Skyrim - College of Winterhold || First Lessons | Quest for Morokei 1

This is the first part on our epic quest for Morokei in which we will complete a whole walk through for the mages guild qestline.

If you need any further help with any of the quests don't hesitate to send us a PM or comment on the video.

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  • zondy008

    So I cleared that specific area labyrinth of whatever and I didn't see that dragon priest. Help me I have no idea what to do. Also I haven't played the game since 2013 and I picked it up again to play 2 years later. So any advice would be helpful

  • Noel Ramirez

    this guy is hilarious lmfao "i was told we could make hot dogs" lololololol I died by laughing

  • Michael Malone

    are wards more effective against dragon priests than shields?

  • Gabriela Fbp

    thanks your video helped me a lot

  • Jorge Arreola

    I am glich at the following the girl

  • Nicholas Champagne

    lol i was told there was hotdogs!

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