Skyrim: 5 More Spooky Theories Crazy Enough to be True - The Elder Scrolls 5 Lore

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game ripe with story. However, in a world as big as Skyrim, not everything is as it may seem. As a result, a plethora of theories about much of what happens and has happened in Skyrim have emerged from the community, and today we're going to explore just a few of these theories. So sit back and enjoy as we take a look at 5 more crazy enough to be true Skyrim theories.

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  • TheEpicNate315

    Who's this 'Jurgen' people keep talking about? I'm obviously refering to his less-famous nephew; 'Gergun' Windcaller.

  • EJ Downs

    I've always wished that Rune was fleshed out a bit more as a character after hearing his backstory. I really like that theory!

  • AsgardGaming


  • Liam Goodwin

    Theory: The skeletons of Skyrim are much weaker to those of Oblivion because of the Nords’ prejudice towards milk, therefore the people of Cyrodil are much more likely to have stronger bones.

  • Desolate Hound

    If a Dwemer smokes weed.... Does he become...A high elf🤔

  • Corey Dunn

    Please never stop saying "murdered to death."

  • Paige C

    could you maybe consider adding subtitles to your videos? I love your videos but i have a weird hearing problem (well not a hearing problem more a processing problem because i was deaf for a while as a baby and the bit that processes language ended up a bit weird) and sometimes i dont understand what your saying and have to go back and the auto generated ones arent really that great. i know it might take time and if you really dont have that time then i dont mind but i would be really grateful if you could do that

  • Sunset Rider

    Maybe Lord Harkon just bought some merch from the newly opened Mythic Dawn Museum!

  • martijn van weele

    Have you ever taken a good look at Dragons in Skyrim? Have you taken note of their colours? If you have, you'll have noticed a pattern: the more powerful the dragon, the more colourful they are. If that is the case, then isn't it strange that Alduin, the greatest of all dragons, the firstborn of Akatosh, the World Eater and all that, is black as night? If more powerful dragons are more colourful, then Alduin should be brilliantly iridescent. So why isn't he?I have a theory, but first, we need to talk about mantles. In the Elder Scrolls Verse, there exists a concept known as "Mantling". Mantling is the process by which one being impersonates another being to the point where the universe itself stops distinguishing between the two, making them, for all intents and purposes, one and the same. Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil attempted to Mantle the Daedric Princes Mephala, Boethiah and Azura respectively, and Tiber Septim ascended to godhood and became Talos through his successful Mantling of Lorkhan.If one can become a god by embodying that god's domain, then the opposite might also be true; a god acting outside of their domain might lose their divine power.Alduin is at least a demigod, if not a facet of an actual god, and he too has a domain; it is his job to eat the world at the end of time, and return the power stored within it to the Aedra, so that creation might begin anew. But Alduin wasn't satisfied with that. Instead of destroying the world, he attempted to rule it, thus acting outside of his domain. My theory is that Alduin lost a lot of his divine power as a result of acting outside of his domain, and this left him, quite literally, as but a shadow of his former self. That is why he is black. It also explains why he could be beaten so easily by a mortal (most unironically anticlimactic boss fight I ever fought). There is a dark side to this theory: if Alduin could only be beaten because he was acting outside of his domain, and thus did not have access to his full divine power, then perhaps the opposite is also true. Alduin might indeed be allowed to return at the end of time to fulfill his task as the World Eater, and when that time comes, we will not see a dragon with scales blacker than the blackest night. No, we will see a brilliantly coloured beast, with shining, iridescent scales too blinding to look at. This will be Alduin at his full divine power, acting within his domain, acting out his true purpose. And with his full power at his disposal, nothing will be able to stop him.

  • gleddified

    Alternate theory: Jergen Windcaller's rise to power was entirely funded by his lotion and moisturizer business

  • Effeffia Gonalick

    The giants cohabitation with Dwemer theory could also explain the Dwarven Centurions. As in, the giants’ size and strength inspired the contraptions.

  • Dave Price

    J's are Y's in skyrim! yurgen not jurgen! yarl not jarl!! cmon nate u know this!!

