The Best Skyrim Mods of All Time

This video features a collection of a large variety of different Skyrim mods, mods that I consider to be the best I've ever used. This list isn't exhaustive of all of the mods I enjoy, but merely features the mods that I think at the most impressive. Some of these mods focus on immersion, realism, and difficulty. Others focus on design, adding new items, weapons, armors, and npcs into the game. I will keep the list of these mods updated regarding their compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition. It's possible these mods will eventually come to console, but I don't own one so I unfortunately can't answer any specific questions regarding that.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Race Menu:

Audio Overhaul 2:

Skyrim Unbound:

Interesting NPCs:

Immersive Armor:

Immersive Weapons:

Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

Convenient Horses:

Immersive HUD:

Realistic Needs and Diseases:

iNeed: (Also included in Skyrim Remastered)

Unique Uniques:

Wet and Cold:

Climates of Tamriel:



Requiem The Roleplaying Overhaul:


Enhanced Camera:
  • Azrael

    I think "A Quality World Map" is a must too.

  • James Mcgill

    Witcher 3 Music...subbed

  • Koubitz

    The next Frost will be out real soon! Thank you guys for all your support!

  • D.A. La Ghetto

    you.....forgot swearing mudcrabs

  • DotaHelm

    immersive citizens - ai overhaulimmersive fallen trees easy wheel menucutting room floorthe notice boardthe choice is yours - fewer forced questsreal wildlife skyrim + skytestmortal enemies moreHUDanimationsrun, sprint and jumpFelt like these mods deserved a shout-out as well, they go great with Requiem!

  • Ilowa

    Nice video but jesus, interesting npc's voice acting was terrible

  • Tacomaholic

    Good list, though I'd add Organized Bandits in Skyrim.

  • Griffith Femto

    Why am i watching this!...i am a Ps4 Player 😢😢

  • Blake Bauman

    "Resize just about everything"Oh boy, you just started a meme...

  • Zane enaZ

    With Race Menu, I can spend 4 times longer customizing my character perfectly, just to go with a default look in the end once more.

  • Ryan Powell

    ah man i love the Witcher 3 music so much

  • alex wikle

    nice witcher 3 music lmao

  • Natteboss

    I came to this video expecting just expecting giving very breif explanations on the mods and made as fast as possible just for ad revenue, but nothing that I just mentioned were a part of this video. Keep up the good work!

  • Lynix200

    This and brodual are the best mod based channels for skyrim. Try are so upfront and to the point. Keep it up!

  • Dedastudios

    Great video! Perfect explanation and reasoning behind every mod you're recommending. Thanks :)

  • Samphaa7

    Fair play, this is a very good quality video. Im surprised you only at 20k subs, i feel like i could be listening to a gamespot video.

