Skyrim Secrets - Top 5 Sad Locations

Skyrim Secrets - Top 5 Sad Locations
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  • Angel Of Death

    the saddest location is the forest where i took an arrow to my knee, ended my adventuring days...

  • toonybooper

    Oh how sad! These poor innocent people murdered in cold blood 😣proceeds to rob their corpses

  • Charles Naone

    Haha that first girl... I was running around destroying forsworn camps as a werewolf and i came across her...And I ate her

  • Boys in the woods

    Dude I love u for still making Skyrim vids I love Skyrim

  • Nimsay

    5:00Stuck guy: Don't you want to go bring help?Friend: Nope, I will stay here.Stuck Guy: But, Winterhold is not so fa-Friend: I Will Stay!

  • MrKitty Face

    Im never killing a mammoth ever again R.I.P

  • Jid Bilal

    "top 5 sad locations", burst out laughing on that water skipping book

  • Fivebeat

    Nice to see people still care about the game. Started playing fresh again, no mods - special edition.

  • Wade Slovick

    BTW, with the position the first girl was in, it's assumed she was raped.

  • Erik Schiemann

    I think southwest from Helgen, there's acutally a small house burned down by alduin with 2 burned corpses holding hands in it. Thats pretty sad aswell!

  • GrandNoble

    "oh man this story is so sad" proceeds to put the dead bodies on top of the campfire.

  • Egg Head

    If they died in the cold how did they become skeletons 🤔

  • Alisa Kroes

    in the rift there is a farmer lady who is angry at her husband for leaving her and her daughter. but in one of the caves/mines south-east of the rift you get to discover that he didn't left him but was captured and killed by bandits i think and you can choose to give the letter or journal you find on him to his widowed wife to reveal the truth. i found that rather touching aswell. not sure if i got all the facts 100% right.. bin a while so i forgotton exact locations

  • Will Jones

    ESO is a pro water skipper 😂

  • Peyten Zeps

    he should have done meeko' s shack.

  • ProjectZBot

    the most sad tale in my skyrim play through-Team mates dying-Mikoworst of all thieves stealing my sweetroll

  • ThatsNotAllowed

    For the 4th one I think he has the necromancy book because he tries to bring his friend stuck in the bear trap back to life after he died

  • Eshward Cena

    0:29 "maybe get a box of tissues too" yeah I always have tissues next to me when I watch your vids, eso ;)

  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    All giants are friendly on Skyrim unless you enter their camps.

  • Romil

    ESO, I love you man, but I swear to god, every time you say, "Markarth," you pronounce it differently and none of them are right.

  • MrKingKong

    "posted 10 seconds ago" never been this early

  • MaxPayne

    Nice background music during the waterwalking book scene.

  • Bruce Lee

    Press F to respect mammoth

  • Anonymous person

    86 likes 45 viewsSTOP GIVING YOUTUBE ALCOHOL

  • Kharnan

    Skyrim, one of those games I always come back to. :)

  • Evans Smith

    what about the mistwatch quest? where the husband thinks his wife is dead and needs foreclosure but the wife is actually the bandit leader and you can either kill her, take her ring and lie to him, or tell him the truth then hell attack you and they'll both be dead, or take her ring and lie to him, and neither of them die.

  • Katla the Dragon

    Do a video about hulking draugrs, i have played 300+ hours on dragonborn and just found one for the first time and that many people dont even know they exist! Love you BTW

  • Dovahkiin Rhalligyd

    "Only in Skyrim." Lol

  • Tio do Salgado

    you have made sad storys funny.... YAY!!{\__/}(• u •)/>☕️

  • Miss Valeska

    1:51 got me so much, that journal is possessed 😂

  • Matty_w_ m05

    There's a sad moment when my shadowmere died :(

  • XXX

    the book going across the water lol

  • Joel Hassig

    What about the little ghost girl you meet in Morthal? That quest made me sad.

  • Luke Iuliano

    Insert last time I was this early joke

  • GGsuper64


  • Tyce Vande Berg

    that last place and event seems a lot like Romeo and Juliet there was even a shrine of Mara after it was discovered. I also noticed that they both had daggers on then, maybe they killed themselves knowing that no one would allow their love.

  • Zachary Kondravy

    Well this comment will eventually be lost.

  • Wilon_Plays PRO

    The hot springs is a reference to lion king the elephant graveyared

  • holdmybeer

    This is why skyrim is better than fallout. Although i did love the interconnectivity layout of the fallout city.

  • Vaiski25

    After this video, ESO went to have a sad wank with a single tear going slowly down his cheek

  • Nebby The Cosmog

    I've seen a lot of these on a guy called Graenolf's channel already, but good video anyway as always.

