Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC PC Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 1 - Ghetto Rigging Returns


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  • ThisguySL

    Isran isn't doing a very good job at being discrete about the dawnguard if every guard in skyrim knows about it :P

  • Nackols

    Aren't you gonna do the Dragonborn dlc? :O

  • Seth Lassiter

    Anyone else watching this for the remastered Skyrim?

  • Emily S.

    tbh if anyone watching this hasn't bought skyrim and/or the DLC's yet you need to buy the Legendary edition its the same price as 1 DLC but includes EVERYTHING

  • SkyeShot69

    Such sass. "I paid 20 bucks to come talk to you."Automatic subscribe.😂

  • Will Harvey

    Ok but I'd much rather spend $20 for Skyrim DLC than $15 for some map packs

  • novakin12345

    You fast travel way too much!!! your not worthy to play RPG games especially not this game!!!!

  • TheWeed1996

    Do I only need to be lvl 10 or do I need to do some certain main quests on vanilla or something because i bought legendary edition and I've played dawnguard before. But now when I started to play Skyrim again and made a new character I can't join? I'm lvl 22 and tried with 3 more different characters to be sure but wtf is it some recently bugg shit that is going on or something please help.

  • Kodokuna

    I'm gonna get legendary edition :D Winter sale so its Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire for $12.99 xD

  • Courtney Reko

    This is the first video I ever watched by Seamus:) was instantly hooked, now I've been a huge fan of the creatures for about a year!



  • _CJR23 _

    Idk why but I went to fort dawnguard and everyone started to kill me.csn anyone give me advice on how to make it so they dont kill me, thank you

  • Whiterun Guard

    Who's watching in 2K16??

  • Carterr

    Will some one let me download dawnguard on Xbox 360

  • Koops the Koopa

    I honestly only watched this so I could see where Dimhollow was to see if it's possible to start up Dawnguard while being a vampire before vampire lord.

  • Bioshock970

    Nice I went sword and shield on this game with full daedric armor and dragonbone weapons. best game ever!!!


    your right they werent in the original gamei am downloading the dlc riht now 55 secs left (:

  • Helen Gomes

    It won't let me into Dawnguard 😔

  • Strahinja Opacic

    I play Skyrim Dragonborn and I am level 29, if I download Downguard is it only a patch or something like a whole new game?

  • Kaito .Link

    after first couple of mins i see why he didn't do dragonborn 

  • Levi/Levy

    sheamus nvr knew you did skyrim till I typed Dawnguard

  • Rogue Mind

    dat gamegenie command prompt of justice

  • Bioshock970

    THis dlc was around 10 hours but dragonborn was 30+ hours! He should of played it!

  • Pharen's Rap Channel

    Who's watching in 2016?

  • S U C C

    Now you can get hearthstone,dawnguard,dragonborn and the game it self for $20

  • Lord Gestrüpp

    Lohl, i just bought it cus of sale and randomly getting paid in weekend

  • Bored

    I was walking up and they all got pissed

  • dark shadowz

    I got a quest from vingalmo I get to turn my wife into a vampire

  • Kye thecrazycatman

    This was a year and a half ago? Wow. Ive been missing alot

  • Wiik Jiik

    Nope there was no crossbows in the original one only dawnguard :D

  • David T

    Dawnguard has nothing to do with dragons and yet Ii need dawnguard to craft dragon weapons that is dumb and I don't have dawnguard I got to get it from my cousin

  • zs2430

    why didn't you get the crossbow the first guy you saw has it

  • Dawn O Leary

    i was on level 50 and then i started over

  • A GA

    In every ES DLc, theirs always crossbows

  • Goodwin

    Does anybody know what race he is?

  • Jack Bennett

    do u have a follower if u do use him/her

  • Cade Jackson

    U have to be level 10 to do this btw

  • justin ellis

    random question.. anyone know how many side quest job you gotta do for the thieves guild in each castle to become guild master i forgot?

  • DaLatinKnight

    Just got all the DLCs recently. I'm like level 40, and I'm only now trying to find the moth priest. On the Dragonborn DLC, I still only have the quest to find Miraaks temple. I also have only completed the Companions storyline. I feel like I'm leveling up to fast

  • rick grimes

    this is on xbox not pc

  • Bloodshot_nurfed

    I got it today via xbox store it was £3.67

  • keshera gunesekera

    Can this run on a fake game ?

  • Phillip Scan

    Man I wish I got dawn guard instead of dragon born.... If I could I would go back in time and make sure I brought dawn guard jelly

  • Brett Nolan

    do you have to complete regular skyrim to get to the DLC skyrim

  • SirChrisJames

    Got this DLC today for $5. Good things come to those who wait.

  • SirGolden

    i'm at level 63 in Skyrim with dadric armor and bow and swords and duel daggers

  • bakersmileyface

    Fast traveling. By Talos I hate Fast Traveling!

  • the gamer guy

    $20 where i coem form its over 100 but not dollar its kr

  • Yoshi1u2

    yep and fallout does the same.

  • TheGuy

    Skyrim runs soo smooth on his pc im so jelous dam ps3 only 20-30 fps

  • Winny Duh Pooh

    listen, i'm not trying to start an argument but still, people like this because its their opinion and you can't stop that. you don't have to be a fucking piece of shit.

  • MrSleekNinja

    Your Voice sounds like NaDeSHoT

  • abcd1119123

    I didn't know there were dragons in medieval times -_- :S. GO DIE YOU BITCH!

  • Jaden Trent

    Me watching crossbow action while using the bow :(

  • Recon WB

    this coming from a guy fascinated with another guys balls, lol

  • Staffaynu

    lol his channel is deleted

  • Bro Norris

    This guy does the best walkthroughs he's sort of like the rad brad

  • rosa89n20

    I have cloud save though, or this function just updated within this year? didn't notice...

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