Skyrim - Randomness (Part 5)

The misadventures continue as Kharjo and I face off against dragons, nightmarish monsters, and orphans! Plus I become a dad. (LIST OF MODS BELOW)

Some of these aren't in the vid, but thought I'd share the links anyway...

SkyMoMod (Skyrim Monster Mod)

Knight of Thorns Armor and Spear of Thorns

Deadly Spell Impacts

Skyrim HD

Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Realistic Water Textures

Real Ice (I dled the "Real Ice_Azur Glacier Pack" file, then installed contents of "Real Ice_Azur Glacier + Parallax 2k" folder)

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res

No More Blocky Faces

Better Females (no makeup just improved textures)


Enhanced Blood Textures

Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement (I'm just using the armor)

A Daedric Weapons Retexture - Flame Blades


Enhanced Night Skyrim

A Quality World Map

(and probably several others I'm forgetting)
  • TheScatsbury

    Me:  Hmm, people might wonder what mods I'm using.  I better list them in the description.Viewers:  Hey Scats what mods are you using?  Like, what sword and armor is that?Me:  *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

  • Renee Wylie

    Scars: last thing I want, a kid Scats again: GIMMME ONEEEEEE NOW

  • Raven Scar

    I got a killable kids mod, killed Braith, looted her, AND FOUND AN EMPTY WINE BOTTLE! THAT KID NEEDS HELP!

  • Celestial Power

    Who else is constantly checking to see if Scats is back? Honestly he is the funniest youtuber ever, I haven't laughed so hard in my entire life. I've watched each video at least 5 times within 2017 alone and I will probably do it again in 2018.

  • Just An Edit

    "Oh Samuel! I got you a babysitter!"spawns a giant

  • Jawsman54

    How you know scats is in the area1) kharjo2) werewolfs3) death everywhere4) creep floor peopleAnd 5) cattle

  • Autumnfox_pixel ;-;

    991 person:911 what’s your emergency scatsbury:ALIENSSS BIITCH!!!!!Edit:thanks for the likes I’ve never had so much XDEdit 2:I know this is a lot to ask but can we get to 100 likes? :3Edit 3: OMG THANKYOU ^-^

  • Dovah Watts

    How is Samuel supposed to have a stable house when the game isn't stable

  • Christie T

    Hey scats can you plz comeback and make more skyrim randomness videos. I have watched all of your skyrim videos multiple times and would like to see more of these videos.

  • Graham Gibson

    Woman: Alright. I’ll give you the child, as long as you have a place for him to stay? Me: Hmm... I hadn’t thought about that. I guess I’ll just keep him outside until its time to eat.

  • Garrus

    "Where will your child be living?""IN THE DUNGEON!"Lmfao

  • Really Suck At Gaming


  • Rainbow Unicorn

    0:24 when he's proud of his chins lol

  • im dead inside

    1:04 when you get too scared and you faint in the middle of a Scary movie Marathon XD

  • meerkatman900

    Kid Watches you murder the old lady in the orphanageAllows you to adopt them

  • mong morg

    is it just me, or did these get about a thousand times funnier when he got a mic?

  • Amy Grace

    I adopted Samuel tooooooooooooo <3

  • PandaBoy606Sculpting

    He actually called the police 😂

  • Duckyconcho the original

    Lord Sactsbury what has happened to you

  • Anna Jinx

    What the hell was that thing in the beginning though? Do I really have to worry about that in skyrim? Lol

  • Lily Polischak

    U r the best parent ever ...(Not at all hell no)

  • Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

    the name of the music at 9:50

  • SpyroXX77XX

    I got attacked by a thief while I was getting attacked by a dragon

  • DEATH111183

    1:15 "why are you using bows and arrows two feet from eachother?"display of manhood maybe??I can imagine one of them being like "MINE IS BIGGER THAN THINE. YIELD!!!"

  • Huskie Pup

    Hey, Scats, what's your tea-bagging song? I'm curious :3

  • InjuKyoshi666

    I just wanna know what song he used for the clip from 9:45-10:26. I'm assuming it's Two Steps From Hell by the sound of it (Scats uses quite a few tracks by them), but which song is it exactly?...And GOD DAMN IT, KHARJO!! XD

  • ContraZombie4

    3:43 "Do your worst Kharjo, I'll just watch..."Well, technically he did his WORST. His worst at killing someone.

  • bobicus 101

    What's that violin music

  • TakoTree

    Right at the beggining I started laughing like a bufoon trying to keep my sanity.Also, when I saw the thumbnail, I knew this would be funny.

  • Dat donut Crusader

    This vid was hillarious keep making funny skyrim vids

  • Brogan Stewart

    Wtf is the alien thing

  • Lucy Heartfilla

    how to grow your Dragon

  • Geralt of Yeet

    2 years, still waitimg for the second coming of Scats

  • Amazing Sedah

    2 years ago, Scats uploaded his most recent video.I miss him.

  • N1kol1a935vodka

    (all of my profiles for skyrim) level 100 sneak with ancient shrouded armor with 100 archery 100 one handed 100 pick pocketing 100 lockpicking and 100 smithing.

  • joey celis

    Someone really should make Scatsbury animated

  • Mystery

    Man I miss this! I MISS THIS! HIM! EVERYTHING! Love you man hope you comeback soon <3

  • Shockblast Clone of Shockwave

    I adopted both the girl and Samuel about a month ago real life time then left them completely abandoned. I left them in my home with no one to watch them and have never gone back since. Edit I am a great parent.

  • Bella D Copular

    this is when he started making voice commentary, and the series got great



  • Cole Barnett

    He is still better then my dad he spawned 20 dragons on me and tp me to a volcano and outside the world

  • casper holmström

    your second the funniest skyrim player ive ever seen ...well im the funniest 😆

  • Lemmon

    It’s almost 2019 come back father

  • CrystalRapt3r

    I love all of these videos so much...yes I am watching this in 2018 :,)

  • Franky The King

    Caspita ma che armatura figa! Come si fa ad averla? Me lo dici? E il nemico? Che mostro e'?

  • iiAmFrosty

    I remember when this was first uploaded... the memories.

  • Cool dude Not Jim Pickens

    Are we sure he should have a child

  • Fall Out 2017

    thumbnail will be dubbed'Freaky Video Game Fantasies

  • Talking Domination

    Call the X-files on that monster from the beginning.

  • Dovah kiin

    ever since this video adoption of Samuels in Skyrim has increased by 80%

  • John Truth

    are there kadjit cildren to adopt !

  • Mr. MemeLover

    The title didn't lieThis is random XD

  • Crusader

    4 years later and I still watch

  • Matilda Muller

    The modded alien looked like a weird version of the goblin King from the Hobbit. SCROTUM BEARD

  • Endalga Ahkra

    wOw your a grate parent xd


    Is that a mod at the start!?!?!!

  • the epic soul slayer

    Yooo get a married to grelog the kind.

  • Wot? You Want?

    Narrator: 7:20 That was the time when Samuel got raped by werewolves

  • lo spettro

    Was in civil war, killed General Tullius, stormcloaks begin chanting, Kharjo says 'You are taking us somewhere warm, yes?' Next to a fire.

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