  • Ariel Weinberg

    Frey has a bust of the Grey Fox under his house in Riften

  • JennyM1998

    I wish Rune and Saphire had at least a small quest to them ...It's these little opportunities Bethesda missed out on that make Skyrim feel just a bit lifeless sometimes

  • Pulse Fel

    well with nocturnal's curse you have to consider that 1. she can always reapply it in the 200 years since oblivion, 2. it may of only been lifted for those two specifically, 3. there is the possiblity that ONLY the sheogorath change is canon so while we know for certain, due to the events of a main story being canon, that the player from oblivion is now sheogorath we DONT know for certain that the cowl was ever truely freed of its curse.could also mean rune's parent IS the player from oblivion...i mean they are immortal now

  • Madilyn S

    I have a theory: What if the reason that the falmer always have alchemy supplies around or on them is because they want to try and restore their eyesight...

  • Grady Battista


  • Ribas

    sigh ... *Y*urgen Windcaller, not Jurgen...Man, I like your videos a lot, but you mispronounce so many things...

  • Nick Winderweedle

    What if jergen was slain in battle by a daedra and earned it's respect, so in return it honored him afterwards by making the inscription?

  • Mike, from Texas

    Vol-ki-har, not "Volikar".

  • Ana Blake

    Another fact about Alvor's behaviors; if you are a female character and walk up to his wife, occasionally you'll get the line "You're pretty enough, I suppose. Just stay away from my husband, Alvor." This goes to show just how much she distrusts him.

  • Impossible E Gaming

    What's Ulfric's favourite outdoor activity?High King (Graenolf's joke)

  • Andrew Chapman

    I like to think the Hero of Kvatch simply kept the cowl forever, since they went on to become Sheogorath, that would mean it's somewhere in the Shivering Isles.

  • Jack Wilson

    I've played skyrim for at least 700 hours and there is still a lot i have never done or found and that just proves how much effort Bethesda put into this game, only wished morrowing and oblivion fanboys could take off their nostalgia goggles and enjoy this game as much as we do.

  • Seth Matteson


  • yeetussheetus 69

    "Not wanting to be MURDERED TO DEATH "

  • Alvin Cast

    @ 2:06 " A Dude named Martin "REEEEEEEEEEEE A man sacrificed himself and you meme about his death! Damn heathens!

  • Uriel Garcia

    Murdered to death is now my favorite phrase

  • J.T. LeFlore

    Welp, there goes my theory on the giants. I was betting they used to be dwarves. They have the pointed ears of a mer and the beards that dwarves stereotypically have. As for their height and lack of intelligence. I was putting that up to a curse. Dwemer were known for overstepping their boundaries and trying to attain the knowledge of the gods. I figured a god got annoyed and cursed them. Made them too big to fit back into their old homes and too stupid to do anything about it.

  • Fisto

    the new murdered to death is "killed and caused him to lose his life"

  • Joakim Tukiainen

    Doesn't that mean that Sheogorath is the Gray Fox...?

  • Max Hughes

    i bet hes saying murdered to death just to spite us now 😂

  • Yawnos Mannonen

    The pelt in Harkons room is specifically a werewolf pelt not a normal wolf pelt, if you look at the item it is named werewolf pelt.

  • Bakura

    What's to stop Nocturnal to ReCurse the cowl? It's her relic.

  • Nick S.

    notification squaaaaaaaad

  • Shooterguy15

    #1: perhaps Jurgen Windcaller worshiped one of the non-evil Daedric Princes, like Merida or Azura?

  • Henny LeBeau

    I would've loved it if there were a few intelligent falmer

  • supernovaHD0

    I dunno if other people know about this but I just noticed on my like 10th play through. When you kill your first dragon and head back to whiterun. Upon hearing the grey beards calling Npcs around you may look to the skys

  • Steven Meis

    All the the Aedra were once daedra before giving up some of there divine power to create mundas and sovengaurd, therefore wouldn't it be safe to assume that they too would use the same or similar runic symbols in their language as the daedra. Perhaps it was written by Kinareth on his tomb since she was the one who first gave mortal men the power of the voice.

  • ZHC

    Ok, assuming this man actually plays the game, presumably with sound, how does he still manage to mispronounce these words and names that are said multiple times in dialogue?

