ROMANCING SERANA - Mega Modded Skyrim - Part 23

Mega Modded Playlist!

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Mod List:

Darker nights
Wet and cold
Alternate start
Unofficial patch
Sse texture pack
Apache skyhair
Realistic water two
SFO trees only
Fair skin complexion
Skyrim Sewers
True Storms
Dead body collision
Bigger Trees
Unique Uniques
Immersive Armors
Amorous Adventures
Haven Bag
  • Slade Wilson

    I said it once and I'll say it again, Serana is the hottest damn woman companion in Skyrim that Bethesda should of made marriable in vanilla

  • Izzy

    These two are so meant for each other it's not even funny. They way they just teamed up to hit on the sexy vampire chick gave me so much life.

  • TheRealPugLife 2311

    I think the original Serena is hotter

  • something1random23

    You've ruined Serana and made her some hideous anime thing.

  • TheSpartanXz

    I can just imagine them in bed."Thats kinky""Thas reeeal kinky"

  • Riesenfriese

    thats the most hamfisted "romance" ive ever seen. Seriously, who makes these mods?

  • jarred bierman

    Make the gameplay LOUDER. Please for the love of Talos

  • TheDazer

    I was watching tv while watching this and when he Said should we use the fire storm scroll someone on the tv show Said No 😂

  • Álex Mitchell

    I had the weirdest boner right now with that dialogue with Serana. I need to treat myself.

  • Solus Aurum

    Just use console commands to spawn an NPC in the haven bag, then use console commands to outfit him into "slave-like" clothing, and there you have it! Your very own slave to manage the havenbag.

  • TheNordhammer

    You two may want to try 'Better Vampires' with Dawnguard .

  • RojasRedLion

    Khajit Dragon Born that's also a Werewolf, that blood oughta have an extra kick for a vampire.

  • Caleb

    "Growing up the way I did, you get used to it"She was raped by Molag Bal a lot. It's how she became a vampire.

  • Nathan de keijzer

    so does flirting and having sex in skyrim with a vampire counts as Necrophilia?

  • Wise Owl

    I would except all pain for a sexy female vampire

  • Frying Pancakes

    Disliked for choosing the inferior seranaHolic preset. :)

  • ESCfromNome

    "In your book, that's wife material." What does that say about you, MXR?WHAT DOES THAT MEAN SHE SAID ABOUT HERSELF?! OooOOOooohh, we got dirt on MXR & his private life!

  • Bones

    Duuuuuuude.... you guys are sofuckingcute. Invite the singing bear band to your wedding! (the mod)

  • Victor Hugo

    Well, amorous adventures is my favorite mod of all time. But you gotta know that Serana history is a bit more pornographic than the others

  • Kai Livengood Rosa

    You should download Ambriel with recorder they have unique dialogues together

  • LazyDarkLord

    Need moar serana romance walkthrough... Keep it up guys

  • Nickolas Seventikidis

    how immersive is your gf if ya know what I mean

  • TJTuber

    How does this rate as Mega Modded? My SE setup has 401 active mods and 220 active plugins. Using merge plugins, I saved 68 esp slots so far. My savings is more than twice your current mod count. You should call this "Barely scratched the surface modded Skyrim".

  • The Aether

    This is my favourite series, the way they work off eachother is funny

  • xDarkstar100

    I've noticed fall damage is much higher at lower levels, and I think it is affected by armor rating as well

  • Icy Bite

    I can't married her without mod why Bethesda!!!

  • 神Blank

    try "Vampiric Thirst" if you want to play dawnguard as a vampire

  • Kronprinz Wilhelm III

    The quest log at the start perfectly represents my way of playing RPGs

  • Jake Boudreau

    my only question is why Xbox gets like half of the shit that they have like skytest and why no cbbe or anything like that is it because of no skse?

