Everything Wrong With Ready Player One

What if it were like The Matrix, only it was all a game, and filled with 80's references?! That's Ready Player One. Here are all the sins we found.

Thursday: Kicky sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • The Rick Reviewer

    Do Everything Wrong With Infinity War.

  • ToxicRadiation

    This movie is a disgrace to the book. The only thing remotely the same is the names of the characters, and the premise of 3 keys. That's it. The order of events were messed up, key moments completely removed, random and pointless moments added. They couldn't even be bothered to add challenges for the gates themselves. They made I-Rok into a major character into the 3rd Act, and couldn't even kill off Daito. The moment they all met was a moment of suspense in the book, something the novel had been leading up to. But halfway through the movie they throw Wade and Sam together with no build up. I know some people don't want movie interpretations to be scene-for-scene recreations of the book, but I'd much rather that than this abomination. With a budget like this, it's a real shame that they soiled the book by making an unfaithful and disappointing adaption of it. For those who have only watched the movie and not read the book, I strongly recommend reading the book because it's a much more enjoyable experience. Most novel to picture adaptations are bad, but this is by far the worst I've ever seen. Truly a sad day for avid readers and fans of the novel.

  • Incinablade 13

    "If you all reach under your seats you'll find there's nothing there" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Hines

    when the villain goes into the bad neighborhood with a gun and nobody else has a gun. What kind of slum neighborhood is this?

  • Travis Stump

    The biggest sin was that the holy hand grenade didn't sing "HAAAAAALLLL ELUJAH!" before exploding.

  • Critical Role Highlights

    The biggest sin of all: this is not Ready Player One.

  • MatthewT

    Ready player one should have become an anime instead of a live action film. Its got anime written all over it.

  • Emily Zaitz

    This movie made me so upset, and I didn't even read the book! I thought the characters were unbelievable and unlikable, the Oasis did not feel realistic, the story was bland and riddled with holes (this video did a great job pointing them out), and by the 10,000th forced 80s reference I wanted to scream. I can't imagine how fans of the book feel, I've heard the movie is not very faithful.

  • TheLonelySpaceMan 15

    6:21 Objects in mirror are closer than they appear


    Everything wrong with ready player one :EverythingThanks guys this is the most liked I’ve got 2 likes !!!!

  • Justin Y.

    "Wow look! I remember that thing!"

  • GreyscaleSky

    I absolutely adored this movie, it was everything I've ever wanted in a movie about video games and I'm so happy it was made, but I can also laugh over the sins and agree with some of them, unlike some salty assholes who don't understand that the sins don't really do anything and doesn't harm a movie.

  • RixAuzr

    The book is much better. But I still enjoyed the movie.

  • Kitten Pinkamations

    anyone else that likes both the movie and the book

  • Badmunky64

    Just saw the film. Was very disappointed. Such a waste of a great premise. I caught so many of the sins on my own that I almost feel like I should have a job at cinema sins.

  • RJ The Bike Guy

    They changed all the details in the movie from how they were in the book. The book was way better and made a lot more sense.

  • Mr Dragon

    If he's famous how come one person didn't kill him for coins.And somehow noone in the entire OASIS had the exact avatar.

  • Lab Matt

    VRChat is more fun than this movie

  • Bafana Melchizedek Martin

    The Revelation of Jesus in Games:Concerning Soulmates , Consciousness, Synchronicity, Links, Algorithms, as follows:It is the small things that we ignore we're the Key is hidden. Because many people think Games are for kids; yet every message is hidden in Games. Jesus said let the little Children come to me. To be a Child is to be curious, adventurous, creative, artistic. The games we play require the "Children" in order to uncover the Hints and clues of life. The Classic Game "Donkey Kong" is a symbol of a Donkey vs the Giant, David vs Goliath. In the game we see "Mario" trying to save the "Woman". It's only a Game Consciously, but when we do the "MoonWalk" we realize it's the Story of Creation. Now Mario when he saves Woman from "Kong"...He Will Find not only Balance but his Soulmate is trapped by the "Kong". The Name MarioMario = M+a+r+I+o = 4+1+9+9+6 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2Kong = K+o+n+g = 2+6+5+7 = 20 = 2+0 = 2Donkey = D+o+n+k+e+y = 4+6+5+2+5+7 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2Jesus = J+e+s+u+s = 1+5+1+3+1 = 11 = 1+1 = 2I know it's sound childish and insane, but the Game "Donkey Kong" is the "Gospel"Gospel = G+o+s+p+e+l = 7+6+1+7+5+3 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2Therefore,Donkey Kong Game = Jesus = GospelIn the Bible, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Donkey (The Game Donkey Kong)...Perhaps Jesus knows people are too proud to humble themselves and play "Games" because we are too "Mature" or "Occupied" we end up missing the Revelation of the Gospel.Last but not Least...the 2017 BlockbAster Movie "Kong" is another Movie the "Soulmates" must watch as it explains everything about reality. Kong is the Great "God" who saves his Land and people from those Monster Giants.#ThinkAboutThis#1111#444

