Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough #11, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic (Lost Knife Hideout)

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build. This video covers the quest, Ancient Technology 6 and how to get the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow Schematic in Lost Knife Hideout (random location)...

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  • Robert Prather

    Most people leave bread crumbs to help them retrace their steps but only Slack uses the carcasses of his foes to lead him out of the darkness.  Nicely done!!!

  • MrSanta78

    I like the design of the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow.

  • DecrepitFlunky

    early morning slack. Can't get better than that.

  • Pobornik

    Hello, Major Slak. Thank you for the great work you have done investigating Skyrim. I'm making a new build based on your tutorials and have a lot of fan playing. Looking forward for new Skyrim videos.

  • Mike Gilroy

    Hey Slack! I'm doing something similar to yours and I found that with only 1 perk in stealth at 20% and a necklace of 30% stealth even WITH Serana with you you will hardly be detected when in sneak mode. The only difference is I'm using all the Nightengale gear and swords(Nightengale blade/Chillrend and the Nightingale bow). I guess her sneak is ridiculously high regardless. Only difference is I left out enchanting completely, no restoration and only 4/5 in Alchemist on Legendary. Non-vampire. Dual-cast perk in Illusion is pretty much mandatory and I'm running 320 magic, 300 health and 290 stamina. In order to get more out of the useage of the weapons I trained each level with Faralda up to 90 destruction.

  • wademanguy

    Huh, what a coincide, I just finished watching Josey Wales and they said the same thing, "it's easy to track him, just follow the dead", lol! Can't wait to see the new toy in action, Thumbs UP! :)

  • Cvetelin Nikolov

    10 points of shock damage dood

  • OhMagnetz

    9:37 (Buddy drops dead in front of him) "Hear something?" That shit never gets old! :P

  • Daniel Forbes

    mine crossbow is 174 damage but with my chaos inchantment it is 244 and i have got no armour with achary increace only skills so it could be like 300 damage with armour

  • Michael Abeyta

    hi slack. I found my PS3 save and found i had a glitch that gave me absorb magicka twice. Love your videos keep up the Great work

  • D00MTR33

    Sure the Tesla Crossbow is nice but I thing Lightning Bolt is cooler and more to the point.

  • darkson39

    Do you ever do live streams on youtube?

  • Russell Freeman

    should have let the saber cat out just to mess with them, also you need to watch your horse damage rate or PETA may knock on your door. LOL keep up the great vids.

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