next elder scrolls might be different but this was very high fantasy. Yes the game is kind of bad by today's standards but it is still impressive ranks very high on my standards of best game of all time list.

  • Renhorable

    oh yeah I am the king. I was actually working on that mod with many other modders, my job was mainly focused on interiors and level design around it. I have created tons of interiors for houses, mansions, castles even created a few dungeons. Shame I was really proud about my work and was looking forward for players to try it, sadly the mod was never released. But talking about the map size well it was huge like really massive and gorgeous (of course some parts was not completed) even if there was a huge lake in a middle of a map the land area was maybe even 2x times bigger than entire Skyrim. It was a real fun to travel across it, there was dense forests, mountain/rocky areas, snowy areas, swamps, beaches, fields and more. The map was really interesting and varied

  • MajorMoron

    I wish all of them were released... they looked absolutely amazing, and in many ways better than Skyrim itself, especially with those huge cities. Bethesda could learn a thing or two from its modding community! Maybe they are, and that´s why TES6 is taking so long. Making a whole game in the same scale and style as mods like these would take a shitload of time, but would be worth it. And until then, we can just pass our time with those beautiful Skyrim mods

  • Jesse Darty

    the city expanding mod would have been cool. i always thought looking at Solitude that it should have been a central Castle Town elevated above burroughs and villages. like a real capitol. its a game though. its a huge game but we've all played it enough to know its not everything its cracked up to be. towns are small and the civil war barely exists. bethesda did really great capturing skyrim with the tech they had, but the smoke and mirrors of this "world" is pretty much lifted. its a shame that it would be considered blasphemous for them to overhaul it themselves.

  • Tximino M

    "I am the King" looks incredible, someone should take over and finish it. And btw, this video has made me wonder something and I wanted to pass out the question to the people here in the comments (if someone actually reads this that is); Will you be ok if one of the developers for this cancelled mods joined the Creation Club and decided to finish his or her old project and release it as content there? For example, if in say... six months, we could have "I am the king" but it cost 20$ (like the original DLC costed), will that something you'll be ok with?

  • SparksFly

    My friend has a Nintendo switch that electrocutes you...... no, it isn’t meant to do that.

  • Laughing Sam

    i really think they should hand the fallout batton to their new studios and just work on what they do best (or used to do best)

  • Nemenon

    I'm most disappointed about Awake, since the trailer looks incredible and Mannimarco is my favorite character in ES lore. I feel like Oblivion completely shit on his character really hard (however there is a great mod that sort of fixes that), so it would be nice to see him back in action. Things happen however, if what people say about why it was canceled is true, then that is unfortunate, but nothing can be done now.

  • Victoria Carson

    having watched many of nates skyrim videos 1 thing bugs me. he keeps saying he will leave links to the barious mods or console commands he mentions in each video but there isnt ever any list of them and i have read every comment from the last 3 videos to check so where are they nate?

  • thehucklebillyfenn

    I remember Luftaraan.... I kept up with it since it’s original trailer. Was really disappointed when archon entertainment decided to stop production.

  • 820monster

    Man I got to get the architecture resources from the "I Am the King" mod authors. That Medieval European Architecture is perfect for the mod I'm working on.

  • Hengebobs

    Project Firebase Thirsk Wrath Saga Zulu of the NordAlso known as: someguy gets board or frustrated and stops working on a given mod... fairly often. No biggy, we all do. Its just frustrating when you enjoy his mods and he gets you hyped for them...Or as someguys fans (the sodomites) would say: SODOOOOMMYYY!!

  • 22Rallen

    Nate, why are you must always depresse me? Just to see this awesome Mods, cancelled, I become sad. I would even pay for some of them. Better than anything the Bethesda store has for us.

  • The Bukkakian From The Planet Dillhole

    "This is a trailer for an epic upcoming mod"or "This mod is still in beta/alpha and may contain bugs because it is still in development"last update, like, ~2014The fate of way too many good concepts"apollodown...decided to leave the modding scene."That's a rather tame way of saying he flipped his shit over US politics, pulled his mods, and REEEE'd into another dimension.

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