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Fallout: New Vegas was released nearly eight years ago by Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment. Many consider this spin-off Fallout title to be the best in the franchise and despite its age, Fallout: New Vegas remains a game with a number of hidden Easter Eggs and subtle references not everyone has uncovered. So today we’ll be taking a look at ten tiny details you may have missed in Fallout: New Vegas.
  • TheEpicNate315

    I'm also working on a 10 Tiny Details video for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that will be out hopefully this month. Been having some technical issues with recording that game, but we'll persevere!

  • Rosenwood

    You can Brahman tip in Fallout 3, just saying.

  • Scarecrow Santomassino

    "You'll have to pay the Mojave another visit". AS IF I EVER LEFT

  • MasterM

    I think Ron the narrator actually does appear in the game....technically. During the ending cutscenes, the player is actually still in game, just locked into first person and no camera movement in a mostly empty room. The game then plays the cutscene statically in front of you at just the right way so it takes up your whole screen, and it looks like just a normal video. However, if you use commands to escape the camera lock, and go behind the projection, Ron the Narrator is actually spawned there, and Ron Perlman’s narration is actually coming as dialog from this npc.

  • Val McPossum

    Finally!!! New Vegas grabs popcorn and a Sarsaparilla

  • Carlos Gabriel

    Isn’t Ron the actor for the voice in the end credits? Like how the daedric princes in Skyrim have invisible naked people for them?

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    Patrolling the comment section makes you wish for a "murdered to death" comment.

  • Our lord and saviour Waluigi

    Fallout new Vegas is the best!! Thanks for doing it Nate!!!Thanks for so many likes!!!!

  • Jack Wilson

    It still makes me sad Bethesda only gave them 18 months to make the game and later basically forgot Obsidian had even made this game which just proves that good o'l theory that they intended New Vegas to be a cash crab despite Obsidian wanting to make something epic and complex.

  • Fernando Velasco

    To the town of Agua Fría rode a stranger one fine day

  • Dad jokes Inc.

    The robotics department has nothing interesting in it? I disagree, and if you have done the quest you know why 0w0

  • iTacoTaco

    >Has tipped the Brahmin in Megaton before>"This is unique to New Vegas"wat

  • Gay_Leonian_Nerd

    Just for clarification, NPCs that seem unused are used just not in the way people expect. Ron's existence in the game files isn't just for fun, if you use the command 'tfc' in the console during the end game slides, you can move behind the wall in front of you and his NPC is actually narrating the slides. The gamebryo engine is strange like that. Every holotape with voice acting has to have an actual NPC in order to play it. Lilly before she was turned into a super mutant is in the files too, but she and her grandchildren are in an inaccessible cell. They are only there so the holotape in Lilly's unmarked quest works. Hope I didn't confuse anyone with modding lingo there, but this is why there are seemingly unused NPCs in FNV. Some NPCs were just used for debug purposes by Obsidian, however.

  • joriandrake

    Brahmin tipping was already in Fallout 2. (edit: yes, two, not three)

  • Arbiter

    Get rid of that face mod man, it's so ugly. I know the vanilla faces aren't great but that mod makes them even worse.

  • Bacconius Ursus

    Hey, so the TES 4 "Easter egg" really is a coincidence, but not in the way you said. It's a reused asset from Fallout 3. Obsidian reused a LOT of assets because of the time crunch, and that one just happened to slip through.

  • maxter328

    Ron the narrator wasn't made for shits and giggles. It's just that it was easier to have an NPC talking, and a wall changing textures in front of the player model, to create the in-game intro. So they did that.

  • preciouspokey

    I played fallout 3 and can tip brahman

  • Pyutato

    Yes coughs I... I never entered Cerulean Robotics and learned how to "assume position"... that would just be... wrong.

  • Gavin L

    Besthda published the game. Obsedein made, developed,and put the references in nate.

