Skyrim Special Edition SECRET Glass Bow of the STAG PRINCE (Best Unique Weapons Locations)

Skyrim Special Edition Secret Glass Bow of the Stag Prince (Best Unique Weapons Locations)
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  • Astrosive

    is nobody gonna address the flying rabbits..

  • Josh Taylor

    I too love playing skyrim on the toilet.

  • [Last_Stand]

    My boy ESO finally moved into a mansion, that should explain the echo. My man making bank on these guides.

  • Toby

    "What is up squad, ESO here coming to you straight from the inside of a bathtub beneath the pacific ocean"That aside I really love these videos

  • Erick Viana

    i actually got all i need in Skyrim, i just watch these videos because they're hella fun

  • 1111 JTD

    ESO making a Skyrim guide real time in Bleak Falls Barrow

  • gaming with egg

    what happend to the audio :(

  • Khazynn

    r u recording inside of a barrel?

  • DocBravo

    I think ESO is doing this video in a deep cave.

  • The Unwanted One's

    bro yo audio...Fix it.

  • Felicette

    I really hope he didn't mass record and all his videos have this audio 😂

  • Dark Reaper

    ESO can you make the top 10 best followers in skyrim remastered

  • Anon Fan

    I'm sending u a new mic for Christmas man

  • Karim Camel

    wow i thought i was the only one who plays skyrim in the wardrobe

  • DarkRager

    ah!Recording this in dragonsreach i see!very echo-y

  • swingbean

    hey eso, i have found a new speech exploit, the video is on my channel, thought you could make a video on it as you will reach way more people with it than i can.

  • Nathan Hooper

    Do you come to the cloud district to record, oh, what am I saying of course you don't...YOU GO TO THE CLOUDS AND RECORD!

  • Darkwoodcutter

    it's like he is talking into a glass

  • LikeAboss0725

    Can you make a video on how to uninstall the unofficial patch

  • Larry da Vinci

    What is up with the audio?

  • The Dragonborn

    It sounds like he walked out into his Hallway and started commentary

  • David Riley

    For God's sake people, his internet has been down and this is his full time job. Just deal with it for the time being.

  • Humbly_Bumbly

    is it me or does eso sound like he is talking into a jar

  • lucario709

    Sounds like he was recording this while being on the toilet.. thanks for the location though!

  • ZeMtIn

    What's up with your audio, ESO ?!

  • 420CactusGaming

    Just me hearing MAD echo in your voice???

  • a b

    I don't mean to be rude and an explanation would be appreciated, but that mic quality is absolute shit.

  • Bloodstreak 99

    It sounds like he's talking into a hallway

  • Smough

    Unwatchable because of the audio

  • Serenity

    Good video. Good commentary. Bad audio. ¾ of a like.

  • ZephrusPrime

    {Solst-Heim} {Mala-Kite} Making god weapons is for newbs.

  • Sneaky Steve 99

    Every unique weapon is the best in the game.

  • kai

    I too, play skyrim while taking a bath. You are not alone.

  • Satiri. exe

    Oh jesus ESO The Audio is aids

  • HarpoThePB

    omg i lost it when the floating bunnies appeared

  • matchbox911

    Why are your rabbits floating?

  • Carson Dalton

    Hey if you can successfully transfer the dagger to his inventory without him knowing, then the bend will perk is not needed. Simply escape him and return a day later. Make sure you don't see the bow on his back and you can buy it. Thanks anyways ESO keep up the good work.

  • Thomas Korth

    I love how u make all of ur guides complete. U say how to do it and then how u can springboard off that and do something even cooler

  • Raul Duke

    are you making this video in a cave?

  • Joel Simmons

    I love your videos but cringe every time you say "smash that like button." Please stop with the "smash." it's just so awful.

  • FreeGamesFTW

    what happened to your mic?!

  • Tyler Bird

    Yeah sure the audio isn't the best but it's seriously no big deal, you will ALL live. Believe it or not.

  • Twabourne & Louis LLP

    Can you do this in the PC version of skyrim as well?

  • Nyde

    Did u record this video in a cave?

  • Vegan Beef

    Watch his update video if you want to know why he is using a toaster for a mike

  • Jim Mulvaney

    I call HAX... that 1st arrow was clearly a miss! ... :Echo Echo:

  • Chicken Muffin

    How did you get on the boatBtw there’s no link in description

  • Shadowlord 11

    Somethings wrong with your mic.

  • CHQ


  • Brian Callison

    Another best weapon video.... I guess every weapon in the game is the "best" 😑

  • User Name

    Ok ESO, stop making sandwiches in the kitchen when talking into the mic.

  • Painful deth

    Can you remake the spider follower video? But this time only show the ones you can get in the game and what they do in the same video.

  • steven buitenkamp

    remember to take off your daedric helmet when talking into a mic

  • Bruce Lee

    690k subs, won't invest in a mic

  • Amy Carter

    That's one Hell of an awesome bow. Definitely right up my alley with my Skyrim main.

  • Nintey9Lives Nintey9Lives

    I took years trying to find this but then I took a arrow to the nee

  • Seth Hawkins

    If you can't handle the audio, don't watch the video?

  • hazard1244

    i need new armor or weopins im level 23 with sucky stuff make easy weopin or armor location plz

  • ifudontlikeitdie

    LMao I'm pretty sure Hircine literally has a stag head doesn't just wear one.

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