Skyrim - 9 Hidden Perk Effects

9 Hidden Perk Effects in Skyrim! Some funny, some interesting and some downright powerful!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Souldude835

    Knew about all of these except the last one. Colette was right, holy shit. Restoration IS a perfectly valid school of magic.

  • Moodi

    >They're not in any order>very interesting especially the final one

  • John Kay

    Aspect of terror (illusion perk) also increases all fire damage by 10, meaning that the spell "flames" that normally does 8 dmg, now does 18.

  • NecroLord

    I was disappointed that he didn't mention the HUGE alchemy benefit to the merchant perk. There are some very rare alchemy ingredients you cannot ever buy from an alchemy vendor unless you have the merchant perk.

  • Paweł Morrison

    Skyrim is such an amazing game, 800 hours in and yet there's still shit I had no idea of. Thanks for the vid man!

  • Kakashi Uzumaki

    aaah... the good ol oblivion soundtrack <3 I wish that Bethesda would make a remastered version of The elder scrolls oblivion, like skyrim but with the oblivion world, quests, story, npcs, sounds, voices etc.

  • House M.D

    I'm sleeping with my accountant

  • Brendan Stiltner

    Does Augmented flames perk work for Dawnbreaker?

  • Glacier Blue

    Watching your videos before playing always makes it a better time. Thanks and best wishes.

  • AstralGaming99

    damn that Oblivion music was nostalgic.

  • Dullahan2

    So Augmented Perks are the best ingameThanks

  • A Highly Visible Ninja

    Impact is stupidly OP. Nothing like stunlocking Alduin until he keels over.

  • Russian Spy

    I hate it when spell absorb stops you from summoning atronachs though

  • Luluko

    Bethesda should really work on their descriptions for perks.

  • Stormsplycce

    I have 2500+ hours in skyrim but even i didnt know the Cricle of protection one. Now i need to make a stand-ins still mage build to try it out. Thnx guys!

  • Greg Gilles


  • Elliott Gaal

    Plays Skyrim, has Oblivion soundtrack in background.Awesome!

  • hognigk96

    Pls Bethesda, don't patch any of this

  • JakeOfTrades

    The Aspect of Terror perk actually increases Fire Damage by 10-15 points depending on whether or not you took both ranks of Augmented Flames first. Since it's a flat bonus, it really shines on lower level spells like Flames which can reach up to 27 damage per second without dual-casting.

  • Ashley Brown

    Atronach is pretty broken for conjurers. Sometimes it takes 3-4 casts before you can summon something.

  • Ruben Lopez

    Totally unrelated but a lot of people don't know about the npcs relaxing in the hot springs. I never leave them alive lol

  • Papadale // lyrics

    I love how he's playing king and country from oblivion in the background.

  • Francis Lafontaine. É.

    Fun fact; the elemental enchantments (and I think literally all weapon enchantments) you put on weapons are also affected by the enchantment Fortify Destruction which decreases destruction magic usage. Should you use alchemy to get Fortify Destruction 100%, your offensive enchants won't drain (that includes staves).

  • Akuma

    I love your videos man, I found you from Camel. You guys are awesome.

  • Lewis X- Z

    im an atronach.....i can absorb your spells ;-)

  • Squires

    Thanks for making these videos, even though I know a shit ton about Skyrim they're still so entertaining. You guys are amazing, Scott, Michael <3

  • TheOriginalJphyper

    3:29 "Casted" is not a word! I don't normally nitpick grammar in videos, but that one always drives me up a wall.

  • Will Schmidt

    My enchanted weapons are glitched they don't need to be recharged with any soul gem and I still get to use the enchantments on them.

  • weckar

    "They're not in any order (...) especially the final one"

  • Sokrates

    EDIT:Alright after some deep thoughts and reading I will apologize for being rude, I am feeling shitty in general. Have a nice day/night.

  • Kevin Markham

    Unfortunately having high magic absorption means you can't cast conjugation spells. All your summons are just absorbed by the player character

  • iSham2044

    1:22 From hearing your 'thumb'.... THU'UM

  • rapha208814

    I love seeing the channel now, i was there when it was only skyrim builds, and then came the awesome lets plays... aahh, its like watching a child grow, ya know? Keep going bros, you are awesome :D

  • Cole Jenkins

    Circle of Protection + Lightning Storm

  • Jesse Watson

    Kudos for using the Oblivion soundtrack throughout! I miss that game.

  • Zero

    Very helpful and informing 👍 I did not know any of these.

  • Cars Simplified

    Didn't know about at least half of these. Very cool!

  • wail rimouch

    One question: who uses vanilla perks on pcs?

