Skyrim Mod: Last Seed - Primary Needs, Wellness, Disease [Skyrim Survival]

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In today's video we take a look at Last Seed, the primary needs, wellness and disease overhaul from Chesko.
Last Seed is one of 5 mods that make up the Skyrim Survival series of mods. Find out more here -

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Last Seed:


Fat Bastards in Skyrim

Eating/Drinking Animations:

Sleeping Animations

Wizard Hats


Background Music:
Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
  • Cookies R us

    If you become a vampire, your hunger should decrease less and your thirst more. If you are a werewolf, it is reversed.

  • Redd24Hundred

    dies of starvationblood pours out of back

  • AJ Bradley

    Sick some more mods to add to my never ending load order

  • Viσlet

    woah! cant wait to spend 2hours making an entire playthrough for this mod then 20 minutes in it crashes and i can no longer be bothered with skyrim until the next game changing mod comes along

  • Pedro Gomes

    Chesko: My dear immersive gamers... you loved Frostfall;Immersion Modders: Yeah!Chesko: And when you had to use those awful awful tent mods... I gave you Campfire!Immersion Modders: Ummm...Chesko: But then I expanded on it making it Real Shelters and Backpacks too!Immersion Modders: YEAH!Chesko: So, for all of you who are tired of tweaking iNeed I give yoooou... LAST SEED!Immersion Modders: cheeringChesko: And later on my newest Project, replacing Wet and Cold, Downfall!Immersion Modders: crowd goes wildChesko: And in June 2018 I will present to you the alpha of my colab with Beyond Skyrim: Beyond Skyrim IMMERSIVE BOOK READING!!!Immersion Modders: people throw Money at Chesko

  • sean salas

    When the mod becomes fully functional, would you do a video detailing all of the mods by Chesko?

  • Lu Dux

    Perfect with Pumping Iron.

  • Taglia

    But is it immersive tho?

  • Vaf

    I am always amazed by the genius of the Skyrim Mod community. Bethesda should really hire these people and others. The creativity and attention to detail are amazing.

  • Craig Riches

    Brodual, is there any chance of you continuing the Transforming Skyrim series?

  • Most Likely Dead

    Ah chesko, the patron saint of modding. I wish I knew jack all about modding so I could replace the some of the divine shrines with tributes to him, gopher, and the guy who made wet & cold, the patches, and such( difficult name to remember but I know he uses an argonian for his profile)

  • J4H3AD

    I absolutely love the developer of Frostfall, Campfire, and Last Seed. Excellent design philosophy (enhance, not get in the way) and I REALLY look forward to Last Seed being fully released. I also contacted him because I was having a bug (I thought. Turned out I misread something) and he got back with me in like 6 hours. I can't thank him enough for the hard work and excellent content he creates.

  • Caleb Collier

    Who needs those when you can the power of Skooma?

  • Spit Fire

    i think logically hunger would be tied to stamina and thirst would be tied to health regeneration, as in real life you get hungry by running or bashing an imperial scum's scull with a warhammer (real life xD) and if you lose blood from a wound your body would lose tremendous amounts of water and it's advised to drink lots and lots of water if you suffer from blood loss

  • T- 800

    Pretty soon there's gonna be mods that make you have to take shits.

  • Cookies R us

    I'm already excited from the title.

  • Solus Aurum

    Yo Imma replace iNeed with this when the full version comes out

  • buoe 12

    never clicked on one of your videos so fast. been waiting for this!

  • Chubba Hustle

    yo wtf happened to the the little intro tune that was the best what u doing fam


    Uploaded 59 seconds ago ha... thanks Brodual

  • The Rook

    Just what I needed to start playing again, thanks.

  • Ubeogesh

    what bugs me in these realism mods is that they only affect player character

  • ZeriocTheTank

    I'm not sure how I feel about this focus ability. What would happen if I decide to sleep inside a cave?

