Skyrim For Pimps - Dawnguard Begins! (S3E01) (Dawnguard Walkthrough)

Fün is back in all her glory! Sensing a possible cure for Astrid in vampirism, Fün begins the Skyrim Dawnguard quest and meets the beautiful vampire Serana.

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This video will show you:

How to Play Skyrim
How to Skyrim Dawnguard
How to Awakening

All game content is recorded and edited under fair use rights for reasons of commentary and social satire.

All videogame footage was captured by us, Game Society Films and all games were played by us.


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  • Kim

    the same thing happened to me, I suddenly flew in the sky with my horse, and when we got back on the ground, my horse exploded.

  • Kenny

    I can rewatch this series over and over, without ever getting bored of it

  • J.M

    Cool, you decided to play the Cave Simulator DLC.

  • Lloyd Zed

    When Aaron says why would you even bother I totally agree skyrim a biggest plot hole is that every random guy wants to fight For example I was riding my demon horse down a rode clad in full daedric armour and some random bandit guy in leather armour with a steel axe thinks I can take him on

  • John Viking

    Love this series so much. Amazing work :) 

  • pyrolee17

    ok ill be straight with you...... this series is better than Red vs Blue... from my standpoint

  • Brenden Ammon

    So just to be sure you guys switched to pc halfway through this season to incorporate crotch guzzler?

  • UitWas

    So much better than Crotch Guzzler

  • Phil

    Ya know, im too lazy to skip ahead to the other seasons or farther up in episodes(so please, tell me if you did already :)), but for the cinematic shots in the beginning, try turning off the cross-hair.

  • Cereal Killer Gaming

    You guys are awesome and funny 😂 love your videos. 👌

  • Justin Ekrut

    Babette talks like an old woman....

  • Collin Tunney

    what is the opening credits music?

  • Seth Gibson

    so you guys are team Stormclokes 😥😤.

  • Laurie

    Hey can you make a character who joins the imperial army which is a girl who's an orc or a nord

  • Taylor Lee

    OMG you guys are SOOOOOO funny!

  • Jessica - Rae

    Stab a vampire in the heart? What about hammering a stake to their heart? XD

  • Sam Chilton

    why is Ysolda naked? Did she forget to put on her clothes in her excitement about owning the Bannered Mare?

  • WhiteXVAMVz

    How many footballs can u fit in that gargoyles mouth

  • JetPack Turtle

    I wonder if Adam was the one that had to put "Special thanks to Adam..." In the beginning. That would be a funny thought.

  • Tyler S

    i never bought or installed dawnguard, but for whatever reason i have it. i only ever got the dragonborn dlc. anyone have any idea why or how?

  • HumanOfPrey

    Did Shadowmere drink some energy drink to give him wings?

  • Erxc

    I love how Aaron can witness a flying horse and jut say in a serious voice "A lot of things have changed since before"...... when I saw that flying horse I was laughing so hard that I almost fell out of my chair

  • Matthew Kavanagh

    The gargoyles kinda look like Burnside's dad

  • Tolga Over Heaven

    Emre Cihangir? Asın bayrakları as as as

  • Pancake

    There were so many opportunities in this series to show spiders, thank you for not.

  • Joseph Chatham

    +GameSocietyPimps How do you get your other characters into your episodes?

  • jinsei人生


  • TheArtisticCat

    Its ser-anna thats how to properly pronounce it

  • Gray Lavender

    Man I can't get over the badassery and humor of this series, 3rd time watching this, keep it up guys. <3

  • zenyouryatta

    Nice song at the beginning o it sounds like a school band played it

  • mattthemech1

    Why do they play the same add whenever they randomly interrupt my YouTube viewing experience to torture me?

  • Xaveston

    A mod allows you to take Astrid with you XD or well summon her with her exact voice, she sounds hot shouting (By Sithis I will see you dead!). Because its a spell its fun to see Serana and Astrid working together they kickass and Astrid is no pushover

  • Platarhino

    I'm guessing you do the Stormcloak questline in the future

  • Bloodrun069

    The Whiterun guard on the fire has been replaced with a Stormcloak. Those imperial bastards.


    Soo.. Can I marry both of you?? 

  • Mutilated Mudkip

    Wow, the gargoyle joke from the Ghostbusters video was repeated in this video...

  • M A

    What season do they start playing on pc

  • HellSpoon

    durak meens in russia it meen ideot 3:37

  • hyrulehallow

    if you count the boots i counted 18 buckles too many

  • bemybby1133

    Sadly, without certain mods, you can't marry Serena.

  • ImPervertedOkei

    omg i died at the end Ahahaha xD im watching the seasons i missed and this seems very interesting xD

  • Kristina S.

    i can not wach you guys you are so funny

  • Coconut Head

    Why did they call themselves Game Society Films? They're pimps!

  • Necroglobule

    I usually try to play Lawful-ish Good (don't kill innocents, but cool with petty crime), but these videos are a riot. Wait a second, isn't Fun Tits a werewolf?

  • Yuri the wizard

    How much to fün tits's weapons do and how much armor does she have

  • Slack Eighteen

    Kinda disappointed they returned to Fün Tits. By far the least interesting character in the series imo.

  • Michael Malone

    my friend Alex told me about you and I've been watching you from the start, so funny guys

  • Somerandom Guy

    Hey is this a DLC or is this for regular gameplay because I have skyrim on ps3 and I've finished all the factions except for the companions and I was wondering if I can do this too.

  • Yuri the wizard

    I meant how much damage

  • Frozen Pyromania

    One question what difficulty do you play on

  • jensibowable

    A couple a years back u told us this channel was takin down, I switched to gamesociety, what happened after the youtube copyrights thing?

  • XxeffortlessXx

    I thought Fün Tits gave Shadowmere to Crotch Guzzler? :/

  • Doc Pepper

    Going on a marathon of watching all your stuff, you guys rock!

  • Kelton Lewis

    He actually has 20 buckles.He probably shops as Buckle.

  • Grant Patrick

    Your videos are awesome I almost watch them every day keep up the good work.

  • Jaime Mejia

    I just started watching this and its hilarious and i remember from season 1 that FUN TITS was a werewolf and now she wants to be a vampire this is getting good.

  • Dakon

    What's that black armore called?

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