Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 15)

Skyrim certainly has its fair share of content, an endless number of characters to meet, quests to complete and places to visit ensure The Elder Scrolls 5 will keep Dragonborns busy for quite some time. But Skyrim has now been out for over seven years, and all this time later perhaps some player may finally beginning to question if they’ve done it all. So today we’re going to try to prove there’s still some activities buried away within this RPG to keep us busy, as we look at five more things you probably didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Imagine how much programming went into this game. Like someone had to program all of these little details that no one ever noticed. That is until years later when some random guy named Nate on the internet points it out to hundreds of thousands of people.

  • Tyleya

    I didn’t know Shadr was Breton. I thought he was Redguard.

  • Jan Krajnc

    Muredered to death, now that I got that out of the way...

  • Håkon Andreas Olaussen

    7 years old, not 8, isn't it?


    The real question is: what CANT you do?Edit: there's a lot of things you can't do.

  • Can we get to 20,000 subscribers with no videos?

    Episode 86976: Top 10 Skyrim pieces of grassEdit: Thanks for the likes!

  • Benjamin Toyryla

    1 tiny detail Nate May have missed about Skyrim:7, not 8

  • Old Man Herman


  • Log

    There’s also another way to complete the blessings of nature. Once you get nettlebane from the hagraven and danica is in the temple, you can find her having a conversation with a man called Maurice. After Danica sends you to the eldergreen, Maurice will ask you if he can come too (if you speak to him after speaking to danica) If you choose to do so, once you get to the tree, he’ll scold you for damaging the roots, and suggest another idea. If you agree with this idea, he’ll pray to the tree for a sapling, which you can take back to Danica, stating that it’s better to give way to new life rather than maintain an old one. Or something along those lines. Hope this helps. 👍🏼

  • Creed156

    i think the markath levers are a a mod.because i've played this game 7 years and i've never seen them

  • santiago gallego

    The year is 3000. Amazon owns the world , all humanity is enslaved ,we have met aliens and seen the universe....and yet nate uploads 5 things you didnt know about skyrim ep 381973

  • Nathan Green

    At this point with skyrim videos there's two things i expect to hear "Hey! hows it going guys its Nate here" Or "Whats going on ladies and Gentlemen my name is Micheal and welcome to Fudgemuppet"

  • CyborgDragon9

    The day we learn everything about Skyrim is the moment we assend

  • legogamingjojo

    3:44 Looks like the Thalmor dude in the background is doing some sort of Altmer shuffle.

  • Moostached Saiyan Prince

    The only thing I know I can't do in Skyrim is stop playing it. Doing so would be a fate worse than being murdered to death.

  • Mjom 54

    I'm waiting for episode 100

  • Oceaniz

    Uhm... 8? The game was released in 2011, its 2018. That looks more like 7 yrs to me

  • TheLegend 27

    Hey Nate I just want you to know in the dark brotherhood quest where Astrid kidnaps you and take you to the abandoned shack and tells you to kill one of the three people, if you use clarovince it shows the real target

  • Elliott Barth

    If you happen to take an unlucky fall down a cliff, you can literally save yourself by popping some netch jelly since characters don't take fall damage while paralyzed

  • Grape Juice

    "Beaten the game on every possible difficulty." Whose wimpy enough to go down to novice?Edit: I now see the pros and cons of playing on novice difficulty and will retract my previous statement of calling people who play on novice "wimpy"

  • Peanut Nutter

    there are kids that have played skyrim that have never lived in a world where it didnt exist

  • Cpt. CrimSedate

    Roses are red violets are blue, Make the Oblivion video, or I will replace your toothpaste with super glue...

  • Liam Dirks

    I actually didn't know that about Netch Jelly. I've never killed a netch because they always travel in families and i can't stand the guilt of that baby netch watching me kill it's parents before cowering as i walk towards it with a sword covered in the blood of its parents ....What? Just me?

  • IFunnyKid and The Amazing Squid

    Wow, 8 years. Time flies when you are using the slow time shout.


    It's going pretty well, Nate. Thanks for asking. How about yourself?

  • The Skully Guy

    Yet again. I still play this game


    Have you yet mentioned the two different ways you can complete the Gildergleam quest? The "escort this NON-ESSENTIAL random NPC to the tree, and have him pray for a sapling", that ends the quest peacefully, but with the tree in Whiterun still withered, making the hard way seem less impressive.

  • Nessu Fak this

    Still waiting 4 oblivion video...

  • Clockwork Apostle

    Those levers and wheels are a mod, must be. Never seen those in my games. FAKE NEWS!Just kidding man, compliments for still making this series, but be on the lookout for mods😅

  • fnafguy fnaffan

    We need more synonyms for "big"

  • mac_without_cheese

    things you probably didn't know you could do: murder people to death!!

  • Whiterun Guard

    3:43 when you see your crush talk with other boy

  • Luke Wood

    Nate i have never been pinnedEdit: ty for that brief time, ily

  • Damion Baker

    Seems like your finally starting to run out of ideas. Just going with straight up bugs now.