  • elknightrider666

    You forgot to add a couple of Great Mods, besides some are non essential to diversity and just cosmetic (like wet & cold): A quality world Map, improves map to be more usefully and easier to read.Arcane Cleanser; Disenchant any item you self enchanted! Awesome for rare daedric item!Apocalypse - Magic of skyrim; adds tons of new awesome spells!Bandoliers -Bags and Pouches; adds more equip items to increase carry weight! essential to clean items from dungeons Cloaks of Skyrim ; Goes great with Forstfall!Civil War Overhaul! Also great, but kind of script heavy, and some battles tend to crash a lot of games, hope it will soon work with new Skyrim Remastered.Combat Caster; makes magic regenerate at a rate you can actually play a full mage, if u invest at magic points.Complete craft overhaul.Craftable Soul gens, upgrade useless smaller gems into bigger ones.DEADLY DRAGONS!!! This makes Dragons the Beasts they should have always be, u can no longer kill that 1 main story dragon on legendary level with a dagger and no protection from magic/fire... because u now die in seconds as you should!Death Alternative! Makes deaths to be a new game mechanic that makes more sense !Disparity_ Player Character ClassExtensible Follower Framework, way better then followers overhaul that u mention.Farmers sell Produce, more depth to game by interaction with those npc´s, theres one for mines but its currently not supported to work with ultimate skyrim version ;(FCResurrect; allows players to revive dead NPC or Followers back to live without using console commands!Glowing Ore Veins, Because i hate to look for rocks with a magnifying lens, since now you can actually tell where are the ore veins,Hotkeys++, adds tons more hotkeys, so u dont have to constantly pause game to open favorites and select a different spell or weapon, and break immersion and flow of action.Immersive College Winterhold, this is another Major essential mod that makes college way more complete!Immersive Hold Borders, another awesome mod!Leather Backpack, add a considerable backpack to carry more dungeon loot, and bring it out to put it on the horse, so you can carry it to sell at stores!Left Hand Rings, because why the hell you can only carry a ring in right hand...long Lost smelters of Skyrim, corrects the lack of smelters the vanilla game have, at Riften, at Morthal and some other major citys..Loot and Degradation, also awesome for immersion, because why the hell equipment dont degrade with so many uses... ....Ordinator- Perks of Skyrim; way more easier to install then requiem and does the effect to change the game perks system of vanilla game effectively.Passive Weapon Enchanter, because it makes sense to a powerful enchanters to be able to recharge his weapons and staffs, without the constant use of soul gems, i like to disable during combat, and only need to recharge stuff in long fights.Potion combiner, removes the need to carry and drink 100 small health potions...just combine in bigger ones!Realistic Ragdolls and Force, because vanilla ragdolls are pathetic...Revenge of the enemies 2016; makes you consider every fight very carefully Run for your lives; makes pathetic low lvl NPC´s that just have 1 dagger run and hide from Dragons! as they should!Staff Enchanter Overhaul; again to who likes to play Mages and craft staffs, also goes great with Ordinator mod!Static Mesh Overhaul, not sure if Remastered version is now better then this mod...Unique Border Gates, more immersion!Violent Alduin, combined with Deadly dragons, u can not defeat him unless u have 100% resist or + to all magic (he now debuffs resists and armor) and maxed skills, and even so you will die! makes him the BADDEST Mob ingame! Lets faced he is the the world eater!Wildcat- Combat of Skyrim; there are also other mods that try to adress this lack of combat depth.Worlds Dawn - Enchanted Loot and RPG atributes, works great with loot and degradation mod, beware you can now find mobs with paralyze weapons, since early levels, that get you stun lock until you die!!! HAHAAnd if you go with a vampire play, then there are a couple of other essential mods to add to this list!Pumping Iron is also a great immersion mod for fighters!

  • Randleray

    While I admit that SkyUI is surely very useful, I simply dont get the hate for the vanilla inventory. Sure, it ist not really comfortable, but its certainly is not a nightmare. I am as quickt to find an item in the vanilla inventory as I am able with the SkyUI...

  • Butterghost

    I agree with 90% of these choices, but there are some alternatives I'd recommend over these.EFF over UFO simply because EFF feels like a more up-to-date UFO to the point that it adds New Vegas's dialogue wheel and a hud extension to allow you to manage your followers health/magic/stamina.Immersive Horses over Convenient Horses just because it adds more customization and features to achieve the same effect while also being lighter on the scripting.Purity or Vivid Weathers over Climates of Tamriel just because they're both more up-to-date. Climates of Tamriel was last updated in 2015 whereas both Purity and Vivid Weathers see frequent updates.

  • The_Pyromancer

    All I wonder is how many of these are in bethesda's workshop.

  • Gmodism Total Nerdery Channel

    Im happy skyrim is alive and well, I just started playing it, or lol that is a lie, spent 5+ hours on installing mods but WILL start play it soon too :D

  • Sebastian Chantre

    I really appreciate that you prioritised to mention the modders instead of just yourself :)

  • cowboy4hire -

    man now I gotta play the Witcher again

  • ExCore

    Waiting for dem quality Nude Mods ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • tKnz

    THIS. This video is THE best video I've seen on mods. so helpful, straight to the point, clear.

  • The Mini Details Of Dr.H

    Good to see a shout out to "Unbound". I've been using that for a long time, but only seem to see people talking about "Another life". I was beginning to think Unbound was out of date/favour.

  • Nickolay Chesher

    Skyrim and fallout 4 relly suffer from HUGE lack of unique uniques.

  • Michael Biggs

    How are you not more popular? This is an excellent channel. Keep it up.

  • Lozza Adorni

    Loving that Witcher 3 music in the background ;)

  • Pixelcubed

    More mod videos please! :)

  • Matheus Leão

    Witcher 3 soundtrack threw me off a little.

