Everything Wrong With Ready Player One

What if it were like The Matrix, only it was all a game, and filled with 80's references?! That's Ready Player One. Here are all the sins we found.

Thursday: Kicky sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Daniel Sambar

    Animation was phenomenal, I kinda wish the whole movie was like it.

  • TheAdvertisement

    5:50 My big problem is not even that no one figured out that clue from that, I have a problem that no one just randomly tried going backwards for fun. I mean seriously, when a new game comes out all it's secrets are discovered by someone in a week. There are people who try EVERYTHING. This should not have taken years to figure out something as simple as going backwards.

  • Hammie Li

    Art3mis looks like Kratos

  • SuperShadow0823

    15:40-15:42 He literally Just described why I hated this movie, It goes so far away from the Book, its an ok movie but a horrible adaptation of something that could’ve been amazing, but I can accept that if it was a copyrighting issue with how many 80s and 90s references there are in the book, if it wasn’t a copyright problem then someone might have to be fired. I get that No adaptation of a Book is perfect, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Some Examples. (Spoilers to the book)Daito gets killed IRL by someIOI Agents that threw him out if a buildingParzival gets the Coin from playing a Perfect game of Pac-Man, not by the curator.Parzival gets arrested for faking being put into debt as part of a plan to get inside IOI headquarters and learn everything about them and obtain all of their files, and to learn how to bring down the force field, not Art3mis as a sacrifice.Parzival and Art3mis never meet IRL until the Very End of the bookIn the book, once they got a Key, they had to decode another clue to find the respective gates, they don’t just show up after they get the keyThe Crystal Gate was opened by 3 Gunters with 3 Copies of the Crystal Key, not 1 with all 3 KeysThey went to the Globe because they were invited by Ogden Morrow because it was his birthday, not because Art3mis was like “Hey You wanna go?”Following the last one, Ogden’s avatar saves them in the book, not a magic Rubik’s CubeOgden Morrow invites the High-Five (minus Daito) to his Mega Mansion where they can all fight for the egg without worrying about IOI soldiersArt3mis meets Wade at the 1st Gate which is a Dungeon and Dragons remake of the Tomb Of Horror’s in which they fought a monster for the Copper Key in a game of Joust after Wade obtained the copper keyThe Shut Down The OASIS button was hid behind a Bookcase instead of out in the open.Anorak’s Castle was Destroyed in the Cataclyst Explosion.And I could Go On but this comments already too much to read. Thanks to Anyone who read all of this comment.

  • Zay

    Now for Ready Player two : Press any button to connect controller.

  • Dillon Hume

    Honestly I enjoyed the movie... but I never read the book so maybe that's why

  • LoyalSif

    So this just comes down to "AAAGGGG THE BOOKS ARE BETTER"..... well from somebody who never read the books I enjoyed the film. Hollywood actually did pretty well for a "Gaming culture" movie for once. The amount of people crying about how it wasn't the books is just sad, no movie will ever fill the shoes of a book but from an outsider's point of view I thought the story of the movie flowed pretty well. The amount of hidden references in this movie showed that they did care about gamers and not just the general public. One that got me was when Art3mis was showing off her dress she used the same spin animation as in WoW, small details like that made me appreciate that the movie wasn't just a cash grab by Hollywood. Sorry that this movie disappointed some of you guys but as a casual viewer I enjoyed it 🙂

  • Ro

    The book was leagues above the movie. It was just better in every way possible.

  • Autumnsfantasy

    No sin points for the actions of IOI against the people until the very end of the movie by legal authorities? Like, they're kidnapping people, bombing homes, etc. in the movie with zero consequences up until Wade wins, and then suddenly the cops get involved?

  • The Rick Reviewer

    Do Everything Wrong With Infinity War.

  • classichowie

    Everyone complaining about the inaccuracy with the book but Ernest Cline helped create the cinematic version, if the movie was like the book, it wouldve been a terrible movie regardless of how good the book was. Movies arent supposed to be books.

  • Duck McFuddle

    The movie on its own was fine.The book on its own was amazing. The movie compared to the book was horrible.It seems like it’s that way with most movies based off books...

