Forging a The Witcher 3 sword, the complete movie.

Forging a The Witcher 3 sword, the complete movie.
  • Ichai Assedo

    all this amazing work and geralt sells it after 5 min...

  • Guilherme Al

    That's grandmaster level ! Must have learned from some Elf.

  • contradoor12

    how can you dislike this? HOW CAN YOU DISLIKE THIS? Great work man. Really awesome craftmanship!

  • Aaron Seet

    08:30 so that's how to enchant a flaming sword!

  • Sullivan Brinkman

    You know it's a good video when you are disappointed it's over after 36 minutes..

  • niggu wat

    1.1k bandits and drowners disliked this video

  • angga pangestu

    this man is the real Eibhear, great work dude

  • wandill 900

    How much you want for this ???

  • Andrew Sullivan

    First 2 minutes of this video:"Well I guess I'm staying up for another half hour."

  • Aaron PS

    no talk and no music, just the raw sound of work, beautiful.

  • Ghost_Sniper002

    Okay... Now I want to make a sword.Awesome video mate !

  • Ensensu2

    So you can light a sword soaked in oil on fire? I feel like Geralt has been holding back on what Igni can really do.

  • Nemanja Smiljanic

    This deserves a display at museum!

  • Chris Lewis

    So you didn't need any drowner brains?

  • 160moebius2

    I love how it's a leaf spring I have an over abundance of them after taking apart a motorhome and I started forging a sword it's not perfect but the fact I'm turning a rusted old leaf spring into a sword blows my mind never thought it was possible

  • SA

    Ну мастак,вот бы подержать в руках!

  • Edson M.

    Fantastico ! Parabéns !

  • Alex Marchand

    I liked the part where you were making the sword.

  • Thijs Haverkamp

    I bet you use flames to trim your beard.

  • wandill 900

    Can you make for me something about this ???

  • theAce Phoenix

    This guy alone, no crew members... still crafted a masterpiece.... hats off dude.... you did a great job.I know that handling everything is quite a big challenge unlike man at arms who have a ton of members.

  • Tennyson123445

    PSA Warning: Don't watch this while eating, your food will get cold. Amazing skills! Turning art in reality!

  • Tam

    Sir thats is fabulous,your skilled is something to behold.Respect from Scotland.

  • derin mavi

    Thank you for this epic work and greetings from Turkey.

  • Richárd Jurcsa

    Gyönyörű!!!!! Mate !! good job !!!

  • Somnorila

    How much for a custom sword like this?

  • Sherry Patrick

    That is a gorgeous Sword 😎

  • Mbah Ndolo

    This must be grandmaster smith... I got my diagrams right now...

  • Tritega

    8:32 Shit I want to experience getting that thing out, fire sword!

  • Mario Bugeja

    Incredible mind and hands wonderful

  • Jay B


  • Adeptus Astartes

    This video is awesome!

  • Nathan Okun

    I think that the spring he used to make the sword out of is a low-carbon vanadium alloy that has a higher Yield Point (force level in a slow-pull machine where it stretches permanently by 2%) for a given Ultimate Tensile Strength (pull force that tears the sample in two after stretching it by some amount). This lets a spring stretch and return to its original shape after many more cycles than regular steels that will gradually lose their rigidity under such multiple force applications ("creep"). Good for a sword, too!

  • Ned Rollo

    A serious weapon for the battle field: not a toy, a tool!!

  • Łukasz Jóźwiak

    10:00 oh yeah ! Probably vampire oil !

  • Evgeniy Ivanov

    please make the Sword of Headless Horseman from sleepy hollow film

  • MikolajMikiMiko

    Good Job! Greetings from Poland Geralt would be proud of you :D

  • Lord Helmchen

    That is pure weapon-porn! :D


    Just one word amaizing

  • Aaron Nel

    You made that look too easy

  • Madmike

    Awesome work obviously by a very talented guy, but i’m also impressed by the size of his workshop and all the hardware and machinery he’s got !

  • Stealth LIEOS

    Professional don't need to talk, they just workYou're just like Primitive Technology: He never talk, just workKeep up the good work


    That meas love for your work.Nice job sir.

  • Rodrigo Seoane

    Truly a beautiful longsword! The double fuller looks very nice, and love the guard and pommel. Simple, yet beautiful.

  • Kralko Velky

    Glad to see you can unscrew the pommel

  • Przemysław Dąbrowski

    Amazing ability! Damn, I can't even draw a sword :D

  • Frankie Rodriguez

    most bad az movie I've seen! I mean every time it gets better and BETTER!

  • jeff wackenthal

    Pure talent....and years of work!

  • Leshreddur Mitchell

    This one dude just beat the pants off the Man at Arms team. I have never seen anyone do such a good job on a fuller or pommel before...Well the whole thing was awesome but you know.

  • Adam Smith

    this is fantastic and i love witcher fantastic game

  • Manish Kainth

    all in one( black Smith , lathe machine operator, milling machine operator , welder, know threading, use skill of copy and paste <making diamond with paper> ,denting and painting etc what I can words ..keep going :)

  • Reed_isYoda

    since now Ik you do commissions, you should make a video explaining that and how to contact you, I'm sure you would get a few commissions from your viewers, and who knows, maybe you'll blow up and make some side money off of youtube.

  • Fabius Lock

    Fantastica . Un saluto dall' Italia , patria del Flos duellatorum

  • Abul Hasan

    I LIKED YOUR HAIR ///// wasn't it ???

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