Skyrim - 5 More Hardest Decisions

"How to Win Friends and Influence People to Touch Sacrificial Altars They Have No Business Touching" - by Dale Carnegus.

Here I list "5 More Hardest Decisions" in Skyrim. This is a prequel, of sorts, to my Top 5 Hardest Decisions in Skyrim video. A previous log of intense controversy and emotions. These will, no doubt, be tough and difficult choices that you must ponder greatly. Although, a certain path could lead you to the top quest rewards available, or maybe tiny details you missed and would have never known otherwise!

I love this series, though. A lot. There are also fun Skyrim secrets out there, which usually lead to weird fan theories. Or perhaps into rare and secret encounters. But regardless, enjoy.

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  • Graenolf

    Heh, I had a lot of fun with this one : ) Have a good weekend guys <

  • Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

    "You may be a 9 in Riverwood, but you are like a 5 on Solitude"

  • Nícholas Eras Fonseca

    Protect yourself or deal some damage? now thats hard

  • alechiavassa

    The Sven and Faendal quest was never a difficult decision to me. Being able to level up archery for free is always better.

  • Toe Nail

    How is Sven and Faendal hard? Faendal is better in EVERY single way. Archery trainer, and higher level cap. No reason to choose Sven.

  • Tranzeossiz Catsoziss

    When all the options Oyfum then THAT is a hard decision

  • CoolEmtpyA

    What race should I choose at the beginning is the question I always struggle with.

  • The Last Melon

    1) Hadvar2) Faendal3) Rieklings4) Barbas5) Any mercenary around at the wrong time.

  • Aurora Harmony

    ...I literally join the Stormcloaks every time because my favourite colour is blue.

  • Miss Meow

    Choose Sven for the Camilla, sacrafice Sven for Boethia, Marry Camilla

  • Jessie the book nerd

    I have officailly been subbed to this channel for a year. And, to be honest, you've come a long way in such a relatively short period of time. Somehow, you content hasn't become overly repetitive, which is a rarity these days. And your humor has evolved quite a bit.Good job, man.Also, funny enough, the first video I ever watch on this channel was Hardest Decisions in Skyrim...Do you have psychic abilities, or something...?

  • Aurora Tiger

    Yes, I love that signature statement. “Dayum that chic is hot!”

  • KahunaLagoona DX

    1. Hadvar. Sorry, I get to hear more about the plight of Skyrim and the Dragons going with him and meeting his family, I also get to learn more about smithing which is a great skill to learn. His family also has better stuff to take. Now Ralof might be nice, you know first guy you speak to and all, but he doesn't make light jokes about being Dragonborn (I don't think any of the Stormcloaks care.) but you meet his sister in the middle of town, she has less stuff because of that, you don't get to learn any skills off the bat (You don't get anything from the mills that early), not to mention for a Stormcloak sympathizer she hired a "filthy" wood elf - kinda goes against that mantra...2. Well, neither. Faendal sure could teach you Archery and he does have a higher max level, not to mention being a good partner in the start... But...3. Help the Rieklings. Honestly, a little gremlin that carries your stuff for you is better. It's like a Mini-Lydia.4. Help Barbas. Honestly, If you get annoyed with him both options leave you with exactly the same result: he shuts up. And if you spare him, someone else gets to be annoyed instead. =D5. See this is the only reason to choose Sven. Sven is useless, but he's better as a sacrifice. Why waste a good follower when you could waste the worst of them all?

  • ImabossSK

    3:44 I laughed so hard at this. Your videos have gotten funnier, and I'm glad I am still subscribed after all this time.

  • carti

    Make vids updating us on the new fallout dont let the channel die

  • James Parker

    Burn Tullius to death or chop Tullius to death?

  • Mauro Leonardo Mondal

    What is wrong with his face! I laughed like hell! You're the best skyrimtuber I have ever seen. This suits you. Nice video. Immediate comment after laughing so gotta go back to the video... 😂

  • Caylin Rehfeldt

    No game should ever have the right to make me that sad.

  • Jimith the great and powerful lord and saviour

    Hadvar is cool. Raylof is cool as well. I chose hadvar so I could loot his house.

  • Lazarus

    👏👏your one of the 3 only good👏👏 skyrim channels that dont always do👏👏 mods.......................... clap if you agree with this 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👉👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • James Parker

    1: Ralof. 2: Neither. I avoid the quest like a plague and just recruit Gorr. 3: REMOVE SNOW SMERF4: DOGO NEEDS PETS NOT AXES5: Lurgok

  • Marcos Vazquez


  • Jurassic Seal

    I always choose the stormcloaks, I never side with Sven he doesn't seem to be the type of guy a girl would want to be with long term and Faendal seems much nicer, the nords or the reikling was the first hard choose for me atleast to the point where I avoid it, while barbus is annoying from the glitch I never saw the axe as useful to me then again that might be because I haven't consistently used any two handed weapons since I first played Skyrim and was only paying attention to damage, and the Boethia quest and who to choose is also pretty hard I always pick the annoying mercenaries and then they seem nice.

