Rick and Morty - 50 Jokes & References You Missed

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Rick and Morty Jokes & References from the first two seasons and the Rick and Morty Season 3 first episode. Erik Voss explains the more subtle Rick and Morty jokes that you might have missed the first time watching, like references to Gravity Falls and cameos by Mr. Meeseeks. What are the dirtiest Rick and Morty jokes? Who actually tracked in the parasite in Total Rickall? How did the series foreshadow the chair, phone, and pizza universe in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind? Rick and Morty Funniest Jokes!

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  • Freddie Simmons

    How would anyone miss the "he made me a girl"? Not subtle

  • Painbow

    This Quidd commercial was ruined by Rick and Morty references.

  • alto

    This is one long commercial with extra steps

  • JustAMarshmallow

    Snowball wasn't the evil boss pig in Animal Farm, Napoleon was.

  • Tree McTreeface

    "I'm gonna skip over the more obvious stuff"points out literally every main joke/reference

  • Jsp

    10:50 press here to skip the commercial.

  • Pineapple Juice

    Snowball isn't evil. Napoleon is, and he runs Snowball out of the farm

  • Tanel Murd

    11:07 its not a little bus, that is clearly a garbage truck..... get ur eyes serviced m8

  • wil oollogy

    I don't think anyone missed the majority of these jokes...

  • Jared Jacobson

    Around the 8 minute mark, when talking about the cronenburg Rick and Morty. Just so there's no confusion, they are from a universe where their world was turned from Cronenburgs to humans so they sought sanctuary in C-137.

  • Boomstick

    Good video terrible rick impression.

  • Freakazoid

    14:10 It's Blitz and Chitz. Not Chips.

  • Joe Cassara

    Now, in this YouTube video, a mentally handicapped internet celebrity glibly intimates we're too stupid and uncultured to catch these references.

  • Lizar x blu

    Rick potion #9 in episode 6.69

  • Steeve転

    The ads are to much for zBlock.Get the refference ;) ?


    My addblock blocked this whole video

  • Thegamejumper

    I feel like some of these are a bit of a stretch

  • Nicodamus

    Thank you, captain obvious...

  • Phytom

    4:19 really? meseeks and destroy.. you didn't mention the metallica reference in a video about references?

  • Carson Bloom

    At 7:42 his head has a nazi symbol on it...

  • Alexoww1

    17:42 that was such a bad fact wtf

  • ninjamatic5000

    Yeah. "subtle".

  • Emarati Gamer

    If you’re still unable to process what summer’s boyfriend said .... what he meant was that his brother raped him in the bushes when he took him to fishing

  • courtney osborne

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned or not but in Rickchurian Candidate when the President forms the “portal” it’s a nod to the portals in Minecraft when he lights it with the lighter!!

  • MikeVSevildead

    The Rick and Morty shit ruined my Quidd viewing experience

  • SnootSnoot McBumbleToots

    snowball was the good pig that ran away and then got blamed for everything. the evil pig was named napoleon and wasn't white

  • thedavecorp

    "You pass butter.""...omg.""Yeah welcome to the party pal."

  • Alex Ballesta

    The evil boss pig is napoleon if you think snowball is the bad one, you didn't get anything...Plus the snowball in the novel is a reference to Leon Trotsky meaning that the reference in Rick and Morty intended to reference snuffles as a revolutionary figure and not a Stalin-like dictator wich in the novel is referenced as Napoleon.

  • Pixxta

    There's also a poster of the hungry for apples campaign in the Jerry daycare

  • FF Carr

    the reason this video has so many dislikes, is the awful Rick impression he tries to attempt

  • JB Money

    What about the intro when they are being chased by a big monster but there is no episode today of that🤔

  • Schneelzare

    10:08 i legit thought it was porn site

  • crappy dead memer

    is it just me or is the kid that got bullied in ep 9 wearing an exploding kittens shirt?

  • Qwaurr

    Napoleon was the evil pig in Animal farm

  • Sai Tama

    Did anyone notice in Rick's Microverse everyone's head is shaped like a Penis and when they go into Stephen Colbert's Miniverse they all look like Sperm?

  • chazzacuber

    In animal farm, snowball was not bad. Napoleon spread lies about him, but they were only lies.However, it still might be a nod to Orwell, but in a different way

  • Aiden's awesome Adventures

    FUN FACT!Morty from Rick and MortyAndBlendin from gravity fallsAre voiced by the same person'oh jeez Rick... I was defeated by the pine twins'

  • Bob billy

    ERNEST HEMMINGWAY WAS IMPOTENT and THATS why he killed himself with the shotgun, after his gf was accidentally killed from wrestling the shotgun away from him. THE JOKE IS THAT JERRY CANT GET IT UP

  • Gen M

    The extremely long commercial in the middle of the video really overstayed its welcome. I've seen in-podcast and in-video commercials before, but never anything as long as this one. Smack dab in the middle of the video, too. Terrible execution.

  • The Foolish Channel

    You forgot about 666 in the first episode

  • nolol

    3:56 ah wait ah oh oh ooooooh ok

  • Divergent Droid

    Why didn't season 3 explain the cliffhanger at the end of season 2 where Rick gets put in prison?

  • Chase Szafnicki

    To skip the Quidd sponsered content in the middle of the video, the video resumes at 10:38.

  • Subparanon

    I think it's quaint that Quidd doesn't actually know what bukake means. An explanation would be Earnest Hemmingway's shotgun, but with a lot of spit and saliva.

  • Jacob Walters

    Yo, Napoleon was the evil pig

  • eldjou lynda

    13:51 that thing attached to fart makes the things inside him look like the infinity stones

  • Koniaczek Koń

    Thumbs down. Sell yourself out at the end of the video.

  • Starman

    Snowball is the good pig in animal farm. Napoléon is the evil one.

  • Jannik Seegert

    Why should i have missed any of these jokes?

  • Moo guez

    In the first episode when Rick freezes the kid, later on principal Vagina says 'there is no evidence that a latino student did it' which could be a reference to Ricks last name being Sanchez.

  • matthijs De Pril

    this video is complete kachelwinkel peeters

  • John Hall

    One of the better "you missed x" videos. Learned some things ive nto seen, and ive rewatched the series thrice now.

  • Nerd How To

    Great video. How long does it take to come up with all of these?

  • King of the Mod Wolves

    I like how in the ricks must be crazy, Rick creates a univers of people who look like dicks, who in turn create a smaller universe of people who look like sperm.

  • Joseph Maceas

    i think you missed the refrence of two brothers to the movie 4 brothers

  • ABC 123

    When Morty threw out the crystals, on the right someone as a blue Bart shirt.

  • MelodiCadence Arche

    Hey something was similar to something else so it's a reference. Good video schmuck.

  • 4l13N-Seb

    Season 1 has the best episodes

  • German Acosta

    almost every scene and line can be considered a reference

  • ege cogulu

    Snowball was not evil wtf

  • jack davis

    Napoleon was the evil boss pig in animal farm not snowball

  • Denis Botnaru

    The evil boss pig was called napoleon. Snowball was actually good

  • steve harvey

    That boukaki joke is my favorite rick and morty joke. When I 1st heard that I was dying laughing

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