  • The Red Gamer

    Next video: "Skyrim is, in fact, considerably less tiny than you'd think"

  • BusjePringels

    I didnt knew you could sprint in this game for the first 20 hours

  • TheBloker9

    Nate I Will murder you to death

  • Lachloni Pepperoni

    Did you know that you can start a THIEVES GUILD AND RIFTEN GUARD WAR! Once you join the thieves guild you have to attack a guard inside Riften, then you have to run around inside Riften and get as many guards to chase you as possible. After that, you must run to the ragged flagon through the graveyard entrance. From there you can merely observe the ensuing battle, or choose to help your guild friends. It is really fun, and it unlocks some unique dialog from the survivors (they get get really pissed at you.)

  • A Tree

    Please make a top 10 trees in skyrim

  • Leonidas King Spartan

    You really messed up this time Nate. Skyrim is 7 years old, not 8. And the detail at number 2 is not a feature, it's a mod. It isn't in the vanilla game. I think that's the first time you've mentioned a mod as a detail before. You should always play without mods for these videos (except purely graphical ones, which you probably thought that was).

  • Son Gohan

    There is nothing that can't be done in this game. My 2500 hours played is proof. (I didn't get the game day one because of glitches.)

  • funnyblog100

    The dragon born is more interesting if you play them as a manipulative mastermind. My character wanted revenge against the entire empire for putting his head on the chopping block even though he was not on the list. I had him get close with Eslif the fair and do some good deeds for her and become her thane. He managed to gain control of the theives guild and the dark brotherhood. He used those connections and helped the stormcloaks right under everyone's nose and rising to nobility by buying out a house in every location in skyrim. He also made the theives guild more powerful by doing all the side quests. All his helping of Maven Black-Briar and working with the theives guild was just a facade. He put on a friendly face married and even adopted two kids effectively leading a double life and eventually destroying the empire by not only keeping them preoccupied by the stormcloak's and killed their emperor. The only reason he even bothered with killing Aludin is because he wanted the world to be his and was not interested in sharing.

  • Chris Smith

    Hey nate if u bring janessa (she's a buyable follower) to smugglers den in my time of need quest she has a chance of saying she feels a strange evil presence there and lets just say kematu isn't alive anymore.

  • Jack Woodham

    It feels better to me when someone says to “sit back and relax” when starting a video, I feel like I can relax better with that being said. Is that weird?, yeah.. that’s weird isn’t it?

  • ɪᴄᴇ冷

    3:44 lol the guy in the back doesn't know how to properly sit on a bench

  • LUKA

    Skyrim had it's 7th year anniversary 4 days agoNate already calls the game 8 years old

  • Innuendo

    N.O.T.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N - S.Q.U.A.D

  • Diamond D

    I wonder where he gets this stuff from

  • laalki80

    It's seven, not eight years old. 11.11.11.

  • Definitely Not John Cena

    Dammit, I'm never early enough to get pinned :/

  • Emo Pony

    If you're in the thieves guild, but not its leader, you can actually threaten to tattle on Sapphire to Brynolf as an alternative to paying her the dept. It does the same exact thing either way, but changes what she says to you.

  • Ender_king2002

    ok we are at 75 things now can he hit 200?!

  • Mysterian

    Skyrim is 7 years old, not 8. But we can pretend you uploaded this vid a year early ;)

  • Ansekh

    What lighting mod you use? when you use any.

  • Anthony Spitery

    Nate, What's REALLY DUMB about that misc quest with Shadr and Sapphire is that the reward Shadr gives you at the end for helping him, his potion of extended invisibility, is actually worth MORE than the debt he owes Sapphire. Its like he could have just used the potion bottle for some cash at the Pawned Prawn xD

  • Peatawn

    Last time I checked, 2018-2011 = 7. Skyrim is 7 years old. Interestingly though, as a side-fact, if we calculate in "Skyrim" time from it's moment of release on November 11th 2011 (assuming at 0h00) to November 11th 2018 (at 0h00), Skyrim has aged 210.02485 years. The Dragonborn has turned into a Draugr by now. ;)

  • Gho5tHawk

    Can you explain why the frost giants hold the paragons in the dawn guard dlc?

  • Jenna M.

    Guess what... Murdered to death.

  • Tropican Wars

    I've learned more adjectives from Nate then my English class. Now he just has one thing left to say:SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPEALADOCIOUS!!

  • The Third Crusader

    7 years old. Don't want to make Skyrim sound like an old man now do we?

  • sofia codazzo

    I don't if this fits into this list or another, but if you have Cicero as a companion he will sometimes say that he is hungry and that he would like something sweet or a carrot, I tried giving him those items and after a while they will disappear from his inventory, as if he actually ate them. Now I don't know if this happens with every type of food, butbit seemed pretty cool to me

  • X Trem

    Regarding the quest with Sapphire, if you join the thieves guild but aren't leader, you can threaten her to report to Brynjolf, to which she'll offer you a cut, which you can refuse and have her cancel the debt.

  • Hannah Finch

    You like to say 'murdered to death' a lot, don't you?

  • Matheus Pereira

    I dont know If you already covered this, but when i was playing through Boethia's daedric quest i found that If kill everyone in her shrine before slaying a follower in the Pillar of sacrifice you get a new line of dialogue with her .Maybe you could put this on your next vídeo.

  • Kanker shrooms

    fallout new Vegas or three video soon?

  • Aify

    hmm Brelas.....i think i found a new wife :D

  • Greenpanda Studios

    First boys!!! Wassup Nate!

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