Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition Enter the Soul Cairn)

Skyrim DAWNGUARD Walkthrough Part 3 (Special Edition)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    9:20 STREAM STARTS - The next part will be live streamed tomorrow!

  • adragon707

    Serana's new nickname is NinjaRoll :D

  • Valkynaz The Immortal

    "I just prefer having an actual horse."That's just offensive to the undead.

  • Ashley Holden

    anyone else playing this that didnt complete the main quest im skyrim

  • LightDemon300 Gaming

    ESO you're my favorite skyrim and fallout youtuber. Your the only one to have constant streams so thank you. Your the whole reason why I still play fallout and skyrim. So thank you.

  • CreepyFireFly

    Note: don't loot until after she tells you to look for things. Because I picked what was needed before and glitched the gameLike so people can see


    This guy deserves more subs

  • Simon Lister

    You don't get the pages to get arkvir the horse you only need to find his skull in the cairn on a stand and give it to his master then he gifts you the spell to summon him

  • Anonymous Gamer

    It's 4:30am what am I doing...I missed the stream by 7 hours .-.

  • CATZ

    I like how he goes to the bathroom😂😂😂😂

  • shawn arthur

    ESO it's ser-ana not see-ina also it's Val-er-ica also ser-Ana will be set to crouch if your crouching and she auto talked to you (she forces it you don't activate her to talk)

  • War Game

    like if you -know how to do this

  • Adam Thompson

    Happy Easter Eso you legend we are so spoiled having you stream so much. Woohoooo :) I hope you stream E3 so we can all hang out and watch well Bethesda at least lol and hope you do an oblivion stream one day :) thank you again true high king :)

  • Selina Tahirkheli

    How do you get Serana as a follower? Is she invincible?

  • Firebird Sweet

    Is that Nuka Quantum you're drinking there?

  • Ivan Ruiz

    The unique horse aardvark it is called arvak *facepalm

  • Skip Rock

    ESO, you are so awesome. Love your videos. Just starting Skyrim V, and your videos are supreme to others. Plus I love your voice...

  • Fentony

    I have been waiting for this!


    how does his game look that good?

  • OmegaZero

    I wonder what ESO was thinking when he was on the can

  • Desi Sill

    I know I’m late but I think my dawnguard questline is glitched because the moth priest isn’t blind and he read the first elder scroll and I brought the second elder scroll back and My quest isn’t marked

  • Liam L I A E

    Do you have to be à vampire to come here?

  • Amanda Goodman

    11:29 Her soul beyond is Sonic.

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Wait... youre gonna replay the doc as a vampire? WOOHOO

  • Daniel Cazarez

    later you can unmake yourself a vampire

  • Everfree

    ... I came to this part here (1:12:38). BUT IT GLITCHED! That woman will not move an inch! How can I fix this on the ps4?

  • The Iyrosthenes

    ESO saved me from sewerslide<;( like if your part of ESO fandom

  • Liam L I A E

    Eso How do u get rid of The curse after u leave The soul carin

  • Tiaalana Nesbitt

    which one do you like better the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood

  • Harrison Wall

    anybody else get bad lag

  • Roberts Trucking

    listening to this while driving my semi. ESO you go though this so well it's like a book that I can listen too. Well done.

  • Aela Kawaiii

    You have to make a vampire one now ;)

  • Atomic Impulse

    She goes into sneak mode in any dungeon even if your standing

  • Erik Aronsson

    What level to get dragonbone sword from the keepers?

  • Khalil Robbins

    I completed this part with zero kills. Now I even got my soul back without killing anything because my characters still level 1 and supposed to be a religious, pacifist, archer. He hunts animals for income cause he doesn’t loot dead bodies and he doesn’t steal anything so zero crimes too. I want to stream the rest of the gameplay through ps4 but without editing you’d be watching a lot of load saves and hiding in a corner for a long time. I turn a 30 minute mission into a 3 hour ordeal. And when you can’t dismiss serana it’s painful. I do this to myself but at least you wouldn’t be watching my farmer build, that nigga literally went from chopping wood at a inn in Whiterun as a job to buying his home in the shadow of Whiterun the tundra homestead and owning a farm where he sells his plants in town. That character is 100% no kills in everything and no crimes. Like have you ever let yourself be mugged? It’s not fun when you spent hours chopping wood for a living. I’m planning on making a gang leader next he and his crew is either going to just rob and kill everybody or they’re just gonna adventure as the toughest SOBs around.

  • peggy

    awesome video Thank you for sharing it really help , play on .

  • GDC Studios

    But if you do it the way of being a vampire, you get the bonuses of crossbows and also the bonuses of becoming a vampire lord!

  • Ben Pham

    why is your serana so good looking???? why does my serana looks mediocre???

  • FaZe Decline

    Were you taking a poo?

  • José Luis Romero

    If you make this quest before completing the Main quest, he just says he feels like calling you Qahnaarin, and that there may be a time when you prove that.

  • xVryp e

    Do the keepers respawn?

  • Diogo Silva

    Hey ESO just wanted to say i love Ur skyrim vids and i hope u keep them coming. Btw im a Huge fan of warhammer and i paint miniatures myself , and on Ur previous stream u mentioned That u liked to paint the miniatures, so if u would make a vid maybe shouwcasing That .....xD but do whatever u want bc i love Ur vids anyways xD. Keep up the good work!!!

  • WhatNow858

    LOVED talking to Durnehviir!! So epic!! Thanks for the vid, Eso. Enjoyed it. Was hoping that you had planned on going to get your soul gem. But oh well.

  • Elayna Goals

    I went to the soul carin at level 26. Let’s say when I was killing the keepers I reloaded a save. (I had just switched to light armor from heavy so my armor skill SUCKED)

  • Gavin Eide

    I'm watching this in complete sadness, 2 days ago I bought and downloaded the dawnguard dlc and today I turned on my Xbox and heard something, it was my Skyrim disc all shredded up, I spent 20.99 on a dlc that would be useless, I got as far as he did in the stream, pls help

  • Random Adventures

    I would have loved the local map when I went through the first time but it bugged for some reason an wouldn't work go figure! Lol

  • Eeveevscharizard

    Is that arvak at 45:26?

  • Rodney Malone

    Dovakiin means dragonborn in the dragon tung.

  • Tyler Kukoda

    That's not how you get arvak, you find his skull and return it to get it, those pages give you the amulet of jiub

  • Whisky Rebel

    @1:26:20 I have never fully finished the Main Quest and I have been working towards finishing Dawnguard only to prevent the random vampire attacks. I got the same dialogue. I kinda knew it was a spoiler when I heard it too which sucks...Dawnguard is forced upon us on Skyrim Special Edition I guess. I didn't want to lose any NPCs to vampires so I did Dawnguard early...

  • MichaelOP_Gaming

    I'm using a mix of the dreamstrider and daedric build for dawnguard

  • Colin Law

    Thank you was stuck on this part of the DLC

  • BC AD-Infinity

    ESO - R U Part Lizard or Cat? Your pupil in your right eye turned to a slit as if looking into the eye of a Lizards or Cats eye... Don't believe me? Look at timeline 1:33:04 on the

  • Halo Forever

    I got a bad lag did you people get one

  • Vanilla Bear

    Why not just cut all 9 minutes off nothing

  • Hakuna matata

    I'm dying instantly when i'm trying to enter the soul cairn. Please help!

  • Guy Alford

    Can anyone tell me how to get through the invisible wall in the soul cairn so I can leave?

  • Apathy 82

    harvest soul gems from the fissures

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