Skyrim Special Edition SECRET Glass Bow of the STAG PRINCE (Best Unique Weapons Locations)

Skyrim Special Edition Secret Glass Bow of the Stag Prince (Best Unique Weapons Locations)
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  • Josh Taylor

    I too love playing skyrim on the toilet.

  • Toby

    "What is up squad, ESO here coming to you straight from the inside of a bathtub beneath the pacific ocean"That aside I really love these videos

  • Astrosive

    is nobody gonna address the flying rabbits..

  • [Last_Stand]

    My boy ESO finally moved into a mansion, that should explain the echo. My man making bank on these guides.

  • 1111 JTD

    ESO making a Skyrim guide real time in Bleak Falls Barrow

  • Khazynn

    r u recording inside of a barrel?

  • Inquisitor Shadowlord

    Somethings wrong with your mic.

  • Karim Camel

    wow i thought i was the only one who plays skyrim in the wardrobe

  • DocBravo

    I think ESO is doing this video in a deep cave.

  • gaming with egg

    what happend to the audio :(

  • Erick Viana

    i actually got all i need in Skyrim, i just watch these videos because they're hella fun

  • DarkRager

    ah!Recording this in dragonsreach i see!very echo-y

  • Anon Fan

    I'm sending u a new mic for Christmas man

  • The Dragonborn

    It sounds like he walked out into his Hallway and started commentary

  • Nintey9Lives Nintey9Lives

    I took years trying to find this but then I took a arrow to the nee

  • David Riley

    For God's sake people, his internet has been down and this is his full time job. Just deal with it for the time being.

  • Humbly_Bumbly

    is it me or does eso sound like he is talking into a jar

  • Felicette

    I really hope he didn't mass record and all his videos have this audio 😂

  • Bruce Lee

    690k subs, won't invest in a mic

  • Dark Reaper

    ESO can you make the top 10 best followers in skyrim remastered

  • CHQ


  • Nathan Hooper

    Do you come to the cloud district to record, oh, what am I saying of course you don't...YOU GO TO THE CLOUDS AND RECORD!

  • The Unwanted One's

    bro yo audio...Fix it.

  • Bloodstreak 99

    It sounds like he's talking into a hallway

  • steven buitenkamp

    remember to take off your daedric helmet when talking into a mic

  • YourBoyMuzz

    Unwatchable because of the audio

  • Darkwoodcutter

    it's like he is talking into a glass

  • Serenity

    Good video. Good commentary. Bad audio. ¾ of a like.

  • Painful deth

    Can you remake the spider follower video? But this time only show the ones you can get in the game and what they do in the same video.

  • Carson Dalton

    Hey if you can successfully transfer the dagger to his inventory without him knowing, then the bend will perk is not needed. Simply escape him and return a day later. Make sure you don't see the bow on his back and you can buy it. Thanks anyways ESO keep up the good work.

  • Duck Muffin

    How did you get on the boatBtw there’s no link in description

  • Larry da Vinci

    What is up with the audio?

  • Amy Carter

    That's one Hell of an awesome bow. Definitely right up my alley with my Skyrim main.

  • LikeAboss0725

    Can you make a video on how to uninstall the unofficial patch

  • ZeMtIn

    What's up with your audio, ESO ?!

  • lucario709

    Sounds like he was recording this while being on the toilet.. thanks for the location though!

  • Thomas Korth

    I love how u make all of ur guides complete. U say how to do it and then how u can springboard off that and do something even cooler

  • Tyler Bird

    Yeah sure the audio isn't the best but it's seriously no big deal, you will ALL live. Believe it or not.

  • Jim Mulvaney

    I call HAX... that 1st arrow was clearly a miss! ... :Echo Echo:

  • Twabourne & Louis LLP

    Can you do this in the PC version of skyrim as well?

  • matchbox911

    Why are your rabbits floating?

  • kai

    I too, play skyrim while taking a bath. You are not alone.

  • HarpoThePB

    omg i lost it when the floating bunnies appeared

  • Vainsage

    Did u record this video in a cave?

  • Raul Duke

    are you making this video in a cave?

  • Sneaky Steve 99

    Every unique weapon is the best in the game.

  • FreeGamesFTW

    what happened to your mic?!

  • Vegan Beef

    Watch his update video if you want to know why he is using a toaster for a mike

  • Brian Callison

    Another best weapon video.... I guess every weapon in the game is the "best" 😑

  • Anthony Nudell

    how is lydia not unbearably ugly in your skyrim, as she is in my skyrim?

  • Satiri. exe

    Oh jesus ESO The Audio is aids

  • Joel Simmons

    I love your videos but cringe every time you say "smash that like button." Please stop with the "smash." it's just so awful.

  • 420CactusGaming

    Just me hearing MAD echo in your voice???

  • ZephrusPrime

    {Solst-Heim} {Mala-Kite} Making god weapons is for newbs.

  • Seth Hawkins

    If you can't handle the audio, don't watch the video?

  • David Ousted

    Thx for this great guide, it was very helpfull but I manage to get this bow without spending perks on my pickpocket skill and without this Bend Will shout. What I did was, as your video suggested, I pickpocket Falas and gave him a sword but instead of attacking him, I found a small camp not far away with two bad guys and provoke them to pursuit me.When Falas saw me got chased, then he first said, that he's staying out of this fight but when I close enough to him with this bad guy, then he change his mind, pulled the sword I gave him and killed the bad guy. Then he return to his chair and I could buy this nice bow from him =DTo find this small camp, I walked about 50-100 m. away from Falas house and turned left and run for about 5-10 sec. It's hard to describe it but now you have a direction if you want to find the camp and try my method yourself.

  • Vincent & Alex Gilbert

    I instantly wondered if the merchant was a Daedra himself... Helm covering his face, Daedric Arrows on his back, etc. Who knows... Maybe he was/is Hircine's champion? Or maybe he is Hircine himself, and that's why he can't be killed? If you think about it... most of the Princes have a weapon as their "token" (i.e Dawnbreaker, Mehrune's Razor, Mace of Molag Bal, etc.) and when you complete Hircine's quest, all you get as a reward is either a useless ring or mediocre armor. This may be because you haven't actually become his Champion, you just did him a favor. You would think the Prince of the HUNT would have a weapon, and of course being a hunter, his weapon of choice would be a bow. Just my two cents.

  • Matt Smith

    Sounds like the bend will method is really the better way to go even if you have the misdirection perk since if you buy the bow it won't have that pesky stolen flag causing guards to confiscate it along with all your other stolen goods if you get nabbed for some petty charge somewhere.

  • dark super saiyan charles

    Can't you use the calm spell it's almost the same as that shout

  • Slickdamin

    You could give him the dagger than bash him with your bow and after that sheathe your bow

  • Ezreall 2.0

    He never appears to me?

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