ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (Honest Game Trailers)

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From the developers of everything Elder Scrolls comes a game so immersive you'll forget to eat, sleep, or make any friends at all. You'll spend countless hours trapped in a far off land; and when you finally emerge from the game, you'll only find disappointment and boredom back in the real world.

Assassin's Creed 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgts9u56ZS8&list=UUJ2ZDzMRgSrxmwphstrm8Ww

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh
Directed by Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by Joshua Ovenshire, Michael Adams Davis, Michael Schroeder, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Ryan Tellez

Gameplay Captured by Jirard Khalil

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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  • Rebelzize

    Skyrim <3 best game of the last 5 years

  • Rien B.

    Lydia isn't immortal. She died to the last archer in a bandit camp because she couldn't find him.Stupid Lydia, you should 've stayed by my side.

  • David Matheny

    i just started playing Skyrim and the to busy eating, sleeping, and making friends to remember to eat, sleep, and make friends joke is dead on. so is the Lydia blocking every door joke. too funny. awesome trailer.

  • Faxanadu

    I originally bought this game for the epic glitches. I still get teary-eyed on beautiful, starry nights as I stand on a hill and watch mammoths appear in the sky and float gently down to the earth.

  • SuckTitles

    When you can clearly tell Honest Trailers actually really likes something

  • None of your fucking business

    Thieves in skyrim make no sense. "Hey! See that guy over there? Yeah the one who murders dragons and absorbs their souls, let's rob him!"

  • CryogenicWaif

    I really wish they would give you the option to side with the dragons

  • Jean Carlos Urbina

    I recently discovered that if you stare at some of the chopped tree trunks, you can see ant walking over them.


    When he says "WORTH IT!" I both totally agree and laughed uncontrollably.

  • Ichi

    "A hundred hours longer than it should be" Lol x30 damages while hidden, you OS everything, makes things go faster trust me.

  • Certified Destroyer

    baggage holding baggage, lol.

  • Conner K

    I used to be a adventure like you till i took a e deadric ice arrow of 20 shock damage to the knee

  • Brisk Pepper


  • Starlight Witch

    "Wait, I didn't mean to steal your crappy bowl!"THIS.  SO MUCH THIS.

  • Ben Curtis – BC Media

    Thomas the Tank Engine?!

  • Zack

    I never got to understand people's interest in Lydia because for me in my first playthrough she died in like three hours at the labyrinth


    no no. game of thrones is like skyrim

  • Aditya Shrestha

    the most said line by skyrim players,"GET OUT OF THE WAY LYDIYA"

  • Jonathan Backo

    I'm quite surprised there was no mention about how horses can climb mountains that are nearly vertical in orientation...

  • Darren Turner


  • Sekushiwolf


  • Yoxiv

    The main dragon is voiced by the guy who plays Mario.Let that sink in.

  • Lenny Face

    Let me guess... someone took your sweetroll.

  • Dougy doug

    After five years i now find out you can kill butterflies :O

  • Scrotor

    "The Dragonborn saved our village from a dragon! HOORAY!""Hey, he killed one of our chickens!" "GET HIM!"

  • President Peenoise

    You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved swords. Currrrrrved. Swords.

  • indiciaobscure

    Oh my god, so true about the followers. I'm still in the early stages, so I occasionally run off while my follower does most of the damage then I get all the praise and rewards. I feel really guilty. Now I'm married to my follower so he also makes me dinner and gives me money.

  • bad nipple

    Out of the way Lydia!!!

  • Sckolar

    Remember when you were fighting a dragon, and the Courier arrived to give you a message WHILE YOU WERE FIGHTING....

  • Sete DiSangue

    I wish in Skyrim you could have teamed up with Alduin. You do have the soul of a dragon after all. Should have had an evil play through option for the main story.

  • Emre S.

    Oh man, this brings back memories... I wouldn't trade the time I've spent playing Skyrim for any other game. Even now after years, Skyrim is the most fun I've ever had playing a video game, with sooo much stuff to do and explore. We need more games like this.

