Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!

Skyrim Level 100 Smithing in 3 Minutes + Make Money FAST!
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  • Mr Urquhart

    BLACKSMITHS HATE HIM! lean how to get from level 1 to 100 smithing with this one simple trick!

  • Krešimir Cindrić

    How to get to level 100 smithing in 3 minutes:Step 1: spend 10 hours mining iron.

  • Kay R

    Really ESO? Come on, don’t insult my intelligence

  • Ventusumbra

    So..Gather 1300 iron oreCast transmute 2600 timesSmelt 650 gold ingotsUse the forge 650 times to make 1300 gold ringsSell them 20 at a time to 65 different merchants...And you have 3 minutes starting... Now, GO!

  • King Dededinkleberg

    didn't even realize this was uploaded today lmao

  • M. A.

    *IMPORTANT* Ther is a short quest, what reward you a buff, "The Ancient Knowledge", and its give you more 15% xp boost to smithing. Another thing i, if you get the Etherium Crown you can activate two standing stone . You activate the lover stone and the warrior stone, that means you get more 15% . Anooother thing if you get married you get 15% boost after you sleeping. Thats a total of 65% xp boost not 30.Sorry for my bad english, i hope i help someone. :)(The etherium crown and the Ancient knowledge both buggy as hell, you need the unofficial skyrim patch to fix that.)

  • Jonathan Shulman

    remember watching your first guide when it was released :D

  • Mason Hackman

    Smithing in 3 minutes after a several hours of mining 676 iron ore and then finding the transmute spell, transmuting all your stuff, and then finally craft all the rings. Click bait AF.

  • CyborgJiro

    What? I didn't know that you could attack to collect ore.

  • Daniel Arvidsson

    Very misleading title as usual but yes, this is probably the fastest way.

  • KingoYouth

    Yes, this is what I am talking about something useful.

  • Paradigm Instrumentals

    Spoiler..Doesn’t take 3 minutes..takes much much longer lol

  • The.Inferno

    Two vids at once ?! Amazing

  • Ege T

    A classic ESO video: farm 10 hours+spam buttons to make something in 3mins=worthy thumnail

  • laughing Arsenal

    -- just -- Clickbait 10 hours = 3 minutes ApparentlyAnd trying this on the Xbox or ps Is lags the console and then you have to exit the menu.

  • edweiser63

    Takes 3 minutes...after you've just spent 3 hours collecting all the necessary material. Enough with the clickbait crap.

  • Square Chin Boi

    One mistake in this video is that when you use the smelter in skyrim it doesn't level up smithing.... he's using mods for that...

  • Luke Payne

    Am i the only one that is happy when i see ads on one of eso's videos

  • Sulo

    click bait. No eso dont

  • Deannix

    dual wield pickaxe, then use elemental fury shout = faster mining

  • grga 281

    This is actualy really misleading. It would take you 1-2 hours to mine that much iron and like you said 5-10 mins to transmute.

  • Kos4Evr

    For those who don't know, the radiant raiment in solitude will buy the rings and they sell a lot of enchanted clothing so you can easily get the enchantment you want by visiting them often. This makes it very easy to obtain fortify alchemy and fortify smithing enchantment early on. You can then sell rings to mages and merchants who sell soul stones. When you have enough to get you going start enchanting those rings and selling them and you went from rags to riches fast.

  • Vladislavs Pastuhovs

    In 3 minutes? Excuse me?! It takes more than that just to gather all the ore let alone transmuting and then crafting

  • fedenxt

    Well the method is definitely good... but it takes about 2 hours to do it all, DEFINITELY not 3 minutes...

  • James Went

    10 minute guide on a 3 minute tutorial

  • Scarfaceman77

    Have I gone back in time to 2011?

  • Jake Johnson

    I had thought this was a lost cause, I was wrong.

  • yams

    Sorry but this is an awful video. You're talking too slowly, and you put in so much useless information. I had to put it in 1.5x speed just to get through it. It's so bait that you're trying to push the video to 10 minutes aswell. Unsubbed

  • justin salazar

    I no way did this take 3 minutes.