  • K162KingPin

    The most GLARING thing wrong with Ready Player 1 is that its a world based around a giant video game world. Where were the hackers? Every even remotely popular video game gets overrun with hackers. Look at CS GO, PubG, Minecraft, Diablo, LOL, ect. Yet somehow in 30 years when almost everyone on the planet is playing the same mega video game there are no hackers?Second biggest problem is that every time your player dies you lose ALL you money. WTF? Like you can't put it in a bank? Worst case before you go somewhere dangerous you trade it to a friend or an alternate account. If straight up giving money to another player isn't an option for whatever stupid reason we did see that you can buy and sell stuff in the game. So your "friend" or "alt account" puts up a rock for sale for exactly as much money as you have and you buy it. Now the money is transferred and safe and you can go to planet DOOM and get yourself killed safely without losing all your money. There is no way for the developers to prevent this without removing the ability to buy and sell and that would remove the need for money in the game all together.The "Go Backwards" clue would never have been found because somebody would have tried that within the first week of the contest being found regardless of any clue. People playing games try EVERYTHING. There is absolutely no way that a simple solution like "go backwards" wouldn't have been found almost immediately let alone after 5 years.The curator said it wasn't possible that the name only appeared once to egg him into a bet so he could give him the extra life. I know it was in the script but realistically its plausible that if he hadn't offered the bet the curator could have or simply said something obvious like "if you're right I'll give you all the money in my pocket". Its not really hard to egg someone in a bet and pretty easy to manipulate the results. Like how many ways can you use a "bet" as an excuse to buy a girl a drink or dinner while technically losing the bet. Did you really lose?The Score Board is only really a reflection of how much prize money the player won and a huge brag board for whoever lands on it and in what order. TOTALLY realistic and practical. You might as well say "whats the point of the top 10 score listing on most arcade games. Its bragging rights bro.The "cube" was his tool / weapon. Its reasonable that it wouldn't turn back time for him as that would negate its advantage. Still it should have turned back time for Artemis.Multiple people are playing the shining challenge simultaneously without interacting because they are different "instances". This is also very common in video games with PVE player vs environment missions. Star Trek Online for example. If you have a million players on the game and 1000 different missions its inevitable that at any given time there are hundreds of people wanting to play the same mission. If everyone was in the same instance of the mission it would be pointlessly easy to defeat the enemy. On the other hand if you make it hard enough to be fun for the random thousands of people trying to play it simultaneously then it would be impossible for a few people or only one person to win. So the game breaks the missions up into 5 or less people in most cases. When the next 5 players try to do the mission they are grouped up and put in a separate instance. Basically a copy of the mission that only they are in. The only odd part about it in the movie is that all of them were allowed to enter together for what turned out to be a single player challenge. They should have all been in a separate instance from the moment they entered the building. You literally said as much when mentioning the final challenge and the line of people.That said since the last challenge is a line of people and it doesn't "shortchange" the possibilities. It ensures that no way two or more people find the final key simultaneously leaving one clear winner. Besides if not for the whole force field thing it would have been pretty easy to get rid of the line. Just kill them. As happened anyway as it turned out to be placed in a pvp environment.The really strange thing about this situation is that the planet where the final challenge was located should have been under the control of a player based alliance of pvp players. Its completely unrealistic to imagine that anything remotely resembling a well known world in a game like that wasn't under the umbrella of a massive pvp alliance in which case IOI would never have been able to establish any kind of foothold without immediate retaliation from that alliance. We are talking about a game with billions of players. There are player corporations in EVE Online which only has around 30,000 player that are much larger and better armed than the entire IOI company in the movie. As for alliances. EVE has alliances that could have crushed a single corporation like IOI without blinking. So a global game with billions of players would no doubt have player made alliances in game with memberships numbering in the hundreds of millions. As soon as the 3rd challenge was discovered they would have all swarmed that planet and it would have been the focal point of the largest battle ever imagined up to that point.

  • Bury Me Smilin'

    Artemis killed the main bad guy (with a bomb thru the giant godzillas eye) but then he was right back 2 seconds later with no problem... Is that not a sin or did i miss somethin?

  • CRH

    The biggest sin of all: this is not Ready Player One.

