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Hi again! Today, I show you my top 10 armor sets in Skyrim, an idea suggested by Shadowwolf TD5000, among many others. Sorry if I don't pick your comment, I tend to prioritize higher rated comments since I know people will tend to like them.

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  • Sammy Claus

    Roses are redVioleta are blue I came for the thumbnailAnd so did you

  • brian sheehan

    Every video I see people either play as a Khajiit or a Bosmer, even all my friends are either Khajiit or Bosmer, where my Nords at??

  • Daniel Hidalgo

    best "light armor" sets

  • Santos Lamarche

    Wtf i wanted to know what armor the video pictures armor was. Very misleading

  • Chad

    Cicero's Set Is Not Armor. Its Clothing.

  • PopThatPump

    Damn when I saw the thumbnail I thought to my self, "did I miss something in the theives guild quest?"

  • Burger King Foot lettuce

    It increase my Fwost ressswistence

  • Vrosh Abhisam

    lol there is no heavy armor in this vid

  • IEA10

    do you spit when you talk

  • Sonofamother

    More like best light armor sets

  • Caitlin Hearne

    Daedric?? Ebony???Dragon???

  • Alex Barbella

    these were all just variations of thieves' guild and dark brotherhood.....

  • Tangy Tang

    should of titled this video top 10 LIGHT ARMOR... - -

  • quangtran527

    Deathbrand is the 2nd Hokage's armor. lul

  • VoyagerXVI


  • Mark Stevenson

    hey that's pretty good

  • Bastion

    how about the arch-mages robes with the morokei mask?no?only me?okay...casts invisibility and goes away

  • World Eater

    Nightingale is probably the coolest armor in my opinion

  • Piraja27th

    But Cicero's crap is not armor, just clothing. :(

  • Darth Vader

    Ancient shrouded... No... "Sigh"

  • bristol heimann

    The ancient shrouded armor should have been included as it is better than the shrouded armor.

  • Tyler Dahr

    I find your preference of only putting light armour on this list diturbing...Intriguing but highly disturbing

  • Esmerelda Spiritus

    My favorite are the Ebony stuff.. all of them

  • molebeard fumbleclunge

    Ciceros armour is awful as it has no armour rating.

  • Cheesus Crust

    I also recommend the Ancient Shrouded Armour. Very powerful enchantments and also gives an armour bonus when wearing additional pieces of the set.

  • ChaosCollection

    Lol 5 of these is the VERY SAME light armor set with very little % differences in effects, and no heavy armor set at all... wtf

  • Matthew Ivison

    anyone watching this in 2016

  • Brett Vavra

    Nothing is better than Daedric Armor, in my opinion.

  • Dranreb Benedicto

    Hey Where in the world is Daedric??? That was the most strongest armor in the game!!

  • Mayor Hancock

    The ebony mail is pretty sick.You can kill people just by standing by them.

  • Tristan Scott

    what about the Ancient Shrouded armour which is twice as good enchantments than the DB normal armour

  • Silver Bokoblin

    What's the armor in the thumbnail?

  • Guy Fieri

    Thop then armour thents

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    how is Cicero's set counted as an armor set when it provides no armor at all?

  • robodino _

    There is a better arm for thieves the the thieves guild

  • bionicleone

    Why was there no heavy armors?

  • Joshua Bailey

    You forgot about the ancient dark brotherhood armor you get from doing the side quest

  • TAV

    So all the armor is light, stealth armor.

  • Eileen Liew

    i always wear dark brotherhood armor but i dislike how it looks :T im more of an all black kind of assassin.

  • Literal Toast

    I just want to point out that these are the most powerful pre-enchanted armors. I have a set of just normal Stalhrim armor that I've enchanted so that my destruction spells cost 0 mana. I'm pretty sure that if that was a pre-enchanted armor set it would be #1 on this list... I mean you can just infinitely use any spell you want!Also, Deathbrand armor isn't really that great considering a few things: Storage makes carrying capacity rather useless, if you're a mage character then stamina is almost irrelevant, and the gloves do absolutely nothing if you like to use shields or two-handed weapons. Sure this armor is powerful if you have the exact right build, but nine times out of ten I find it to be sub-par. The extra armor rating is nice, but if that's the only real buff you get from it, then is it worth using?

  • Axar Herp Derp

    Has anyone tempered the deathbrand armor to legendary making you practically invincible?

