Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC PC Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 1 - Ghetto Rigging Returns


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  • Nackols

    Aren't you gonna do the Dragonborn dlc? :O

  • ThisguySL

    Isran isn't doing a very good job at being discrete about the dawnguard if every guard in skyrim knows about it :P

  • Seth Lassiter

    Anyone else watching this for the remastered Skyrim?

  • Emily S.

    tbh if anyone watching this hasn't bought skyrim and/or the DLC's yet you need to buy the Legendary edition its the same price as 1 DLC but includes EVERYTHING

  • Obabo

    Ok but I'd much rather spend $20 for Skyrim DLC than $15 for some map packs

  • novakin12345

    You fast travel way too much!!! your not worthy to play RPG games especially not this game!!!!

  • TheWeed1996

    Do I only need to be lvl 10 or do I need to do some certain main quests on vanilla or something because i bought legendary edition and I've played dawnguard before. But now when I started to play Skyrim again and made a new character I can't join? I'm lvl 22 and tried with 3 more different characters to be sure but wtf is it some recently bugg shit that is going on or something please help.

  • Kodokuna

    I'm gonna get legendary edition :D Winter sale so its Skyrim + Dawnguard + Hearthfire for $12.99 xD

  • Courtney Reko

    This is the first video I ever watched by Seamus:) was instantly hooked, now I've been a huge fan of the creatures for about a year!



  • _CJR23 _

    Idk why but I went to fort dawnguard and everyone started to kill me.csn anyone give me advice on how to make it so they dont kill me, thank you

  • Whiterun Guard

    Who's watching in 2K16??

  • Carterr

    Will some one let me download dawnguard on Xbox 360

  • Helen Gomes

    It won't let me into Dawnguard 😔

  • Bioshock970

    Nice I went sword and shield on this game with full daedric armor and dragonbone weapons. best game ever!!!

  • Rogue Mind

    dat gamegenie command prompt of justice

  • Birb Boi

    I honestly only watched this so I could see where Dimhollow was to see if it's possible to start up Dawnguard while being a vampire before vampire lord.


    your right they werent in the original gamei am downloading the dlc riht now 55 secs left (:

  • Strahinja Opacic

    I play Skyrim Dragonborn and I am level 29, if I download Downguard is it only a patch or something like a whole new game?

  • Levi/Levy

    sheamus nvr knew you did skyrim till I typed Dawnguard

  • zs2430

    why didn't you get the crossbow the first guy you saw has it

  • Pharen's Rap Channel

    Who's watching in 2016?

  • Bioshock970

    THis dlc was around 10 hours but dragonborn was 30+ hours! He should of played it!

  • Lord Gestrüpp

    Lohl, i just bought it cus of sale and randomly getting paid in weekend

  • Dawn O Leary

    i was on level 50 and then i started over

  • SkyeShot69

    Such sass. "I paid 20 bucks to come talk to you."Automatic subscribe.😂

  • Wiik Jiik

    Nope there was no crossbows in the original one only dawnguard :D

  • Cade Jackson

    U have to be level 10 to do this btw

  • Jack Bennett

    do u have a follower if u do use him/her

  • Kye thecrazycatman

    This was a year and a half ago? Wow. Ive been missing alot

  • Kaito .Link

    after first couple of mins i see why he didn't do dragonborn 

  • dark shadowz

    I got a quest from vingalmo I get to turn my wife into a vampire

  • Goodwin

    Does anybody know what race he is?

  • Bored

    I was walking up and they all got pissed

  • S U C C

    Now you can get hearthstone,dawnguard,dragonborn and the game it self for $20

  • David T

    Dawnguard has nothing to do with dragons and yet Ii need dawnguard to craft dragon weapons that is dumb and I don't have dawnguard I got to get it from my cousin

  • justin ellis

    random question.. anyone know how many side quest job you gotta do for the thieves guild in each castle to become guild master i forgot?

  • DaLatinKnight

    Just got all the DLCs recently. I'm like level 40, and I'm only now trying to find the moth priest. On the Dragonborn DLC, I still only have the quest to find Miraaks temple. I also have only completed the Companions storyline. I feel like I'm leveling up to fast

  • A GA

    In every ES DLc, theirs always crossbows

  • Bloodshot_nurfed

    I got it today via xbox store it was £3.67

  • Phillip Scan

    Man I wish I got dawn guard instead of dragon born.... If I could I would go back in time and make sure I brought dawn guard jelly

  • rick grimes

    this is on xbox not pc

  • mathew patterson

    can someone help me every time I enter I got attacked by everyone and I've cured my vampirism and lycabthropy before coming

  • Brett Nolan

    do you have to complete regular skyrim to get to the DLC skyrim

  • keshera gunesekera

    Can this run on a fake game ?

  • SirGolden

    i'm at level 63 in Skyrim with dadric armor and bow and swords and duel daggers

  • SirChrisJames

    Got this DLC today for $5. Good things come to those who wait.

  • bakersmileyface

    Fast traveling. By Talos I hate Fast Traveling!

  • the gamer guy

    $20 where i coem form its over 100 but not dollar its kr

  • Yoshi1u2

    yep and fallout does the same.

  • TheGuy

    Skyrim runs soo smooth on his pc im so jelous dam ps3 only 20-30 fps

  • Winny Duh Pooh

    listen, i'm not trying to start an argument but still, people like this because its their opinion and you can't stop that. you don't have to be a fucking piece of shit.

  • MrSleekNinja

    Your Voice sounds like NaDeSHoT

  • abcd1119123

    I didn't know there were dragons in medieval times -_- :S. GO DIE YOU BITCH!

  • Jaden Trent

    Me watching crossbow action while using the bow :(

  • Recon WB

    this coming from a guy fascinated with another guys balls, lol

  • Staffaynu

    lol his channel is deleted

  • Bro Norris

    This guy does the best walkthroughs he's sort of like the rad brad

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