  • Banhammer72

    For me there are two massive sin this film created that spoiled it in the end. 1) Why would anyone play a game where 1 death would mean total in game (also seemingly real world) financial ruin? Especially in a gaming environment like "Doom World" where death would be absolutely random and unstoppable.2) The whole thing was just people spouting gaming pop culture references, to me it felt a bit like The Big Bang Theory, where we are "meant" to be laughing WITH the nerds but in fact we are laughing at the nerds still. Other than that the film was ok, maybe I'll get around to reading the book, hopefully it will be a bit better thought out.

  • coberon zephile

    Wow so many normies that they couldn't grasp the concept on how fucking awesome the Gundam is to be seen in a Hollywood film.

  • Don't Subscribe. I Don't Need Subscribers.

    7:03 IOI is evil for killing innocent civilians not for wanting to make money.

  • NooBLinK 300

    another sin: this is a videogame movie, and mario or sonic don't even have a minimal representation that matters, mario is part of a joke and on a spinoff(mario kart) and sonic only appears at the war and for 0.25356 seconds.

  • Nameless

    The very last clip. "Stark, i don't feel so good."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TooSoon

  • Greenel Beenel

    How he got the extra life token in the book was just leaps and bounds better than this. He basically got a perfect score on Pac-Man while listening to Pac-Man fever and it was inside a virtual pizza parlor on a planet whose surface were all pizza parlors and the center of the planet was filled with every video game.

  • shawn cypret

    Regardless I enjoyed Ready Player One

  • L'chezar Shulev

    I love this movie it contains my two favotite things1 DeLorean time machine back to the future2 Gaming

  • Justin Y.

    "Wow look! I remember that thing!"

  • Lotepamera

    tik tok has ruined the tracer references in this movieI'M ALREADY DEAD SIR

  • Joseph Sabogal Leon

    Maybe this movie has a little of similarity to the book, but Steven Spielberg did a great job after all.

  • Knoot _

    The movie was extreamely dissapointing.

  • Joe Merkel

    Book > movie21:30 PERFECT!!!!

  • Brian _

    1:46 Never put orgy and little girl in the same sentence please.

  • hitler a nazi


  • jesse moreno

    It was a good movie, but the book explains many of the sins

  • RJ The Bike Guy

    They changed all the details in the movie from how they were in the book. The book was way better and made a lot more sense.

  • Neda Taha

    god this movie strayed so far from the book that I refused to finish watching it. absolute shitfest

  • Taco Master

    you know that scene where Wade checks Art3mis and Parzival's heart rate? i'm thinking "VR headsets check your heart rate?"+1 sin

  • Komics

    Who else noticed tracer at 1:07

  • 162manoj

    That "I don't feel so good" from infinity war... Damn, you had to do that?Also yeah, this really doesn't follow the book much, cuz "who cares" (I'm salty).

  • birboutof5

    Ready player one:a world you can be what ever you want.Reality:little red echindas are spitting at me while dancing milk surrounds me

  • Reegareth

    The biggest sin of all... Basically ignoring everything great about the book. This was supposed to be an 80's themed 80's style coming of age action science fiction romantic fun around every corner flick and it was turned into an action, action, action, and oh was that some romance? flick. It lost the charm of Ernest Cline's writing style somewhere along the way by changing the story so drastically.

  • Black Ninj0

    Ready player two coming soon!

  • Shadow Storm12

    18:28 you're right, In the book, he beats halliday's pacman score and plays a literally perfect game. This movie is literally nothing like the book at all.

  • SMIBB Productions

    Cinema sins is still great at Cinema sins

  • Buliix_D G

    In the book he get the extra life by beating halliday and having having a perfect game

  • JDeG 302

    Movie and book were awesome even if they weren't even close to others

  • Angelina Gleisberg

    Am I the only one who saw Tracer from Overwatch at 1:06?

  • FroakachuTMM

    I AM SO HAPPY THAT THE IRON GIANT IS IN THIS MOVIE! The iron giant is one of my favourite movies ever

  • SuperWiiBros08

    This movie did a lot of things wrong but at least the visuals where really great.


