Man VS Skyrim - 7 Year Anniversary

See the full description below for a list of music used!
Skyrim levels with you. But there's one nord in Skyrim who has a plan to outsmart it...

7 years ago to this day, Skyrim was released. I spent the following weeks blown away by how good it was.

I played as Odgrub: a ruthless nord with violent tendencies. I uploaded a video a day to this very channel, documenting Odgrub's adventures as he became an unstoppable killing machine. The videos weren't very good, never got that popular and I ended up deleting them. But now Odgrub's back!

0:00 - The Streets of Whiterun
0:07 - One They Fear
0:17 - Wind Guide You
1:10 - Awake
1:44 - Bard drum 1 (Not part of the OST!)
1:52 - Imperial Throne
2:53 - Secunda
3:42 - The City Gates
4:29 - Sovngarde
5:26 - Sky Above, Voice Within
7:04 - Harvest Dawn (From Oblivion)
9:54 - Dawn
10:55 - Out of the Cold
11:18 - Wind Guide You
12:26 - Ancient Stones
13:44 - Dragonborn
The song that's repeated throughout is 'One They Fear': . Thank you to Jeremy Soule for creating all of the fantastic music for the Elder Scrolls! Follow him on Twitter:
  • PotterBooksInHindi

    I think this is the best skyrim video I have seen so far with the visual comedy on point... you have gained a new subscriber

  • Mike

    I mastered One-Handed when my girlfriend was off on study abroad.

  • Erik Moore

    Couldn't stop laughing when the greybeard fell off the mountain

  • symphony

    I finally did it!!! I finally found the first person on YouTube that I can't understand when watching at 2.0x speed. I would like to thank you 2kilsphilip for speaking at an acceptable pace and for delivering exceptional content

  • Can Hitler reach 2000 subs

    This is unlike any Skyrim video ive seen since 1945Absolutely brilliant I have to subscribe to your channel

  • Jose Madera

    6:30 wait what are we talking about again...

  • K98_Zock_TV

    Odgrub....the man who once spitted out and Chuck Norris was born

  • Mr. J

    Your narration is very entertaining. Had a good time watching this. Lol

  • Cobus Greyling

    I dont know why but for some reason the running around the pillar after the shopkeeper absolutely slayed me at 11:25

  • ari

    Do you get to the Cloud District very often? I'll have you know there's no pussssssssyyyyyyyy

  • Ragnar Lothbrok _

    Oh wow, you actually WALKED all the way from Whiterun to Solitude and from Solitude to RiftenThat's some dedication right there

  • Juan Rodriguez

    I'm glad I was randomly suggested this video on YouTube, loved it! You've got a new subscriber and fan, my friend.

  • jim jimjim

    I played so much Skyrim I started pickpocketing people at work.

  • Brandon Blume

    4:22 Lads! It be true! The legends fortold of a saviour who would one day come. The One Youtuber who would actually do the impossible and use the term "literally" in literally its correct grammatical use! I'm ashamed to say myself that I didn't believe it. But I've seen it here with my own eyes. You are indeed a saviour among men. Bravo. You have my sword!

  • nemesism

    6:30 THIS right here is why I continue to watch your videos after 6 years I've been subscribed, love you Phillip

  • Death to Anime Avatars

    Damn, now i have to sit 34 hours in front of my computer and wait so i don't miss it.

  • Thicc

    11:14 The sound the kid made, it made laugh and feel sad for her😂

  • Deadpool

    Did you know that when you kill a person who lives in one of the major towns, a coffin or ash pot with their name engraved on appears in the hall of the dead bound to the city (which you can loot of course)also the majority of the shop keepers gets replaced by another person who already lives in the town if killed

  • Josh Martling

    6:20-7:00 deserved a like on its own

  • David Cuenca KW

    Those who were invincible soon wished they weren't... :D Exquisite video sir, probably the best skyrim one I've seen!

  • DemonGrenade274

    Some say that Odgrub attempt at suicide failed, for he was too powerful for mere gravity to defeat. And so, he still travels the lands of skyrim to this very day, looking for a challenge worthy of his time.

  • ProDudeFilms

    14:55 I couldnt stop laughing at the timing of the music

  • Homeworkace

    pyrocynical noticed your work <3

  • Zen State of Mind

    Damn, I wish I saw this video during my playthrough. Any idea how many hours of grinding the game it might take to max out those stats? Great video btw. Bravo

  • Bofa Deez

    4:39 with Lydia made me die laughing

  • Mustafa Uğur Etike

    Imagine what would happen if my mom asked me what I am laughing at and see a child burning alive and screaming in slow motion at my screen.