  • arkblazer1

    on story 3 has anyone searched on the sea?

  • Kyle

    One time i was exploring by whiterun and it saw a giant walking by a cow that had paint on it

  • maximum tryhard

    can you do a video showing were all of the shouts are

  • o

    Everything funny is "On in Skirym".

  • Kurt Ironmonger

    "He got wrecked man, He just got wrecked"

  • big boss gaming

    dude that second one actually nearly made me feel feelings

  • Adam Thompson

    Oh I added to my skyrim playlist with ALL YOUR OTHER VIDEOS:) hehe

  • RaginPlayer

    ^TheLast sad tale with some treasure ^

  • Ignitable xX

    tea? will dr.pepper substitute

  • Lokina Odinson

    Number 4 warmed up my heart to hear that his freind sat with him for support :)

  • Dylan Beach

    Jesus they picked riften riften is like the Oakland of skyrim

  • Hris Trifonov

    uh oh my god this video is getting so depressing- :D funny as hell

  • Filippo Tomasi

    What is the mod you are using to improve the quality?

  • Petar B

    12:16 best moment in the video😂

  • The Impasta

    just seeing number 2 makes me regret attacking giants

  • choogle mans

    nice one eso, I still play this game and fallout 3 and 4 all the time

  • Pictavienne

    The location ( which happen to have a quest related to it ) that strike me the most was the Frostflow Lighthouse ! Those poor guys.

  • xAngoryx

    How'd you know I was drinking a tea mate >.>

  • Shadow Hunter

    ESO U NEVER MENTIONED THE TWO FRIENDS NEAR windhelm(edited msg) THAT DIED ONES SKELETON WAS SUBMERGED BENEATH THE DEPTHS AND THE OTHER AT A NEARBY CAMP...well its around) it provides a journal at the camp and explains why they were there

  • Harman Singh

    ESO is the type of guy to tell a story of someone who died and then loot their body

  • Artur Gehrke

    Keep the awesome work dude

  • daddyxTHUG9

    Tbh, the Falkreath Dark Brother Hood sanctuary gets me sad because when I first played I got really close to them and really enjoyed doing the quest. Was really sad when I had to kill Astrid

  • Mr Mosty

    Also I think the saddest location for me is Yngol Barrow. The further you go in you see more and more of those spirit balls following you. Maybe they are the "Sea Ghosts" from the nearby book Yngol and the Sea Ghosts but it almost seems like they desire some companionship by following you. That or they are just leading you to Yngol himself but it's only his Shade that's left. The mystery of what they seem to want is what's kind of sad about it.

  • OD-X

    ESO, you mentioned friendly giants. There is one more friendly giant and it is an easter egg of sorts. When wandering the roads you come across a giant and his ox with blue markings on it. This is a reference to an American folk tale of Paul Bunyun and Babe the Blue Ox. You should look up the tale sometime if you are not familiar with it.

  • allison sharkey

    Honestly, the Giant one is the saddest, anyone who has lost a beloved pet can relate to the suffering the giant feels. with the other sad spots you don't see the pain and sorrow, but with that one you see the Giant mourning their friend. the girl who died swimming knew the danger, the lovers who went swimming chose to do that, the friends who froze to death/ bled out had eachother till the end, same with the lovers kiled by an animal... the giant is left alive with just the memory of their beloved friend...

  • Connor Williams

    oh the lack of knowledge, not too bad now that I think about it but yeah... that second one with the bear trap and the skill book, mannimarco is a person who lived around 1000 (give or take 200) years ago, he was around when magic first started becoming mainstream in elder scrolls lore. He was known back then as the king of worms. He studied alongside the man who brought magic into the general public, this man seeked to let the whole world use magic while mannimarco only wanted to enslave it.Also i think mannimarco is an antagonist in Elder Scrolls Online, not sure, maybe wrong? but yeah, theres a little Elder Scrolls lore for you all

  • Stephanie Holmes

    Didn’t even mention Sapphire from the thieves guild!! Doing the dragonborn dlc go to the smith in raven rock. Find the pickaxe etc. And you will be rewarded with a key to a room in Glover’s house, collect the loot he leaves for you and next to the strongbox there is a letter to Sapphire, his daughter. In it he explains a bit of backstory and it is very sweet, legit brought tears to my eyes. If you take the letter and give it to sapphire you get an exquisite sapphire which is her good luck charm. Plus, the letter respawns after a while which is great👌🏻

  • Jack McGrory

    One rather excellent addition to this video would have been the story of the two Nord fishermen found near Windhelm, Advard and Skeggr, whose longboat tipped over in cold water, and were subsequently eaten by Slaughterfish. Their named skeletons can be found floating near the tipped over longboat, and a camp nearby will have the journal of Advard.

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