  • Lukey Dukes

    How the hell am I meant to get 1300 ore

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    There's a fantastic mod that makes all ore deposits glow. It's on the NEXUS, look it up.

  • 4K

    3 minutes "This part will take 10 min"

  • Her_ Gose

    Smiting in 3 mins + 2h to get the ore XD but nice video XD I spend 2 h to get 100 smiting and I used duplication glitch to get the gold

  • LBLACK1969

    Don't forget to travel to Markarth, and visit the nearby Kolskegger mine. 17 gold deposits, just gotta kill the foresworn off.

  • Greg Draven

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't do this at lvl 1.

  • Mert

    what r those modsand can u get em on ps4

  • Magnus Granath

    Set your speed to 1.25

  • Tequila Sunrise

    This video is a bit misleading tbh. It takes way more than three minutes to gather all the necessary ore together. Also you don't get experience by forging the ingots...

  • Brian Connelly

    I never see my Smithing go up when I forge ingots; is this a Mod?

  • xXUndecided Xx

    I’m a big fan of this channel and I feel like the content is running low and it’s ending up to be repeats so,I would like to suggest that mod reviews for skyrim and fallout 4 are introduced onto the channel, yet again I’m not a hater I’m just a fan!

  • lParoXismel

    hmm thats not 3 minutes

  • DoibOi

    didn't u already do this

  • Damien Poirrier

    He said in 3 minutes... But also said the process of turning iron ore to gold ore takes 5 to 10 minutes... Damn. Ima leave a like anyways cuz i love his vids.

  • Declan Muir

    Sorry if this sounds like a rant, I like most of videos, but REALLY? 3 MINUTES? This takes a hell of a lot longer than 3 minutes, and it would take even longer at level 1 since you wouldn't be able to buy much ore. Also, I'm 99% certain the gold rings sell for less than 75, which is the price you buy them at. Majorslackattack's videos have much better strategies, are faster, can actually level your skills at level 1, never use glitches, and get you more money.

  • Leoneyr

    these videos really make me want to play skyrim again

  • Sam Gilfellan

    Where did this 3 minuets timeframe come from? The video isn’t 3 minuets and this would take well over an hour!

  • Rekztam

    hours of material gathering and conversions = 3 minutes. sure

  • Tyrik Rice

    If only real life was this easy to make money

  • Faizan Minhas

    player.advskill smithing 9999999

  • mental knight

    jesus christ you've been playing the game for 6 years and you don't know that items don't sell as much as their value. you need to divide the value and weight value \weight and you get how much that item is worth. so 1 ring is worth 250 gold.

  • Doom Smythe

    Sneak enchantment is one of the best enchantments to make the most money on your rings

  • StupidNerd

    Make a guide for baranzeliah stones locations

  • Suicide Experiments

    The dwarven bow method is better faster and u get more cash

  • SoundOfEpiCNoiZ

    Wouldn't it be a bit faster if you had the ancient knowledge from the lexicon as well?

  • Fendrix

    what are those graphics mods ? i want the same effect on my SSE ! pleeeeeeeeaaaaase, someone tell this poor french boy how to do it ! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !

  • Wes Bail

    I don't get why people are typing hate messages, apparently you didn't watch the whole video to the end to see him doing it for 3 minutes

  • john reynolds

    smelting ores doesn't leveling up smithing. You must have a mod enabled that adds that. Not only is this guide a re-issue of old content for views, it's inaccurate as shit.

  • Shnagg

    this is some bs bait ESO. But i guess we are already used to this kind of shit here. Unsubbed

  • babis8142

    wow not mentioned the dwarven bows at all?

  • Techy

    How to get enchanting 100 in 5 seconds, 1. Complete Dawnguard2. Farm Soul Gems in Soul Cairn3. Buy/Obtain tons of items4. Enchant themez

  • Caitlin Kawaiii



    Using smelter doesn't lvl up smithing tho

  • Jimmy Holtzheimer

    Hey ESO , could you do a Build Guide Video about a (no mod) mage in survival mode? Something very polyvalent. Greetings from Belgium , all my support !

  • Jacob Navel

    did you slow the video down to make it longer? playback at 1.25 sounds a lot more normal...

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