This is SPARTA! (in Skyrim)

King Leonidas visits Skyrim.

This is what happens when you have too much fun with mods and console commands.

Sparta shout mod owner:

Spartan armor mod owner:
  • This Account Has Been Closed

    Guard: You need to stop shouting.Leonidas: Okay, Sorry.Guard: Good.Leonidas: Just Kidding, THIS IS SPARTA!!!

  • AngelOfTheMad

    I believe lolbalanced has just been Nazir'd.

  • Slavinator

    i used to be a spartan like you then i took an arrow in the knee

  • Rumaliza

    in fact, at the end, we can see a flying grey-beard

  • SoulCharizard

    Why is there a plane in Tamriel?! O_O

  • Dovahkin FusRohDaa

    FAKE.. this is skyrim not sparta

  • FunkyWarr10r

    lol the last bf3 clip XD

  • TheBrownBear

    hhaahahahahahaahah SPARTA

  • Dora the Explora

    King Leonidas [Nazir] lolbalanced

  • hdgamer1081

    Great job! on making this video! I can see it took a while to make!

  • Santi De Rosa

    Omg this video is amazingGood job!

  • Chicken Tenders

    I remember seeing this years ago when it first came out

  • MeloTheCat666

    This is the single greatest video on YouTube

  • Kyriakos Staurou

    and when i put the mod where can i find the armor and shield?

  • Klyaksi4bukoff

    Хахаха концовка угарная!

  • Pianotendo

    Leonidas vs. Officer Jenkins.

  • Morgul

    lol at the end of the video that redguard guy hit the plane. 1:45 oh and pause right away

  • Florin Terzea

    where i can find this items??

  • TheForgery

    0:49 Have you ever heard of such a thing? A shout that can knock a dragon out of the sky?Yes, that would be me. THIS IS SPARTA!

  • Komotau4691

    Great,we need this for Justin Bieber :D

  • Anton Ionov

    This is FUS-RO-DAH!!!!!

  • liam Roose

    how do you get the cape

  • sam fletcher

    Dustmans carin is a serious dungeon...

  • Kasu Kymera

    how to get this "armor" ?

  • alan synal

    hyhaa kuna  de,bul gharash  delaluna...

  • Ramon22RUS

    0:38 what's challendge?

  • Alperen Köse

    I love this is sparta!!!!!

  • Lucas Ramos

    Qual é a magia que usa?

  • Lyubopytnyy Nemec

    А...откуда такой шмот?..

  • Patrik Damu

    this is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Olga L

    skyrim to bf3 :) 1900 years in air?? omg.

  • ShadowDog128

    My favorite part is when he said this is sparta

  • Imperial Palace Guard

    It's all over lawbreaker! Your spree is at an end. I'll take any stolen goods you have. The next move, is yours. Pay your fine, or ill haul you away!

  • AngelosLavkos

    How to get the leonidas look in skyrim? As a Greek I have to know!

  • Josh Hell the Assassin

    this is Sparta !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blood Angel

    oml im crying X""DDD

  • Victor Manuel Pineda Garcia

    jajajajajajaja Great ^_^ 

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