Skyrim Mod: Konahrik's Privilege

Konakrik's Privilege, an enchantment overhaul for the famed golden mask of Skyrim named Konahrik. Choose between four unique effects; force, fade, fire or time.

Download from: Steam Workshop

Download From Skyrim Nexus

Armor From Konahrik's Accoutrements
  • Goolog

    Bethesda needs to hire this guy lol

  • GhostVaperYT

    playing this now great mod

  • Exemus

    Where did you get all the Paarthurnax voice-overs?  Are all of those lines really in the vanilla game? The video was incredible. Very well done!Can't wait to try the mod!

  • Conios

    All of this is true think about it what calls to you Dovahkiin Fus = Exercise Feim = Meditation Or Yol = FireForce in your tongue you will push the world harder then it pushes back Workout!Fade in your tongue Meditate Your spirit will give you more strengthIn Your tongue the word simply means Fire! = Research Wim HofTime itself Be Patient LOL

  • SilverStormShadow

    Any chance of this mod being ported to Xbox one

  • Gyahaha AndKyahaha

    Hey Edhelsereg I was wondering if I could have your permission to port your mods to xbox one? Thank you.

  • Conios

    Great Trailer still gives me chills every time i watch this and keep up the good work!

  • Austin and Friends

    One question... what sword are you wielding? Dragonbane?

  • ThorTheCrusher

    Nice video! I look forward to trying out this mod :)

  • GrandAlastor

    And this is trailer! Great work, friend!

  • Julian Cordoba

    how do you activate this mod? It's not working for me... I already had the mask prior to installing the mod.... I also have Skyre installed... if that helps

  • Joshua Weber

    An amazing trailer for a well executed mod. I'f I could find a way to make everything heavy armor, I would put it on my 2 handed Dovahkiin.

  • Certavus

    What ENB are you using?

  • Cameron Sivret

    Always love Konahrik's Privilege

  • CyBeRTRoN iZ Me

    Can you please port this mod to consoles this looks like an awesome mod that people will want to use.

  • Edward Williams

    is this mod on bethesda

  • Jan S

    what armour do you have ? 

  • Titaniatic

    Smh, never seen any better mod before.

  • Nocturnal

    I will burn Alduin. I will spare no one.

  • Will Lashley

    how do u get thT armor

  • SoldierUA

    Do you know about Konahrik?

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