  • Your Mom

    Obsidian made this game not Bethesda, thats why this game has rpg elements

  • Tall Papa

    "Some folks at Oblivion"Mehrunes Dagon made New Vegas, it's canon now

  • Marcus Zyker

    Ron Perlman has been the narrator from the very beginning. Man I hope they have him in the next fallout game as an immortal or ghoul

  • Jan Krajnc

    Im dissapointed i didnt hear murdered to death.Who did this to you! ( :

  • VictoriumStudios 78

    I have beat almost everything Fallout New Vegas and 3, I am still discovering stuff.

  • Seva Bocharov

    Bethesda is a publisher for the game so you'll have to learn how to say "Obsidian Entertainment" instead of "Bethesda". Won't be so easy, i guess 5:55

  • clericbeasty

    "Degenarates like you belo..." **Caravan shotgun to the face!

  • Honest M'aiq

    Skyrim - DONE!Fallout 4 - DONE!Nate in his mind...Time to conquer New Vegas huehuehue...

  • sk8david123

    Here is a tiny detail Nate missed in the Mojave; wild wasteland was a trait, not a perk.Edit: Spike in Big MT will only go out to the fountain before retreating back into his home.

  • Mike James

    I rarely comment before i watch but for this game and video ... MMMM fallout 4 i have many hours in, skyrim i have many hours in, but NV ? i think ive been all over that desert and its connected world spaces for many more hours then the previous two games... show me what you got Nate! ill come back after i watch the whole thing... but im betting your about to show me something new... ;)

  • majomember1000

    Brahmin tipping is from the original games

  • Jacob Halpin

    That reference to Life of Brian is not from Bethesda, it was from the absolutely wonderful people at Obsidian. Get it right Nate

  • JazzyJ

    Got another one for you, Nate! In Boulder City there is an NCR soldier named Kowalski (sp?) standing in front of the war memorial out front of the bar. If you try to shoot or damage the memorial he will angrily approach you and tell you that his brother died in the battle. If you go look on the back of the memorial it's essentially covered in names. His brother's name is in fact etched in the stone under "Private Kowalski"

  • illussiat

    Notification squad! Also Thanks Nate for starting this series for FO:NV

  • Christopher Wilson

    You can tip the Brahmin in Megaton in Fallout 3.

  • Yozzer2781

    At one of the town halls there’s a house that’s burnt down with two skeletons outside saying Owen and brue (no idea how to spell her name) at certain times as a Star Wars reference

  • Moira Menzelli

    Could be wrong, but that power line seems to say "TES-14" not 04 -- which could be a reference to Nikola Tesla(?) since "14" can be translated into "LA" via Leetspeak. I honestly don't see how it relates to Oblivion as "TES-04" anyway x.x

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    Fallout New Vegas is one of the best Fallout games I've ever played!!!

  • Matt

    I wanted this one and Oblivion series for along time

  • spoder man

    Do a Witcher video or I will do it myself OK nate you clearly see am running out of ideas for comments just do it 😂😂😂

  • Mr Ping

    Your most viewed video is a minecraft video

  • Maximillionmus


  • Gavin L

    Why did new Vegas have to win the poll? I wanted to see 10 details I may have missed in oblivion.

  • CyborgDragon9

    pay a visit i'll have you know sir I never left.

  • Johnny Pearseed

    Ron the narrator is used when ever ron pearlman talks. Your character is put in front of a slideshow and Ron the narrator voices his dialogue behind you

  • DerDude

    Accualy, Ron the Narrator narrates your game ending slide show. He can be seen when useing console commands during the end sinematic.

  • adam donlon


  • Mr Mystery

    My dreams have come true

  • Eldrick Astrosmos

    Could it be that Ron the Narrator is a placement actor to have a voice tied to it? Seeing as the slide show is actually a room with your character forced to look at, Ron the Narrator could possibly be where the voice has to come from?

