The Try Guys Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene of The Try Guys take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about The Try Guys and themselves. Are The Try Guys still at BuzzFeed? Are they all really friends? Do they all live in LA? Are they independent? The Try Guys answer all these questions and more!

The Try Guys host the Streamy Awards on Monday, Oct 22nd.

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The Try Guys Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
  • Nikki Howard

    I don’t think Eugene has a sexuality, I think he IS sexuality

  • LJ Productions

    let's all wear long sleeves and not tell zach

  • Min Yxxngi

    Did the Try Guys break up?Everyone: GASPEugene: God I wish😂 Ksksksk mood

  • ipawsandclaws

    "are the try guuuuys..jewish?" Zach starts clapping

  • Science with Katie

    “Did the try guys break up” - everyone wants the tea 😂

  • Avery Knowles

    I thought the question was just going to say "What breed is Ned Fulmer?"

  • Taylor Estep

    Zach literally said he wasn’t single in this interview and his secret girlfriend was still such a surprise

  • The Deadly Pen

    When Eugene basically describes what being pansexual is and you live.

  • flblbl

    Zach has a girlfriend ? explains the wardrobe upgrade

  • GetOffMy Lawn

    Jojo siwa is taller than Zach

  • Mikayla O.

    I like how Eugene outed himself and the boys astrologically, I live for this.

  • Turtledove Animations

    "Are you straight? HAHAHAHA" Big mood

  • Mejichu

    Right when Eugene read, "was eugene lee yang a love so beautiful" I knew exactly what they meant. The search was meant to say, "Was Eugene Lee Yang in A Love So Beautiful?". A love so beautiful is a Chinese internet drama that came out last year (people are barley finding out about the Cdrama since it barley got put into Netflix these past few months) and I would say that he kinda resembles the main guy character "Jiang chen" played by Hu Yitian and maybe that's why they're asking that question.

  • Chaotic Poet

    Okay but Eugene is looking fashionable

  • Matthew_Iz_Gay121

    When people ask eugene about sexuality I just Giggle cos hes never gonna say his exact sexuality, He Dont got to

  • JSHEN it tape or Velcro?

  • Fortnite Boi

    So Eugene is pansexual. If you don’t know what that means, it means you don’t care about gender. Different than bi though. Also doesn’t mean you have a romantic attraction to pans.

  • Will Knox

    Correct me if I'm wrong-Keith- smokes a "regular, healthy amount"Zach- partakes occasionallyNed & Eugene- barely

  • JoeyIsRandom

    At least they TRIED to answer the questions?That was a very bad joke....

  • Xenozip

    Eugene being a Capricorn and the others being Gemini and Leo explains basically everything about their love/hate best-friend relationship. That is so extremely relatable.

  • Ealagh Toner

    Ned looks like such a dad like dude Wesley’s like 4 months 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lerdong Odol

    7:39 their confused faces at Eugene when he was talking about his zodiac sign 😂

  • Yuina Sakai

    I’m here after Zach showed us his girlfriend.

  • aglove275

    So Eugeine and Keith are stoners 😂

  • Aja

    3:31 wheezesloses ability to breathediesEdit:::::6:49 Big pansexual vibes

  • Rachel

    5:28 “When we were Twenty Twø Piløts”The Clique:TRIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGERED

  • Taylor Stafford

    Who else is watching this now that Zach announced his 3 year relationship and somehow totally missed this??!😂😂😂

  • Sofia Angara

    Eugene: I guess we’re BEST FRIENDS.... regrets saying that

  • AnitaSleap1080z

    I'm still really curious about Eugene's family's secret.

  • thankfulBreath

    EXCUSE ME are we not acknowledging the fact that zack is not single???

  • HeyNow :3

    2:53 Eugene’s laugh😂😂😂

  • VikkySaurus Ro

    Is zach kornfeld a liar? Yes. Am I super very happy for him? Also yes.

  • Siddhi amin

    Here after zach's secret anyone

  • Riceman

    Are the 3 white dudes related?

  • Logan Croft

    Eugine has always been my favorite and i love twenty one pilots my favorite songs are neon gravestones not today and migrane

  • Alina Lyudmila

    When Zach say he isnt single its just broke my entire heart.

  • Lily Gately

    Eugene is pansexual which means he he loves or likes all gender and races including trans people

  • MagicMonkey 99

    Who is here after Zach announced he has a girlfriend??

  • Nehama W

    Wait he's 5'7 wow how tall are the others!

  • Lil Mc Milkman

    just watched the video where Zach reveals that he had a girlfriend and can't believe I missed this reveal a couple months ago 7:43

  • Kawaii but Psycho


  • Claire Wolpinsky

    Compared to me zach is a giant and now I'm concerned for how short I'd look compared to Keith

  • Jungkookie with suga

    Eugene look nice with the hat

  • Dalia Cm

    Ok but is it tape or velcro?!?!

  • Audrey Segedin

    PART 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!💙💚💗💜😁Also, I noticed Eugene was the only one who wasn’t asked about SnapChat, but when I looked up “what is Eugene Lee Yang” The First thing that came up in the recommenced part of the search bar was “Eugene Lee Yang SnapChat”. Oof.

  • alexloveslife123

    Wtf how did I not know Zach isn't single anymore



  • Lilly Long

    I cant tell if they dissed Tyler and Josh or complimented them

  • Regina Phalange

    Did the Try Guys break up?Eugene: “Oh God I wish.”Other Guys: - They’re so used to it they don’t even react. -

  • I exist, and so does this sunshine

    "we're all jew-'ish'" JKDSLFJL

  • read2018341302

    Yeah Ned you're pretty attractive

  • Bunny 2020

    i’m actually really happy to have the same birthday as Eugene and to be a member of the lgbtq+ community

  • Dat girl Isabella

    3:30 are we just gonna ignore this or...

  • Betty White

    I feel like Keith would be a good voice guest in big mouth

  • Khalloodka55

    Eugene isnt a virgin? + he is such a mood

  • Jinkx Monsoon’s chipped tooth

    “Honestly we’re...we’re best...friends?’s weird” Lmfaooooo

  • Creating Memories

    This was amazing ❤️ can y’all do Shane and Ryan next 😩❤️

  • Serenity Smith

    I love how Eugene is the one who knows all there signs gemini gemini leo😂

  • sesamifish

    Eugene no get Snapchat D:

  • Hallie Steed

    Please team with impractical jokers.

  • imma puke

    im a 20 yr old female and basically the same size as zach

  • Susan Brown

    Keith’s second name is perfect for him cause it kind of sounds like hamburger

  • Lucid dreams ღ

    My sexuality is Eugene

  • •Sarah Belle•

    Zach weighs less than me and I am 5’2. What the hecky heck

  • Squirticorn Vlogs

    Today is actually Eugene’s birthday so happy birthday😂❤️🥳

  • tightpantsJONAS

    Ooh their not with BuzzFeed anymore?! Wow and they were allowed to take the name ' try guys' that's cool of BuzzFeed

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