Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition Enter the Soul Cairn)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    9:20 STREAM STARTS - The next part will be live streamed tomorrow!

  • Ashley Holden

    anyone else playing this that didnt complete the main quest im skyrim

  • adragon707

    Serana's new nickname is NinjaRoll :D

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    "I just prefer having an actual horse."That's just offensive to the undead.

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    ESO you're my favorite skyrim and fallout youtuber. Your the only one to have constant streams so thank you. Your the whole reason why I still play fallout and skyrim. So thank you.


    This guy deserves more subs

  • CreepyFireFly

    Note: don't loot until after she tells you to look for things. Because I picked what was needed before and glitched the gameLike so people can see

  • Simon Lister

    You don't get the pages to get arkvir the horse you only need to find his skull in the cairn on a stand and give it to his master then he gifts you the spell to summon him

  • Anonymous Gamer

    It's 4:30am what am I doing...I missed the stream by 7 hours .-.

  • DeadC4t

    I like how he goes to the bathroom😂😂😂😂

  • Ivan Ruiz

    The unique horse aardvark it is called arvak *facepalm

  • AngelBird

    Dovakiin is Dragonborn in dragon tongue. I would have to Look at all the words of power to completely decode it.

  • War Game

    like if you -know how to do this

  • shawn arthur

    ESO it's ser-ana not see-ina also it's Val-er-ica also ser-Ana will be set to crouch if your crouching and she auto talked to you (she forces it you don't activate her to talk)

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Easter Eso you legend we are so spoiled having you stream so much. Woohoooo :) I hope you stream E3 so we can all hang out and watch well Bethesda at least lol and hope you do an oblivion stream one day :) thank you again true high king :)

  • Firebird Sweet

    Is that Nuka Quantum you're drinking there?

  • Selina Tahirkheli

    How do you get Serana as a follower? Is she invincible?

  • Fentony

    I have been waiting for this!

  • Tyler Kukoda

    That's not how you get arvak, you find his skull and return it to get it, those pages give you the amulet of jiub

  • Skip Rock

    ESO, you are so awesome. Love your videos. Just starting Skyrim V, and your videos are supreme to others. Plus I love your voice...

  • Daniel Cazarez

    later you can unmake yourself a vampire


    how does his game look that good?

  • OmegaZero

    I wonder what ESO was thinking when he was on the can

  • t o n p è r e

    Doesn't "Dovahkiin" mean Dragon born?

  • Aela Kawaiii

    You have to make a vampire one now ;)

  • Drew Biggah

    Dexion isnt blind in my game I don't understand n I only have the one scroll and I have to go somewhere else to get the scroll and its not the moth tree place I'm confused I haven't played this DLC in forever and I don't remember having to do it this way

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Wait... youre gonna replay the doc as a vampire? WOOHOO

  • Liam L I A E

    Do you have to be à vampire to come here?

  • Wolfen Fnaf fan

    I have a glitch where Serena’s mom dose not move

  • Desi Sill

    I know I’m late but I think my dawnguard questline is glitched because the moth priest isn’t blind and he read the first elder scroll and I brought the second elder scroll back and My quest isn’t marked

  • Khalil Robbins

    I completed this part with zero kills. Now I even got my soul back without killing anything because my characters still level 1 and supposed to be a religious, pacifist, archer. He hunts animals for income cause he doesn’t loot dead bodies and he doesn’t steal anything so zero crimes too. I want to stream the rest of the gameplay through ps4 but without editing you’d be watching a lot of load saves and hiding in a corner for a long time. I turn a 30 minute mission into a 3 hour ordeal. And when you can’t dismiss serana it’s painful. I do this to myself but at least you wouldn’t be watching my farmer build, that nigga literally went from chopping wood at a inn in Whiterun as a job to buying his home in the shadow of Whiterun the tundra homestead and owning a farm where he sells his plants in town. That character is 100% no kills in everything and no crimes. Like have you ever let yourself be mugged? It’s not fun when you spent hours chopping wood for a living. I’m planning on making a gang leader next he and his crew is either going to just rob and kill everybody or they’re just gonna adventure as the toughest SOBs around.

  • Apathy 82

    harvest soul gems from the fissures

  • Fang Tasmic

    I love ESO but sometimes he acts like there aren’t any girls watching his videos :/

  • Amanda Goodman

    11:29 Her soul beyond is Sonic.

  • Single Bird Dad

    tfw accidentaly used an aoe fire spell and burnt the book. guess i have to start over with a new toon

  • ATurtle -_-

    No you don't get aardvark from those pages if you collect his head and give it to someone you get him as a spell

  • Slytherin king


  • Otaku Wolf

    I'm level 20 and I just got the glass bow in a chest while doing the companion mission

  • Shattrd YT

    Is it randomized what dragonbone items u obtain in the soul cairn I received battle axe, war axe, and a mace.

  • The Iyrosthenes

    ESO saved me from sewerslide<;( like if your part of ESO fandom

  • Everfree

    ... I came to this part here (1:12:38). BUT IT GLITCHED! That woman will not move an inch! How can I fix this on the ps4?

  • Meepington1423

    Is it just me or does anyone else think ESO is kinda cute

  • Kotton Gin

    u can sommon boneman archers

  • Liam L I A E

    Eso How do u get rid of The curse after u leave The soul carin

  • Tiaalana Nesbitt

    which one do you like better the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood

  • Roberts Trucking LLC.

    listening to this while driving my semi. ESO you go though this so well it's like a book that I can listen too. Well done.

  • Atomic Impulse

    She goes into sneak mode in any dungeon even if your standing

  • Cookie Potato

    Guys i got a glitch in my dawnguard playthroughDexion doesnt have the option to read the elderscroll what do i do ?

  • Vanilla Bear

    Why not just cut all 9 minutes off nothing

  • Harrison Wall

    anybody else get bad lag

  • Roisin Kennedy

    you need to edit youre vids so we dont have to wait 9 mins

  • Erik Aronsson

    What level to get dragonbone sword from the keepers?

  • John Butler

    Any chance of deleting the first 9 minutes? Its just a constant waiting screen that doesn't serve much purpose...

  • Athanasios Tsioplakis

    anyone else have the stream go silent?

  • Diogo Silva

    Hey ESO just wanted to say i love Ur skyrim vids and i hope u keep them coming. Btw im a Huge fan of warhammer and i paint miniatures myself , and on Ur previous stream u mentioned That u liked to paint the miniatures, so if u would make a vid maybe shouwcasing That .....xD but do whatever u want bc i love Ur vids anyways xD. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Juci Shockwave

    Eternal darkness would actually be the vampires downfall if you actually think about it from a biological standpoint. Vampires wouldn't have a food source, because the living need sunlight in order to survive. O_o Clearly Harkon failed basic Biology. >_<~

  • Noah Woodby

    im playing your tank build

  • Elayna Goals

    I went to the soul carin at level 26. Let’s say when I was killing the keepers I reloaded a save. (I had just switched to light armor from heavy so my armor skill SUCKED)

  • Jon Amador

    It actuakly does have diferent dialog when you havent beaten the game and you ask the dragon why he called you that way, he says it was instinct to call you that and that maybe in the future it will become clear to the both of us

  • Jerome Ma

    This guy is the Best :D

  • José Luis Romero

    If you make this quest before completing the Main quest, he just says he feels like calling you Qahnaarin, and that there may be a time when you prove that.

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