Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough - Part 12, Prophet

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build. This video covers the quest, Prophet...

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  • MrSanta78

    07:20 - Listen woman! Mary is possessed by the ghost of almighty entity, known as Major Slack. Of course she can manage without your help. Now go back to your place. We will come for you, when the dreaded Demons of Escort Missions tell us to do so.

  • yoochoobb

    As bloodsucking demons go, I think Serana is pretty cute.

  • Big Brother Red

    dude, your videos are awesome and very funny. a lot of great information. I just bought a copy of your e-book can't wait to read it. keep up the awesome wook

  • Robert Prather

    Guess they don't have Centrim Silver for the senior citizens of Skyrim.  Even the little bit of reading puts the Moth Man down for a siesta!  Great vid!

  • OhMagnetz

    Pickin' 'em off like flies there, boss! :D

  • Jay Money

    I have pretty much the same skills...maybe a bit more 1h skill as I have been paying to train that at level rather than archery.   I killed Malkus with a pair sneak double power attack...without Marked for Death.  (yes on Legendary)...just curious why youd use the xbow?

  • Mike Gilroy

    Just curious Slack, any plans to do a LP with some overhaul mods on Legendary? Ordinator or Requiem...maybe a few equipment mods? As always, your vids are highly entertaining👍

  • wademanguy

    Lol, she doesn't like beer, get her something girly! Boots? Boots? She don't need no stinking boots, plus, shes a sneaky girl. Thumbs UP! :)

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