  • Mauve

    13:25 "And collected as much gold as he could eat." xD

  • Default Oandores

    Putting the laughter, back into slaughterQuote of the year my man

  • Trueno

    0:14 that subtle reference to Manslayer's skyrim gamer poop

  • iluvdawubz

    >Make a premiere >Its several days away

  • Parker Gonzaga

    13:22 “Like a butter through knife hot”

  • DarkNightZombie

    I don’t usually comment but great video!!

  • skyflysky1919

    well, THAT was entertaining hahaha You just got a new sub XD

  • Tim & Shane

    awesome video man! this could have been a pretty boring video (like a walkthrough or something), but you really brought it to life with the way you told the story!! hahaha honestly enjoyed it man! Odgrub's legacy lives on!

  • mikevismyelement

    The greybeard falling off the cliff is top tier comedy

  • Eternia Kerbal

    too bad nobody recognizes the infinitely powerful OP odgrub. They all assume that you are a migrant idiot, even with your fully enchanted legendary dragon armor, right?This is the problem with scripted games like Skyrim, the NPCs are flat and do not react like they should to somebody that is /obviously/ way too powerful for them. Even with mods, it is really really difficult to get what it would feel like to be the emperor of an entire domain.When you reach the epoch of power, the Gods should start to attack you via their followers to prevent you from becoming a God by ascending, but they don't and thus is the end of the gameplay.

  • mugen1237

    I've never laughed nearly the whole duration of a video before. Subscribed!

  • RedBRai Carr

    Finally, Nezem is dead

  • Maccainavr

    Lydia is one of the few that gets to finish a conversation with 1080 backflip in full heavy armor

  • Richard Gorbett

    didnt really feel like it was 15 minutes, good video

  • Krankenji

    "Weapons battery life" 😂

  • Michael Jaimes

    I’ve been doing this on console the past 2 years 😏

  • Jake Courrejolles

    when did David Attenborough start doing gameplays?

  • Golden Shadow

    Everyone is hating on the premere feature but fails to notice that the video will air 11/11 at 11am. 2kliksphilip is a true skyrim fan

  • Luis Barbosa

    This is what I call original content

  • Marcel Eltes

    The way u made up that video is amazing. really enjoyed it, you got my sub

  • Jade Raiki

    4:06 W H A T D O Y O U T H I N K Y O U R E D O I N G

  • Hayden Cross

    6:22 - 7:04 You absolute fucking madman.... this is one of the best, and funniest videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Phenomenal work.

  • Mary42877

    Did you seriously match the action to the music? This is a really awesomely made video!!

  • GayusSchwulius

    "... and collected as much gold as he could eat" - Wait, was that a very obscure reference to "Life of Brian"?

  • Michael Wiktorek

    this was easily the most entertaining skyrim video i have ever seen thank you

  • András Fogarasi

    3:06 Morrowind flashbacks

  • Blitz_Arena

    I didn't realize all those innuendos at 6:30 until I read the comments...

  • Mr. Kangaroo

    2kliks this is your greatest video yet. I found myself actually laugh out loud which rarely happens because i have seen too much shit on the internet to be impressed. Also i want to lick your moustache while you call me Yoshi

  • Neurosis

    And they said violence doesn't solve anything. It literally solves EVERYTHING.

  • Mister Sinister

    i dont think I have ever seen a more well made video

  • ChillyN

    Greatest game of all time no questions

  • Killer xD

    Man I love the attention to detail and the amount of Work you put inEven level 69 reached in lockpicking and no fast travel :D

  • Melissa

    11:45 is by far the best part.

  • Jake-BZ

    I miss Skyrim SOOOOO MUCH

  • Sugon Deesnuts

    Why does he sounds like a kid show narrator

  • 9NecroW9

    "-22Gb of 4k footage later-" xDI believe this is the best video I have seen throughout the three channels and one of the best I've seen EVER!

  • Its Bhun-Li

    I was watching top 5 mysteries of skyrim then saw this on suggested, and wow I really enjoyed this

  • Squiderrant

    The writing of this is genius.

  • VI Games

    Monster! You killed Lisette! This is the best bard in Skyrim!

  • SubjectDrew

    This is a legendary video about a legendary character.

  • silber scope

    This livestream is awesome but why is he just showing a still image and not interacting with us?

  • Vishnu Bhasker

    i love how at one point there's oblivion music playing

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