Skyrim - Randomness (Part 1)

Enjoy in HD! I'm only 30 hours in, but here are some of my experiences so far. Now if you'll excuse me, my wood soup is getting cold!

Note: I was playing with God Mode enabled, that's why I never took any damage. It's fun with cheats, but it's also fun without them. As long as you're playing it, that's the main thing.
  • SvperNovaa

    The fish was so fresh that it wasn't even there.

  • Robert Ivey

    The funniest thing I did was when I was at this embassy, not knowing I had to use the drunk guy to cause a distraction, I stripped naked and knocked the dishes and food all over the floor.

  • cameron vigil

    I was once playing tag with kids in whiterun, and the little girl tagged a dead guard from my most recent rampage.

  • The Ancient Banana

    kids in skyrim should be warriors because they are unkillable

  • zexionfan15

    After watching every episode so far (up to 11), I have come back here and come to the conclusion that Scatsbury's copy of Skyrim was broken before he even started installing mods.

  • Snowskeeper Ferenczy

    6:14Soldier: "That the BEST YOU CAN DO?!" Smug Dragon: Bites him, swings him around and throws him awaySoldier: "THAT'S YOUR BEST, HAH?!"Dragon: ... "Didn't I just kill you? Like... Half a second ago?"

  • The Avenger at Ilipa

    Even in death, Belethor wishes that you "Do come BACK..."

  • Louis

    Sheogorath , Daedric prince of madness. Still more sane than skyrim's game engine.

  • OneTruthPrevails

    I love when you (not you) kill a dragon, and a guard is standing right in front of it whining about how his cousin is off fighting dragons while he's stuck with guard duty. "DUDE, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? GOD!"

  • Chelsea Howard

    I died at "drink some WATER"

  • Kiley Lynn

    kills killable people in white runplays with white run kids

  • Solus x

    Funny how the remastered version still has all the glitches like that shit at the start is still in there lol

  • glubfrost

    LOL. 3:09 - BEING A TOTAL DICK INCREASED TO 21 - Hahahahaha. XD

  • Fluffina1 AJ

    Skyrim Randomness: AKA the Scatsbury's slow decent into madness....

  • Andrew A

    Sheogorath always makes me want CHEESE.

  • Nia

    Gotta love that wood soup.

  • Samuel Edwords

    Scats you make the funniest skyrim videos out there I wish there were more cuz I cry of laughter every time I watch one

  • Brenton Morand

    I have a glitch where every time I fast travel a dead dragon spawns

  • trash-intensifies

    A friend recommended i watch these, and I'm sure as hell not disappointed.

  • Stay Hydrated

    I lost it when it said TEA

  • Mole Man

    at 3:27 the mammoths trunk looks like the guys penis xD

  • Wyatt Richardson

    The very end the guards face is like ha ha GGGAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Maddie B

    Oh no no this is so wrong hehe get it

  • Literal Tortoise

    stiring his wood in front of company XD

  • aidens awesome adventures

    I want you to do a skyrim letsplay so much!!!

  • Selective Pontification

    After watching the rest of the series, it just doesn't feel right watching Scats teabagging a severed head without "Hyrule Market" playing.

  • CommanderMynas

    5:52 I am ashamed that I never thought of that.

  • FantasyGames

    ya i got the random dead dragon glitch too it was on top of my house i have no clue what causes it.

  • Pail Horse Gaming

    Who else just binge watches all of these when they need a laugh?


    I remember when I became a horse. That was some WIERD sh*t

  • Borche Todorov

    at 4:30 that exact same thing happened to me while wearing a full set of Glass armor (Except a helmet)

  • iAmDaos

    0:20 it seems the universe conspired to break the game just for you to show us your wood....jokes2:13 lol can't believe you did that for the jug joke, didn't see it coming

  • Jeny Bornholm

    Lol at the end got in trouble by a guard just for tea bagging the corpse

  • Lucas Adams

    i haven't laughed this hard in so long. and you did all of this and thin i might do so of those things

  • Changeling 199225


  • Brunn0121

    are you left handed? because your action button is assigned to the enter key... so im assuming it is easier to reach if you're using the arrow keys to move your character while holding the mouse with your left hand....

  • Tyasia Staton

    "And the CHEEESE!! To die for..."

  • EariosRandomness

    Fitting that the first skyrim randomness video has Sheo in it.


    1:35 do, that at on the Throat Of the word. great scene

  • Terrence Thibideau

    Anyone Seen Vilkas?I walked into Jorrvasker and he was sitting in mid-air and drinking his usual, the Empty Cup special, I talked to him, and when he got up to follow me he went, when we got outside, GUESS WHAT!?!?! HE WAS OUTSIDE THE MAP!

  • No-one...\o/

    Oh thank you! Actual funny Skyrim videos, not people talking silly stuff over it trying forcibly to be funny.Had some good laughs here :D

  • Thirteen XIII

    This series, even when I rewatch it, always has me in stitches. You deserve more subscribers. Keep doing what you're doing, for a long time.

  • BellaMetallicA

    Says out loud in front of everyone "You still need to remove that blood stain from the incident."No reactionHits a guy with a shield"Help! Someone do something!"

  • Industrial Savior

    I like how Lord Sheogorath is interesting enough on his own lol.

  • Kastiel Candora

    Invisible fish with wood soup nom nom nom :D

  • Nicola Walton

    First guy couldn't a-fjord a cart...

  • martijn van weele

    Is there any skyrim player who doesn't hate Nirya?

  • Cryogentic

    Re-watching this whole series brings me joy

  • Wolf and Soda

    I once saw a blacksmith who was forging armor... with a broom.

  • blood wolf567

    Whos watching again in 2017

  • Scott Styer

    I was crying thank you for making this so freaking funny

  • Catfish

    When your fav youtubers most recent video was 11 months agoME: crying

  • wendy peters

    this was a great series

  • Me Me smol boi

    Lol 5:59  I Thought he said we will tea bag our home

  • Pruzahvildal

    Dovahkiin, fahvos dreh hi krii stahraal joriin? Zu'u to hi lost het wah sav niin. ..

  • Molag Bal

    I pity you foolish mortals!!!

  • Eddie Lee

    "All hail to Ulfric you-WHAT'S THE HURRY"

  • Teodus Filus

    Guard: Oh great, that dude just brutally murdered three people by shouting at them, I'm sure I can stop his murderous rampage.

  • Mystic The Wolf


  • Galaxy Girl

    4:15 "Why are they hurting each other?" Because I tagged the wrong person...

  • David Mikek

    Problems with kids? Ask for Kharjo's little kitty's daycare. Like he like to say: (no) kids,no problems

  • hahaha no

    this thing with that "tea" and then "bag" was so funny ayy lmfao

  • I LoveWeed

    I always go back and watch this serie once in a while even after 6 years is still amazing and nostalgic. I wish to have the memory of this game wiped out and playing it again without knowing nothing and I really would go back in time to the days that I wouldn't go out all week just playing Skyrim all day on my PS3 without no worry.

  • Dicax

    You didn't put the head back on right!

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