  • Anthony Hughes

    Great tone, great content, great information. Console only gamer new to modding, here, but not new to mods. Thank you for the insights on SkyUI Requiem and Immersive Armors/Weapons. I wonder, then if Immersive Armors/Weapons is compatible with Marcos Integrated Leveled Lists? I'm fond of the changes Marcos makes but agree vanilla UNIQUES could use a retouch. Cheers.

  • Efka

    From the guy who played skyrim on xbox 360 all I can say this just makes skyrim more and more interesting and I love it!

  • Valyrian81

    Cool videos Koubitz.I shall now binge watch.

  • ThornieTheDemon

    Koubitz I am gonna be honest here when I say this.. You're one of my favourite youtubers and you deserve so many more subs!

  • Louie Unwin

    love the video keep it up :)

  • Kojah

    skyui work for special edition?

  • Floris Kunst

    Inigo for me, travelling through Skyrim without my blue khajit friend just feels empty.I just cannot start playing the Special Edition until Gary has it ported. :)

  • HatlessMuffin

    took 1minute 42 seconds for her/him to get to the mods xD

  • MephilesAE

    People of SkyrimVivid WeathersSMIMSkyrim Graphic OverhaulProject HippieImperious RacesAlternate StartThose are my must have mods ^^

  • BigJoeCool3681

    Very well put together video with great narrative. I learned a lot. Thank you!

  • Bernardo BR

    Is there any mod that you can recommend enough?

  • abrachoo

    Ultimate Follower Overhaul is very outdated, and causes crashes sometimes. I'd suggest Amazing Follower Tweaks instead.

  • Oof

    Noone deserves such great content.

  • Zachary Smith

    Ultimate Follower Overhaul is no longer a good mod and is not supported by GEMS, I would recommend switching that to AFT or EFF

  • Decoy Darkside

    this is the best mod video for the new Skyrim remastered or Skyrim in general I've ever seen thank you for posting such a great video

  • OAK&IV Skyrim

    Interesting NPCs is, by far, the best collection of quests and companions I've seen for any game. By itself it almost entirely changes your Skyrim experience, and all for the better. :)

  • Camilla Löwy

    Good list! Had overlooked several of these and will be giving them a chance. Thank you!

  • Gralysin

    About SkyUi "there is no excuse not to use it" - laughts in SkyUiAway

  • TheJumboJuice

    Dynamic things works well with campfire, it let's you get wood for trees and lots of other things

  • K- NiGhT

    you have a very beautiful voice

  • Daniel Cruz

    This voice is SO DAMN SOOTHING

  • Graves

    awesome video! totally gonna sub! interested to hear your opinion on skyrims console mods now that its out

  • Raz Dylan

    I loved this video, almost all the mods I bookmarked for when I decide to play it again. Thanks it would have sucked missing any of these :)P.s. you forgot to put the link for Enhanced Camera

  • Stevie Hart

    ITS NOT THE MAGES GUILD GODDAMMIT! ITS THE COLLEGE OF WINTERHOLD! other than that though great video I will definitely use some of these mods.

  • thewack90

    hey koubitz keep it up your awesome

  • Arslane Holoway

    You helped me thank you <3 i subscribed

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    "Immersive intensifies"

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    I love your vids especially your mod reveiws

  • Thebluebridgetroll

    You're so great Koubitz!

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    i dont see many amazing female youtubers to be honest so hats of to you

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    Hey, look, a very underrated YouTuber.

  • luckylion

    that mod hud is that a mod if so what is it if not how do you get to it

  • Antonio the Wabbit

    I feel like the less popular the game, the better community (depending on the game) because skyrim died down a bit, and in my opinion, it got a great modding community. Once remastered comes out, I'm kinda scared that skyrim is gonna skyrocket and get a worse community. I hope it won't, but just look at undertale. Great, popular game. Trash community. I hope skyrim keeps its community

  • Capitalism Is Bad

    Next time could you possibly add time each mod starts?

  • Mr No Buddies

    I really wish there was a strong "Social" overhaul for Skyrim. Stuff to add more use to the Speechcraft tree, and make the game feel more narrative and "Social" (As far as interacting with npcs and directing the narrative of the world in different ways).

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