Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq doesn't need weapon. M'aiq's claws are sharp enough to slash through enemies.

  • Blaise uchiha

    the blades armour looks kinda like samurai armour

  • Highly

    Hahahhaahhahaahhah I killed all the orks at nazlabur.

  • Soundtracks & Music


  • EpicWinNoob

    The notched pickaxe, It could be a profound reference to one of man's harrowing accomplishments by 2 of the most dedicated mountain climbers of their time who left a pick with a notch in it and this may be reflecting that...Or it could just be a reference to a game usually played by screaming 13 year olds and 35 year old man-children trying to make it on youtube.yeah I think Ill stick with the axe being a reference to the accomplishment of dedicated people.

  • Shannon Turner

    Stay out of trouble khajit. 😐

  • Cleveland Kelly

    Not touching main quest til I'm lvl 60 I'm a 58 right now

  • Scarlet Fate

    well I'm the Champion of Malacath, will they recognize my status? lol

  • Turco949

    I became a blood-kin by giving the Orc chief an iPhone 8.

  • Evan wong

    playing it at 1.25 speed is normal

  • Dwanetherock Cena

    I actually started the main quest line when I was level 39

  • That cynical fur

    Wait.. was the pickaxe not in the original edition of skyrim? Because if i remember right, skyrim came out before minecraft.

  • Nick H

    What mod to get that gorgeous hair?! Looks amazing with Stalhrim!

  • Jackson

    They sued notch though so why would they put in an Easter egg

  • John McCall

    Note on the first one. You actually can enter the Orc stronghold whenever you wish, the orcs simply won't trade with you and will act a bit rude.

  • Lord Odin

    Actually when you enter the sky haven temple for the first time, the new blades won't have claimed it. so you can take the blades armour set and dragonbane without having to steal them

  • TommyBoi

    So glad I found your channel, I've been looking for a channel like this for ages! :)

  • DedWiz Gaming

    I've already done number 4 out of curiosity when I was up the the first time, lol. I disenchanted the pick though.

  • NiBbLeZpLaZ

    hey eso I love your videos and it would be nice if you replied it would make my day

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    I don’t think they would have a Minecraft Easter Egg in Skyrim

  • Thegamingmonkey 45

    if u complete the mage guild u will be welcome to all orc stronghold

  • Banana Man

    lol I can't do the first one I'm an ork

  • EagleScopes

    I started playing skyrim again because of your videos ,thank you

  • GokuFoxy 2126Goku

    can you going in the sky Haven temple at level 6?

  • DankStein

    he forgotten dawnbreaker sword i guess

  • Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Why does your character look so damn sick when swinging at enemies?

  • jaron keating

    Props to his ability to turn an easy 4 minute video into almost 4 times as long

  • Nani

    Can you spam wind shear on the ebony warrior and kill him no prob, or no?

  • skyline productions

    see u later in skyrim 2 in 2020!

  • Shane ez

    Your tips and videos are so good! I hope you keep doing them in the future 😊

  • alicmann

    So do you have to do the first part if your an orc.

  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior


    Thank you very helpful. Hope u reach 1mill subs!

  • Ares FireHeart

    Why your character looks like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • Volfied

    How did u got 92954 armor????

  • Manny Castillo

    None of these are even close to being "secret"

  • Dorkazoid

    Who the hell uses armour? Just spend every single perk point on health and like three points for magika.

  • Rex and Sketch Reactions

    When you turned that chest plate legendary my eyes dimmed

  • phantomeagle

    I got the blades set without stealing I just took it from the chest

  • Paladin Ezrah

    Hey ESO, What enb are you using in this video?

  • emre_soyatsız

    you can get up to the balcony at number one by simply entering a door

  • Jalzim Yassin

    OMG my name is Yassin sluut from moracco keep Going to be the best ok

  • skyrim freak

    Y need one more dragon priest mask narjiiiin ore something

  • Jetmax937

    I cant believe, that still you dont show us your mods... Every video i ask for that graphics mod, and im not the only one...

