Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC PC Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 1 - Ghetto Rigging Returns


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  • Nackols

    Aren't you gonna do the Dragonborn dlc? :O

  • Seth Lassiter

    Anyone else watching this for the remastered Skyrim?

  • Emily S.

    tbh if anyone watching this hasn't bought skyrim and/or the DLC's yet you need to buy the Legendary edition its the same price as 1 DLC but includes EVERYTHING

  • SkyeShot69

    Such sass. "I paid 20 bucks to come talk to you."Automatic subscribe.😂

  • ThisguySL

    Isran isn't doing a very good job at being discrete about the dawnguard if every guard in skyrim knows about it :P

  • Will Harvey

    Ok but I'd much rather spend $20 for Skyrim DLC than $15 for some map packs

  • Whiterun Guard

    Who's watching in 2K16??

  • TheWeed1996

    Do I only need to be lvl 10 or do I need to do some certain main quests on vanilla or something because i bought legendary edition and I've played dawnguard before. But now when I started to play Skyrim again and made a new character I can't join? I'm lvl 22 and tried with 3 more different characters to be sure but wtf is it some recently bugg shit that is going on or something please help.

  • novakin12345

    You fast travel way too much!!! your not worthy to play RPG games especially not this game!!!!



  • Kodokuna

    I'm gonna get legendary edition :D Winter sale so its Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire for $12.99 xD

  • Courtney Reko

    This is the first video I ever watched by Seamus:) was instantly hooked, now I've been a huge fan of the creatures for about a year!

  • _CJR23 _

    Idk why but I went to fort dawnguard and everyone started to kill me.csn anyone give me advice on how to make it so they dont kill me, thank you

  • Pharen's Rap Channel

    Who's watching in 2016?

  • Staffaynu

    lol his channel is deleted

  • blesyl67

    Seamus if you really want your Old character back, I suggest you take the save from your previous HDD and put into your current one

  • hioeo

    anyone know what seamus uses for gameplay? is it fraps? just wondering

  • jessebhai

    Is the dlc only for PC?

  • FrozenLemur

    You only have 500? ive broken 700 and im on the PS3! no mods or even the DLC yet. im an addict

  • Irrapture

    That made my day thanks, lmao

  • MegaAlexc123

    i try to go in his was terminated!

  • MegaAlexc123

    yeah a lot of people are into the medieval stuff

  • Lynaugh

    Yes same here. The last time I reformatted my HDD then reinstalled Skyrim I had all my saved games back.

  • Azure Eyes

    @DroopsMcGee420 Haha the person who put this comment on here sounds like a doucge ;)

  • Kaito .Link

    after first couple of mins i see why he didn't do dragonborn 

  • UltimegaSeven

    "Better with Kinect for the Xbox 360" lolnope

  • UltimegaSeven

    Dude, you just introduced me to a guy that play Crash Tag Team racing and is funny as hell. I will love you forever.

  • UltimegaSeven

    No dude, for real. I haven't played that game in such a long time. Its good to see someone had a good and humorous take on it.

  • UltimegaSeven

    Love Skyrim and all, but this is not worth $20

  • theultamitebadass

    fus ro da just saying

  • Dr. DoK

    im not trolling, i just dont play skyrim. ive only played morrowind, because im not old enough to play oblivion or skyrim.

  • Dr. DoK

    i thought the choice was at the beginning because i though he joined the dawnguard.

  • Dr. DoK

    dude the first damn comment was a GUESS! NOT JUMPING TO A CONCLUSION! and the second comment, YOU DONT FUCKING CORRECT WITH A BAJILLION *s!

  • Kurondo

    Roses are red, Violets are blue ; We prefer proper grammar, stay in school.

  • Khem Lim

    First person is better than 3rd person.

  • Dayland Yay

    the dlc is buggy? not really i just did a vampire playthrough and its good

  • CastFire

    ... but skyrim does use cloud saves

  • Gasoline85

    "Everyone's been killed by vampires. End of DLC." 20 bucks well spent. XD

  • JoRdOguitarman1

    New Vegas was very bad

  • CowlWasTaken


  • Cole Jenkins

    I didn't expect the PC version for at least another 2 weeks. I was just starting Minecraft then the Steam update page popped up. I go to the next new game and Bam!, I screamed like a banshee. It was a great surprise and I'm glad it came out because it's epic! I've already played about 4 hours into it and I haven't even gone through the *Possible Spoiler* soul cairn. Having the Skyre mod makes it all the more awesome. Bethesda better take a lesson from this when it come to Hearthfire Hint hint ;)

  • Italian Supreme

    I agree, its bullshit, it really is, you dont set the bar as high as shivering isles then release this crap, while modders with far from great resources make mods 200 times better than this.

  • Novad selir

    ru gonna play resident evil six ada wong gonna gt killed by a naked lady

  • RoastedToasted

    WTF MINE IS BROKEN i always get attacked when i go to dawn guard. wtf is wrong?

  • TheRaellz

    Unless you get the bow and block the sun. Maybe you can get rid of the sun entirely if you take the darker path for the vampires.

  • Rogue Mind

    dat gamegenie command prompt of justice


    Isnt Dawngaurd only for computer???????

  • James Kirkham

    You have to be lvl 10 or above for the courior to come

  • commander392

    so ur telling us that u played the whole game again, please correct me if I'm wrong

  • AbdulMalik 2024

    and why did you see this vid then bich

  • clamchowder138

    Listen to me. I am going to come to your house. I am going to knock on your door. When you answer your door, I will rip it off its hinges and beat you with it. You will attempt to crawl away. I will then go inside your house and grab a second-hand lamp (since that's all you can afford). I will beat you with the lamp. Then I will go into your bedroom. I will take your laptop, and then I will come downstairs and break it over your head and strangle you with the plug. Understood?

  • clamchowder138

    The only difference is that Battlefield 3 is actually GOOD. There's nothing wrong with being a fanboy for a good game.

  • clamchowder138

    I like how the video is 1080p and yet still looks like crap.

  • ChaoticBinary

    T'is a small journey.

  • jack

    And I suppose Call of Duty is better?

  • Callam001

    i havent seen gameplay for this game in a while, still looks like shit.

  • Okeksu

    On Skyrim? If so you start the game with ragged clothes.

  • Okeksu

    It's fine Skyrim isn't the only game with DLC, it means Downloadable Content

  • GRH

    are you playing with a controller on the PC?

  • GRH

    would be awesome if you could mute about 90% of you as well. Jesus why do people always feel they have to talk just because they can.

  • Mr_Malaka Gaming

    SOMEONE HELP ME PLZZZ.....whrn i use a shout my game closes....anyone know what i should do????? To fix it

  • King Kunta

    Its an enchantment aka lightning in this case.

  • jessie jarman

    Skyrim is such a fun games! Its on of those where you can just play over and over... hard to find a game like that theses days. :L

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