Skyrim: 5 Spooky Theories Crazy Enough to be True - The Elder Scrolls 5 Lore (Part 4)

Skyrim is a game with many plotlines, quests and interesting tales, however not everything in the world of The Elder Scrolls 5 may be as it seems. Countless players have developed complex, wacky and fun theories in an effort to explain some of Skyrim’s strangest happenings. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more theories crazy enough to be true in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Nate when ES6 comes out, I think you will get to the 1 mil mark. And when you do, remember me, and the rest of us who have been here since a time before "murdered to death" was a thing.

  • bdpa kaknox

    Candle never went out you say? You mean like every other lit candle in skyrim? Incredible.

  • Shaman Fox

    My theory is that Bethesda leaves a bunch of opened-ended random bits/half-baked plots in their games(like the bugs in jars), leaving it up to the fan base to extend their lore with elaborate theories, filling in the holes for them. While they kick back in Tahiti, sipping their mojitos and living the dream!

  • TheNN

    When you brought up the Falmer, Nate, I thought you were gonna talk about that theory about how the Falmer were turned into FUEL by the Dwemer.'Fuel?' I hear you ask, if you don't know what I speak of. Yes, fuel. Falmer, in Skyrim, have WHITE souls, or they can fit in the various regular soul gems, but not BLACK souls like other sentient races have. And what do the many automatons in the various dwemer ruins run on? Soul gems filled with white souls.

  • Lighty Dust

    >Nathaniel>400 years before SkyrimNate, you're home, go drunk.

  • Ian

    "everyone should murder the like button to death " should be your catchphrase

  • Tobias VanDyke

    Maybe Lydia found the ebony blade and that’s why she had to be brain washed

  • mkj Les

    Lydia's was just sheogorath's pawn to make fun of the new protagonist in the franchise, bc he's the grandchampion and yellow team really sucks

  • Troper H'ghar

    The no.4 theory the lurkers being a corrupted fish makes a bit of sense since mora is based on yogg sithoth from the cathullu mythos and the lurkers are based on the deep ones

  • WiredInRogue

    Don't all housecarls have no backstory ??

  • Dagoth Turd

    I have a theory that Lydia’s just an idiot

  • Welshy

    i wish prices would remain so consistent in the real world :(

  • JM1993951

    Ah, Lydia. I've married her, I've sacrificed her, I've killed her because I like to be alone and don't need a fucking housecarl. She's been through a lot.

  • JXEditor

    So I've been working on a theory for about a year now and it would be really cool if you made a video about. The theory is that Alduin encompasses both the sphere of Akatosh and the sphere of Molag Bal. First off, how is this possible? Well to explain that just look at another god from the Nordic Pantheon, Orkey, who in many ways embodies both Arkay and Malacath. To truly get a grasp on how this is possible I divert you to the lorebook "Azura and the Box" where a Dwemer challenges Azura to tell him the contents of a box, but to everyone's surprise Azusa's prophesy was wrong and she disappeared, but as it turns out it wasn't. One possible reason for her disappearance (with which I agree) is that Azura was not fooled, rather everyone in the room was fooled into believing Azura was wrong and thus she ceased to exist within that room. Proving that at least some of the "Gods" are actually created by the mortals who worship them. Now onto the evidence of this theory in particular. Akatosh is simple enough to explain and is widely accepted. Dragon Gods of Time, pretty easy connection to make. As for Molag, well he's the Lord of Domination, and it is in the very nature of the Dovah to dominate. "Dov wahlaan fah rel." Now look at what makes Molag Bal unique above all others. He can truly return a person from death, no matter who they are. Now look at Alduin and how he rebuilt his dragon army. He raised them from the dead, returning their souls to their bodies. Molag Bal is one of the patrons of Necromancers. The ancient servants of the dragons still rise from their graves, as draugr, to attend the needs of their masters. One thing that speaks against this is Durnehviir's reference to "'Alok-Dilon,' the ancient forbidden art that you call necromancy." However this could be because Traditional Necromancy would divert power away from him, since necromancy involves worship and deals with other deities (like the Ideal Masters). Also it could be that Alduin seeks to limit the power of the other Dragons so he can truly dominate them. There's some more little stuff that supports it but I'll just leave it with, "I mean look at him! Alduin looks like a dragon who got bit by a vampire!"Something to consider.

