*NEW* LEGENDARY HEAVY SNIPER In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Song: Max Maurin - Shotgun 2
  • Muselk

    Forgot to remove that little stutter I had at the start sorry guys!

  • Road to 25k subscribers challenge

    Liking this comment increases your pump damage.

  • Niel Brian

    Muselk everytime when a new item is added to the game.Oh my God this Gun is literally the greatest thing they've ever added to the game

  • Didrik Wikdahl

    Do you think the heavy sniper can break the ice cream truck in dusty?

  • Sansei

    "This is the best thing they added to the game!!!"-Muselk everytime a new item is released XD

  • Tom Watson

    12:40 PLAY OF THE GAME!!! overwatch lives on!

  • You Are Here

    This gun is literally the greatest thing they have ever added to this game Elliott u said this about all new guns

  • ᴍʀ ʙᴜᴍʙʟᴇ ʙᴇᴇ

    I have a challenge for you!It’s called the heavy challenge-You can only use guns with “Heavy” in its name.-Your can only use medkits, big shields, and a chug jug for healing And that’s basically it, like if you want him to do this challenge and also reply with something you’d think would be better to add to the challenge!

  • Vaibhav Shewale

    now i can do sniping yeah

  • Kent ML

    Tired of Epic adding new weapons, skins, etc but ignoring the rampant cheating. Stuff like "diamondcheats fortnite" is genuinely ruining this game

  • The Real Nate

    They should add a mode called Melee Mania where there is no guns and only meds so u have to fight with pickaxes lol

  • Hardy2000 Fortnite

    With every new gun added to the game Muselk be like “god this is literally the best gun added in the game” lol

  • Coolgamer08

    What do you call the security at the Samsung store?Guardians of the galaxy can I get a sub for that?

  • Daniel B

    150 body damage?Doesn't this reminds you of the zapotron

  • I ate your cake

    You still have a bit of overwatch left in you(play of the game), c'mon bring it back. Just one vid

  • Spencer Kim

    I have a challenge for 4 man squads. One person can only hold meds, and use a revolver. One person can only use things with medium and heavy bullets. One person can only use shotguns and things with light bullets. And one person can only use explosives. I actually won a game doing this with my friends and it was hilarious and required a lot of communication and teamwork. (BTW I know I already commented this but it would be really cool if Muselk did this!)

  • Louis Huang

    you still remember the overwatch days he said at 12:40 he said I pulled this off for a play of the game.

  • Artur Santos

    Muselk do the og Fortnite chalenge, like you just can pick items like AR, pump, tac, items of the season 1.

  • Sneakypug007

    I think I should win the galaxy skin because I'm 11 and I've been playing fortnite from season 3 and me and my family are in really tight finances with money and it would be great to get a rare skin the skins I haven't that great and I only have the ones from this battle pass. I just basically I wanted to put myself out there to try to win the galaxy outfit my username is Sneakypug007 ps keep up the awesome content and I'm subscribed and whenever I see a video I instantly like

  • ClickHere ‘

    I also have a new game ode for you, Lachlan, and LazarBeam. It’s called Hunters. One player is a Hunter with a .50 Caliber and the other players are “animals” and the hunter has to find and kill the animals

  • KlutzYT

    muselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun addedmuselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun addedmuselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun addedmuselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun addedmuselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun addedmuselk: “oh my god this is literally the best gun ever added to the game”*next new gun added

  • XxCherryBombXx

    13:58- 13:59 stop it frame by framedid the bullet just reflect off??

  • Petar Todorov

    I miss you play overwatch

  • Lorenzo Alfred

    Who ever gets the phone should be able to do galaxy duos with you Muselk!!

  • Cyantrooper 8

    Muselk when u doing a 101 loot box unboxing for the new over watch event

  • I am Arikadou

    0:28 Yeah? What do I might?

  • Hammad Shakeel

    19:45 watch muselk kill last guy in 0.25 X, skin changed

  • Thiolacetone

    They don't call it a barret .50 cal anti-material rifle for nothing (it's too good for anti-personel). Imagine black tip rounds..... Just watch demo ranch....

