Daggerfall Unity 0.2.5

Get it here: http://www.dfworkshop.net/
Not discussed: how easier it is to install now. It turns green to let you know you're pointing at the right directory and everything.

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  • Flammenwerfer

    "People think they're randomly generated but they're not" No, they are randomly generated. Just because they stay the same does not mean they weren't randomly generated in development.


    lol this is what skyrim looks like on my pc

  • How Big is the Map?

    I walked across the complete map of Daggerfall. It takes 69 hours.

  • The Carlz0r

    What people mean about the dungeons being procedurally generated, is that they were generated once and saved.. most locations weren't made by hand, they were generated by a computer.For it's time, it was still really impressive, though.. the generator they used worked good.

  • McCrawwmac

    Glad someone is as hyped for this game as me

  • LukeWalk1

    88,745 square miles to be exact. Skyrim only had 14.3.

  • T-Bone

    "Its a lot a bit better" :D this is my new favorite quote

  • Shad Coe

    how come RPGs just aren't as in depth and immersive as this? and dagger falls over 20 years old

  • cvc

    If bethesda remasted daggerfall to look like this i would pay full price for it.

  • elder scrolls

    All this new wave of blocky/pixelated games now makes it quite reasonable to play some Daggerfall again :)

  • oldthrashbar


  • Howard Moon

    This looks pretty amazing.

  • Jacob Sinclair

    Yo dawg, you didn't know about Direnni Tower? The tower that is the Adamantine Tower, aka Ada-mantia, aka Akatosh's space ship where he and the other Aedra descended upon Nirn? The Tower from which all of time resonates outward from... that is, until Auri-El, aka Akatosh, shot Lorkhan's heart (after Lorkhan had been killded by Trinimac, of course) from his bow across Tamriel into Morrowind, where it landed in the Inner Sea, forming the Red Tower, aka Red Mountain, aka the volcano Dagoth-Ur (not the person), creating the island of Vvardenfell, but also allowing time to flow between Ada-mantia and the Red Tower thus making time linear instead of just being radiated outward from the Adamantine Tower, aka Direnni Tower? Gosh, you are a filthy plebeian.But not really. The plebeian part I mean, all the other stuff is true. I just found your channel and I'm liking it so far.

  • B T

    The planets/moons WERE moving, very slowly albiet.

  • asterisk88888888

    Holy shit the maps aren't crap anymore! Now for less confusing maps and actually being able to path through the dungeons via the maps! That was my BIGGEST gripe about daggerfall!

  • Radioactiv Pankakez

    The background terrains aren't fake. They're just much less detailed.

  • Mr.Man The best man.

    The new Elder Scrolls looks good.

  • KraineK xDDD karambitch

    look at those happy little trees over the hill

  • MaoCoon

    That game will be amazing for Androd/iOS ;)

  • Zimmix

    Those are not background images. Every piece of distant terrain actually exists and you can travel to it. It's just that the Tall Grass mods and the Trees had a cut-off point that didn't go as far as the ground terrain itself. Which is why the "white angular blob" in the distance has no trees or grass on it. But it is actual terrain in-game.

  • MrPepsicola123

    the moons are moving, look at the stars next to it.

  • Amy Carter

    Wow, this looks awesome!I wanna try it out, especially if one can map the inputs to a controller...

  • C’mon Bruh

    If they just implement the quests and people and release it with these graphics... it wouldn't be that bad..

  • enn bee

    Still waiting for Daggoblivifall

  • Matthew Quinn

    Totally getting an HTC Veev.

  • Just Johnny

    I bought the boxed edition a few months ago... #noregrets

  • narge100

    It's really cool to know there are people who take the time to remake awesome game like Daggerfall ! Little thing about the sky, it is the default sky in Unity, i think the developers will replace it with the Daggerfall's one !

  • PKMidori

    VR support for this would render the real world totally useless to me. When this is finished I'll be spending an inordinate amount of time playing this masterpiece.

  • Kevin G

    This looks incredible. :D This is how you modernize an old game. I may try this out.

  • FluFFy ToasterZ

    wtf is a "veeve"? does he mean "Vive"?

  • Sketchy Mane

    I knew dungeons weren't randomly generated in Daggerfall! I got confused when people kept saying that.If dungeons were actually randomly generated, wouldn't Privateer's Hold (the beginning dungeon) be different every time? Because it's not.

