Skyrim: Trolling and Funny Moments

Basically what the title says. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, be sure to like, comment and subscribe to my channel. It helps me a lot. Can the video get enough likes to make a frost troll happy? :D

Watch Part 2 here:

Songs used in the video:
1. Derp Song
2. "I Believe I can fly" by R.Kelly
3. "Jump around" by House of Pain

No copyright infringement intended.

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Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 1GB GDDR5
Windows 7 Home Basic

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2. Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • Justo T.Baggins

    "Trolling a troll and making him roll" shoulda been the title of the video

  • Lukas O.

    NASA should hire Giants

  • Katelyn Daley

    4:35well deserved from trying to kill Paarthurnax.

  • Darth Nihilus

    1:50 what spell did you use? I want to use it to send Nazeem to the Cloud District.

  • Crunch 15


  • White Trash

    these 2011 memes are killing me

  • Mads Clausen

    4:44 thats what you get for trying to kill parthurnaax.

  • Uby Victor

    1:45 Heimskr: "I love, LOVE..." Me: "... moist towelettes?... C'mon, I can't be the only one who watched Gamers Poop!"

  • Fall0ut

    My toll moment was i killed a Dragon with my last 2% life and a FACKING mud crab killed me from behind 😠😠

  • Chelsea Howard

    I love how he just violently slammed the kettle on his head.

  • Go to jail

    How can you troll in a single-player game?

  • \Xx_DatMLGMemeBoi_xX /

    1:53 I WANT that spell!!!!

  • Death Queen

    lol underwater sermons...........

  • General Turtle Canon

    was anyone else playing skyrim as they were watching this?

  • uGotCAGED

    1:50 lol what spell was that?

  • Akari

    Memes from 2013..yeah..

  • Justice Coulam

    4:45 what armor is that? do you need a mod to get it?


    3:22 what is song? Please.

  • J C

    You trolled the troll lol

  • Mudkip555

    Looking at all these funny moments, miss or not I cannot wait for the upcoming Skyrim Remastered. I didn't get to play the original version so I'm very happy.

  • Wendy Johnson

    2:40 what is that epiic armor???

  • SkySlash

    Part 3 may be coming soon! 

  • Søul_Thursby


  • Nikzlo

    2.40 what armour is that???

  • Neon Ganji

    I like underwater sermon...😂😂

  • CarloBlox DevGamer

    the pulling dragon was a fail

  • SkySlash

    Thank you for 1 million views!!

  • EliteHD

    Your editing is so cheesy and cringey

  • Mayravixx

    At 2:39 what armor is that? It looks badass. Also is it available in Console edition or is it just a PC mod?

  • Gülşah TORKAY

    2:35 Wow, that man is really devout jgdfks

  • James Daly

    4:21 Holy shit, one time I had like 10 health, and this stupid bandit was chasing me through a tunnel, but she stumbled over and bear trap and just went flying past me, and I had no idea what happened til I looked at the ground xD

  • KokoTele wee

    4:27 Whoa, whoa, whoa! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL PAARTHURNAX?!

  • Theseus Kotselas

    1:56 which spell is that?

  • george william

    What type of armor was he wearing with the troll

  • official future gamer

    haha bro can you make another video😂😎

  • def3611

    The Troll has been trolled

  • ArturoPladeado

    wow this person in the first peron ive seen to play a female character that isnt half naked.... 4:40

  • J23

    1:55 what is the skil called he uses?thx

  • Death Queen

    1:53sends heimskr flying........few minutes later...........STILL PREACHING!!!!!!!sends heimskr flying again......walks a few feet heimskr's underwater and STILL PREACHING!!!!!!!    now THAT'S devotion......

  • the new shadowblood

    has anyone thought about bringing an item to another room then stealing it

  • MaTySiaczek 205

    What is this armor? 4:50

  • Brave

    what is name of the armor mode you are using in 4:44

  • Aporia

    Yeah I'm just gonna gently put this kettle on your head, I mean SLAM! 0:38

  • Black Cat

    Once, I saw Hadvar's Uncle (forgot his name) and he was walking into his armor improvement bench... from inside his wall.

  • KayleeDaGamer

    poor Lydia in the beginning 😂😂


    How do you troll in a singleplayer only game? Mess with the AI? Surely you have something better to do

  • Tinocut

    what is the spell that you used to blast the Talos priest dude in the air

  • MatiXD_Gamer

    Bro cual es el hechizo del min 3:13 esta buenisimo lo tengo que probar

  • GosT

    what armour mod is that 2:40 and is it for the special verison of skyrim also???? pls help i want it so bad

  • GZ Broadcast

    How the hell do you grab pots like that xd

  • Zdenda Levis

    can you tell me name of armour what you have in 4 :25 ?

  • amir kanapiah

    what's that power called in 1:53 and 3:14. i mean, is it destruction, illusion etc

  • Give Suga Some Fugu대중

    3:15 Im in tears x'D

  • Raul D'silva

    what did he use at 2:00???

  • Drogoth Wrath

    1:46 who else was expecting the priest to say "I love, LOVE Moist towelettes"?

  • Linder

    Is the first one legit??? If so LMAO

  • Son Goku

    what's the spell at 2:25

  • InnosTheGodOfFire

    What kind of magic did you use at 1:51?

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