  • no hablo inglés

    I've already done that kill the brotherhood quest so I can't do the last one :/

  • Jasmin Jimenez

    Congrats for 1mill subs sorry I'm late

  • legendarygamer2099

    i've got the first skyrim,are they in the none remaster?

  • Ian

    Don't want to be that person but do you mean smithing not smiting

  • dimitreawesome1

    Do a video of how to become a vampire

  • Nick

    Are you using a controller on PC?

  • DJ double cheese burger

    Full dwarven armor is waaaaaay better than full blade armor. Without the shield(the dwarven armor) it's143 and with the shield it's 153

  • Lone Mic Productions

    Holy cow your game looks good! I would love your lighting mods, lol

  • Julian P

    Holy hell, what mods are you using to make your character model look so good?

  • John Doe

    There are several items you can dis-enchant to learn the fortify smith skill. There are about eight slot items you can fortify smithing. Not to mention abusing alchemy to make fortify smithing potions for grand total of armor strength way highier than what you described here in this video. Way behind the ball on this one.Sorry.

  • prodbySCAR

    i highly recommend listening to this video in 1.25 speed

  • Thomas Perkins

    So I played the bound until death quest recently and I was wondering if it was normal for the Argonian assassin to come help you I've never seen him before but this is my first time playing as a female Argonian

  • Cole

    Also no mention of Windshear, the best weapon in the game at any level by starting the quest to kill the emperor on the ship. Once on the deck just climb up the front bit (don't know what its called) where you can find the unique scimitar; Windshear who's enchantment has a chance to stagger an opponent when striking or something of the manner but it's broken so it always staggers when hitting opponents making it the best weapon for any class as a primary for a warrior or a backup for mages, archers, thieves

  • Cole

    You can get blades armor by siding with them (by killing Parthunaux or by killing the Blades and taking it off Delfine's corpse) and then I'm pretty sure you can take any item from Sky Haven temple without it being considered stealing or you have to have 3 followers join the blades then you can take it. Don't know what the big deal is, Blades armor is worse than steel plate which you can get at any level by going to Black Briar estate (or whatever it's called) I mean blades armor is way cooler.

  • temp tmp

    Useless. I play without crafting, without follower on legendary difficulty. The best items are these two: Mehrunes Razor and Aetherial Shield. Practically you need these items if you want to defeat by alone many enemies. Aetherial Shield disables for a short time al enemies you want and lets you fight one by one every enemy. It is important, otherwise one of them will kill probably with one hit. And Mehrunes Razor kills quickly. You do not do huge damage playing without crafting, especially on low levels and with no bufs. It will be much more difficult without these two items. Of course, if you play as warrior with one handed and block.

  • Pretend Pizza

    what hppens if your an orc?

  • Luca$sino

    I do not know how i feel about this, since its 2017 and you are presenting these like its something new :D Especially the pick axe. Thats like one of the most known easter egg in the game. Evereybody knew about it back in 2012 already. Also the blades stuff. Its not even a secret, the game literaly throws it into your face since it is main quest location :D That said, your videos are very well made in terms of narrating and quality and after watching i kinda wanna get back into skyrim :D

  • Eric devito

    the notched pickaxe was really a ref to mt everest sorry about spelling 2 men tried to climb it one gave up the other didnt the one that didnt hasnt been found but his iced pick has and it had notched runes in it at the top

  • froznanus

    Wonderful video, hate to be that guy But the title of the vid contains a glaring error "[...] (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)." < umm isnt that supposed to say "Smithing" Warrior? Like with the H in the word? Smiting passed your spell check so it's an easy mistake to overlook. Just trying to help. Left a Like for all your effort you put into these great vids!

  • IkkezzUsedEmber

    I wonder, with dragonbane, since you're of the dragonblood, would that mean if you gave it to a follower, then attacked it to be hostile and the follower used the weapon on you, that you get afflicted with that 40 extra damage? or did bethesda not think about that?

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