  • Nichols,zigzag26731 Rainville

    OMG you chose to marry lydia such a waste lol and DAMN IT LYDIA YOU HAD ONE JOB CARRY MY STUFF AND DONT DIE AND YOU DIED

  • Visored Kuzu

    Walking into town wearing full dragonplate armor when a guard suddenly asks if you fetch mead for the companions

  • Anthony Spitery

    My cousins out fighting dragons and what do I get? GUARD DUTY

  • anti this video is cancer police

    Elder scrolls with guns I died there

  • GroovyQ1017

    Picking a stealth based character did make the game long asf Lmao

  • The Gaming Dutchman

    I remember when I first played this game, I walked into Riverwood and saw a chicken, I hadn't used my bow yet so I figured, let's try it. Mistakes were made...

  • Doxy

    NEVER SHOULD'VE COME HERE proceeds to run away

  • Connor Harison

    Took me 3 years to do the main storyline, because I'd always get distracted with a side quest or just killing everybody in a village because some kid insulted me.

  • almarin davidhi

    wait...you can get married in this game? D:

  • L.A.G.G

    how about the delivery boy?once i was attending a funeral at the companions and the delivery boy just appeared out of nowhere to gave me a letter in the middle of the cerimony,or that time when i was fighting a dragon and he just walked in saying 'ive got something im supposed to deliver'.the dragon was polite enough to wait

  • Wyvernblue

    But, skyrim isn't a continent.

  • Anthony Jamal

    Man... I forgot Smosh existed..

  • Spoicy Deemer

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then a giant sent me into orbit

  • mez yt

    that moment when youre on a little tiny hill and accidentally kill your horse in a 1inch drop

  • NaeDow Ghoul

    I killed Lydia and took back everything I gave her , then I got SERENA

  • Aleksa Petrovic

    How the hell you "use new spell once". After level 20 all your novice spells are useless. you will need to replace flames with flame wall if you plan to survive using magic or better shield or stronger ward.

  • Blackdarkdarker bleach

    Am I the only one who hasn't ever completed the main quest??

  • Spike Rover

    I can't believe I did the whole main storyline BEFORE realizing you could fast travel, so many hours wasted

  • Mr. Glabalabadubeestu The Mexican Cyclops

    Say: Kraft mac n cheese, you know you love it.

  • IAmAntikrist

    Do O B L I V I O N pls


    When your trying to pick up an item but you accidentally steal and everybody is after you for that salt pile

  • Benjamin Billeskov Lundskjold 10X Tingagerskolen

    Fun Fact: the vikings said taking an arrow in the knee means getting married

  • Salea Gilner

    0:10 what is that music in the background?

  • Goku Africa

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll

  • Matthew Amrhein

    who's still playing on PS3 in 2018??? because I am.

  • miguel cespedes

    I don't understand the "triple h " joke

  • Madai Guzman

    He forgot the "riding at a 90 degree angle up a mountain on a horse then finding the path was right next to you the entire time" part

  • Sheogorath

    i like all the others skyrim games. you mad now

  • Just Jess


  • Düellocu Aga

    its like skyrim with guns without guns

  • Zerebrat Eightyseven

    and when you use mods : BEWBS

  • fizzie chin

    Is this fun? I honestly can't tell..that sentence fully sums up my entire experience of Skyrim it is totally addictive though

  • Abdulaziz Al-amri

    Going to prison doesn't affect your skill point .................................... or lower your lvl ... so why don't you just go to the jail ?

  • longsightdeo

    three hundred freakin hours where s my life

  • Ben B

    You forgot climbing up the side of a mountain with a horse

  • Mia G.

    A trailer about guild wars 2 would be niiiiiccccceeeeee😍💕

  • MalikaLivani

    do Dragon Age Inquisition!!!

  • Lyndon McArthur

    yell stuff off of things hahahahhahahaha

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