Skyrim Pure Thief Walkthrough 100% STOLEN LOOT Part 5: How to Sneak into the Thieves Guild

Our pacifist rules of engagement start to apply here as we work out way through the dangerous Ratway to meet Brynjolf in the Thieves Guild HQ...

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  • MajorSlackAttack

    Thank you everybody for your support on this walkthrough! I thought I had set the bar too high with the huge success of the Pure Mage walkthrough, but it looks like Pure Thief is going to give it a run for its money!As per normal schedule, this walkthrough will now break for two days. Episode 6 will be uploaded on Sunday. The schedule will be daily videos, Sunday through Thursday. Don't forget that this is not a blind playthrough. These real walkthrough videos take a lot more time and effort to create. Thanks for your patience and have a good weekend, one and all! :)~ M4]0r 514cK...

  • LilGamingYes

    "It will be 50 golds for the trip to Winterhold."draws gold coins from underwear"Nevermind friend, it's free for you!"

  • Corey Jackson

    Wow, I always learn new stuff about Skyrim when I watch your videos! I didn't know you could "lose" Modesi's ring and still get an invite to the thieves' guild. That's why I'm always looking forward to your character build playlists. Thumbs up for the Slack!

  • SkyLock H.D

    I never knew you could avoid Brynjolf's scheme by telling him you lost ring. Man I'm still learning things about this game. Keep up the good work Slack :D

  • Liquidated

    That kid making fun of you being naked had me laughing hard.

  • Greenaid Gelal

    I think I`m with Slack for 7 or 8 years now, it`s mad when you think about it, I`m a patron as well, bought the skyrim ebook as well, Slack you rock, I`ll be with you till you retire(I hope you don`t), keep making gaming awesome

  • Caleb Creed

    I'm really enjoying this walkthrough! You seem to understand the gameplay of Elder Scrolls on an intimate level and I really appreciate you sharing your tactics for leveling and developing a character. Once I've watched this whole series I'm definitely checking out your mage build!

  • Gailtel

    "Do I make myself clear?""As... mud."

  • Tony Bishop72

    I never knew you could tell him you lost the ring

  • Paulo Mesquita

    A job well done sir!I too never try the "loose the ring" dialog, maybe because I've always use the chicken quick save... :-)Must try these rules of engagement, I think it will be bad for my heart... AHAHAHAH

  • wademanguy

    Wow, thanks for the extra long video, that Tonilia girl is a bit touchy. Have a great weekend, Thumbs UP ;)

  • N E C R ഠ ക

    i would just like to give you a tip on pickpocketing , in the last video you said that the eye doesnt matter but the percentage does , but when the eye is fully closed the precentage increases drastically , for example when you tried to take that whiterun guard's stendar amulet , the percentage was 8% when the eye was open and 33% when the eye was closed . hope you have a good day :)

  • João Vitor

    I reinstalled skyrim, just because of your videos

  • OhMagnetz

    Wow, folks are really loving this new Pure Thief walkthrough, Slack, myself included. If you're new to Slack's channel, folks, welcome on in! :D

  • JamesWorld3

    Damn! Ratway is WAY above my pay grade. I got killed a few times trying to make it past those first two baddies. Drop the ring, run past the baddies. I really could have used that strategy when I was doing this bit. Oh well, I probably should have waited until you had a dozen videos posted.I've never stolen on purpose before, apart from the Thieves Guild stuff. Now I'm a crook. Having a very difficult time stealing so I avoid it as much as possible, which seems to be somewhat counterproductive in a thief build.

  • Mrbossman124

    for some reason i feel so bad breaking that urn. everytime

  • MaskedFigure

    Pure thief build sure is fun to watch!! Seeing you rip off all of Skyrim makes me giggle. Keep it up!

  • DragonTheBeagle

    Hey Slack! I just found your channel on my recc feed and hot damn it is amazing so far. Ive only watched this far into this series, but I plan to be a regular viewer in the future. Keep up the amazing work on creating ACTUAL playthroughs! Its awesome and I love it! Thank you so much!!

  • pomo ritelj

    Wow, never knew that you could just drop the ring and fail the frame that poor sucker part. Played through that mission probably 20-30 times for sure...

  • András Fogarasi

    15:26 Found a writing error. MC should be totally unreliable from Brynjolf's perspective as they failed a simple job just a few hours ago. Also, whetted their appetite for what? Failure?

  • Can tombstone soda get 5000 suns with no vids

    When I went into the thieves guild questline. I thought Mercer was the good guy

  • Wiggles

    I was afraid there wasn't going to be a Part 5 today!

  • David Blanco

    Notification popped up and I went to this video so fast,I love your walkthrough and keep up the great work

  • Byron boles

    no better felling then soon as you get that first set of thieves armor

  • ChuckyBalboaOnline

    Yeah I'm really lovin this series so far! Can't wait to see where it takes you

  • Wookie schnitzel

    Who are these 2/3 trolls that bother to dislike every video you make? Clearly a master at this game. Likely but-hurt they can't do it themselves without exploits

  • Han Z

    Did my man just say Fustercluck? Lmao

  • Richard Wilks

    2:14 “If you have problems sneaking into the sea of thieves guild”

  • Lawrence Gillespie

    Some great sneaking tips in this series already.

