Skyrim - The Dragonborn Comes - Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Sabina Zweiacker

New version:

Score - spelmusik med Sveriges Radios symfoniorkester och Sabina Zweiacker

Score - game music with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Sabina Zweiacker.

Arrangement/Orchestration: Andreas Hedlund
  • Claude Alpha

    If this doesn't make you want to play Skyrim again even after 1000+ hours then I don't know what will.

  • bison patrol

    She must have been to the Bards College

  • Santiago Chavez Escalante

    My dad got mad when I told him that this song is from a videogame.

  • Donkey Quality

    Next imperial i see is dead!

  • LibertarianUSA1982

    I used to sing like that until I took an arrow to the knee.


    It's 2019 and I'm still watching this

  • Mors Magne

    How did Bethesda go from Skyrim to Fallout76? How the mighty have fallen

  • irci28

    Bethesda used to make good games when they where younger.... then they took 76 arrows to the knee....

  • Zach G

    Ok modders of the world make skyrim even better and make a mod where this plays ingame every couple of in game days GO!

  • Gilpow

    Why am I clapping hands alone in my room?

  • Tom Gasan

    Her lipstick dissapears at 2:46. Must be a high illusion level

  • soundcloud rapper

    Those disslikes are from Thalmor

  • Melanio Jayson Fernando III

    the greybeards teach her how to use her voice...

  • Azor Ahai

    i really need to try skyrim one of these days

  • Hellanga Kulatunga

    It's 2018 and I'm back here, Her voice is amazing

  • LeganZepelli


  • scotianbank

    I gotta hand it to them, whomever created the Dragon Language and this song is a f*king genius!

  • quan le

    Dovakhiin: That female NPC has a good voice....hey look, a chicken!!!

  • ghalibkhan80

    i am sure most of these people never played skyrim, yet their focus and enthusiasm is mesmerizing...... jeremy soule would be proud.....

  • MR-HorribleLad

    When you walk into spider web 3:25

  • Ragalthor

    6.4k Alduins came to dislike.


    What in oblivion was that?

  • Indrajeet Roy

    Somehow, I don't know why, it always brings me to tears.

  • Yoda

    Soothing and relaxing, her voice is. Like it, I do.

  • ole Nicolai Myrvold Jørgensen

    I used to play so much Skyrim! But The i took an arrow to The knee....

  • petr shpichak

    2018 ???? Some body ///

  • Mister gaming


  • Napoleon I Bonaparte

    Heard about you and your honeyed words...

  • Zizu

    Only true Nords request that one!!!

  • Towtal Fookness

    looks like i'm playing skyrim again

  • PilzEtosis

    Them shivers when she hit the melody. I. Am. Done. Ever since Morrowind, that tune has cut to the core of me.

  • Thomas Fleming

    She’s clearly using mods to add a max vocal skill.

  • connor green

    let's make our own country and have this as the national anthem

  • The Axarity

    she is from sweden so she is a true nord

  • Glory to Russia

    Its sad that video game soundtracks are the closest this generation will ever get to decent music 😆

  • Ana Fer

    In 2:47 her lips are not red.

  • Ken San

    Still so relevant, amazing and beautiful...

  • Vladimir Taylor

    The legend still growsJoin the fightBe the hero Skyrim calls

  • Hanna Huzialevich

    Ох, боги, какое эмоциональное исполнение! Хз, знает ли она о чём поёт, но делает это великолепно! Ещё эти напевы из Морровинда...Каждый ска раз, каждый раз невидимые ниндзя режут лук! Т_Т

  • Knecht Ruprecht

    2:30 is what you are looking for

  • aMacFanatic

    Showed this to my mom. She cried and couldnt explain it

  • Wesley Richardson

    "has anyone seen my sweetroll"?

  • Varun Awasthi

    I am crying with happiness.

  • Orkun

    I used to be a bard like you but than I got a arrow in my throat

  • Victor Tecpa

    I was 10 when Skyrim came out in 2010, ill be lucky to be 22 when elder scrolls 6 come out...

  • Praiseworthy Nobleman

    My ancestor are smiling at me imperials can you say the same?

  • Krešimir Ćosić

    If this does not make you want to retake your land from silent invasion, nothing will. 'Čast i slava' - Slavs

  • Jhon Snow

    skyrim is the best game, skyrim es el mejor juego

  • Tezze- Kezze

    She definitely graduated from the bards college.

  • rational Dunmer

    6k N'wahs disliked this masterpiece. What a bunch of milk drinkers!

  • Generic skyrim Guard

    Hail summoner, conjure me up a warm bed would you?

  • Hùng Super

    2019, i'm still here, Skyrim.

  • ryan moran

    She’s either never played Skyrim in her life or has played like 1000 hours of it

  • Uncle Fkr

    When you realize there are all these people in fancy suits paying good money to see a lady sing a song about Skyrim. While I'm over here in my underwear fighting dragons. Let that sink in for a minute.

  • Sygon

    Her face looks like as if someone stole her sweet roll

  • Alvin chang

    I used to be a singer like you, then i took an arrow to the mouth...

  • Colin J. Monge

    I used to be a singer, but then I took a microphone to the knee.

  • Chell

    G'dammmmmit! Gotta pee! Gotta pee! For the single party!I'm ruined....

  • Aspero_YT

    I can feel this song.This song Recalled my Skyrim memories form Helgen to the very end.Loved her voice.This song is so Epic.

  • Yousef D.luffy

    very good voice...العربي لايك 😅❤

  • Kokardi65

    I never have play the Elders Scorll.But when i hear this song it is make my soul burns,and i hear someone call me to the endles battles.Dragonborn i hear your call and i am come there soon.

  • Miscellaneous Mind

    She has an amazing voice. Crystal clear. Nice to hear a pure singing voice instead of another pop singer every once in a while.

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