  • BlackWater 49

    No mention of the scene where this "Kill em all"-grenade thing is used and we see the avatars getting killed and in the real world we see the headsets turning red?Yes, the explosion extents circular in the OASIS and kills everyone but how on earth are the headsets turning red circular, too?Maybe these guys are spawned in the same order the are placed in the real world but during the battle they move and this formation have to have broken up during the fight so these guys are in no way still located in the OASIS in the same pattern they are located in the real world. So when this grenade thing is used the headsets in the room should have turned red randomly or in little groups but not circular.

  • MegaSoulHero

    I thought I was gonna hate this movie, but I actually ended up liking it kinda.

  • Bailey Bovell

    Shutting down the OASIS on tuesdays and thursdays was really not a good thing. I mean, like cinemasins said most people go to school in the OASIS. And what about people who work there? Who depend on their jobs in the OASIS? Not to mention, parents who rely on it for a virtual babysitter/teacher for their children, like Wade in the book?

  • Spiral

    this movie was awesome

  • YayL

    Sin 20 at 2:49 is dumb. He probably just died and therefore his stats were removed. They said it had been 3years so there's a big chance he was killed.

  • Gaming with Hannsel

    meanwhile CinemaSins got a sin at 17:08 it is not "Pacific Rim", it is and anime called "Gundam"

  • birboutof5

    Ready player one:a world you can be what ever you want.Reality:little red echindas are spitting at me while dancing milk surrounds me

  • Nafereus kortex

    2:15 holy shit that was said with so much disdain

  • Architius

    So you're not gonna adress the fact that H repaired Artemis' bike and didn't even get compensation?

  • keterlaluan


  • NatekiPlayz

    4:01 when everyone is going to Walmart on boxing day

  • Brian _

    1:46 Never put orgy and little girl in the same sentence please.

  • Teagan Weller

    the biggest sin was really missed. I mean just because they are in the same place on the battlefield doesn't mean they are in the same place in the IOI headquarters. This is especially so if they were coming and going at a fast pace. This happened at least twice. so two more sins

  • Canis Major

    I can't figure out who the target audience for this crap is. Young people who don't know shit about the 80s or old people that for some reason are still obsessed with video games.

  • Alejo Nissensohn

    Yep, you said it right, the movie was complete and utter shit when compered to the book, though I admit it also had its flaws, it has 4 chapters in the middle where wade is like "I love Artemis so much that I don't care for the keys anymore, so lets halt the process of this book for 4 f***ing chapters where nothing, AT ALL, happens" other than that it is a great book that doesn't have 7/8 of the problems you described.

  • Amish Cowboy

    1:06 It can't be... In line! I'M ALREADY TRACER!

  • Daniel Sambar

    Animation was phenomenal, I kinda wish the whole movie was like it.

  • Phoenikz Gaming

    Sin 9: CinemaSins admits that they do not understand avatars

  • flašík

    how you cant put here:How Sorrento can fight or even move in aosis,when he sit in some chair,i can see how somebody is doing backflips or try to run when he is sitting :DDDDD

  • SeverelySpookyPeach

    The script of this movie was proof good film writing is dead (and the novel is proof that there are very little amount of good teen books, this is not one of them.)

  • RedCyclone

    They butchered this story.

  • Hunter

    all the Easter Eggs in this movie.... DOES put a smile on my face!