    When I’m watching the movie😐 when I’m watching your review on the movie😂

  • WiZ Hydro

    man, I loved the book! But I couldn't agree more, many of the characters take way too much explaining. Spielberg just neglected to explain, rather than leave them out. Also, the challenges were way easier in the movie, and made the entire premise look idiotic because these are things millions of players would have taken just days, not years to find out. The movie was mediocre at best and the book was great... disappointed lol

  • kenpachi zaraki

    In the movie Samantha Cook is arrested by IOI. F'nale tells Samantha that the company bought and consolidated her debt, ~23k credits. Buuut if Samantha found two keys wouldn't she have enough coins/credits to pay that off? At 01:11:57 the scoreboard had Samantha's score at 122,715. Wade had 100k after the first key. So did Samantha spend all her loot before she was arrested?


    16:16 she entered to provide help cuz at the end daito got it and turn into any giant robot for 2 minutes not just the iron giant also it was a commission so not for her for someone else plus creating any specific robot takes work. having daito use it make's it all that more dramatic when his time runs out. i mean aech could of made a or the classic gundam for daito as a vehicle just like sorrento wait um i am not a person who know much about mecha godzilla but does mecha godzilla have someone controlling him too and a person like sorrento wouldn't know how to use it would he unless the mech does what he pleases. so wait daito has an item turning his character into a gundam aech actually activates the iron gaint essentially using the iron giant as his(her) own character then sorrento deploys mecha godzilla as a vehicle. wait what aech gave parzival a chuky in real life her action looked as if she was holding chucky but in game she is the iron giant wouldn't she be acting in real life as if she is flicking it in the direction of parzival?

  • MegaSoulHero

    I thought I was gonna hate this movie, but I actually ended up liking it kinda.

  • jengasaur

    I read the book years ago and was scared to watch the movie bc the book was SOOO good and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the movie. After watching this, I’m severely disappointed that THIS is someone’s rendition of that amazing book..

  • HTC915

    18:35 in the book he did a perfect game of Pac-Man where he gathered every point and did every map... It was a lot more satisfying

  • DiamondHearted7 Hello guys I mostly do fortnite now

    OK so as I was watching I was wobbling my tooth my fingers and my finger slipped and I had to pull my tooth out and I bled out like half of my bodies blood It hurt ☹️

  • Van Hendrix

    I clicked on the video faster than 5G network

  • sasamichan

    I never understood why , when a guy with a single gun faces a huge mob of unarmed people, the guy with the guy can scare the whole mob, rather then the entire mob rushing the one guy, the gun being fired maybe once before he is tackled. One guy in the mob gets hurt but the rest will still be alive. Even if the gunman shoots all his bullets Im willing to bet he does not have time to shoot 100 or more people before he is tackled to the ground. So 100 unarmed men vs 1 man with a gun and six bullets, 100 people should still win that.

  • BadB33f 3

    "You can go anywhere, do anything."But, can I do anyone?

  • D. Jordan

    So, no sin for the fact that when Wade is walking to his fan and talks to Sorento about his stupid offer, It's a bright and shiny day BUT, roughly 5 minutes later. Wade rushes out to get to his aunt because yeah yeah she's gonna die blah blah but, ITS NIGHT?!?!That talk with Sorento didn't take THAT long. I dare u to watch it again. Double dog, triple, quadruple!

  • I Control My Fate

    Cameo appearance, the movie

  • Tessa Gray

    As a person with a face birthmark, the biggest problem I have is people assuming it’s a bruise or injury and asking questions! I barely even notice it’s there!

  • Nick Hargroue

    The movie is nothing like the book so that’s why none of it really makes a whole lot of sense and isn’t that good, it’s too cheesy and isn’t accurate to what the author wanted (it’s not even that entertaining, which would make it redeemable)

  • pyruleanfire demon

    The Iron Giant was a commission, so technically not hers to use which was why she wanted the artifact.Also Halliday didnt like rules, explains all the barriers & explosives around the challenge.Me personally, id have gone with a Jager over Gundam but thats just me.

  • Gaurdianxangel8

    im not gonna lie i read the book and have seen the movie the movie could have been better its was basically a steven spielberg jizz fest it could have been worse but and this is a massive but the book made the hunt more exciting and challenging for any gunter the fact they left out the second part of the challenges was a big annoyance i know they can't make a 100% adaptation but i wish they put better thought into it i can rant for hours though about the other parts of the book but that was my biggest pet peeve

  • Beautiful Walrus

    18:23What about the fact that nobody else had an extra life token? Idk, that always stood out to me.

  • Jimmy O'Connor

    I saw tracer and a gun from Halo

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