  • Exantius E

    The decapitation perks don't seem to be that useful against necromancy. The decapitation moves, like finishing moves in general, seem to occur at the end of the fight, against the last enemy in combat with you. Because of this it would only be useful in the way mentioned in the video if you were to fight a single opponent and then start another fight against a necromancer in the same room. If the necromancer was participating in the fight, you wouldn't get the decapitation off and he'd be able to raise the dead enemy, and if there were multiple enemies he'd be able to raise the other people since only the last one got decapitated. The augmented shock perk however does work like this since it disintegrates enemies with at least moderate consistency and doesn't only trigger as a finishing move

  • Sam

    The first vid I ever saw by you two was the Raider/Melee Build I saw it thinking it was a good guide on how to run a melee character then I loved what I saw and watched everything and subbed so what I'm trying to say is I love your guys work it really good this came to mind when I went back and watched that vid

  • theicedevil

    One other thing you need to know about the Necromage perk is that this little hidden perk was fixed in the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch mod. If you are using USSEP you will have to circumvent this fix with another mod that restores the Necromage perk back to vanilla.

  • Dominico Mucci

    Do you think he knows the alteration spell is altering things lol. Aaalteration.

  • H_Bryce

    Using slow time makes me feel like Quicksilver. It feels amazing.

  • Another Man

    Dame I thought I was expecting something I didn't know about, apparently I know about all the things you were talking about.I'm a person that experimented with the mage build and studied hard without researching through the internet. I guess it paid off hahaha.

  • BrutasBurtos

    Scott, Michael just wanna say that I love your vids and also would like to recommend a character aesthetic, Full Noridic carved armor except the helmet and for the helmet the helm of Yngol it looks sick in my opinion

  • Bryan Andrews

    "Increases elemental shout powers?" * equips frost breath and ice storm. You've got the touch starts playing *

  • thompse412

    Very cool, I didn't know a couple of these; sadly, the unofficial patch kills the necromage thing (there's a fix for that "fix", thankfully). When you mentioned the "augmented" destruction perks, you probably should've mentioned that, when you have "intense flames" and the "aspect of terror" illusion perk, fire spells deal more damage, since they're also fear spells getting boosted.EDIT~ D'oh, I forgot.... If you have both "augmented flames" ranks BEFORE you get aspect of terror, the damage boost is higher. You have to do it before, though

  • Smokey The Cat?

    Quick lets play oblivion music in this skyrim video!

  • lamklaner3

    I use Perkus Maximus. Any chance of you doing a video explaining the hidden perk effects of this mod?

  • Soozy Randall

    Isn't that Oblivion music?

  • Ciara Smith

    How do I raise restoration quickly? I did some training myself during the last phase of "house of horrors", but only got up to 40.

  • Owen Jordan Jordan

    Can you guys do a load order type video? Tell us what mods you usually always have, which are the coolest, ect?

  • Joseph Hartenberger

    And drawing a bow lets you move faster when overweight, and there are perks that make you move even faster in the archery tree

  • Brock Rogers

    Excellent video. Love the ones like this.

  • Forest Shepherd

    Not in any order, but their all very interesting, especially the final one... What?

  • Ch35h1r3C47

    That last one about the circle of protection is super cool and i really wish i'd known about it when i made my paladin, It's super thematic for any mage build really. Everyone rips on skyrim for its lack of complexity but these little interactions really make it up and make the game special.Excellent vid

  • Dexter Vepps

    they are not in any order.... especially the final one. hahaha

  • Many Several

    I was hoping to finally see the illusion tree, aspect of terror perk fire damage increase mentioned as few people know of it but alas it has been overlooked once again, ho hum, oh well maybe some other totally appropriate video might have it.

  • Caaros, The King of Chaos

    I wonder how many of these apply to Ordinator perks, if any at all.

  • HaunShotFirst

    oh boy, here come the duplicate videos! gonna be great to learn all the things we learned in 2011.

  • Jaymz Buckley

    I absolutely love the work you do on this chanel I have changed from noob to someone who actually knows what to do in the game so I would like to say thank you

  • snack

    This is a random question, but what happened to Sterile Studios/DeathMatch Gaming? Their Skyrim videos were absolutely hilarious.

  • M M

    Your channel is very very good in quality. No trolling here.

  • Samuel Watt

    This is cool, I've played over 600 hours on PC but I never knew any of this

  • Vili Nurminen

    Shouts are magic even people react tovyour shouts like wow wow watch the magic

  • Solidus 316

    HOLY CRAP! Some of these are so OP. Well i just rebuilt my mage in my head, Thanks guys!

  • Another mother fucker with a long ass username

    I hate those comments that say first.

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