  • Master Weegee

    0:28 * silent voice crack *

  • Always Iconic

    AN INSANE 150 BASE DAMAGE! hits a 130.. 0:33

  • EpicAdrian Playz

    Muselk u should play spleef with the new sniper


    I wish I had archetype but all I have is wingman, Beef boss, bright bomber and driftBut stool I’m thankful for what I have 😀

  • Golden Diamonds

    Literally he says it's best gun in the game after every new gun

  • FL M

    15 kill no scope best ending ever love the gameplay

  • 0neniceguy

    Muslek when you said said this is the best weapon added ever you said that about the double barrel shoots and the guided missle

  • Gamer s

    Today I fell so bad for my friend because yesterday his dear dad passed away. R.I.P to his DAD

  • Alex Douglas

    Anyone else realise Muselk started at lucky and ended at lucky after leaving

  • BronThePlug !

    “THIS GUN IS LITERALLY THE GREATEST THING THEY EVER ADDED IN THE GAME” says every time theirs a new weapon added

  • Ekrem Cetin

    Can I plzzzzzz have the new galaxy skin I can’t afford it but I watch evey single one of yur viedoes and I’m a tryhard noob skin with about 10 dances and 30 teers

  • SnoopHorse

    Decides that it is the best gun in the game when he gets a one shot kill headshot with it, that everyone has already been doing with the bolt action since season 1

  • Shaehaan Khaja

    I literally come back to watch this video j to see the ending

  • Sammy McCord

    Can u make your own merch like Lachlan 1 like equals 1 step closer to getting his own merch

  • That_One_Kid 1129

    Hey muselk can you do a no challenge challenge so like if there’s a daily challenge that says search chests no chests if it says kill with this gun no kill with the gun if it says kill 3 people in a single game only 2 people can be killed you get the point right???? Like if you agree

  • Lord Punkmaster22

    LOVE THE BARRETT 50 CAL aka heavy sniper

  • The Gaming Slayer

    10:50 look at the name on the kill # forever alone 1 like = 1 friend how many friends can we get

  • Mr-Perv

    They finally buffed the Classic. Oh shit wrong game.

  • TB Tech

    Wait why don’t u keep the note 9 it’s the best phones by far in the world also I would not want it just for a skinLOL

  • The Bearded Irishman

    Muselk every time they add a new gun. :"This gun is disgusting. It is literally the best thing that has ever been added to the game."

  • GreaZy

    I think the heavy sniper is a great gun! I love the satisfaction you get when killing somebody with it!

  • zeeshan ghaffar

    getting some zapotron flashbacks because of how powerful that thing was xD

  • Ryan Thao

    The new heavy sniper is very strong and OP I hope that Epic doesn’t nerve it

  • Mr. GOAT

    I hope I get as successful as Muselk one day. His videos are awesome!

  • CarterSupGaming

    any gun gets added to the gameMuselk: THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING THEY’VE ADDED TO THE GAME!

  • Jtrooper 7

    The new gun reminds me so much of the halo sniper rifleAhhh, those were the good days...

  • Not_A_Potato

    Could have had the audio from replay mode

  • Scopez In

    Did you guys knew that the new sniper is the zapatron Its the same colour ;D(Rarity)

  • TMX_Mexz 1

    I wouldn’t care if it didn’t have audio I just like the plays

  • Martijn

    When He was in Loot Lake in the ATK i bought Mario kart 8 deluxe

  • John Hannaway

    Play Mike myirs with bazz and crayator and vikkstar

  • Futz

    I was confused for a long time why there was only snipers then I realised....

  • Yickster

    Muselk: slaps top of new gun This bad boy can get so many kills it’s disgusting

  • Tucker Family


  • Monkey Melon

    The insane new gun, and it is op, this is crazy, Muselk you’ve said this about every new gun thats came out

  • Hamzah Patel

    Is it even possible to win the giveaway?

  • Neel Ghoshal


  • Mission TC07

    That skin was made for sniping

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