  • Viktor

    damn the maps are better than skyrims

  • Q77 Spartan

    The amount of features this game had is amazing. Particularly for a game of it's time. The fact the successive games lack so many of these features is appalling. Implementing half of what was cut in the laater games back in and then we get a masterpiece. One worth that mantle. As the series stands it recycles too much and removes even more. The serirs does not feel like high fantasy it feels like generic fantasy. Skyrim, Oblivion are ohorent with this problem. Those games removed so much of the more interesting aspects of the lore. Due to Bethesda and their laziness. They would add in new lore to justify it. There excuses are palpable in comparison to the original lore. The rpg elements are next to non existent now. Bethesda moves far too heavily on the simplest design direction. It is serviceable but only skirts the surface of their potential. That is the real problem. Bethesda doesn't ever improve their games across the board. They make too many changes and remove too many features like skills and classes.

  • John Sven

    I love how towns looks like in Daggerfall. Town in Daggerfall is not 3 houses with 5 hobos.

  • tail feather

    :0 This is pretty impressive.

  • Paranoid Zombie

    This town is bigger than the capital of skyrim lmao

  • UnderTheSun

    Man this guy's enthusiasm for this game is amazing.

  • Quevler

    The hype is real. The crippling, buring, infernal hype is piercing through my heart and soul like a hot dagger. ;_;

  • Dan Slash

    Seriously, this looks better than Skyrim, no honestly, it's beautiful.

  • Shad Coe

    I have played every elder scrolls game and this and morrowind are my absolute favorite!!!!

  • Worldowner

    this excitement just contagious))

  • ZetaPlays

    Nystul i tried to reply but think I deleted your comment by mistake because mobile I'm sorry ;.;but thanks for the info!

  • C A N N O T T H I N K O F A N A M E R I P

    this looks pretty neat

  • Crimson Vulpes

    this looks better than Skyrim honestly

  • Tim Dedopulos

    Thanks for the update. Exciting stuff!

  • Lexterice

    This is an amazing way to get newer fans of the franchise to play the old games...

  • GamesOfDoom

    So they're making Daggerfall an actually playable game? Brilliant!

  • FlxDrv

    whaoo that should take many hours to make

  • ConTrollMan

    "It's the draw distance of yes!" I will use this phrase from now on and for ever.

  • KibaxXx94

    I wish I had a game like this when I was really young. This looks beautiful

  • Bolt Thrower

    Very cool! Excited for this!

  • the unreal player

    Only if they could use MP3 instead of the MIDI music, my life would be a little bit better.

  • Jendrej

    It looks like Minecraft.

  • 7thSmurf

    the map size of this game was probably unrivaled. im really sad that the MAPS of Bethesda got smaller and smaller as they got prettier. You think they could even come up with new objects for the trees and houses and a few clouds and shit ? if they would add a few more thigns this could be playable ^^

  • D Johnson

    Wow that town has way more stuff in it than diamond city or morthal. What happened to bethesda?

  • Emperorkang

    this is the game i started the elder scrolls with. looks awesome, but where are the people?

  • Lord Krythic

    Can you please stop cussing? It makes you look really unintelligent.

  • Daichi

    Le plus complet et gigantesque des Elder Scrolls en HD B'D

  • budaroddy

    this with Modern graphics and Modern mechanics , Epic, i still waiting Skywind and Skyblivion

  • therandomdot

    They need to pull an ID and just release the source code for these older games... Arena, Daggerfall... even Morrowind.What ID learned with Quake was that by releasing the source code they vastly increased the life span of the game. And people were massively optimizing the code.. .ripping out old net code, adding new graphics code, making crazy mods.People love Elder Scrolls games, and Bethesda loves people messing with them. But, they won't just release the source code and let them go full crazy in optimizing and making them look better.Daggerfall especially would get good to get the source of, b/c it crashed a lot. Even after all the patches, it seemed you couldn't go more then a couple of hours before a crash happened. Fans want to fix that shit. Just give them the source and let them.

  • Rogério Penna

    Bethesda with 1 billion employees can barely create 10 different village-sized cities in Skyrim. With the number of employees they had back in the time of Daggerfall, does anyone really think they could MANUALLY create 15 thousand HUGE cities?They were randomly generated when in development. That absolutely DOES NOT MEANS they can´t have unique properties. Bethesda can either create some special places BEFORE and randomly generate stuff around it, or they can first randomly generate and then modify some stuff.

  • Silver Squid

    Would it hypothetically be possible for Bethesda to randomly generate the game in development and just use that world as everyone's world, like with Daggerfall, but then spend their time adding in unique things and such throughout the world? I wouldn't want it to be as large as Daggerfall- 69 hours to cross the entire map is ridiculous when there's not really anything in that map but cookie cutter dungeons- but something at least three to four times bigger than Skyrim, if not more.

  • ColdNorwegian

    Unity works great for giant open worlds.We need someone to make a true Massive Multiplayer Online RPG with Unity.Or a survival base building game.Imagine Kerbal Space Program crossed with ARK.Vehicle, plane and space ship building feature like KSP,base building feature like ARK,and the ability to travel to other planets and asteroids,and farm for resources and build bases there.A game like that would eat my soul...

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