Skyrim Hidden Quest: Helgen Reborn - Part 1

Skyrim Hidden Quests is a new series I am starting where I play through a community made quest line. These mods are downloaded into the PC version of Skyrim and then accessed through the game like you would with a normal quest.

I will create a new character for every new Hidden Quest adventure, and I will do my best to make the character fit the role that he will be playing in said quest. If you have any suggestions as to what type of character I should make for my next adventure, please write it in the comments below.

Helgen Reborn:
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  • Simbulz

    Its not a hidden mission, its a mod, get rid of the click bait title

  • Timo Majere

    You may wish to learn the difference between MODDED content and HIDDEN content.Your Title is kind of lying since it is NOT hidden, but not even part of the original game. One MUST download it themselves.I'm with the other posters in here and saying , Your wording is pretty deceptive.

  • Stephen Stansbury

    Why are you calling it a "hidden quest" it's a mod not originally part of the game....

  • FailedTrojan

    It's not really a hidden quest when it's a freakin mod

  • Valfader

    Disliked for the misleading title of the series. A community made quest is NOT a hidden quest.

  • Leo Nardo

    Bethesda should've made an official "Helgen Rebuilt" dlc or something. Same thing with Kvatch in Oblivion. It always bugged me how the cities remained so destroyed and lifeless, even after the main quest lines were completed. I know there are mods, but it's not the same, and console players are left out.

  • Voxl Valyx

    It's nice to hear voice acting done somebody other than the four voice actors spread throughout Skyrim.

  • Salah Ad-Din

    Misleading title. Low, bro.

  • David Rigge

    you talk way too much, and most of it is unnecessary. plus this is modded, not hidden. don't use clickbait to get people to watch your videos

  • Qiuubby

    Hidden Qeust?More like Mod Qeust Line

  • sheldon goodman

    The only people I know who made it out of Helgen is Talius, Ulfric, Relaf, That boy who was watching the convoy from his porch, the guy who was calling out the names, and of course the dragon born.

  • shadow lord

    you said its a mod so its not really a hidden quest you can do

  • Johnny Palos

    hidden quest is click bait a hidden quest would be a quest hard to find but Still able to find in the vanilla game

  • Stiflex

    Tbh, the accent of Patsy isn't really... Skyrim'ish. Everything in skyrim should be sort of North europe/East europe mix. Basically skandinavian/baltic

  • Master Hand


  • Danielle Halen

    the shadow is following him the shadow is HUNTING HIM

  • Matt O'Connor

    u gave the impression with this video that it was an actual hidden quest

  • Nikulás Kraigsson

    An Imperial has an Irish accent?

  • Lil Bobby Bricks #Hankblock

    It would be nice if this was apart of the heartfire dlc

  • wtftragedyy

    "Hidden quest"* is actually a mod *

  • Sashow1000

    NO ! it is a mod... :c

  • The LolFactor

    Does anyone else randomly kill things in skyrim? Like you go on skyrim and was just like "Well! Time to go kill somethings!!"

  • Super Gamez NL

    Actually Froki and his grandson Hamming made it out alive and reside at Froki's Shack on a hill close to Ivarstead.And Hodvar/Ralof also made it out,depending on who you chose.Also,forgot General Tullius was at Helgen too?

  • Nora Dee

    The dialogue in this Mod is so damn ridiculous; one really awkward conversation after another.

  • Husker54

    Is it a mod im i play xbox and ps3 so if it is :'(

  • Elizabeta Macovei

    Janus' name pinged my paranoia; not sure I'd take a quest from someone named after the Roman two-faced god.

  • Kirill Popov

    Did you see a dog out there?

  • hank spaceman

    that thing its a forsworn weapon or staff

  • AustFraust

    Less background talking please, just play the story out.

  • Noah D

    The oblivion crisis 2: The Shadow Crisis. Haha

  • Jared Seymore

    This video would have been much better without your constant Mystery Science Theatre 3000 wannabe comments.

  • SmellyMearcat G

    Is this a mod or a mission thats in the game

  • a stupid genius

    00:46 The least known British accent.

  • Fai Craig

    "hidden quest" aka mods

  • Jesse

    CLICKBAIT!! Is not quest - is a mod!!

  • Dovakota

    The true villain of Skyrim must be the evil shadows that haunted Rhexx

  • MicrosoftPaint Potato2244

    Ass hole put 4 ads on video

  • SkillaWillits

    The commentary in this video is terrible

  • Ivan Rado

    dude you need to stop talking with a video game :S

  • Rite Mods// Fallout & Skyrim Productions

    could you atleast put (mods added to quest) for the title... thanks.

  • Rite Mods// Fallout & Skyrim Productions

    could you atleast put (mods added to quest) for the title... thanks.

  • Joe Soucy

    Do u actually rebuild helgen ? Like is helgen like a new city after you complete this mod?

  • Karn Phutanate

    I wanna join Val and kill those thalmore basterds

  • cx Revelations

    that thing in the shadow was a forsworn staff

  • Nik Xpert Gaming

    The little boy Hamming survived Helgen. He lives with his grandfather now, in a shack near Ivarstead.

  • Grant Swanson

    Oh, yes, fill me up...what?

  • Patrick Waldeck

    too much commentary.shut up.

  • James Price

    5 people survived helgan

  • ZHC

    Not exactly a hidden quest of its a mod. That's like calling inigo a hidden follower

  • RythianRose32

    25:21 that a forsworn staff there murderers that you help escape cidna mine in markath

  • Hitmontoping

    You can make friends with the bandits other ways without mods but it does not always work you have to be thieves guild they will ask for money say I remember you from the flaggon then they will say oh tell bryjolf i said hi

  • VarkAndDjelyl

    Patsy, too Irish. Just too Irish. >   <                                                ^

  • WolfkinNorthclaw

    Nice try its a mod, we know its a mod, fix the title or move to one of them click bait sites that advertise on Porn Hub.

  • Sparkz Mentalz

    Nice post and great editing skipping past the boring parts, but you shouldn't talk over the voiced dialog so much.

  • TrotFoxx

    Gotta say, the voice acting was good for a community mod!

  • Soul Wolf

    2:41 where the guy asked about the dog , I did that mission but I'm still on it because I don't want to give the dog back. ^3^

  • Faizan Ahmed

    That's General Tullius's armor...get it if you kill Tullius in the Stormcloak campaign 

  • Branislav Žarković

    Ok man but how you got this mission you are lvl 22 and you got it and I am 43 lvl and until now I didn't hear about this quest!!! :D I hope you will reply on this because I would like to do this quest!!! :D And yes Greetings from Serbia! I really like your tutorials!!! :D

  • Nova Spd Music

    hidden mod quest how its hard to wrote in your title

  • Pan Z

    No matter what side of the Skyrim civil war you side with, you always grow to hate the Thalmor.

  • Hrodebert Coad

    "He's one-handed. Uses a shield."So no weapon, huh? Sucks only having one hand.

  • Justin DiMarzo

    I don't care I really don't care. there's an evil presence at bay

  • melotus19

    When he asks of any survivors, there was a boy who lived I think, he ends up living with his grandfather in the southeastern who gives a quest to hunt animals of kyne, I believe it is? He's the boy who is told to go inside at the start of the game I'm pretty sure...

  • Leviathan LSX

    I thought you was above click bait.

  • Tolly Tams

    This was uploaded on my birthday

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