  • Johnson Flamethrower

    "may have missed"1. console commands required2. something that was also in Fallout 3, though you say otherwise3. fair enough, though not in the mojave as the title implies4. the steve graffiti is in many places in the game5. pretty sure anyone who has played this game more than once has seen this blatant easter egg6. really milking that wild wasteland trait, may as well have made a video titled "all wild wasteland easter eggs in NV"7. ... oh really??? you even showed in your video that the rest of the word is still visible on the sign. I was beginning to feel like an asshole for wasting time making this list, but this solidifies justification. Pretty sure you did other bethesda titles too, so this is more or less an obligatory and heartless filler video I guess. Moving on I guess.8. I mean in perspective to the entirety of the game I guess its a tiny detail, but then so would any other unique enemy. Why not have just put the legendary cazador or Patient Zero in its place? Because you need wild wasteland to see it. I'm sensing a pattern here.9. think I saw this in a video in 2012 or something10. "should you for whatever reason"? you mean besides the quest where you have to go in there, thus running into the old ladies literally every time you leave the building? How is this a worthy ending to this list in the slightest? If anything, besides the Novac thing, its got to be among the most known WW easter eggs in the game, as its a very easy quest to get in freeside. As stated above, this video seemed obligatory and I'm assuming not much time or effort was put into it, its just there to get clicks from being a top 10 video about a popular game, and due to the fact that you've already made a skyrim version of this video, so fuck it, also NV. I know one could easily argue that my wasting so much time with this toxic review is equally if not more useless, but there's more excuse for a consumer to spread cancer than the content creator. Do us all a favor and don't bother finishing the bethesda titles. Leave this project unfinished, and I assure you that there will be equivalent videos coming from others if they don't already exist. 2/10 low quality content.

  • Daryl Grandy

    Wrong you can tip the Brahmin in megaton

  • Nick Ferrum

    Fallout 3 does have Brahmin tipping, remember finding out after sneaking up on the Brahmin in Megaton and trying to access its inventory (I was new to the game at the time and just though you could loot every thing and everyone)I remember laughing my ass off when I pushed it over

  • Daito Skywalker

    I don't know much about fallout New Vegas but I know that you can find of the son of the mysterious stranger who will give a great pistol

  • Mark M

    Just to add food for thought, to be a party pooper. whatever you may call it. While these little easter eggs are fun for lore or just a moment of silliness. They are being paid to do this. Which has nothing to do with the over all game or story. Fine, if it's just that I'm all for it. But the next game in the series will often have micro transactions, stripping game content to save for a paid DLC later. All justified by 'higher production costs'.

  • logan mott

    at 3:24 there is a red Scorpion glitching the ground

  • Macewido2x

    The elder scrolls 4 reference is also in Fallout 3 and probably is just a reuse of textures.

  • Gilberto

    There'll never be another fallout game like New Vegas... Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 are proof of that!

  • DannyBrine 87

    For some reason, in my copy of FO;NV, I Can't go bramen tipping, yet in FO3 I can

  • lil uzi flop

    I tipped Brahmins in fallout 3

  • redcatjack

    Also. You can tip Brahmans in Fallout 3.

  • Historical Videos

    Cool and good.Would be nice if you focus on NV and Oblivion a LOT more

  • Denver Blackson

    kind of a bummer that there are like....2 things in this video you don't see from just playing the game normally

  • Up TheCakes

    2:32 fallout 3 has cow tipping? I use to do it all the time 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • 4 Times as Interesting

    Heres a skyrim fact for you, the name High Hrothgar is named after the king of beowulf, who is also name Hrothgar.

  • Daito Skywalker

    Sorry I meant the the son of the mysterious stranger

  • Irene Parkin

    TheEpicNate315 Bramin tipping is in Fallout 3.

  • Fl4sh

    new vegas is my favourite game in the series... so thanks

  • Tesculeanu Andrei

    SO GOOD , i just started some days ago playing fallout new vegas again and all these skyrim youtubers do fallout new vegas videos GREAT

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