  • Motaz Fawzi

    Sven vs Faendal HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmThe Dragonborn.

  • Abyss Walker

    Such decision, very hard.

  • Tu_figger

    Hardest choice: choosing how to kill nazeem

  • Hannah W

    Oh wow I actually picked Cosnach for my game😂

  • Lynn Jones


  • Neglegimus Tollere Hierusalem

    2:12 - 2:23 Someone had to say it, preach 🙏

  • Donte Cunningham

    How are your graphics so good

  • Hurr Durr

    Should you be a filthy uneducated Nord or a brilliant powerful high elf?

  • Freyja Firefly

    #DAMNTHISCHICKISHOT! Dying from laughter watching these videos !!! :D :D :D

  • Ta-Ho-Mas Williams

    That intro makes me think you've been watching old Whose Line is it Anyway episodes. "I once saw a man so strong he could bend a car-Wait a minute! Bend a car? Pat Benitar!"

  • Daniel Bjerkebekk

    Sven - Faendal is the EASIEST decision in the game on the sole point of one of them being an archery trainer and the other not contributing what so ever. Archery lvl 50 at lvl 12 when leaving Riverwood, what up.

  • R. H.

    One of the best Skyrim channels out there 👏🏼🔝

  • Icapturethemoment

    Skyrims hardest decision: choosing what race you’re going to be

  • Kristian Tingager

    when you killed the mage called "Sebastian Lort" i couldn't stop laughing, cuz where im from (Denmark) it would translate to Sebastian Shit haha

  • Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    As far as I know the hardest decision in skyrim is playing the build I have in mind, ooooor falling into that sweet honey pit of bow and sneak.

  • Eliminator 152

    Faendal is a better follower tho, until I accidentally used fire breath on him while trying to kill a dwemer centurion and he ended up being behind him and died

  • bookie wookie

    I've seen you get out of all the prisons in skyrim so I trust the cop won't like you

  • OdesseyVult

    Dude Sven is useless, just help faendal.

  • No one Nowhere

    I always pick Ralof because I believe Stockholm Syndrome is for the weak.

  • Ivie Murphy

    I absolutely love your videos, you are hilarious! And I love skyrim and love finding more things out about it. And cant forget fallout as well!

  • Nova Shepherd

    Graenolf do you plan to play Red Dead Redemption 2?

  • Dietwin Dieu

    My favorite colour is BLUEI started crying😂😂😂

  • Billy Granzow

    Don’t kill Barbas. Rueful Axe isn’t that great

  • Pedro 580

    The last choice of the Faendal VS Sven is the best one. In fact, I already killed both and married Camilla in one of my accounts. Best part is Lucan Valerius telling me that he’s glad because I took care of the thieves for the 1000th time in the wedding.

  • Sunquad

    1. i manage to show cammila that both faendal and Sven were being cutthroaty2. when i got to Boethia, i sacrificed the executioner in solitude thinking, "I have Lydia anyways" and "No killing people, specifically Nords"

  • Arcaneus Umbra

    Love your content and lighthearted humor and weirdness, keep up the good work!

  • Harrowed One

    What armour mod is this! I must steal it!

  • tonya ferguson


  • Samerkia

    I always go with Ralof because then I can get the imperial armor right away, even though it probably doesnt matter.

  • Alex Odinson

    I always pick Faendal, because I like him better, and if nothing else, he can train you in archery...


    This list ain't hard at all! Hadvar, Rieklings, don't kill Barbas. Not even a choice. If you kill the Rieklings you are dead to me.

  • RodDaG0D XP

    bruh I had faendal as my first follower but didn't notice i shot him in the back( in that first cave you pass when u first start the story) until I found lydia(who fekin disappeared but her coffin never showed up so all my shit still on her) :(

  • Harrowed One

    10:55 Now you will never know the glory of Cosnach’s Homemead Meals

  • ShisuiOversoul

    I only side with faendal to abuse him for his archery trainging😂

  • Desirae Howard

    easy faendal hes a good archer give me some controversy

  • Enríque Marqína

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 now this is what I call a proper story before bed 😂

  • Louise K

    I started crying when you talked about Barbas omg

  • Briar B

    Sven also has shitty work ethic. You can hear Hod and his wife talk about him being drunk on the job.

  • Sunni Reed

    I can’t get over your Riekling impression.

  • Yume Dream

    Flithly stormcloak. Still subbing... just not going to enjoy you talking bad about the true high king or emproper. There may be a typo.

  • Brittney Azero

    miss me with that stormcloak racism

  • The Illuminati

    I always choose Sven cause he us human and faendal os a filthy elf

  • 28-decorated-fingers

    a 5 in solitude ? sven would be a 4 in dawnstar , are you kidding ?

  • kara tritle

    I would kill to see a video of the noises being made

  • Thomas eves

    your voice is a gift from god, can you read me bedtime stories

  • Luke Skywalker

    3:38 quote of the year

  • Nova Shepherd

    The rueful axe looks cool but sucks ass

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