  • Lolo KerNic

    Lucien's ghost warns you not to kill Cicero, risking to anger Sithis, so to would seem je has some kind of will and plans of his own.

  • Thomas Williams

    I like to justify Lydia's stupidity with the theory that she is in fact a very odd looking mudcrab, rejected by her own kind and recruited by Balgruuf whilst on a fishing trip.

  • burger lord

    the Lydia one doesn't feel right I think the lack of backstory is because she is only a soldier who was good enough to climb up the ranks

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    0:24Let's just pretend Lydia has an arrow drawn. Let's just pretend.

  • Daniel Frank

    Maybe the dwarves blinded the falmer to prevent them from seeing what the dwarves were working on? The dwarves did disappear and were never heard from again. Maybe the dwarves wanted to prevent the snow elves from finding out the secret which would eventually lead to the disappearance of the dwarves? I think it's all connected somehow.

  • Sol

    What if Mephala is the "wife" of Sithis, Sithis being the force in which Mephala directs and chooses, leading by a marriage of concepts and interference of the mortal realm. True Daedra princes tend not to often share the spotlight, but Sithis isnt a daedra and rather an overvoid like concept that can be used rather than communed with. Mephala is the night mother, but not what we consider. Perhaps the night mother we see is a symbolic totem of that union of the weaving of darker forces joining together in a conspiracy beyond our ken?

  • Meow McMeowpherson

    Okay, so to find the origin of the Lurker it might be prudent to look at the creatures that served as their inspiration: The Deep OnesThe Deep Ones are a race of mutated, fish-like humans that worship a creature known as Dagon. The Deep Ones procreate through humans, creating children that are born human but slowly grow up to become the fish-like Deep Ones. Many depictions of Deep Ones are very similar to the appearance of the Lurker, and the fact that the Lurkers serve a Deadric Prince who is inspired by the stories of H.P. Lovecraft (who is the author who came up with the idea of Deep Ones) may lead one to conclude that Lurkers are not just thematically similar to Deep Ones, but practically so as well.It's always been unknown as to what exactly happens to the people who get lost in the winding halls of Apocrypha. Perhaps those who continue to seek knowledge evolve into the Seekers, and those who were driven mad by their findings within Apocrypha change into the massive and unintelligent Lurkers? It would be a very thematically sound and interesting origin for Hermaus Mora's faithful Daedra!

  • McMunchy

    “And even longer since we’ve made one worth watching” bruh every one of your videos is worth watching.

  • sunicarus

    I think the Lurkers are mutated sea elves

  • tyler hilpisch

    the Lurkers look like they have armor close to the falmer so they might be once snow elves who needed sanctuary from the Nords

  • Enzo Lopes

    "Part 3 if I remember correctly"He did not remember correctly

  • David Harden

    I always assumed Lurkers are the creatures who Live Below... in A Shadow over Hackdirt.

  • Anatoliy Shpalin

    dammit N8, "Night mother" is simply a title in Morag Tong, which was held by the brotherhood's Night Mother in lifeAlso Padomay is a soul of Sithis, like Anu-iel is a soul of Anu, and can have all the things you said Sithis cannot have, so there is that

  • SCPFJackBright

    I thought that the lurkers where abominations of a mermaid and slaughter fish which was corrupted and made larger size and facial additions as well I think mermaids are canon we never get sea stories other then the ghost sea

  • Laurence Dalton

    What if lurkers are the Dwemer as a curse for their relentless thirst for knowledge.

  • iiAmFrosty

    M'aiq murdered the dragon born to death by killing him! He told me himself!

  • thXrteen

    Feel like I saw somewhere that the Snow Elves fully knew the substances they were taking would damage their vision: initially it allowed for their body to adjust to life fully underground and the Snow Elves worked alongside the Dwemer willingly. Obviously as the Dwemer vanished, unforeseen effects of the substances given and taken (willingly) by the Snow Elves transformed their biological structure and without any guidance or society existing without the Dwemer, they devolved. But the main point is that they weren't enslaved or forced to become blind: again, fairly certain this is just another theory.

