Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 BOSS Battles Walkthrough Part 4)

Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 Bosses - Walkthrough Part 4)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Stream STARTS 9:21- Thanks for all your support on this walkthrough guys, really enjoy streaming for you all!

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    "Then I've contributed to your kind's extinction."Seriously, Bethesda? Two Snow Elf brothers could... reproduce?!

  • Swag God

    Spent my whole day sick in bed watching parts 1-5. Thanks eso for keeping me entertained all day!

  • CaffinatedSkeleton

    I wish the sun and blood arrows had a more unique skin.

  • Slowpoke Gamer

    If you want to cure Serana you can't bring up the topic of curing herself until the questline is over.

  • softkittyking


  • Will Beeson

    Eso Logic: "Wow, this is really useful and is worth 3000 gold!" Leaves it --- "I'm now going to pick up random shit to make money because I'm broke!"

  • Survivalist Gaming

    <Kills all of the non-essential Dawngaurd> "Where did everyone go?" X-D

  • Enmphity

    "The vampire... is controlling th - We don't know that yet. Whoops."congrats eso

  • Derpy Para

    Ooooohh bird nest! dies

  • xeztan

    -Literally walks into a cathedral full of frozen corpses.“This place is beautiful.”

  • Luxuzz

    Can you please make fallout 4 videos

  • Red Arrow

    I know what it is it's Sky Oblivion

  • Henry May

    I legit just became a werewolf and killed all the vampires

  • Dannie Tuggle

    Can the bow be upgraded

  • Flip

    Hey Eso can you do a high king mod play though if so that will be awesome and I love your vids I also love the accent Thanks

  • ???

    So much for stopping the prophecy Serana

  • Charlie Lyes

    One of my first videos that I watched of you most deffo the best

  • thatguy45 c

    live stream fallout please

  • Jeffrey Lessard

    So can we get one from the vampire side of things

  • Jeremy Bollinger

    were is the vampire lord walkthrough

  • jonnis 2003 gr

    you can be vampire lord if you aks serana to turn you in to a vampire?

  • Marvin Ebreo

    How could the dawngaurds control trolls?

  • Swords & Spells

    i dare everyone to make a khajitt character named mister fister and only us your fists throughout the game.

  • Queazy Ear

    Dawnguard IS the best questline i have ever played!!!!

  • Preetam Ghatak

    hello, what mod do you use for PC, so that the charecters look better than usual?i am new to this mods, so if possible a link for a guide could be helpful

  • Oso

    Hey dude, What mods do you use? All the landscapes look beautiful, They are very impressive and I think that others also want to know. Very good video ;D.

  • Ed Parachini

    You don't have to wait, I did all of mine in groups of twenty and the last group of eight for a total of sixty-eight arrows.

  • Sophie's Games Gaffney

    I know that u wanted more of a challenge but like that’s kinda dumb that you wouldn’t just do the first save and you could’ve just takin the bow off his dead corpse I think that would be better than fighting him all over again NOT using Aureils bow it makes the fight even harder than when I defeated him it makes it easier PS: I always watch ur theories and I think they are something to always think about I keep telling my brothers and all my friends about your theories and they watch nearly all of them even ones I haven’t told them about thank you for bringing me joy and something to check out on my game thanks again keep doing what you do best.

  • Nickle pickle


  • Li Lion

    ESO, you did a guide to Zahkrosis' Mask. Can you do a guide for Ahzidal's Mask and Dukaan's Mask?

  • Rip Rudolph Robert

    Eso do u play on console or pc

  • Wu tang regect163

    I'd keep serana a vampire because then I could use blood arrows

  • Wu tang regect163

    Eso > every other elder scrolls youtuber

  • mokokawi

    what world map are you using here?....I like it

  • catgamer232

    ESO do Dragonborn quest next please... :D

  • Lynx Pika-Network

    WTF The Intro is so long!!

  • Onkel Johannes

    Can you make a video for the PC graphic mods

  • JackKook73

    I used vampire grip and threw him over the ledge lol. Instantly killed him. No loot but REALLY funny. I am glad I am not the only one to find this out.

  • Maddie Haag

    I never let Harkon take the bow.

  • Ak Mungroo

    ESO is the most religious person I saw on YouTube

  • MrRaziel25

    you should have actually summon ohdaviing because he actually helps you

  • Jimmy Johns Pizza Home delivery

    Isn't the vale on the border of highrock and Skyrim?

  • Gamer HD

    do the college of winterhold quest

  • Pablo Sayago Márquez

    fantastic video,lets keep doing that. I hope you will do more lets play and more videos about builds, weapons, locations, secondary quests,... Greetings from a skyrim lover like you hahah

  • Glenn Schultz

    Can i just go there and kill the guy

  • Franktaku

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I ran into a bug during the dawnguard quest where after defeating the Keepers in the Soul Carin Valerica won't move after her dialogue and so I can't get the elder scroll from her. Any solutions? I'm on console. Xbox One.

  • Kiki Wolf

    why always using arrow.??you have sword..why dont you use that weapon??

  • Dr Trayaurus / R32SkylineFTW

    Will you be doing the Dragonborn dlc too?

  • Amber Zickefoose

    hehehe... OP-ness... heh

  • Ben O brien

    The vid starts at 9:20

  • Nick KB

    I'm enjoying so much this streams,you are taking me back in me young days

  • boy

    20:19 - Epic Serana combat roll ! ! ! First time I've seen her do that.

  • SkyStrikeZ

    56:28 no he a sith lord

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