Skyrim 2 Secret Weapon Locations - Mini Boss Walkthrough!

Skyrim 2 Secret Weapon Locations - Walkthrough!
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  • James Pettit

    Dragon Priest Daggers make great gifts for the kids.

  • Riley The G

    In ur Dark brotherhood stream, over a year ago now😂That skeleton were there, and every time you walked past it, it didn't moveIT MOVED TODAY, THANKYOU ESOMy sanity is savedIt annoyed me so much😂

  • Riley The G

    Ooooh yes an ESO vid to watch on this lovely Friday❤️

  • Kajsa

    Yes pls give me that pre-2018 ESO vid!Merry Christmas and Happy new Year, ESO 😊 (and anyone reading this 😉)

  • Roaster Toaster

    34 views 41 likesYouTube I thought you solved your drinking problem...

  • branfeather

    You can trigger traps by shooting them with an arrow. Handy for if you get curious about what the trap does, or for setting it off on someone else.

  • Peelin Drag

    Dude, I seriously love your videos, your voice is vocal gold.

  • Reece Pickering

    Thought it said skyrim 2

  • blah blah

    Watch out Lydia the drauger are trying to mate with you. Instant demonetization. XD

  • Lil Psycho

    Thx eso your the best YouTuber for Skyrim love you and love yourself

  • ridz.04

    In Skyrim I keep every journal I find and put them in the bookshelf

  • Despiro


  • Jonax


  • Julio Venegas

    I remember I went here at a low level, I got rekt.

  • 2LiterJay MajorJackaFan3000

    U go by ESO? So your name is Elder Scrolls Online?

  • Mykael Nyx

    I am not sure how much work it is to put a link in the description, but if it isn't so much trouble to do why don't you just say I have some extra videos that were demonitized and now or remonetized and there's a link below below

  • Lord Luke Lightbringer

    Have a Happy New Year ESO and I'm looking forward for more Skyrim and Fallout videos next year. 👍

  • xX_-GamerBoyz-_Xx

    I dont know what these traps do, let me know in the comments.Because yeah sure were just going to step on some lethal traps for you

  • Leon Youngs

    What's the video about getting extra gold in burial urns?

  • Its Me

    You can shoot the pressure pads with an arrow to activate them.

  • Dark Lord Sif

    Hey ESO you know the underfyrte Matron in oblivion where you get the frost bow? Well in skyrim the troll you fight before finding Cicero is called underfryte you might already know this tho....

  • Onat Yungul

    i believe that youtube does ''wrong'' demonitazition willingly and purposefully.remember when youtube did something with their programming and changed things we see in recommented section.Same thing... Perhaps u should get in merchandise bussiness and continue with some basic modding. Mix it and boom... ((check carbot animations for referance))(starcraft 2)(starcrafts mod)

  • Alias

    ESO please do a let’s play of TES III: Morrowind!!! The game is awesome and it would be funny to watch you laugh at old graphics.Hi.

  • woodelves r superior

    Btw it’s pronounced vol-in-rude

  • ลรђmลร†eya663

    i wanted to test the pressure plates, but i had 10 profiles, ALL OF THEM WERE ASSASIN BUILDS!!! so i made a new account, just for testing them, and as soon as i got in the cave, the game crashed, so i was going to go back in, but the save file WAS CORRUPTED!!! WHY AM I CURSED!!!???

  • Jonax

    I hate those people that begs for likes😡Like if you agree

  • Psycho_Matt

    I dunno how to get likes so I'm just going to say that ESO is awesome and happy new year to you all

  • hawklord2001

    If one can commit to doing the The Stones of Barenziah Quest the amount of gems you get from the bonus is insane.

  • WaffleGlobe Debas

    Your videos are amazing! But FYI, The Aura Whisper shout highlights both the living and undead in red. The Throw Voice shout is the one you were talking about. I hope you notice this.

  • blah blah

    About time you uploaded I needed my daily dose of eso .

  • Yousifgaming21

    yo eso my friend play fallout4 and I showed him your channel and I also made him subscribe, I love all your Skyrim guides for weapon locations i just love every thing about your channle.

  • xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx

    1. I know lydia is a meme her, but can you use the sophia follower. She is funny and alot better.2. Can you make a list of all the active mods you have.

  • skyrim lover yea

    ESO I got an Xbox one for Christmas and skyrim se xbox one and I love it

  • Chef. inc

    He's gonna lick you Lydia

  • Raiki Parveots


  • The Tiny Argonian

    Today is my birthday! I haven't watched one of your videos in a long time but it feels great to be back. I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future.

  • Joseph Konrad

    This is been really helping me out, even though I really don’t use mods. I love playing Skyrim at a way how I like. But no cheating. Skyrim too me has a spiritual aspect of the gaming experience. I like going into those Dwarven Ruins and exploring the richness and awe of the gaming world within Skyrim. And creating a character that you see fit within the game. If you want email address, ESO I will send it right here for you. Here it is for future references and thanks so much for your awesome videos and helpful hints on Skyrim, I really appreciate all the hard work and talent on them...

  • kvohlu - the masked hero

    ESO: I'll put it in the descriptionMe:*checking the description*it's not here😑

  • R3miz

    I want to kill myself because of the potions...

  • Champy

    ESO, I love your videos. Keep it up!

  • Jacob Ross

    Got so triggered when I first read it as "Skyrim 2"

  • FrozenTiger 21

    Did anyone else see Lydia climb out of the tomb 10:30

  • Jervy Santos

    lol thought the title said “Skyrim 2 Secret Weapon” and I thought that he was playing Skyrim 2

  • Luke Raley

    the shout is detect life once you get all three it works perfect for archery assassins

  • lil disappointment gang

    How do I get the iron sword

  • Garrett Wilson

    Ever wielded a stalrim sword with keening before while wearing the deathbrand armor? And please do enchant the stalrim sword with the chaos damage.

  • Rcz Ghost

    When will be live stream ?

  • SeaMonkeyz

    Another great ep keep up the great work

  • Unbelievable Gaming

    Are u on console or pc

  • Alex

    11:50 Actually, I love those super fast tutorials with just text. I think they're neat. Those were the main reason i subscribed and started to recommend to my friends the tutorials of the ESO guy, back on those days.

  • NinoDino 06

    One booty-slap to rule them all...

  • ام مريم

    how is best lydia or sarena

  • Despiro

    ya the dagger is there for me too

  • LessConsole

    i get notifications even if i didnt press the button

  • Panda Nightcore

    I love these videos too much man😍😩

  • Septic Markiplite


  • David Jeffery

    The armor is not In the original game, it is in the dawnguard dlc.

  • Ardainian Soldier

    Sorry to bother anyone but how do i have two simultaneous characters without mods as i dislike using them?

  • Dark Magician

    Hey ESO I get your YouTube notice when you uploaded.

  • Michael Stillings

    I found out how to become practically invincible. You use the method used to get shouts without cool downs, the thing where you transform as you talk to your follower, then you out on every piece of armor you can get you hands on at one time.

  • William Compton

    I got Skyrim for Christmas for my switch and I just wanted to say that you are awesome and your videos have been both very entertaining and very helpful, so thank you! (I have been building up your vampire build and it is super fun to play.)

  • TorinGaming

    dangit, I click on the vid then realized I just cleared Volunruud about an hour ago for a Dark Botherhood Quest step.. lol But, I'm glad I watched, I missed a bunch of stuff :) Thx ESO...

  • Game Storm55

    I came 2 that dungeon at level 8 and the boss IS SO Hard

  • Christter 216

    Dude what was your character dressed like?! 😂

  • ArcTheChef

    Oooh its the ritual weapons

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