  • Thunder Lord Pikachu

    Why aren't lurkers lurking?

  • TBS Production

    I used to be an adventurer like you, then i got murdered to death

  • kyle rice

    Sithits has his own voice in a dlc of oblivion he has free will so plot hole

  • BossCrazyRoss

    I have a theory.Maybe the Dragonborn has the soul of a Dragon. I know it sounds crazy, but think about it. First things first, just think about the name, "Dragonborn" that just screans of "I have the soul of a dragon. Second, he is able to absorb the souls of other dragons. That sounds like a Dragonborn-ey thing to do right? And another thing, he/she is able to master shouts so easily! Other people like Ulfric and the Graybeards have to spend years to practice a shout, but the Dragonborn can master them easily! What do you guys think?

  • Decendant Sickel

    For the lurker theory, why didn't you address the load screen comment "sometimes people get lost in Apocrypha, never to return?" and connect it with Neloth's comment on finding out you've been in the black books: "yes, I can see it in your eyes." then later, after slaying Mirrak he says he's "looking for black spots in the eye's, ***signs of Mora's influence.***" (paraphrase) they could be people trapped for so long in Apocrypha that they get mutated and twisted.

  • Kronaz邪児

    They make a big deal about their dumb candle that doesn't go out, but I've been in tombs that haven't been opened for thousands of years and they still have fresh candles and torches everywhere. Big whoop.

  • Maiq The Liar

    Could you use some other music from the soundtrack?

  • Persisi Faxe condi

    isnt Skyrim 200 years after Oblivion not 400? since the 4th era begun when Martin septim sacrificed himself and Said the 4th era started and Skyrim is in the year 4E 201??

  • Glynn Tarrant

    Someone wrote a backstory for Lydia that I liked. She was an orphan who was adopted by the steward of whiterun, hence why she would hold a position in the court once she was an adult. She was likely a hold guard who got promoted thanks to battle prowess (seeing as she stronger than the current hold guards) and her adoptive father's position.

  • Petro 4404

    In the quest in my time of need if you take the guards key then the alik'r prisoner will not be released and they have a different conversation and you get your information

  • Andrew Chapman

    r/TESlore must be a favourite, eh Nate?

  • Dan

    1:40 isn't it 200 years?

  • Abi Young

    l y d i a i s t h e n i g h t m o t h e r

  • That One Ring

    I wonder if Lord Vlindrel and Vlindrel hall have any connections....

  • Celestial Aeon Project celtic music & epic music

    Can't wait for the TES: VI <3 Will be too long wait

  • Bug ;-;

    I can't get over how legendary this game is. I always get the best feeling every time i play it. Its just such a deep game with never ending adventures. No matter how many elder scroll games that come out Skyrim will always have a special place in my heart <3

  • Donny Kitsune

    maybe lydia just getting in your way and lurkers could be dark elf/slaughter fish as a referernce to 'the swamp thing' or something

  • No1OfConsequence

    To add to the Lydia theory, Jarl Balgruuf's son Nelkir in the Daedric quest "The Whispering Door" (which is coincidentally the Mephala quest) says that his mother is not the same one as his siblings'. Speculation arises on what this means. But if Lydia could be anyone before her mindwipe, then why not the mother of Nelkir? They might have conceived him out of wedlock and to avoid scandal they removed her memories and altered her personality. I don't believe this is true, but it's an idea. Personally, I think Lydia might just get a lot of head injuries in battle since she doesn't wear a helmet (and not a whole lot of followers wear them either, hmm), so has amnesia on top of some other limitations to her faculties. Although all the Housecarls don't tell you their backstories, even the ones who might have interesting ones like Rayya. Anyway, that's just my three cents.

  • Dillon Casey

    Maybe what happened with Lydia she found out about the ebony blade and then farengar and Balgruf brainwashed or mind wiped her so she couldn’t tell anyone

  • dopedoge148

    OMG dude I've been wondering about this for 2 years and no one has brought it up the logo or symbol of the College of Winterhold is hermaeus Mora how has nobody looked at it I know people thought it was connected to the Oghma Infinium but they never looked at the sigil

  • Raffy Punzal

    whomst is nathaniel? did he murder nate to death?