  • brenduz b

    MXR The vampires are weak to fire so you would do a lot of damage to them that's why they are easy btw

  • Nicolina Nuccilli

    Wish Bethesda had this mod for special edition for Xbox One

  • Voodooprince

    I just beat dawnguard for the first time on the vampire option

  • OctoSkah

    The hardest part of my companions experience is the firs tree dungeon where i faced 15 Draugr deathlords

  • Kmaz Games

    Dammit Xbox doesn't have immersive armors or Armorous Adventures Dx

  • HorrorTime

    hey please answer this, what mod did you use to romance serana?

  • Noah

    Ooh damn Serena you lookin' fine girl ;)

  • DHF F

    Yes MxR, you do indeed talk like that. Potastic does an excellent imitation of you. In fact it sounds better coming from her. you should just write the script and let her do the Mod videos from now on :D

  • Arcane Helios

    I prefer the original Serana tbh

  • quarth

    Did he say mana and not magicka that’s pretty UNIMMERSIVE

  • Spas Delev

    my favorites are Seranaholic 1.4 with yellow eyes or 1.5 with red vampires

  • Subliminal_Dubstep X

    oohhh potastic potato with that epic intro save

  • Red

    is it me or potastic just got turned on by Serena like all the sexual noises she wasn't that impressed by Farkas in companions playthru

  • DCNPostboxMilita

    What mod added all the serana talk?

  • Ethan Coyle

    No one has finished the video yet

  • Pelinal Whitestrake

    I want the option third wheel , recorder...

  • Levi Wenck


  • Fartsparkle

    get a female body replaacer

  • TheSonnetPrince

    Vampires have weakness to fire which probably contributes to them being easy, you're using fire magic after all."Dude vampires are sexy"-Potastic in a not unattractive voice.

  • AlduinMenendez

    You two should get Daggerfall Skeletons. Makes them a lot tougher. And spooky.

  • The_Marionette Plays

    I don't know why I was expecting Seranos. Seranaholic is my favorite anyways :D

  • Ksairon builder

    MxR your girfrend is soo cute and adorable (and sexy)

  • brenduz b

    The day MXR gets his intros right is that day i see a dragon

  • SilverDragonGamin NL

    they should play tamriel online again... like if you agree

  • Anonboy

    You should add ambriel or Sofia

  • A normal person

    >Megamodded>Has barely any mods

  • Calvin Stiles

    Lmao I'm from Jersey and we sound nothing like that.

  • Fartsparkle

    her voice is really hot

  • Mr Casual

    Ok just found this playlist... both of you are very cool. Now a fan...

  • ligma nuts fanboys

    I can live a whole life virgin , but have serana mod installed

  • Devon Da Rabbit

    You only think it’s one inch because of first person and third person just stay on one or the other

  • Void Walker

    I uninstalled amorous adventures because I refused to let serana bite my neck.I AM THE ONE THAT DONE THE BITING , WOMAN !Lydia , GET OVER HERE.

  • R Caamano

    Serana is so hot and sexy, I love really pretty gothic emo vampire girls, they are so dark and beautiful, I will marry her in Skyrim and we will cause chaos and darkness together.

  • StrenghOfToxic_ WeWillAllReachOurGoals

    Used..she was used..raped by the creator guy of vampires I think sooo yeah..damn I'm disappointed you can't romance or marry certain people in vanilla skyrim

  • R Caamano

    Alex's voice sounds like Pewdiepie's voice, with the humor and the way he talks.

  • Me!

    We do say dooshbag like that

  • R Caamano

    Serana is so hot, she can sip on me with her fangs anytime

  • Nathan Veach

    Hey MxR, you should download the 'wildcat: combat of skyrim' mod. It makes the game have a lot more of an immersive combat ai system and damage system, or if you don't want the game to get insanely hard, 'smilodon: combat of skyrim' is a less intense version.

  • Juho Soikkeli

    Mxr you should download edhildils skimpy armour so every armour in game will be slootier

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