  • BaSsGaZ

    Amazing! I'm tearing up out of love for Chesko and all of the great modders out there who spend hundreds of hours from their precious time making mods and making the game better for the whole community to enjoy. You guys are our Heroes!

  • ZephrusPrime

    @ 3:39 be careful not to starve or a back-burster will end you!

  • Elricwulf

    3:15 ..."This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like"

  • TimiK

    hand clips with sweetroll literally unplayable

  • Frozium

    May I know which casting animation is used at 0:44?

  • Timóteo André

    Fucking Chesko, the man is amazing when coming with mods. I can see myself going back to Skyrim once his mod is more complete.

  • Hopelessdecoy

    Chesko is such an awesome modder..... might as well call it Chesko's Skyrim soon lol

  • Αδαμ Φιλος Θρυλου

    Greetings Brodual! I was wondering, if you could contact with a mod creator, to suggest you an idea for a mod, that i really think its missing from Skyrim.THE BASIC IDEA OF THE MOD:It is actualy to add some Medieval Tournaments by time to times. The tournaments could include games like Jousting,Archery, or normal combat between 2 warriors,and the winner would get a price, like a big amount of gold, or a noble wife(?).SOME MORE SUGGESTIONS:The tournaments could be created by a specific Jarl each time,for example, and you could learn when and where the location of the tournament will be,by going in an Inn or something (or maybe by placing signs around eatch major city?).Another great addition would be if the tournament would last more than 1 or 2 days.(Another mod that is really missing from Skyrim is some kind of trial by combat mod, like in Game Of Thrones or other medieval movies/stories)

  • Wai Dixon

    Well, definitely not recommended for the first few times playing through Skyrim in my opinion.I understand what it's trying to do, forcing you to role-play more realistically and distract you a bit from constant dungeon exploring so that you won't get bored. Long time players that have already explored most of skyrim may want to add this kind of mod since just plain exploring would really get boring fast.But players that are only in first or second playthroughs would really just want to immerse themselves in exploring the quests and landscapes, forcing them to constantly manage a ton of needs would be a chore instead.

  • CM

    I might have installed this mod were it not for all the extra features. Too script heavy for me.

  • Fallen Deus

    This is actually a really well thought out and designed mod. When the full version comes out you should definitely do an updated video on it. Hopefully the mod author takes some of the feedback to heart especially the whole unbound intensity triggering in certain situations thing. Would be cool having a beserker style character that just goes into beserker mode under certain situations without and control by them, or technically you the player. Would be really cool if they added a cooking aspect to it so that you can cook entire entrees and maybe have them give some extra bonuses, like fortifying hunger for a set amount of time so that it doesnt drain or drains slower and obviously expanded out from that idea for the fatigue and thirst as well. Wonder if there will eventually be exceptions for vamps, maybe werewolves, so that they dont have to eat or eat less while having some sort of tie in to the vampirism tier system. I guess for WW they could have their own thing like they could have improved vitality stats tied to feeding as a WW, it may be to much but you could do something along the lines of feeding as a WW combating hunger but also giving more bonuses to vitality since you are a hearty WW who's actually ABOVE the peak condition of a human.

  • Christian Pierce

    Been waiting for this ever since I saw it on the Hot Files.

  • Sylvester Savage

    that outro dude, caught me off guard lol

  • MeltingMagnetz King

    Amazing but will be waiting for the full version

  • The Trusty Sidekick

    This looks very interesting, I might get this mod. I haven't played Skyrim in several months but I keep adding to my load order anyway. It's a problem, please help.

  • Zzarcon1

    I think that food should keep it's vanilla effects as well as restoring hunger. Plus I think that it should have a system where you can recognize food from other mods if they are unsupported by last seed, similar to the taxidermy power in the latest version of hunterborn.

  • Albin0gh0st

    The real question is when will it be released for Skyrim: Special Edition?

  • ItsFrenzius

    How will this effect your companions? Do you need to provide food for them or will they have food on standby?

  • James Parker

    Eh, sounds kind of annoying.