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    No 5 has no armor ratingIts just enchantments

  • Lil Broomthicc

    I'm very new to Skyrim and just wanted to ask, what's the armor in the thumbnail? It looks badass and I really wanna know what it's called.

  • Oleum 78

    thixthty perthent better

  • David Sims

    You can make better armor than Deathbrand, if you have smithing, enchanting, and alchemy at 100, with the first three main perks in alchemy, the full line of armor enchanting perks including double enchantments, and the smithing perk for the kind of armor you will be making.The key is the synergistic effect between restoration potions and clothing that has enchantment bonuses to alchemy and smithing (crafting clothes). You can start with clothing sets that have small bonuses and gradually work up to bigger bonuses by making increasingly powerful enchantment elixers. There really is no limit to it, except the limitations of the software mechanics.But in practice you won't want to be ridiculous about it. I just maintain my armor items at the cap on armor rating, with each item having two enchantments. And I don't use any weapons that do more than 999 damage per hit.The only enchantment I give to some of my weapons is soul trap.My boots have big bonuses for sneaking and carry weight.My shield has resist magic and block.My gloves have lockpick and pickpocket.My circlet has waterbreathing and fortify magicka.My necklace has stamina and stamina regen.My armor has health and health regen.My ring has magic regen and resist disease.I have a pair of "Master Crafting Gloves" that, when I wear them, I get a 2833% bonus to alchemy and to smithing. And that's exactly the amount you want, because that's the level that will make your weapons hit for 900-999 (not to go over 1000) if your skill in using it is 100. You can also wear these gloves and regain your smithing levels fast after making it Legendary, if you have 300 ingots and 150 leather strips for making 150 iron daggers and improving them while wearing the master crafting gloves. Selling the items you make with them is a good way to make money, too.

  • James Murphy


  • Kenneth Jackson

    Finally, something Nightingale related isn't #1

  • Brandon Withnell

    death brand armor may be super powerful, but who cares when it makes you look like a giant blue idiot?, i rather have my self enchanted bad ass looking Daedric armor

  • Jonah Mills

    woah woah woah.... this is just light armor, wtf. make a video just about top 10 heavy armor sets. seriously come on. love your videos but i am a diehard heavy armor person. thumbs up if u want him to do a heavy armor sets video. heavy armor i think is better because it's stronger and you can enchant them... better than light armor at that point. if you're worried about capacity or whatever then just get the steed stone. also they look as awesome as they are.... very.

  • Gianni Brock

    I didn't get guild master but completed the quest line. Help?

  • Vierynbryn

    so it looks like you were sticking with unique, preenchanted sets here. Yes? personally i run dragonscale with my own set of enchants on a marksman assassin character

  • Dale Damme

    This would probably have been better had it been diverse and not solely based on best armors for a Khajit Thief. What about power fighters or dedicated mage? Down voting for lack of overall view.

  • Nick Zotixx

    all those armor sets are light armor lame

  • drdesiree5

    Interesting that there is no heavy armor sets on here.

  • Connor Carpenter

    what is the armor in the thumbnail

  • Justin Serra

    Thanks for showing us what the armour looks like equipped

  • Val

    Cicero's Clothes aren't armor. Neither are shrouded robes... you're talking about armor sets but you don't include the best light armor "ancient falmer armor" and the best base heavy armor's "daedric and dragon" -_-

  • MLG Toaster

    A little bit of advice since this is all light armour with affects I recomend everyone to use this this with a vampire using the restoration perk necromage (necromage increases all of your active affects), and since this is armour made for sneaking and vampires have a 25% sneak bonus.

  • Abbie Clough

    Where do you find the nightingale armor Im realy curious

  • cee awesomeness

    i hope you didn't kill cicero?!

  • Dan Perry

    Even it technically isnt armor its clothes i like mirraks clothes and weapons they are crazy powerful and looks cool cause you look like a chtullu with the mask on

  • GMD Ulcatron

    My Number 1 Is Deathbrand

  • H.B

    A lot of those armors looked the same or very similiar. Only difference was the color scheme.

  • The Muffinprincesa

    What is the thumbnail armor?

  • Lloyd White III

    what about the Ancient shrouded armor? Imo its pretty even with the Nightingale.

  • Aᴅʀɪᴀɴ Sᴛᴇᴇɴ

    Mislead AGAIN. Can you please change the thumbnail to something that's in this video. Correct me if I'm wrong, please C:

  • Erick Gault

    how are these the best armor it's all light armor

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