Skyrim: The Dragonborn Comes - Female Cover by Malukah

If the Skyrim theme already gave you chills, wait until you hear this live cover of the music from the game by the talented fan Malukah. Try not to get too lost in her beautiful voice: there are dragons that need slaying!

Special thanks to Malukah for the video. Check out her channel here!

Be sure to visit Malukah's various websites to see more of her work:


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  • REDCOW34

    Me and my cat listened to this...My cat is now addicted to skooma and moon sugar.

  • Anasının Kızı

    Our hero, our hero , claims a warrior's heart.I tell you , I tell you , Dragonborn comes.With a voice wielding power of the ancient nord art,Believe , believe , the Dragonborn comes .It's an end to the evil , of all Skyrim' s foes.Beware, beware , the Dragonborn comes .For the darkness has passed , and the legend yet grows,You'll know , you'll know the Dragonborn come.Dovahkiin, dovahkiinNaal ok zin los vahriinWah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!Ahrk fin norok paal graan Fod nust hon zindro zaan Dovahkiin , fah kin kogaan mu draal !A battle, a battle brought on Dragonwing .Not far , not far , the Dragonborn comes .And all will be measured , both coward and King.I know , I know , the Dragonborn comes .Together through snowfall and sorrow we stride .For now , for now , the Dragonborn comes .Until we next meet under soungarde skies .Hurrah, hurrah , the Dragonborn comes .

  • Sentimentalist

    god bless bethesda for Skyrim the game of all games the game that we grow with the game that has no enemies the best game ever the game with so much to give and tell the game with the best and biggest fanbase ever Thanks.

  • Alicia Rydbeck

    Idk why but i shed a tears while listening to this amazing and talented girl voice,truly an Angel descended from above heaven,a mystic yet truly remarkable piece of art~god blessed you Malukah~

  • Onearm

    I remember when there were only 1,000,000 views. #oldfag

  • Epic Gamer

    I'm crying it's god damn beautiful 😭😭😭

  • xxzeekx

    Nearly 6 years later and this is still my absolute favorite version of this song, her voice is so clear and meaningful, it's like listening to an Aria from an angel.

  • Box Tank!

    Mod that puts this as the menu theme....Immediate epic chills.

  • Leah Warren

    You have an amazingly beautiful voice

  • Areeb

    Its 2018, im still watching fam. Skyrim wont die Skyrim is Forever

  • Matt Winmill

    everytime i listen to this i want to play skyrim

  • Nimr Al Nimri

    who here is watching 2017!?almost 5 and a half years.... damn, time flies...

  • Assassins2570

    She even sounds like a Nordic hero. GG

  • Fat Little Kid

    Anyone else think Skyrim is the best game ever?

  • Oxter Reborn

    The way this song is sang still makes the hairs on my arms stand up. With out a doubt one of the best games that Bethesda have made ❤️

  • Jones Jones

    I still play 2017 skyrim, and still it best game right now. and best all Time also morrowind 3 was so nice. (:

  • Dr. Virus 129

    Better than the whole Bards' College.

  • Ettienne De Villiers

    2017 is nearly done, and the skyrim soundtracks still bring me to tears. Such nostalgia

  • Keltic Nord

    Anyone in 2018 remembering the first days of skyrim?

  • Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    I don't know what song this is, but your performance is hauntingly beautiful.

  • Chernyy Kot

    Lidya? Its realy you?

  • Victorprvt

    The Elder Scrolls 6 is confirmed

  • inCre tss

    я возлюбил её толстые щечки)

  • Alexgaming 26

    Our hero, our heroClaims a warriors heart.I tell you, I tell youThe dragonborn comes.With a voice weilding powerOf the ancient nord art.Believe, believeThe dragonborn comes.Its an end to the evilAnd all skyrim's foes.Beware, bewareThe dragonborn comes.For the darkness has passedAnd the legend yet growsYou'll know, you'll knowThe dragonborns come.Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoaWhoa-a-aWhoa-a-a-a-aWhoaDovahkiin, Dovahkiin.Naal ok zin los vahriin.Wah dein vokulMahfraeraak ahst vaal.Ahrk fin norok paal graan.Fod nust hon zindro zaan.Dovahkiin, fah hinKogaan mu draal.

  • Xcho

    Who automatically wanted to play skyrim after watching this

  • YoSeF025

    The 4k dislike were probably holding there phones up side down.

  • 💎Nazariy/RICH💎

    Oh...2011...I'm so old.

  • Pigeon

    I cried when Skyrim was announced.I cried when TES 6 was announced.It took 7 years, but it comes full circle

  • Kyrie Irving


  • janvaderful

    almost 4 years have passed and I'm still hooked on this

  • Guilherme Drummond

    A mina manda até na língua dos dragões

  • Mathew Lao

    The only game that was impossible for me to beat, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • Shea Rennie

    she's beautiful and so is her voice

  • Hunter Calhoun

    Well done, she did great job on the song.

  • Michal Kopič

    Nádherný hlas ....i po letech pořád hraju Skyrim a stejně si vzpomenu jak to tady frajerka dává :)

  • MegamanNG

    Simply an amazing song... I love Skyrim. :)

  • Guilherme Drummond

    A mina manda até na língua dos dragões

  • Guilherme Drummond

    A mina manda até na língua dos dragões

  • IndarkLove

    You brought back life to our journey.. special one.

  • Dampfheini

    I don't know how this beautiful cover can even have dislikes. Such an amazing voice brings me the tears in my eyes. Absolutely epic. Thank you for that!

  • Cavemanman

    Beware, BewareFallout 4 comes...

  • SnapMusicGame Official

    Her voice has the power of the ancient nord arts!

  • Tony Rodriguez

    Still Amazing after all these years ,Love this song , love this game , love the good memories,its all we take with us .Love this girl .

  • dimitros 0912

    Так хочется обнять эту девушку за её произведение искусства!

  • solidsnakeisme

    The dislikes are the surviving Miraak cultists.

  • Mur Kate

    Она пела под фонограмму

  • ChloeIsARMY

    I'm not crying, you are.

  • Firion

    After the woman in Skyrim stops singing, i do Fus Ro Dah just so she knows im the Dragonborn.

  • binbindu60_ _MoDz

    Les fans de Skyrim en auront les larmes aux yeux

  • Kristian Scovazzo

    Ti amoItaly loves you❤❤❤❤

  • Sai Ganesh

    Is it my 150th time listening to this? Idc

  • Der SchnittProphet

    The Disliker = Alduin and the other dragons

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