Skyrim Dawnguard - walkthrough part 12 HD volkihar ruins gameplay dlc add on expansion

Skyrim Dawnguard walkthrough part 12 HD volkihar ruins gameplay dawnguard dlc add on expansion The Elder Scrolls V full playlist
  • Raven Wills

    Dude I could hug you, ive been lost down there for more then an hour and you video saved my life

  • frapz

    a fucking candlestick man?! fuck i was there for an hour and still could not figure it out

  • KC Lawrence

    Holy crap dude you are a freaking god of gaming! Dude like this is my first time playing skyrim all the way and I thought I was "pretty good" until I watched you play! Holy crap dude like goals. I wish I could be freaking half the gamer you are and that's coming from the girl who's been playing since she was 5. And this video helped me get through that portion.

  • Sev-low band

    I got lost for along time thanks so much I didn't know I was supposed to turn that candle stick

  • Holly 12345

    Thank you for this. My third play through and I still got lost in this damn castle. "Put the candle back!"


    I am not vimper because I didnt choose that chose. But I cant talk tp Izran I have a mission to talk with him but he is saying to me always "Get out of here monster" Because somehow i got the power of the vimper (not the transform). I dont know how to contineu that because he dont want to talk with me.


    I found a way for me. I went to speak with a sellwoman than i asked "whats new" and she said me that there someone who can fix vampirisem and i went to him. Than I bought from him "souls stone" and i need to make this stone full in soul. I bought from him also a book which help me to take soul after I kill a person but still I dont have a wepon which can take souls -_- So I still dont know what to do because I cant take the souls of my enemies.


    I gound a way to make it. I just need to cure my self from vampirisem thats all. For that I need to take souls of humans by a special magic which evryone can buy in the shop. But I dont know which wepon should I choose to sucsess.

  • justletmesigninokthx

    Nice. Only just playing Skyrim for the first time lol I was stuck at 8:15 cheers )))

  • kylehasstyle138

    what if there is a dlc where you hear a rumor from a guard saying that there is someone who can speak to the undead then you find the person then learn about the undead trying to stop a powerful undead monster from rising and you fight alongside skeletons and dragurs and gain an ability where you can summon deathlords to come fight for you

  • kylehasstyle138

    maybe in if they make a dwemer dlc what if you can get a gun wouldn't that be cool

  • Cactuscobbler

    I'm not trolling ^_^ I'm Foreal XDDD

  • Cactuscobbler

    Is this castle even real without the DLC? 0.0

  • Cactuscobbler

    Haha cool,can you at least loot from it? or is it completely uninhabited? 0.0

  • Kz3andMore

    7:09 WAAAAAAH IM A FKING GARGOYLE *arrow to the elbow* NOW IM DEAD

  • Kz3andMore

    muahahahahhahahah keep it up!

  • Kz3andMore

    You sure do know a lot about sucking :P!

  • Kz3andMore

    Not as lame as your faceeee

  • Gamegame70

    great vid and im glad you can get armor like Lord Harkon's

  • Clifton Mallicott

    Ive been mindlessly wondering that ruin for hours only to find out that the tower was hidden behind a freakin candle stick.. lol thank you.

  • MrBallOfSteelHD

    4:30 I went in fucking circles for 1 hour convincing myself I will find it but ducking hell i couldn't but thanks so much for the help

  • BlueSEF

    Thanks for this, man. I couldn't solve before because of the candlelight and Serena decided to get stuck near the Gargoyl statue at the beginning of the sungeon.

  • dracohalo117

    I was actually thinking of a mod just like that...

  • Isaiah Darshan

    first. i want a cookie!

  • Wade Marley

    That'll teach you.

  • Adralen8

    why dont you use your vampire lord ?

  • avachristine walker


  • avachristine walker

    Who else had to go all the way back then pause the video and follow his footsteps?

  • SarcasmSkateTeam

    a month from now, ps3 and pc get it 30 days later from xbox

  • Quantum Campaign

    he's on Pc using an xbox controller. or its a modded save.

  • ArizBuno

    Thanks, exactly what i looking for, after a long time looking for the way, it is in the candle actually

  • Alex Medley

    Ughh... I remembered it was something unusual, but i couldn't figure it out lol

  • The Real Slim Genji

    Because Bethesda is on Microsofts payroll

  • Elyse Marie

    That statement and that damn priest that is outside of The Companion's Hall makes me want to go on a murdering rampage in this game.

  • Dylan Daniels

    That fucking candle !! I'm 20 minutes walking around that room Fuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • papercut003

    i wish there wasnt vampires but werewolves so it would be werewolves vs vampires and vampires would still have the vampire lord or what ever but werewolves would have a upgrade version where they can turn into a human lycan and have 4 new powers while have duel swords that are like dragonbone sword and orich sword combined

  • Kaitlyn

    2:00 Nice, Serana, nice. HUH.

  • Nathaniel Mays

    8:15 is what i came for

  • R Hayes

    Bethedsta did some thing with the graphics on the console versions of the game to make them run smoother. Xbox worse textures, Ps3 shitty shaders. Doing this hasn't really helped that much..

  • Jeremy Axel

    We're getting close, im sure of it.

  • I can't come up with an username

    if they make an aedra vs daedra expansion i hope they will also make an aedra armor and a new daeric armor. It would be great!

  • Zetor Lynxeye

    The gargoyles make the same noises as a brute from amnesia from my perspective

  • Lo Kate

    Oh, my mistake—it's a bound bow?

  • Jake Barnhart

    At 7:46 I would totally be sleeping in the coffin. XD

  • beerlizard1996

    there is a way you can get rid of vampirism by getting a black soul gem and talking to a mage in one of the major cities, i for get what city it was but it had no walls around it and it was in a swamp

  • gwion35

    Nope, if his comp is anything like my friend's though it could be an hour or two, though I get the feeling that it won't be.

  • Deceptive Nut

    Todd Howard claims 10-20 hours

  • MrDantheeagle

    so after century's of being left there, the candles are still burning bright

  • john cassio

    do u need the first elder scroll to complete the whole quest for the vampire lord thing?!

  • Jared Formanek

    Where do you get that enchanted bow and arrow?

  • Filthy Slav

    Y do every one of ur vids leave off on a cliff hanger un soooooo mean

  • Gustavo Oliveira

    I m almost like you in skyrim

  • Jake Frazier

    On a ferry in canada, baby! YEAH!

  • papercut003

    i wish there wasnt vampire hunters*

  • thegreatvagabon

    LOLOLOL 7:03 gargoyle: Imma beat you up you: sit yo ass down Gargoyle:ok... (7:09 was cool btw)

  • Joshua"s Stalker

    Another good one could be where you have to go to your family(have not thought of why yet)because there in trouble and you have to save them.Also,it shows alot of stuff from your chars past

  • Joshua"s Stalker

    lol as soon as i saw that i knew it was a secret passage

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