Skyrim Best Weapon at Level 1 for FAST Attacks Dual Wielding (2 Unique Dagger Locations)

Skyrim Best Weapon at Level 1 for FAST Attacks Dual Wielding (2 Unique Dagger Locations) - Moss Mother Cavern.
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

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  • Celticassassin23

    "oh shit i forgot the bear"-ESO 2017

  • Saltplank Rogue

    Dagger at Level 1 - Fight 3 spriggans and a bear. Sure ESO.

  • Mr Marian

    7:10 wait... how does he have healing potions? That doesn't fit with the beginning of the quest at all xD

  • Rectus Rectumius

    It's Nordic not Russian, it's Valdr not Vladimir or Vladir.

  • r e d

    12:30 "cough cough WTF happen to my voice" You're hilarious eso. Stay awesome.

  • Sean Kiri

    I broke my nose trying to hit the like button

  • Jordan Holleman

    the Bladesman perk does not effect daggers. you only get the 25% critical chance from the daggers themselves

  • Uncle Death

    Dear @ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides, do you think you could do a Call Of Chtulhu build? where the dragonborn is consumed by an infactuation with hormaus mora and a book he found in his library detailing a mysterious godlike creature with the features of a dragon, a man, and hermaus mora?

  • Demongamer55254

    I found meridia's beacon while getting these daggers lol

  • FruityNinja18

    Whoa, how does your map look so nice?

  • Audrey Arocha

    This will drown in the ocean of comments

  • Tanner Ranusrex

    Can you do a 24 Stones of Baranziah guide

  • Flakka Stunts

    One does not simply turn up the game difficulty if he always plays on legendary

  • MisterDuckyGaming

    did you actually say if you get dual flurry it will turn your weapons into a mcFlurry?

  • True

    Why is eso water soo cool and blue ? Wht mod pls

  • DemolisherDeadline

    Btw it doesn't work so don't even try doing it it's a waste of time

  • Nathan Phillips

    does eso know that daggers dont benefit from the perk in the one handed tree that boosts critical strikes with swords?

  • Aaron The Savior

    At this point might as well get the razor that has a chance to one hit anything

  • Vault145 YT


  • No Name

    These tutorials are awesome I love your channel

  • C Sackett

    Guys if you want both of them enchanted just wait for him and shoot him with a bow

  • Axl Ericsson

    If I remember correctly, the elemental fury shout stops working on the power attacks of dual daggers if you get more than one of the words. This was because of an animation but maybe it has been fixed. Has it?

  • Cristian Paladi

    If you are fast enough you can actually kill them before they heal themselves...

  • deathnija100

    What mods do you use? It makes the game look a lot better than the potato quality of the base game

  • Subhopriya Dutta

    Instructions unclear phone inside face.

  • Dylan Crowley

    Any1 else realise all the healing potions were stolen?

  • TyrantRC

    critical strikes don't stagger enemies, is power attacks that do this, when you are using a dual power attack (hold both left and right attack buttons/keys) is the same as 3 singles power attacks so is almost a 100 chance of staggering any enemy (it depends on the mass of your foe). You don't actually need the the critical chance to stagger them, it just adds more damage.


    i did smash the like button, with my finger XDi don't want my face full of the alphabet lol ~

  • Martien van den Broek

    7:10 wonder who gave him that potion though...

  • LyNx

    Is your cape mod on Ps4

  • Bruno AgSs

    I smahed my face into the cellphone,do this count?

  • Victor Abysswalker

    Can you do Witcher 3 vídeos? I love Skyrim, but...

  • Tony Stark


  • Lucas Dotson

    ESO you should do For Honor!

  • Justus

    I somehow got two of the Dawnbreaker... i have no idea how that happened

  • leyton morain

    what mods are you using in the video?

  • YouTube is A Gay Place Yeah

    is there two better daggers at level 303

  • Fortnite Fam

    There’s lots of hidden treasures oh shit I forgot the bear

  • Exter1op

    3:08 I laughed so hard here

  • Yami Bizzy

    Eso =If u want to find out how to ge-Me- I already know eso its in the description😂

  • Sourpatchfag

    I literally just found this dagger the other day.

  • NCR Elite Riot Officer

    Hi ESO! You mentioned something about a dual wield-build. When is it going to come out?

  • Nik Erlandsson

    skyrim logic skeleton with two handed weapon and shield

  • Itza Delicious

    do "ThePaleBlade" Location, it has an unique enchantment on it... is located south east of dawnstar: Frostmere Crypt

  • ModdingNewbie1974

    15:35 Your "Windshear Location" in the description has no link with it -- it's blank. :(

  • GachaSabre Zul

    After I gave my healing potions to Valdr he then attacks me! Got this problem cuz I'm a Wood Elf. Is that the problem ESO or anyone? Or it's just a glitch. For me I think it's a glitch (Maybe Valdr hates Elves.)Started as a Argonian Valdr never attacked me it's a 100% Glitch I tried loading still attacks me!I dunno why Valdr is glitchin' out for me. Maybe cuz I'm a werewolf or a Dragonborn JK or Valdr has drank some Nord Mead so he thinks I'm a Spriggan what nonsense Valdr has! Or maybe it's one of my clubs! I joined The Theives Guild,Dark Brotherhood Imperial and Stormcloaks (Just saved to join both when Imperial was done I joined the Stormcloaks) Last but not least The Companions. Maybe something like that?Tell me plz ESO or Anyone!

  • Bobadabuilderer

    The requirement for a weapon to be unique is not that there is only one of it, but that there is a limited number of said weapon or that it it is only acquirable in a single location or as loot only carried by a specific type of enemy.

  • Curious Wind

    I like the ''HUZZAH''

  • The God

    eso i found a vampire lord glitch, if you go to revert form but use the blood magic (right hand magic) before you turn back then save the game and leave then rejoin back you have the vampire lord magic in your right hand

  • Jnigo寒意

    What is your mod list eso?

  • Steven Moreno

    What mod does he use? for the landscape?

  • 0cculta-Umbra

    he keeps attacking me when I do this ):


    valder or whatever is too weak for me...he is one shot by everything

  • Oh Darn

    "Continually stagger your opponent's". In my opinion it's quite tricky to get these bad boys, I guess Windshear would do :P.

  • zearph

    if you get the necromage perk as a vampire it will increase elemental fury your duel wielding attack speed more ^_^

  • sirswagalot ZD


  • Husky YooTube

    I like the face cam better

  • Rangersly

    Valdr Lucky Dagger is not considered as an enchanted item. You can upgrade it with smithing even you don't have the perk to work on magic weapons.

  • SouljaPods TM

    Who else likes to eat their poop?

  • Bad Motivator

    link to cape mod? i want capes dammit!

  • Qinxzy Panjaitan

    please make video to get general tullius armor please!

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