  • Fin kobras

    Dont Be mad If i get pissed off cuz this is My favorite movie hehe

  • RainbowJetpackGirl

    Ik there is a lot of things wrong with it and I JUST watched it 5 minutes ago, but it is already my favourite movie...

  • Cool Dude

    I don’t care what you say about this movie it’s the best one ever made and I love it 😍

  • Little Jacob

    8:02 Yeah, no obstacles. Not including the giant T-Rex, Kong, The Traffic Jam, Everything blowing up, yeah. Definitely won't consider THOSE obstacles. Eh but it's your goddamn video. I can't do jack shit. Probably gonna edit this comment. EDIT: 10:20 Harsh. Well we did only get to see her for 1 minute of the movie so if the movie had gotten more in-depth about Aunt Whatever-Her-Name-Is, THHEN we might've felt sorry for Aunt dying.

  • I Control My Fate

    Cameo appearance, the movie

  • Smashed Bird

    so basically a more realistic vr chat, 0/10 no Ugandan knuckles

  • Ryan Lu

    And why doesn’t he just turn the car around?

  • Titan Lord

    Ready player one more like vr chat

  • Sand

    The book was so much better lol

  • Jonathan Tao

    In the book passivel had too play a perfect game of Pac-Man!


    the 22nd, 35th, 37th 42nd, 47th 52nd, 55th, 60th, 72nd ones are the only actual ones.

  • Sumashu

    Tracer didn’t get stunned in this video. That’s some progress

  • Van Hendrix

    I clicked on the video faster than 5G network

  • Mark Hazleton

    The Narration took me WAY OUT of this film. Infact the first 15 minutes is just narration and visuals. "Welcome to Planet Doom" (computer voice) followed by Narration "THIS IS PLANET DOOM"... WE KNOW!!! The movie literally just told us a second ago. Also WHO IS HE EVEN TALKING TO? Is the Protagonist talking to US? A Journal? An interview? An interrogation?Narration can be done very well (TAXI DRIVER with Robert De Niro for instance).... but this movie failed HARD with the Narration. I don't think a single person would say "Yeah I love the narration in Ready Player One". It was SO ANNOYING. I would have just read the book instead of listening to it on the Big Screen...............................

  • Ima Gaming God

    we close it on Tus. and Thurs. while they are kissing... whats the reason there?

  • Robonaut 1

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.Almost all of these sins were movie-exclusive. The book woulda had like 7 total

  • Jacob Burden

    You missed a major one. When they were at the dance and being shot at, why the hell didn't they just exit the game?

  • SMIBB Productions

    Cinema sins is still great at Cinema sins

  • MoonCloudGaming

    The I came in like a wrecking ball had me laughing.

  • Jackie

    it was clear from reading the book that Ernest Cline didn't understand how to write a gay character (let alone characters of color, or female characters), so of course, a lesbian kiss wouldn't have been included in the movie.

  • Bee Well

    i usualy watch cinema sins to see if a movie is good to watch... thank god i did it again

  • SuperWiiBros08

    This movie did a lot of things wrong but at least the visuals where really great.

  • Midgard Eagle

    No one tried to drive backwards for five years. In a video game. Where the prize is unbelievable.Yeah, sure.That one should have deserved a thousand sins.


    Pedophiles put their favorite restaurant as Chucky cheese

  • Commanderkookoo 6

    You missed out on a great opportunity!Art3mis: What’s the password?Kernel Sanders: 1-2-3-4-5!President Skroob: That’s incredible! I have the same combination on my luggage!

  • Beau McDean

    Should have had a bonus round, for all the over-the-top, super obvious exposition moments.

  • Bryce McKenzie

    I really liked the idea of playing through a movie. Your job would become pointing out how inaccurate the virtual remakes are. Screw it! I want to VR play through Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones.

  • Ci Gallagher

    I usually really enjoy this channel but something about this video really rubbed me the wrong way. Nearly every point you make here is either needlessly pedantic, flat out wrong/nonsensical, ignores the need to think about things not immediately spelled out, or it's literally explained in the movie at some point. I know your job is to pick apart basically all major releases but this video felt super forced and frustrating rather than the usual light and funny.

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