  • jonathan ambrose

    Hey Slack just a note when you pickpocket Brand shei wait for him to start talking about the snow elves and i havent had the attempt fail , btw your skyrim content is gr8 keep it up :D

  • Halvos

    Enters Riften with 100,000,000 goldBrynjolf: Looks like you're a little light on coins.

  • Strasserist Eevee

    Ok so I have a few questions for your challenge:1) Can you sell the stolen vegetables to the farmers?2) Can you make potions from stolen ingredients?3) Can you do some quests if you steal the things (like Palegius's hip bone, or the ingredient gathering quests if every ingredient is considered stolen)4) Can you buy property with your money gained from stolen things (like crafting nails from stolen iron/iron ore)5) If 4 is true can you build a house with stolen items6) If 4 and 5 are true, are you able to get logs from chopping them (if you escape Helgan with Ralof you can get permission to cut the timber and get the wood)7) Can you do quests which don't involve stealing, but involve some breaking of the law, like the spiced wine miscellaneous quest (persuaded her to not take the toll), or the Black Briar Mead Keg quest, where you transport stolen goods, but the keg isn't stolen, and you cannot keep it?

  • Alexander S

    The guild will not turn hostile towards Draff and Hewnon if you drag them in, you'e on your own :) However the lowlife will be torn apart.

  • Mullins11B18

    you could punch the urn like twice and it will break

  • WhiteAuraLoL

    Been having some personal issues in my life that have been affecting me pretty hard. Your videos help me get my mind off of that and for it I thank you, Slack

  • Someone

    Just found your channel and instantly subbed! Love the series so far!

  • Asphyxia Arts

    Already anticipating the next episode, love this series man

  • Max the Madvertiser

    In Morrowind and Oblivion I loved being a thief but was never dedicated to it, and I only had the chance to play Skyrim for a few months and I devoted that time to being a mage, so it's great to see the Slackster dedicating a whole walkthrough as a thief. I do believe he's one of the few great gamers on YouTube, I appreciate the time and effort he puts in, I thank him AND Mrs. Slack.

  • Anders Økland

    Love watching your videos!, could you concider doing a 2h Nord doing the Stormcloack and companions and like the viking theme?

  • Ege Akçay

    Slack an advise for you, if you are undetected while pickpocketing your stealing chance is increased

  • Phoenix Hits

    Can you role-play it more like not walk around with no clothes lol

  • Newton Cordeiro

    you said no killing but you killed the bandits at the mine

  • FuriousDiamonds

    Surely Mercer isn't a psychopathic murderer, thief of thieves, traitor, and Nightingale right?

  • James Garcia

    I thought the obvious thing to do for a thief would be to join the Companions with an Unarmed build :o

  • AdmiralAckbar

    what a cool play though!

  • Zayy

    Just found your channel and have been binge watching your old Bioshock vids! Keep up the good work Slack

  • Ryan Sorrells

    Something I thought would be kind of funny and technical to include in the build. In Riften on random occasions a “thief” will spawn and the town guard kill them. You could technically consider these things stolen. I know they aren’t actually stolen items if you take them but it just seemed like a fun concept

  • Byron boles

    me and the wife said what we gona do this weekend so we decided to watch some makor slacks skyrim playthrough

  • NewVenari

    Oh you're in Montreal? Sweet! Definitely subbing to a Canadian :)

  • DevilsWar Gameplay

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy. My favorite Guild Slack. Thieves!

  • Cody McCarty

    This series gives me anxiety 😂😂

  • KingofKings

    You put the fear of Slack in those men

  • seija hydra

    justgot skyrim on the switch and am enjoying playing along

  • Hunter Brooke

    I love this series... so far my favorite part is the avoiding the thugs it just feels like there bounty hunters chasing a badass thief (slack)

  • lowkey loki

    I tend to just punch the gold right out of their pockets. Easier that way.

  • Yap yongliang

    13:26 - 13:50 LOL a infamous bandit getting stuck on his own trap XD

  • Promai Guy95

    Someone said something like this on the comments but I would like to see you do a permanent death run with no preparation. Like just trying to complete a challenge with only 1 life on survival mode.

  • Khanye East

    Loving this series keep it up!

  • Aangler

    "Cant kill anybody"Didn't you kill a bunch of plebs when leveling stealth?

  • eternalNostalgia

    Loved how u went into the thieves guild

  • Hugs4 Drugs

    Slack can you please do a one handed build but not with a shield but with 2 weapons like ralof. Love your vids. Or maybe you can do an unramed build hehe :D

  • SW Callihan

    "See what you need is some Uh Oh Insurance. Cause if you don't have it....well...uh oh."

  • James Tesseyman

    I remember when I did this i killed everyone I came up against including many attempts to kill the whole group of thieves,needless to say I felt pretty dumb when all I had to do was walk in.

  • cuoptrader

    Let's call him Bareback Slick. He sneaks into em DMs and then reverse pickpocket bareback style.

  • Jacob Capper

    Okay so maybe for a character name, unless one is already chosen, what about "Slick Lickety Split"? IDk it was funnier a few days ago or yesterday when it was in my mind.

  • András Fogarasi

    10:53 Wait a minute...IS BRYNJOLF WINKING?!

  • Abe Ridha

    youd think these guys would hear ya looking through their stuff lol especially the jarl :)

  • Feisty Cone

    Mercer Frey kinda sounds like nick valentine

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