  • ThatAkwardKid

    Oblivion takes place 200 years before Skyrim. Not 400 years.

  • Bru Master

    How does the Mephala theory address the fact that you talked to the spirit of the Night Mother herself in her tomb in Oblivion?

  • Aster

    I'm a little late to the party, but ill take a gander and say that the lurkers are likely corrupted sea elves. note the pale blue/purple skin, the human build, and the fact that they are aware enough to wear chitinous armor.

  • Fatal squire

    So I have a question about the ancient nords had the elder scrolls how did the dwemer get a hold of the elder scroll

  • Ismielle Simpson

    So if the falmer are snow elves. What if the lurkers are sea elves.

  • Yaldabaoth

    Why would the Dwemer want to blind the Falmer? Easy. To prevent them from ever using an Elder Scroll.

  • Vodka Infused Tea

    I'm in love with your voice kick me in the throat-

  • GamingNoxus

    LYDIA IS A SYNTH!!! Farengar is really the founder of the railroad.

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    It would be interesting if Lydia really was brainwashed. Maybe she listened to Whispering Lady and tried to get the Ebony Blade, but she was stopped and Balgruuf out of fear ordered Farengar to erase her memories. After the Whispering Door quest, she would start to remember things, and you would have a choice: kill her or help her remember everything and let her join us as a completely new person. Now that's a mod I would pay for.

  • clark paolo

    love the vids Nate!! I love seeing them pop up on my feed

  • Chris Persich

    Well with the whole Lydia thing, all housecarls could in some way be brainwashed, I could be wrong. So far in my gameplay all housecarls are in some sort of Charon state (FO3 Reference) ), when it comes to morals, all of my housecarls will kill anything, even their respective Jarls and they won't even care. Even after going into the Stormcloak rebellion and attacking Whiterun, Lydia doesn't care. Even if Lydia was brainwashed and wouldn't have sentiment for anyone the arch mage would probably have brainwashed her and he has to hate me. So maybe at the height of the reign of old High Kings in skyrim, ALL Jarls had brainwashed Housecarls as a personal gift by the High King but now the High King is dead and you come in and help the Jarls, they also use the same Housecarls as gifts for your service, which if I'm right, that would sort of make them more important as a gift, to sum it all up, all housecarls may be brainwashed, just that some housecarls were stronger and remember more of who they are.

  • Tylander 101

    I think that the night mother is Lydia who traveled through time, after looking at an elder scroll and brought a slaughter fish to past hermeous more then with her past magic and lit a candle because the elder scrolls made her not see well making her randomly walk into things and miss alot. Then she was trapped in the dwemmer's caves and they experimented her and took her past magic and memory and she somehow ended up in whiterun without her memory and was found by jarl balgruff

  • ソフト&ウェット ソフト&ウェット

    “No food shortages, ruins still there for thousands of years, cities in Skyrim should be 10X larger lore wise.” Yep that’s called lazy game design. Hell Oblivion did a better job of capturing lore wise shit than Skyrim.

  • Jacob Middaugh

    I've seen the video that says something about balgruufs youngest son. You said something about a different mother and maybe Lydia was his mom, but then brainwashed.

  • Warlock Helix

    0:25 What's she shooting from that bow?

  • RooZkii •

    U actually get to see a snow elf in the mission trying to get arials bow.And also the best follower is Sarena because she can not die because she's part of the game.OK I'm nearly done I also think lurkers are mutated giants because giants are the same size and the they look like slaughter fish Giant+slaughter fish=lurker.

  • Sondre Marsteen

    There is a big difference between a theory and a hypothesis. If there is at least some proof backing it (That can’t be disproved), then it’s a theory. It it’s just speculation, like the lydia «theory» then it’s a hypothesis.

  • Kyle LeRiche

    I'm surprised that beyond Skyrim has a team working on black Marsh but not summerset isle like anybody else the same way🤔

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