Skyrim Wars - (With LOTR music) [Machinima]

Description: You find that it lacks an air Skyrim epic Mount & Blade with the pitched battles that have nothing to envy to the Lord of the Rings? Random events attacks of monsters?

You want an epic video! The crénom here! Take out your blades, shout your cries of war and THE ASSAULT!


Vous trouvez qu'il manque à Skyrim un air épique à la Mount & Blade avec des batailles rangées qui n'ont rien à envier au seigneur des anneaux ? Des évènements aléatoires d'attaques de monstres ?

Vous vouliez une vidéo épique ! La voici crénom ! Dégainez vos lames, hurlez vos cris de guerres et A L'ASSAUT !

(SONG : The Fellowship of the ring - Kazhad-Dûm)


Pour faire spawn des mobs (npcs), ouvrez la console de commandes en appuyant sur le bouton ² (en dessous de echap).

Tapez : help nomdumob 4 (exmple : help draugr 4), cela va vous donner la liste entière des ressources du mob, notamment l'ID des NPC. Il y en aura plusieurs et ça change souvent selon chaque map, prenez un id (draugr délétère ou autre).

Quand vous avez l'ID vous tapez :

player.placeatme IDdumob nombredepop

Exemple : player.placeatme 004ff02 24

L'ID fera pop 24 mobs

  • Billy Bob

    I miss Lotr once upon a time I was a big fan of Lotr

  • Alpha0502

    why did you have skyrim at 2011? it comes 2013 dafuq?

  • Arès

    trop trop bien je pourrai le regarder 9999999999999999999 millions de fois maisil est 8H et je dois aller dormir

  • kyleafurong88

    And the dragonborn saved Skyrim twice.

  • Scion

    0:56 and that day a single bird didnt give a fuck

  • Jean-Rotten

    GG , c'est bien fait et sa fait beaucoup de vues , tu les mérites :)

  • Yuki Terumi

    e comen a tu fais pour réuir des créture aussi rare en grnd nombre et les fair attaquer des vile

  • McOween

    Il dit ça car skyrim wars fait penser à Star Wars jpense

  • iReplaiiz

    Excuse moi d avoir juger trop vite :3 je n avais pas bien lu le titre mais aussi non le montage est assez simple mais les batailles épic :)

  • Tyroine

    En quoi ? Y'a la musique du seigneur des anneaux derrière.

  • iReplaiiz

    Le titre est un mensoge !!!!!

  • Tyroine

    Merci pour ton commentaire :)

  • Niska Magnusson

    its russian for NASA wants their PC back i think

  • Vasiliy Shevchik

    Какойто идиот снял своё идиотское видео...к тому же,помимо всего прочего,являясь ещё и читером.

  • gsimon123

    "Don't make me laugh" Mortal Kombat Voice

  • Tyroine

    Read the description ;)

  • warriorfight111

    dummy...of course it is...

  • Koning_Koevoet

    You know what's very odd? Skeletons do not have muscles so they shouldn't be able to use a sword, axe or shield or something like that.

  • jobealco

    should have had loads of orcs,mammoths/oilaphaunts,trolls, and some dargons attacking whiterun, and then gotten a load of people to charge on horseback into the attackers, and then finally a load of ghosts charge in from the white river. oh and catapults firing from the city nd on the city. pretty sure i got all the lotr references in there!

  • Cammy Mcmillan

    we would al be fucked if this happend

  • Chris Marshall

    this isnt a mod. he used console commands.

  • Tyroine

    Moria's mines if you want.

  • Tyroine

    It's the Lotr'music ... Khazad Dûm, first movie. Tss.

  • CoOk X

    what the fuck is this awesome mod ?gime the link fast man and if its not a mod... MAKE ONE !!!

  • 1960's Captain America

    you really dont have a sense of humor do you? thats okay i wont tell you to kill yourself but you may want to think before you let a painfully obvious comment on youtube next time okay?

  • Jacob White

    solitude is imperial dumbshit the stormcloaks fight for it and win in there side oe the campian

  • Steevn606

    Is their anyway where you can make it where the guards keep respawning everytime they die so it's a never endless battle? Thanks.

  • TheRavencommander

    man if i had a pc that could do that id have like 100 stormcloak solders and like 30 ancient dragons in a massive war for solitude it would be sick id make huge epic wars it would definitely make things fun again

  • MrBlade278

    fuck you man this is awesome i bet you can't even make a 360p so stop trolling dumbass --'

  • here_lies_squidward's_hopes_and_dreams

    I need to get the pc version of Skyrim and get/make mods from Lord of the Rings

  • Tyroine

    my pc suck ;) my game have crashed 100x for that vidéo x)

  • ImNotWearingMyPants

    It were ghosts in the movie. SENSE. This makes none of it.

  • James Warden

    you can give it back whenever when I get it ill give it back when my lockpick is near 100.

  • 1960's Captain America

    but you gotta give it back =(

  • Naccix

    o sh*t sorry, i mixed up those two cities (haven't watched it in a while) yea i mean't it looked almost exactly like rohan

  • Redbeep23

    omg white run looks like Rohan HOLLY SHITTT

  • kinkykane0607

    Exactly, now you see the problem.

  • Jesse Berezan

    im level 81.. no mods. just saying.

  • Guilherme Martins

    i realy like the video,but tha isn´t anything about lord of the rings xd

  • Mister Sarcastic

    Skyrim with LOTR music is pretty epic

  • HJR

    Oh, you mean LOTR music?

  • TheWindigomonster

    that wasn't a battle. I'd call that a massacre

  • kaiseropium

    yeah a skyrim version of gimli!


    HAHAHAHAHAH! Nice comeback!

  • kaiseropium

    i thought the corrupted elves were falmer (snow elves) though there more like the goblins from the mines of moria

  • Sharky AR

    Who said this was based on ROTK? Nobody.

  • Oleg Mukhin

    "Tell me where is Gandalf, but I much desire to speak with him..."

  • Tyroine

    And the music, it's Michael Jackson ??

  • thegreatMSG

    Those are corrupted Shade, you can only find them in "Dawn breaker" quest..

  • GanjaInMyBrain

    it would be cooler if there were orcs vs. men (like the movie) and spriggans replicating the tree people?

  • kaiseropium

    actually i think the elder scrolls orcs are a type of elf (orismer) correct me if im wrong and the one ring should be daedric with the sauron esque theme of evil

  • MrPyscho55

    the hell were the black skeletons????

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