Skyrim Mages Guild BUT we use magic to sleep with people!

Skyrim Mages Guild (Amorous Mods Funny Moments)
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  • D K9

    can you imagine being the guy that made this mod lol, be thankful for the life you have

  • Lord Sauron

    Best. Porn. Ever. More ESO ! MORE !!. This is the funniest Skyrim video i've seen so far. Thanks for the laughs bro. Hope you make more money on YT.

  • Behrwulf Odhinsson

    ESO. There's a new follower out. Her name is Sha. She is a mage. She can be found at the Sleeping Giant Inn. If you would like to check her out. I cannot remember the Mod author's name, but great work in her creation. By the way keep up the great vids.

  • Taufiq Othman

    To think that ESO channel thrives on 7 years old game is mindblowing. And I still play Skyrim occasionally when new quest mods dropped in the Nexus.

  • Anonymous person

    SKYRIM: but we slay the wamens

  • Random guy on the internet

    When did you turn into Mxr?

  • Callum Torrance

    What's with the clickbate, I remember this channel when it was innocent and small now its all grown up😭

  • Argumedies

    It's like role playing bad fanfiction

  • demonicsonic

    Maybe she has a sex dungeon lol take me to your beater xD

  • Lathan Montague

    He looks like a super Saiyan PewDiePie

  • MrSlehofer

    lol, it seems that with the recent videos ESO turned from standing for ElderScrollsOnline to EasySexOperative

  • a ll

    "2 months later" nude mods

  • Crazy Corey

    I actually have enough health and defense to go toe to toe with a legendary dragon.

  • Tayyab Hameed

    After saving the college from Ancanna and becomming an Arch mage .....i have been in the cllege many times but couldn"t find is she dead ....somehow?

  • Limitless Trash

    This Channel took a 180 degree turn real quick

  • catgamer232

    Skyrim will never die, that's why I love it. Btw I'm using a different mod to sleep with people xD

  • kellan mcconnell

    Skyrim porn episode 69 lydia blows

  • Remidy89

    Its nice that you still play skyrim.Its such a good game

  • Trey Greypaws

    I always get attacked by dragons when I go to Winterhold/College

  • a ll

    I swear to god he's becoming Mxr

  • Random Cat Name

    ESO... this is..... exactly how I would use magic

  • EaterOfTacos123

    Why do mods always make you make bad decisions

  • Archie Brew

    First Wow this a weird series...

  • NtheCandyShop

    Can you link your mod list?

  • LEALEA9 x

    What's the mod called?

  • Sagan The Khajiit

    I deal easily with dragons on Master. But then again I have Ordinator with the auto-heal setup.

  • Jay Craw

    The dialogue is like it came from a romance novel

  • Caiã Wlodarski

    Who wrote this ? A 5 year's old ?

  • comicnerd 101

    Why is everyone comparing ESO to MXR? These videos are not that bad.

  • The.Inferno

    ESO , youre videos are always a highlight to my day ! Youre the reason I still play Skyrim , thank you !

  • Plori

    What are you talking about?? Sex is magic!!I always miss the trick

  • Rebel Warrior

    Its time for me to go to hogwards

  • Aventuro

    All of the cringe was had that day...

  • Generic Skyrim Youtuber

    Jeez... What have I just seen...?

  • King Dragon Blood

    That was the most cringy and disturbing thing ever

  • Yves Saraiva van der Valk

    And it happens again...

  • reece mono

    Uhhh since when are u MxR???

  • Social Enigma

    This is cringy as hell!!!!

  • Hadi 107

    Why do skyrim release in 11/11/2011

  • Eric Fort

    Shoot it in the booty.

  • Fire Squid

    "Dumb falmer." - ESOfacepalm, "Altmer..." - me

  • Immensepower Studios

    These types of videos wouldn't be the same without your commentary and true editing skills

  • Minecraft - moya zhizn'

    Now eso become second Mxr channel.....

  • Joe Bob

    Great, you’ve become MxR mods. Nice to see another good channel turn to shit.

  • xDragonfighter21 n.

    i love skyrim,minecraft,fortnite but more skyrim

  • Goldenboy86 DJ

    Congrats on your sponsorship you're the best thank your skyrim builds and level ups

  • Blemished Nicely

    ROTFL!!!JUST finished vid...the ending, man - hahaha!!!"Hell hath no fury..."

  • Karlyah Dreloth

    Yas, I'm so happy for you! Get all the adverts you can, I don't mind, 10/10 would watch! :) Good luck with moving.

  • Hadi 107

    Is there mod that makes skyrim remastered 4k

  • Gary Cooper

    You got to do what you got to do to survive. We understand that. Always look forward to a new Skyrim video by you. Would love to see a Dragon Born Walk through.

  • Tiago Ferreira

    Always cool to see you having fun in skyrim and listen to your comments :D Was wondering on an archer vs miraak..Have fun always and gl

  • adam glassett

    Thanks for creating such awesome Skyrim videos. I have bought two tee shirts from your merch shop.

  • Mangopinata137

    ESO, where can I purchase an eso T-shirt?

  • Devil's Advocate

    what happened ESO? where did it go wrong?

  • frederick højfeldt

    I accedently thought you were mxr. Im sad to say your'e kinda boring dude


    WHY!!!!!!! Funny but Why!!!! And another great video

  • Jamima Puddlduk

    why do I have to see this in my sub feed?

  • besposhadniyNAFTIZIN

    It was in 2018, the ISO is still plays in Skyrim ...

  • marco streng

    this is pretty cringy.

  • MajorMoron

    Compliments to the dialogue author! But why make Mirabelle the centre of this? There´s hotter chicks in the collegeAnd I think the people who asked for you to play this wanted to troll you...

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