5 MORE Unmarked Locations in Skyrim

Welcome friends and felines to this new episode of elder scrolls content!Today we will be going over 5 more unmarked locations in skyrim!These are 5 unmarked places that have no map markers within skyrims code or graphics so places like pincushion peter make a unique experience when explored in the vast icey tundra or skyrim!

I try to bring decent lore content that all my viewers can enjoy!If you ever have a suggestion do feel free to leave it, I will jot it down on my list and get around to it eventually I always do!

Every single Image and piece of art I use belongs to their respectful owners, I would never claim them as my own, bar it is my own, but they are not :) if you do a simple search for the image I am using, I am sure you will find it on google images :)

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    So the reason I haven't been uploading is literally because of how much time I have spent learning how to up my editing skills to try and bring you guys way better quality within my content!I hope it is noticeable in this and that you guys can continue to enjoy my content!Thank you for all your support and stuff. M'aiq approves ;) #oofformaiq

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    Such a good and underrated YouTuber 👐

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    Great video! Nicely done! 😄

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    Great video bro, remember skyrim belongs to the high elf!!!

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    Okay, who chuckled when Irish said "I'm your host, some random skeleton " I won't judge if you did.

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    Yesterday I was traveling around skyrim and I found majik I was laughing all the time because I remembered about you XD

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    'This location wasn't on my map so it must be an unmarked location.' Thanks m'aiq for gifting me with this video! #oofformaiq

  • Commissar Goblin Shark of the Cadian Shock Troops

    "cave dwelling" HOW DID YOU KNOW?!

  • The YouTube Channel

    My top 2 favorite races1. Argonians2. Dark Elf

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    The montage is so well done! Good job!

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    I'll be making the vids that I've binge watched so.. Here I aam

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    The video quality was awesome my lord, good editing, interesting or should i say convincing commentary that makes me wanna play skyrim and check it out and Long Live the High Elves your majesty!!!

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    Dia duit, conas a tá tú? Tá mé go hiontach

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    When Peter gets more screen time then you T-T

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    hm. not sure if intended Animal Crossing reference on your part with money tree or not<3

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    Amazing improvements in your edits and great video!

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    Love u Irish ur AWESOME

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    Great video, I really wanted you to make a part 2, now I want you to make a part 3

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    Amazing Video! Well done! :)

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    great video as usual!!

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    I thought I heard “our thot and savior”... What is wrong with me😂

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    Lots of improvements in editing! Great voiceover to. My only negative critique would be that having a 1 min long intro in a 4 min video may be a bit long.

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    You should do a video on the coolest lookkng player homes you can get in skyrim!

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    Good to see you finally put out another video ;d

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    >is a wood elf >"elf hunting"Uhhh....

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    Love it. Keep fighting the good fight <3

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    so many things discovered !!! more stuff still waiting to be found

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    Great video!! Brazilian subscriber here ♡

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    I'm pretty sure the couple who met at that tent were killed by the Skyrim wildlife.

  • Potadorius

    I'd rather have a long wait on the next game instead of have them rush it and wind up with a worse game than the last.

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    That "Love letter from the fifth era" , is that a time traveler?

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    I'm sorry I'm not on your streams as often :(

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    The Thalmor and The Wild HuntDamn elves

  • cygnia

    How about a "What's Wrong With Blackreach?" video? The very fact I can't use Clairvoyance to track down those damn Crimson Nirnroot even when it's the only quest I've got toggled is on the top of my list... :p

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    I saw that you posted a new video and I had to lie to my teacher so I could watch it so I hope ur happy

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    Oh, so that is where the other missing student is. Never was able to find that idiot... All I found was Yisra's burnt corpse, and a necklace.

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    Guys im gonna replay skyrim again soon cant decide if i want to be an imperial imperial or a nord stormcloak, any recommendations

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