  • P6T

    Love the vids keep it up

  • Jacob Middaugh

    I've seen a video suggesting Lydia was brainwashed. I've also figured out you need the Hearthfire dlc to marry her. Maybe she is the whiterun jarl's other wife who has the derranged son in dragonsreach.

  • Sir Billius

    With the grey cowl one I assumed that the Hero of Kvatch gave it back to Nocturnal after assuming the title of Sheogorath. What would the daedric prince of madness need the cowl for?

  • Sullivan Kennedy

    Damn, Nate. I've noticed how much you say "plethora". Might wanna find another synonym dude lol

  • Some Asshole

    Michael a misogynist? Oh yeah, he forgets to ask permission from the ladies before he could try to woo them.

  • Necrobadger

    The number 1 theory is completely destroyed by the fact that you FIND Rune's origin in a shipwreck in the north.

  • Powerkitten 998

    When you were talking about rune, previous games have shown that the lore goes down a neutral path, basically thing play out as if you didn’t do any side quests. So wouldn’t it make sense that you didn’t help out the grey wolf, if other games have shown this neutral part

  • filimon prig

    How could the falmer built tents weapons staffs and aim with a bow when they are blind ?

  • Webub

    Just because the cowls curse CAN be lifted in oblivion doesn't mean the hero of kvatch canonically did so

  • threadscore

    “Ger-gan” instead of “Yur-gen”, “Volikar” instead of “Volkihar”. Pronunciation. Use it.

  • Jonathan Cambron

    Y’all are arguing about pronunciation and nobody is calling out the fact that the mythic dawn was mainly an altmer organization and not a human one....? Dafuq wrong with y’all he got actual lore wrong and y’all are calling out poor pronunciation?!

  • Evan Eberhard

    Imagine being an ultimate bad ass who lives in hell with aspirations to take over just to be stopped by some guy named martin

  • Maggie Johnson

    as a German speaker all the mispronunciation of J's hurts my ears lol

  • Spencer

    HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE "MEHRUNES DAGON" CORRECTLY, BUT NOT JURGEN. YUHR-GEN. YUUUHHHR-GEN. The ease with which you mispronounce nearly everything is nothing short of miraculous.

  • iiAmFrosty


  • Bleach Prolar

    It’s pretty easy with the Juergen thing. Think how did dragons came to be? Aedra. deadra and aedra is basically the same just one of em is nice. So if you think about t dragons are deadric creatures. Jurgen prob was pretty smart and knew that. In a way deadric writing is also dragon writing. Since dragons are deadras that explains the writing. Easy

  • Heychuh

    I always wondered why there wasn't a follow up to Rune. The Greyfox theory makes a lot of sense all of them did lol nice vid 👍

  • FiveAngryMexicans

    E R A S E D F R O M H I S T O R Y

  • Savagebeast893

    I love, LOVE, moist towelettes

  • Luke Lawrence

    I mean, it's entirely plausible Nocturnal placed the curse back on the cowl after the events of Oblivion. I mean think about it, after the Hero of Kvatch obtains the cowl, they will have eventually done something with it, they aren't immortal. It's not too unrealistic to believe that it found it's way back to Nocturnal, who cursed it again

  • Squidly

    Woah... I’m early ... and I have nothing to say

  • Ravi Tiebosch

    Something I expected to hear: Rune talks about a stone with engravings found with him. Maybe that "stone" were a piece of NOCTURNALS COWL!!! plot twist.....

  • Abdulrahman AlYawer

    You should make a compilation about every time you mispronounced something in a video.

  • TJ True Justice

    Yeah, Nate said his catch phrase... and did a skyrim video, but that's not as important.

  • Z is for Zorua

    Time to skip class just to watch this.

  • __ Harambe

    We want more Skyrim videos.

  • Maverick Crow

    they theorize Jorgen knew Hermaeus Mora

  • MoGod666

    The gray fox cowl is a daedrick artifact so it would have returned to nocturnal

  • Mike V

    Well.. the Thieves Guild Quest in Elderscrolls 4 is Optional.. May the Cowl's curse wasnt lifted in the Canon of Elderscrolls Lore?

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