  • Victor Faria


  • Wing Onn

    sounds script heavy as hell.. Between improving gameplay, managing script lag and CTDs, I'll be lucky to get Skyrim to run smoothly.

  • Kaleb Elmore

    skyrim needs way more fat people

  • Toby Sweetman

    I love mods like this but just like playing a vampire it means the second I fast travel across the map I'm fucked.

  • SamahLama

    It's been confirmed that it'll never be finished by the creator. Chesko started making mods for creation kit and quit modding the way he used to after he got paid.

  • Stellar Skadi

    Here's hoping it'll come out on Xbox like Frostfall and Campfire. If not, oh well, iNeed will do just fine.

  • Facu Pudenti

    The "Focus" part is really interesting and I feel it is realistic.

  • Watchman Willowyre

    What mod is that mage hat from?

  • Despicable Mind

    its great that chesko has released this after a long time being built, but why release only half the mod or basically in Beta mode...lets be honest its great when these new mods release but after only a couple of hours playing skyrim again you realise how boring it is now lol! I was always a huge skyrim player & mod user but the other day after sorting all my mods and returning after a year away, i began playing but only 2 hrs in i was just bored....think im done, for good 😓

  • YungHandz706

    If "focus" acted like adrenaline, which activates everytime you're in a fight then that would be good. It probably wasn't called "adrenaline" in the first place, because everything might not be a threat to the character for their adrenaline to pump up. You would be still be focused even on the one's you don't think can do you any real harm. There needs to be more needs mods that take into account that the character is an abnormal athlete who's trained to run around for hours and fight people and things.

  • Junk Email Address

    Just read on reddit the creator of this mod won't be finishing it due to real life obligations. Understandable but damn this would have been an amazing mod... :/

  • Mike Mouse

    I'd like it if they handled cannibalism like how Fallout 4 Survival handles it.If you eat a lot of corpses then eventually other ways to regain hunger fill you up less and less to the point where you have to eat corpses if you want to be in peak condition

  • Cole Jenkins

    I think that focus aspect might have sold me on the mod. The micromanagement is what stops me from using survival mode for long periods of time. I don't so much mind having to keep up on myself, but having everything constant and bombarding me while I'm trying to enjoy other aspects of the game is annoying, flat out.

  • Leo Bauzá

    unbound intentsity sounds "good" like a rage stage where some people gets in real life when you are like super human... those moments are due to adrenalin. But in the video I saw it like... TOO slow like a very too much slow motion camera... from my point of view it will be a bit more "realistic" to have 15 second instead of 10 second unbound duration and increased speed of time but still slow motion kind of moment.... the rest IS F***INKG awesome

  • sgtrpcommand

    The focus thing actually makes sense in a real life sense aswell. If you are a supremely trained athlete or soldier, going into a situation where you are mentally and physically conditioned to react certain ways will allow you to perform in a way similar to the focus mechanic.Also, skyrim mods are getting way to realistic now.. If I downloaded this, I guarantee I'd be treating my in-game character better than I am myself XD

  • Dr. JB h.c.

    Hey, this guy's mods are completely underrated and I think that it would be awesome if you could give a review to them.HeirOfTheSeptems mods:Adept - Magic of AshNightwielder SpireReach MagicThey are all great mods and are completely underrated.

  • Vatan Kömürcü

    Which is better?-iNeed-Realistic Needs and Diseases-Realistic Needs and Diseases 2-Last Seed

  • ModelRR-072

    Over time this channel has grown a personality at first (no offense) you kinda blandly a dully talked about a mod now you crack joke which are actually funny provide extra uses and talk about what you would add you have become a lot better. I'm always going to come back here when I feel like I need to spice up my next play through even though I have a potatoes for a computer

  • Doug Peck

    I'm not sure how I feel about not letting you eat a consistent diet, I get the Idea, and I think it makes sense, but what I've always done is while I'm going from place to place, I kill a couple deer from horseback and cook up the meat at the next campsite I find, occasionally nicking bread and other food items from various camps.

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